Louisiana only state to not issue same-sex marriage
Louisiana was the only state in the nation to not issue a single same-sex marriage license on Friday, according to the Associated Press.
By Michael Cooper

Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the country earlier in the day by a 5-4 majority.

Before the ruling, there were 14 states with laws preventing gay marriage. By 5 p.m. Friday, every one of those states except Louisiana had issued at least one marriage license for a same-sex couple.

Louisiana officials claimed there is a “25-day rehearing period for Supreme Court decisions” and they would not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples until “all legal necessities are in place.”

Also, state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said he saw nothing in the Supreme Court’s ruling that would force the state to begin issue the licenses immediately.

Arkham Knight Spoiler Below

So I was just playing Arkham Knight and *spoiler* the Joker hallucination was talking to me and I don’t have the exact quote (nor do I feel like replaying the scene to rehear it) but basically Joker was taking about everything in Bruce’s mind and he shrieks something along the lines of, “All of these scathing photos of me!” And then his voice gets flirtatious and he says, “Oh Bruce, you only had to ask.”

And I laughed and continued going across the room because that’s the typical Arkham Joker!!! (I’m so glad that Mark Hamill is voicing him!)

And then I remembered…

He’s not just a hallucination. He’s basically a physical representation of Batman’s subconscious.

Why the heck would Batman’s subconscious say that!?

And then I began to reevaluate some things…

anonymous asked:

Have you heard that the Supreme Court is reviewing Fisher v. Texas (the affirmative action case) again?

That’s absurd and gross. The first case established that she didn’t meet the minimum requirements for guaranteed admission, that the majority of the others who didn’t meet them but got in anyway were white, that there were many black applicants with better grades and test scores who were also rejected, and that the school was fair in how they included race in admissions considerations.

The SCOTUS hears so few cases a year. To rehear a case that was decided in a 7-1 decision in which the case was shown to have no merit in the first place is such a ridiculous placation of white resentment of black people having anything they don’t–even when they didn’t earn it–would be disgusting anyway, but for it to be taking up time they would spend on other cases, ones of actual importance, is unconscionable.

Even Scalia sided against Fisher. This is beating the puddle that was once a dead horse.

So I don’t know if y’all heard but the Supreme Court has decided to rehear Fisher v. University of Texas, the most recent huge affirmative action case. I’m going to refrain from throwing shade at Miss Abigail’s childish ass, because I left mess in 2014. 

I’ll just say this: It looks like seventy-three (73) amicus briefs (people who aren’t directly involved that are writing documents in support of a party or issue) were filed the first time SCOTUS heard it. Seventy-three against Fisher. Everyone and they mama wrote one–the NAACP LDF, the ACLU, the NEA, fifty-three Fortune 100 companies, even the fucking United States of America. I’m very encouraged by all this support (aesthetic though it may be) for affirmative action. Every Ivy League school wrote one together and the deans of Harvard Law and Yale Law wrote one together. But Columbia (Law) didn’t do anything by itself. 

I’m going to try to see if I can get the dean of CLS to do one this time around. See if I can work on it with her. I’ll tell y’all what happens with that. 

Here are all the briefs from last time:

anonymous asked:

Could you please do a exo reaction of them seeing their girlfriend dancing along to their songs as they rehears before a big show, and she's dancing/moving quite seeexy, turning them on, so they lead their girlfriend away to have sex with them (in like a bathroom, s secluded hallway, or like their changing room), btw you're awesome, i'd love to see if you can make this :) <3

This feels more like a scenario request. It is just a bit too detailed for a react. 


 Lucky, the protagonist, the bittersweet dream girl with a bleached mohawk is singer in punk band Lucky Strike, and Michael, the vocalist in punk band called The Crashes (I actually made 5sos punk and made Michael the vocalist), are struggling to get a cheap studio where to rehears, meanwhile trying to go pro.    It’s a drama filled with sad moments, toxic relationship, drugs, booze and music that takes place in 2005.

 - You can read more about it on Wattpad - LUCKY.

150623 Yunho - Rehearing/Filming for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade (150703)
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today I visited Clifton and watched the Blue devils rehears and then watched a bunch of drumlines warm up before their competition performances and it was p amazing