A post about the different Skydancers in my lair and how their special Skydancer powers (sensing energy and emotion) works with them.

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Mahli — Thanks to her disease, Mahli’s ability to read emotions and energy is greatly stunted.

Rehbein — To make his predictions more accurate, Rehbein relies heavily on his Skydancer senses.

Zerila — Her sensitivities are average amongst her breed, and she only wishes they were stronger. She loves to sense the pain and fear of her victims.

Marzanna — A little above average in her sensitivities, it was a useful talent for luring passers by in during her old life, and it remains one as a Knight of Clan Viska.

Krashos — Krashos is a highly sensitive Skydancer, and he is most often sent to mediate disputes with the Viska’s Strategist Lyra.

Kioske — Corrupted by the strong presence of the Shade in his younger life, Kioske’s ability to sense emotions and energies is greatly erratic. Sometime it can be like he feels nothing, and sometimes he feels all too much.

Calandra — Born with a strong sensitivities to all that is around her, Calandra’s talents lay with sensing energy more than emotion.

Amrit — Amrit’s ability to sense emotions and energies has been blocked. No matter how hard he tries, he just cannot feel anything…

Gwenyth — More her mother’s child than her father’s, Gwenyth struggles to sense things that come easy to other Skydancers.

Tallah — Blessed in all ways, Tallah’s strong ability to sense emotion and energy is something she relishes.