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You got the world, but baby at what price? 

readerjohn  asked:

Ask Cal: To push box across water Action: Maintain balance.

Cal: [Push]: [Crate]
[Maintain]: [Balance]

Cal begins to paddle their feet gently and the two of you glide across the river.
You manage to hold your balance pretty well, the river seems calm and barely has a current.

After a few minutes, Cal slows to a stop, they are breathing heavily.

You are now in the middle of the [River]

The water below you is very dark and you cannot see the bottom. A [Bag of Trash] floats nearby and many reeds and lily pads cover the surface.

There are less trees here and you can still see the [Strange Structures] off in the distance, fading into a pale green fog slowly settling across the river.

The [RIGHT] Path leads back to the [Junkyard Swamp River Bank] and the [LEFT] Path leads to the other side of the river.


What Should We Do Now?