Tagged by justdrella to do the 9 selfies challenge. Oddly enough I haven’t taken any selfies this year o_o i’ve taken photos with friends and had others take photos of me but wasn’t sure if those count. I tried to pick some ones i haven’t posted but yeah I’m sure some of repeats xD I think all of these are from last year.

Anyone else who wants to do this should! :3

Cos Plans

Anime Expo- Los Angeles

  • ·      Beth Tezuka-Bravest Warriors
  • ·      Haine Rammsteiner-DOGS bullets and carnage
  • ·      Midorima Shintarou-Kurobasu
  • ·      Lightning-LR:FXIII

Japan Expo-Santa Clara

  • ·      Eren Jaeger- Shingeki no Kyojin
  •  ·      Gareki (Maybe?)- Karneval

*will probably fit FFXV in there somewhere after AX haha~