Sansa and Dany  meet in Jon’s presence

missandei : Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen,…………….. Mother of Dragons.“

brienne : Sans…

jon : *pushes brienne*

brienne : *sigh*…here we go again!

tyrion :….



southerners :…..* loking at jon then sansa*

southerners : is she…..!?

jon : Sansa flawless stark , the protector of my heart, the  living goddess that graces my life with her presence, the rehead that was promised, the reason l wake up every morning, the owner of my heart, the excellent mother of excellent children we haven’t got yet, the queen in the north and queen of my heart.

dany : ….

missandei: ….

tyrion : ………

brienne: ….l told you!

southerners: yep that’s her!

Sirius Black

•Before Hogwarts he had never known love
• He had never known that the world wasn’t just split into good and bad because everyone had both inside them.
• He had never known he had a choice before Hogwarts.
• James and him instantly bonded the first day. Sirius had received a howler and James blew it up before it could reach the end because he saw Sirius tremble.
• Before James, Sirius never knew someone cared.
• Sirius was smart, his parents had made him study so he was top of his class.
• However he didn’t stand out a mile, he was kneck in kneck with a boy with scars in DA, James and him were both the same in transfiguration and in charms a girl with Red hair who he knew was muggleborn was actually better than him.
• He had heard bad things about muggleborns, but he saw how hard she worked and started to wonder if his parents had been lying about that to.
• Sirius started to get board and do little pranks with James in class.
• James started making friends with the boy with scars and a fat little boy called Peter.
• Sirius didn’t like them at first but the fat little boy looked up to him the way he wished Reg had so he took an instant liking.
• Remus (the boy with scars) took a bit longer because he was hiding something.
• His cousin Bellatrix and her friends started shouting names at him in the corridors and sending hexes.
• Sirius started waking up with nightmares.
• He became afraid to go to sleep, and one lesson he fell asleep.
• he was sent straight to McGonagall’s office.
• He ended up telling her everything about home.
• She took him to madame pomfrey and said every Thursday he was to come to her office at 7oclock
• He started to see a counciler.
• He crawled into James bed when he had a nightmare.
• Remus had them to but he screamed and shook and cried.
• When they found out he was a werewolf Sirius took him to McGonagall and they arranged a counciling session for him to.

• In 3rd year Sirius had never been happier. He stayed at the Potters most of the holidays and he and his friends were the troublemakers if the school. They called themselves the marauders and the nickname stuck.
• Sirius boyish face morfed into an angular handsome face, and his hair became elegant yer manly.
• he started to attract some attention from many girls.
• they never lasted. And before long he was known as the heartthrob of Hogwarts.
• he hated to admit it but he liked it.
• Remus had become muscular and very hansome. He wasn’t sure why but he couldn’t stop looking at him.
• James and peter didn’t notice but the rehead James had a crush on did.
• He was alone in the library when Lily came over and sat opposite him.
• he scowled at her, she had upset James so.he wasn’t her biggest fan.
• She smirked at this and wore something down before leaving.
• itching with curiosity he read “ I see you looking at Remus. I am not going to judge you for that black but I am going to judge you for picking on Sev. LEAVE HIM ALONE.
• Sirius nearly fainted.
• He approached her and demanded what she was talking about.
• Lily was cunning and loyal to Sev, but she saw how paniced Sirius was and felt bad.
• for some reason they became friends and talked about sibling and friendship over butterbeer and cupcakes that they made.
• James got very jealous over this.
• Both Remus and Sirius told him to lay of Lily.
• James didn’t.

• In 5th year they finally became amigus for Remus.
• Remus looked so happy.
• Sirius still had nightmares but not as often
• he started to have an obsession with the muggleworld thanks to Lily.
• Marlene McKinnon one of James’s oldest friends and one of Lily’s best friends started to become friends.
• Everyone thought they were dating.
• they weren’t.
• Marlene liked Dorcas and Sirius realised he liked Remus.
• Because Remus was so damn hot.

• in 6th year he officaly lived with the potters and legally changed his name.
•There was a war Brewing and he was scared.
• His oldest cousion and he remained in touch because they had both been disowned .
• Sirius was invited the wedding.
• James, Lily, Peter and Marlene told him he should ask Remus
• Very flusteredc Sirius asked Remus
•Remus looked shocked but then kissed Sirius full on and said yes.
• They were happy despite people shouting remarks as they walked hand in hand around the corridors.

• in 7th year Sirius was afraid.
• But he was going to fight.
• He kept his friends clidr because they were his family and he loved them all do much.
• Lily and James were such good friends now but Sirius knew Lily had a crush on James.
• James was to afraid if breaking their friendship to ask her out.
• So Sirius told Lily to.
• James and lily started dating.

• outside of Hogwarts was scary. The nightmares came back but now they were the same as Remus. Loosing his family because despite blood they were his family.
• but their greatest fear became a reality.
• James parents died and he cried as much as James.
• they left Sirius 30 percent of their will.
• Remus and Peter both got 10 perc to because they were family too.
• Marlene died shortly after James and Lily’s wedding.
• Her intire family were gone and Sirius screamed when he found out because Marlene was like the sun, se was bright and warm and everything was dark without her.
• He wore bright pink to her funeral because they had a bitter joke about it . he got some looks but he made a speech, between sobs he explained that Marlene McKinnon was a brilliant colourful witch and didn’t deserve this, neither did her family.
• He cried when Dorcas was murdered to, not as much as when he did when Marlene died because he wasn’t as close but goddamit the good died young.
• Him and Remus fell apart, and Sirius became paranoid.
• there was a spy in their ranks and Remy’s would be the most Likley to have been recruited.
• The next few months were a string of fighting, blood and loss. The funerals were daily and he couldn’t go to them all but he wished he could.
• harry when he was born was a little ray of light. He saw James and Lily in him but he also saw Marlene and Doracs and all the brave people who were his family.
• when James and Lily died he didn’t have time to scream because he was trying to rescue Harry. he cradled the only thing that was with living for but it was taken away leaving only bitter revenge.
• He was locked away for 12 years with only deaths and regret on his mind.
• he died a fighter, trying for the greater good.
• But as the curse hit him he hated to admit he felt a small sence of realife. The pain would be over.

ppl complain that zendaya being mj is “untrue to the comics” because she’s not a [white] rehead but are totes ok with them basically giving Miles’s story to Peter………………. interesting………….

Boiling Over: He Tian x Redhead


The street was busy with commuters making their way back from work. Redhead walked at a brisk pace a little ahead of He Tian, his arms heavy with grocery bags. He knew the way to the dark-haired boy’s apartment by heart; 

he’d gone there almost every week to cook.
He didn’t know why he kept coming to this guy’s house. At first, He Tian used threats of violence to drag him to the apartment, but by now he made it clear that it was his choice. Why he had chosen to come of his own volition was beyond him.

Redhead was jerked from thought when an arm snaked around his waist and pulled him back, pressing him into the body of the dark-haired boy. He had only a moment to process what happened before a car flew by, just inches from his face.

“Watch where you’re going,” said He Tian, his arm still wrapped around his waist.  They stood there for a moment, bodies locked, before the light turned green and people poured past them down the crosswalk.

Redhead pushed his arm away. “I’m fine.” Truth be told, he didn’t feel fine. His heart was racing. But he wasn’t going to let He Tian know that.

He Tian studied him for a second and then let go. They walked the rest of the way in silence.

They walked up the stairwell to his apartment and He Tian pulled out a set of silver keys. With a twist of the wrist the deadbolt opened and the boys walked inside the apartment, welcoming the cool air-conditioning. Redhead put the bags on the counter, while He Tian threw his keys in a bowl and headed for the shower.

When he heard the sound of running water, Redhead put a big pot on the stove and turned it to medium heat. He got out the steaks; prime cuts of meat he would never be able to afford on his own, and cubed them. After salting and spicing them, he slid the cubes into the water.

He started to chop the tomatoes when an uneasy feeling prompted him to look up. He Tian was sitting on the counter, watching him. He was shirtless, his still wet hair clinging to his skin. Water dripped from his head and snaked its way down his body before disappearing down his jeans. A smile tugged at a corner of his mouth. Redhead wondered how long he’d been sitting here.

“Can I help?” 

Redhead thought he was joking. He Tian had never offered to help him before. He looked over, expecting a sneer of some sort but He Tian looked dead serious.

“Sure,” said Redhead, passing him the cutting board. He watched as He Tian demolished a tomato, turning it to pulp. Jugging by the frown on his face, that was not what he intended to do.

“You have to cut down and across at an angle, not just hack at it.”

He Tian tried again but the result was the same. Pulp everywhere. They were running out of tomatoes.

“Here, just give me it,” said Redhead, pulling the cutting board towards him.

“No,” He Tian grabbed it. Redhead braced himself for a display of sarcasm, maybe some shitty remark, but instead He Tian said “Teach me,” and moved around to his side of the counter.

Teach him? How the hell was he supposed to do that?
“First of all, your grip on the knife is all wrong.”

“Like this?” Asked He Tian.

“No, we’re cutting tomatoes not slashing throats. Loosen your wrist.”

He Tian moved his hand around, but he was sill gripping it like he was getting ready for a street brawl instead of making soup. Redhead was getting frustrated.

“No, like this,” he said, putting his hand on He Tian’s. The unexpected touch surprised both of them, but Redhead ignored the shiver that was going up his spine and got behind He Tian.

“Now, with your other hand,” he said, griping He Tian’s wrist, “You hold the tomato. Lightly, so you don’t bruise it.”

He Tian nodded in agreement, letting Redhead adjust his hands. It was hard to see around him and Rehead found himself pressing closer to his bare back to see over his shoulder. He Tian didn’t seem to mind.

After He Tian managed to cut a few slices on his own, Redhead loosened his grip. Only when he finally let go did he notice he’d been holding his breath the entire time.

After everything was in the pot, Redhead put the heat on shimmer and closed it with a lid. He wiped his brow and looked at He Tian, who pulled a couple beers out of the fridge and walked across the living room to plop down on the couch. Redhead milled around the kitchen, unsure what to do, until He Tian offered him a beer and an invitation to sit down.

Redhead hesitated. Normally he stayed in the kitchen to watch the food. This is the first time He Tian had asked him if he wanted to sit with him.

Fuck it. Redhead set the timer on his phone on the counter and walked over. He graciously accepted the cold bottle and flopped down next to He Tian. His nerves were on edge from sitting next to the guy, but a couple of gulps of the burning liquid calmed them.

“What do you want to watch?”

“I don’t really care. Whatever’s on.”

He Tian flipped through the channels until he stopped at some generic action movie. Redhead had already seen it but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he twisted open another beer and sunk into the couch.

It was hard to pay attention to the movie when the dark-haired boy was sitting just inches away from him. Shirtless. He could feel the heat rolling off him. As he studied his broad muscular shoulders Redhead realized why he’d lost every fight so far: the dude was ripped.

Despite his muscular physique, when Redhead held He Tian’s wrists they were small and delicate, almost like a woman’s. Thinking of holding those wrists made other unwarranted thoughts jump into his mind.

He stood up sharply and started to walk to the kitchen, but He Tian snatched his wrist.

“Where are you going?” He demanded.

Redhead looked at him. “To check on the stew.”

“Oh,” said He Tian, his expression faltering. Redhead wondered how much he’d had to drink.

He didn’t let go.

They stared at each other for a moment, and once again shivers raced down Redheads spine. He Tian flicked Redhead’s wrist up and brought it to his face, kissing the center of his palm. Redhead felt his breath speed up, and bit his lip to stop a moan that was trying to escape. 

They froze. The television droned on in the background but Redhead tuned it out. He was entirely focused on He Tian. 

He outstretched his arm and braced it on the back of the couch. Tentatively he leaned forward and brushed his lips against He Tian’s. Nothing happened.
Was this a joke? Had he misread the situation? A thousand and one thoughts ran through Redhead’s mind. 

A thousand and one thoughts that were replaced by pure bliss as He Tian’s lips collided with his, sending jolts of electricity through his body. The dark-haired boy pulled him back onto the couch and let go of his wrist, cradling his face in both hands. He pushed his tongue down his throat, and Redhead grabbed a fistful of hair. His body was on fire.

He Tian grabbed Redhead’s free hand and pressed it to his chest. He could feel the dark-haired boy’s heart beating a million miles an hour, his body arching toward him. The kissed got harder, more urgent, and He Tian nibbled on Redhead’s lip.

When He Tian finally pulled back Redhead thought he was going to die. Why was he stopping? It felt so good.

They were facing each other. He Tian’s breath came out in raggedy gasps. He studied Redhead’s eyes, his body slick with moisture. Redhead looked back with confusion.

“Is this okay?” Asked He Tian, his eyes searching. 

Is this okay? What the hell was wrong with that guy! He hadn’t asked if anything was “okay” these past couple months, dragging Redhead on stupid missions and making him cook. Why the fuck was he doing it now?

“It’s amazing,” Redhead gasped. Okay, not what he intended to blurt out, but it did the job. He Tian’s mouth curled into a pleased smile and he resumed kissing. His hands found their way to the buttons of Redhead’s shirt and he undid them, one by one. 

He kissed the corner of Redhead’s mouth and made his way down his neck. Redhead threw his head back and let out a low moan. Another hand snaked its way down his chest and to his abdomen. Redhead felt warmth flood his body.
Placing his hand on the small of his back, He Tian maneuvered Redhead under him. He braced himself with one arm on the couch and let the other wander down Redhead’s arched back, lower until he was gripping his ass.

Their hips grinded against each other and Redhead stifled another moan. Fuck. He was hard.

He still had one hand on He Tian’s chest, but the other went to explore his stomach. He moved it farther down until it slid into He Tian’s jeans. He Tian let out a whimper and slid his tongue across Redhead’s chest, breathing hard.

Suddenly the timer on Redhead’s phone went off. They tried to ignore it but it was set on max volume, the annoying blaring sound echoing throughout the apartment. Redhead glanced over at the stew bubbling of the pan.

“Fuck,” he said, pushing himself up on his elbows. They looked at each other. Whatever had been happening seconds ago was ruined. Redhead couldn’t mask the disappointment on his face.

Redhead gave He Tian an apologetic look. He slid out from under him and walked across the living room to the kitchen. When the alarm stopped blaring He Tian lit a cigarette and went over to the window. It was already dark outside.

He took another drag and let out a raggedy breath. What had just happened? He didn’t want for it stop but that idiot virgin decided to set that stupid alarm. He wondered how far he would have gone if that hadn’t happened.

After one last drag he snuffed it out and walked to the table Redhead had set. Next time, he would find out.

(part 1)