The Childhood of A Leader Director Brady Corbet along with cast members attended a screening in Rotterdam last night. The screening which closed the International Film Festival was accompanied live by the Codarts Symphony Orchestra and received a standing ovation from a packed theatre.

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Earlier in the week Brady Corbet spoke about what it was like to have the movie screened at the festival, what it was like casting Tom Sweet in his role and lots more. Check out the video interview below.

Brady also recorded a little peek at the orchestra practicing for the performance which was posted to Twitter by David Jancso.

Live from Rotterdam IFF from #TCOAL rehersal courtesy of Brady Corbet

— David Jancso (@jancso) February 6, 2016


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FESTIVAL: ‘The Childhood of A Leader’ Closes The International Film Festival Rotterdam The Childhood of A Leader Director Brady Corbet along with cast members attended a screening in Rotterdam last night.

A summary on various Phantom of the Opera songs (since the JnH one was popular):

Hannibal Rehersal: Carlotta: “AHHHHHH~!” People: “The Phantom’s here!”

Think of Me: Christine: “Please act like a pervert.”

Angel of Music: Christine: “My daddy’s ghost is teaching me.” Meg: “You’re delusional.”

Little Lottie: Raoul: “Remember me? I’m gonna ask you out.” Christine: “Yes… Please don’t.” 

Phantom of the Opera: Christine: “So you’re my stalker!” Phantom: “You realized?”

Music of the Night: Phantom: “Forget Raoul and like me, because I’ll give you everything!”

I Remember: Christine: “Let’s take that mask off!”

Stranger than you Dreamt It: Phantom: “Like me!” *distressed Christine noises*

Notes I and II: *distressed/angry people noises*

Prima Donna: People: “You’re(Carlotta) a prick but we’ll tolerate you.”

All I Ask of You: Christine, Raoul: “I like you.” *secretive angry Phantom noises*

Masquerade: Raoul: “Engagement!” Christine: “Secret!” People: “PARTY!”

Why so Silent: Phantom: “Did you miss me? I came to insult you.”

Twisted Every Way: Christine: “Why is my life so complicated?”

Wishing You were Somehow Here Again: Christine: “Daddy, I miss you.” (what is with this long af title?)

Wandering Child: Phantom: “Be mine!” Christine: “Sure.” Raoul: “Nuuu…”

The Point of No Return: Phantom: “Be mine!” Christine: “No.” Phantom: “Then I kidnap you!”

Finale: Phantom: “I like you.” Christine: “I know.”


Lennon & Maisy Stella
 NHL Fan Fair [30th Jan, 2016]

Lennon and Maisy light up the stage during their performance at the 2016 NHL All-Star Fan Fair on Saturday (January 30) in Nashville, Tenn.

The two singing sisters and Nashville actresses were also seen showing off their personalized hockey jerseys backstage.

Today, Lennon and Maisy will also be performing the Canadian National Anthem! 


unknown. this week is like holiday hell week but in reincarnated form. and it is out for blood. i will be out from literal early morning to later afternoon tomorrow. i’m going to try to sleep a full eight hours tonight… help boost my immune system or somthin and not keep me from getting sick like the rest of the cast..


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Never seen before behind the scenes footage of Bowie rehearsing in NYC. We were there.  Funny story is as we were wrapping up, Rich, who had come up with us, got to spend 20 minutes chatting with Bowie and his entourage .  A cherished memory made all the more special after Bowie’s passing.

Never Let Me Down

Blue Jean

Time Will Crawl

Shining Star (Makin’ My Love)