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you patrol, you slay… evil pops up, you undo it. and that’s great! but is sunnydale getting any better? are they running out of vampires?


Q: Luca, I believe the first scene you had them rehearse was the kiss between the two of them? Was that sort of like a test to throw them in the deep end, talking about being a sadist as you were before? To see how embarrassed they’d be for their initial scene to go that far.
Armie: Can I– I’m gonna jump in before Luca answers this question and just tell you how that actual rehearsal went down.


David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
Evolution of the Daleks “Walking on Theatre Chairs” Edition

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine issue #383: James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” for Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

The Doctor faces the remaining Daleks and the imprisoned Sec in the theatre.  We have to use the whole space, so I decide to put the Doctor and the company in the stalls.  However, that puts them miles away from - and at least six feet lower than - the Daleks on stage.  I ask David how he feels about crawling to the front and leaping on stage, but he suggests standing on the seats instead.  Genius!  David is now eye to eyestalk with his nemesis. 

Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.  I think this one is notable because it is a cool moment made even cooler by the fact that he walks across those chairs without breaking eye-contact with the Daleks (and manages to do so without falling and breaking his neck)

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The highlight for Henry was working with Ben Mendelsohn, who played Tarkin’s rival in claiming credit for the Death Star, Orson Krennic. 

“We played all the scenes together, we rehearsed together, we’d go outside and have a cigarette together and go over lines,” Henry said. “It was a one-on-one acting relationship as opposed to me being a stand-in.” 

One of Henry’s favorite moments was when Tarkin had to be his typical authoritative self and get under the skin of Krennic. 

“He gets into the mood and has got all guns blazing,” Henry said of Mendelsohn’s process. “So there was one scene where I play Tarkin particularly imperialist behind the camera to get him worked up, which I succeeded at beyond my wildest dreams. Ben thought I was looking at a monitor behind him, but in fact I was just being dismissive and he suddenly shouted, ‘Don’t look into the fucking monitor, Guy!’ But honestly, we got along famously.”

- Guy Henry (Tarkin in Rogue One) on working with Ben Mendelsohn

apageofmary: @laurenzakrin won the @greatcometbway memory prize when she sent me this video. This is basically what every rehearsal was like for our swing/dance captain family. It was pretty amazing. This is also my favorite thing I have ever done on a Broadway stage. It’ll be a hard one to beat. @blainekr MIGHT kill me, but he’s very forgiving. I ALSO TRUST HIM WITH MY LIFE and this is proof. First time we ever ran the Opera Dance together as swings. That arabesque will haunt me forever. Here I am (and Paloma is) expressing my (her) feelings about it. Other unitard wearers know it well @ani.taj@celia_mei. Thanks @pamstinkleton & @theoveralltreat, lylas! 😘@palomagarcialee @brandtmartinez@laurenzakrin for Dance Captain prize and sound effect realness. #greatcomet #tbt#sunandmoon #operadance4lyfe

celia_mei: 😂😂😂 BLAINE!

apageofmary: @celia_mei I KNOW. hear that loud noise at the end when he’s dropping me down?? That’s his KNEE.

pamstinkleton: I’m so sorry

  • Random No-Maj: *stares*
  • Tina: Oh, hey! We're rehearsing a - a scene for the upcoming community play called, uh, Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me!
  • No-Maj: ...
  • Tina: It's a musical?
  • Newt: *Nods*
  • Tina: *starts singing* Put that thing back where it came from or so help me... *nudges Newt*
  • Newt: Oh, right!
  • Newt: Bom, bom, bom, bom!
  • Tina: So help me! So help me, And cut!
  • Tina: We're still working on it, it's a work in progress but, hey, we need ushers!
  • No-Maj: *slowly backs away*

Requested by @captaindanindlovu​. I hope you like it!

Summary: Jared Padalecki x reader. Gen gives Jared and the reader permission to do what they’d like.

Warning: Smut, dry humping

Word Count: 2500

A/N: I’m still new to this RPF thing, so I hope y’all enjoy this! XOXO

Sex scenes aren’t the most comfortable scenes to shoot.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re shooting in front of the guy’s wife, who just happens to be visiting and has been given permission to be on the closed set.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re trying to get over the attraction you’ve developed to said married guy.

And sex scenes are incredibly uncomfortable when the married guy who you’re simulating sex with gets an erection. In front of the visiting wife.

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I’m Void, Baby - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 12,592

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Oral (male receiving), dirty talk, spanking, bits of drinking, sexy Void Dylan

Notes: I’m not allowed to say “Can you imagine” especially to @minhosmeanhoe​ because then we just talk about sexy things like this. You guys can thank her for giving me this idea and cranking through bits of the story for it.

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Melissa, Chyler, and Caity rehearse a scene for Supergirl 3x08