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morning! have a good one cuz i know i am. (ಠ◡ಠ)
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get off daichi-san's phone, fuckface.

(he got excited that daichi texted him, but…)

as discussed with captainsawamura, the wonderful world of kurodai vs. terudai.

headcanon meme: ★ (sad) + samjess

what azazel doesn’t tell dean is that sam hadn’t just been shopping for rings—he had actually bought one. after the funeral, sam sat in front of jess’ grave and proposed with the speech he’d been practicing in his head for weeks. but in all of his imagined scenarios, he’d never thought his question would be met with silence.

headcanon meme: ∇ (old age) + wincest

sam and dean finally (or rather, are forced to) retire from physical hunting when their joints begin to fail them ninety percent of the time. at sam’s suggestion, they buy a house, just outside a small town, with a porch and a yard. they install ramps for dean’s wheelchair. in the day, they provide other hunters with information and authority impersonations when necessary, and at night, they get into bed and marvel at each other’s steady breaths.

make me choose: sam in a flower crown (OF THORNS) or an actual crown

okayokayokayokay so i kind of cheated because technically this is both?? a crown of thorns is basically my headcanon actual crown for boyking!sam–and i think a lot about creatures and little demons putting flowers in it without him realizing.

they turn it into a game sometimes, the new demons, the young ones. the ones that listened to stories of the awful times before the boy king, and then felt the gentle hand of Sam Winchester soothing them when their souls cried out in agony as hell twisted them into grotesque forms. he tells them they’re beautiful when they recoil from their own reflections. but they know true beauty from his face, even if he denies it. so they remind him, placing flowers in his crown, telling him he’s beautiful without disrupting him. they make it a game–shh before he notices–but Sam knows, of course he knows. he has touched their souls and he recognizes each and every one of them.

sam + #10; requested by justreallyfictional

When they were younger, Sam ended up on his back more often than not while sparring with Dean. Dean could never quite get rid of the habit of reaching forward as if to stop Sam from hitting the ground–even if he was the one who threw his brother down in the first place.