rehearsal pic

do you ever think about how harry was scared to paint his nails & then louis encouraged him and told him to “just embrace it”. & he did!! he wore polish in private, and sometimes he’d miss some when he went to take it off so there’d be a lil bit of red nail polish on his fingernails. and now, years later, he wears it publicly​ without shame. he’s embraced it y'all what the heck

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Jimni is wearing the "bf jacket" again at their rehearsal pic hobi posted and my trashy heart is squealing. Also he's positively drowning in it. I love u sajeon-nim <33

He loves that jacket. I love seeing him in that jacket. There’s something about Jimin wearing huge, over-sized clothes that triggers every happy (and strangely violent?) fiber in my soul. It’s like he has achieved a perfect equilibrium of cuteness and coziness that makes me involuntarily fist my hands and shake. JK most definitely knows what I’m talking about.

Plus, now he looks even more like a manggaetteok. It’s pretty fucking awesome. 

Also? How is it that when Jungkook wears something that’s too big for him, he only appears buffer, but when Jimin wears clothes that are equally just as large, he becomes a cute burrito filling???? 

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So, that rehearsal pic of Louis. I just want to make sure I cover the basics of what I see: blue and green lights, basically cropped hoodie, rolled blue jeans, green adidas shoes, sweater paw, hand on tummy... yeah. Ok. This is ok.


Forgeru: I went to see trafficlight’s first one man live! 🎉
It was a lot of fun from beginning to end 🤣
The three solo songs were really good ~👍 Doing this as well as the Hall Tour, I really appreciate all your hard work 🙏 I’m glad that it finished safely 😌 I greatly respect the three of you who have done so well. #trafficlight