I wonder if the corruption being a diamond-specific power is just bc only diamonds have access to that tech due to their position in command or if it’s a nod to them being at the top of the Mohs scale and being able to damage every other gemstone

Wander Over Yonder has become such an important show to me in the short time since I discovered it, only for it to end too soon. It’s an absolute spot of sunshine that deserves more than it has gotten. There’s so much love put into all of the characters and their stories and environments, and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a character I’ve related to as much as Wander. It was great having a character like me who managed to be eternally optimistic, helpful, and loving. Please give us one more season and a little more time with him.


Aliens love baseball.

The #SaveWOY petition is still going, and there are still plenty of things to be done to help out in general, as mentioned on the SaveWOY website and @savewoy


To the many people messaging me about Pink Diamond things: please take a look at my #pink diamond theory tag first because there’s a lot of stuff there that really doesn’t need rehashing, and you’ll also find compilations of in-show Pink Diamond hints and appearances (there’s also fanfic!). The conclusion is still that we really don’t know what the deal with Pink Diamond is, or how she’s connected to Rose Quartz and Pearl.

I personally really dislike theories that present Pink Diamond as the “real” leader of the rebellion who heroically sacrificed herself or got killed by the other Diamonds for it, as I feel it seriously undermines Rose, her character, and her purpose in the story. It’s Rose’s rebellion, we’ve heard repeatedly, the Crystal Gems were her army, Jasper respected her tactics, she “saw the beauty in everything” and valued all life, she’s been repeatedly stated to have been the leader and the traitor (take a look at this post for an out-of-universe example, since deleted), she has a radical doctrine and a manifesto and an important set of beliefs, it’s her legacy Steven is trying to live up to - taking this all away and making it something she all but inherited, from a superior or whatever, who we’ve never heard a single mention of in almost 100 episodes of the show to boot? Honestly sounds like pretty bad storytelling to me, and really messes with thematic stuff, too. Imo even having PD just be a sympathetic ally and removed by the other Diamonds because of that sounds iffy (and honestly I really think the Crystal Gems wouldn’t have a problem mentioning her to Steven by this point - and why would the show be keeping her so secret, while also building her up with all the teasing hints?). I guess it might all click into place at some point in the future but we’re still not at that point.

Anonymous asked:

You know how in some shows if there is a monarchy, usually they’ll take out a person of power to gain more for themselves do you think the other Diamonds did this to Pink Diamond and Rose is just fighting for her honor?

We don’t really know much about how Homeworld functions, how the Diamonds split power between themselves, how their rule actually works. Maybe they did get rid of Pink Diamond, though I don’t know if infighting and power grabs like that would benefit them at all/if they’re even possible (the way Peridot talks about them just makes me think they’re three completely equal co-rulers and I don’t see much of a difference between three and four, but who knows) - but the timing of the pink diamond symbol removal very pointedly ties it into the rebellion and, especially from a storytelling/meta perspective, the two are inextricably connected, so some purely political internal power struggle just doesn’t cut it. Rose is definitely not fighting for Pink Diamond, though, but for the Earth, and humans, and love, and freedom, and the Gems who followed her - again, see paragraph above.

Regarding this post, the brief kinda jokey mention of Rose assassinating Pink Diamond there is due to a fic I wrote a couple of months ago (not yet posted publicly since it’s part of a fic exchange) in which at one point Rose fights against PD and messes her up by using her shield to deflect her own attack back at her, in a kind of magical reverb deal that last night’s episode reminded me of. Rose (and Pearl!) assassinating Pink Diamond in some really shocking improbable unfathomable (in Homeworld’s eyes) upheaval is my favourite idea to play with currently - and there’s the “darker” (ugh) twist to Rose’s backstory everyone is always clamouring for. And again there’s the issue of Pearl’s damn spacesuit which has been a thorn in every theory’s side for over 50 episodes now (though I kind of gleefully like the suggestion that if she was complicit in Pink Diamond’s destruction she wears it as a trophy, almost), but as we’ve heard during the SDCC panel Space Race and Pearl’s motivations there (as well as Pearl’s… entire backstory) are still big spoiler territory, so I guess we’ll see!

crushedcanobrimstone  asked:

I got 2 questions 1: How's life been going for ya? I havent been active online that much, mostly due to work and college. 2: You gonna do a quick analysis on the 2 Sonic games thats got people hyped?

1. good but it’s too hot T_T

2. Not planning a video on the new Sonic games or anything, but I can just go over what I think.

Sonic Mania honestly looks great, the new zone totally captures the classic, surreal spirit of the Genesis games, and the music is exactly what I’ve wanted from the series for a while.  I hope there’s a LOT of new zones and it’s not just an enhanced rehash of 1-3, but even if it is, it’s looking good.  Only real way it’ll fail is if the level design isn’t too great, but we’ll have to see.  Very excited.

Sonic 2017 on the other hand, I have pretty low hopes for.  It’s allegedly something totally new, so I suppose that means it’s not a Boost nor Lost World style game.  To me that’s good, since I don’t think either of those styles are particularly great, but what really irks me is Classic Sonic’s inclusion.  That was fun for a one time throwback in Generations, but having two Sonics team up as a recurring thing is just stupid to me.  It also makes me worried that the new 3D gameplay isn’t great, and so they’ll fall back on Classic gameplay to try and hide it, like they have with the various gimmicks in Lost World and the Boost games.

That said, I’m totally hoping that it looks fun once we actually see gameplay, and maybe it’ll surprise me.  For now though, I’m pessimistic on that one.

Gavin Free: Ray, when your life goes wrong-

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: It never does.

Gavin Free: And, uh, you’re out of a job-

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: Will never be out of a job.

Gavin Free: And you start drinking-

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: Won’t happen.

Gavin Free: Can you call me and let me know, ‘cause I wanna watch.

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: Okay.



PewDiePie hits South Park in this Wednesday’s all-new episode “#REHASH” at 10p on Comedy Central.

I’m still positively reeling from the new episode but I really, really wanna talk about Pearl’s song for two specific reasons (which I had to process back-to-back so consider me thoroughly destroyed.)

Beyond the fact that it’s beautiful and touching and basically everything about it is perfect - the pacing, the colors, DeeDee’s vocals, the lyrics, the cinematography, the emotion - I feel like this song does a little extra for us. It might feel like a rehash, especially given how much material we already have concerning Pearl’s feelings for Rose, yet despite all previous musical numbers and instances of Pearl addressing that, this still feels very fresh and unique a perspective to bring to the topic.

Because I think what’s really gripping about this song is how it’s not even really about Rose, it’s about Pearl! Who she is, what she wants, how far she’s come.

It’s about Pearl wanting to move on, about her loving Rose but her wanting to move on from Rose, to move past petty feelings, to focus on what’s important now. 

I’ll say that the moment that really struck me most in this song was when we take a step back and we see Pearl fully, when she’s standing on the glass of the balcony and delivers these lines: 

War and glory, reinvention

Fusion, freedom, her attention

Out in daylight, my potential

Bold, precise, experimental

I feel like this is Pearl reflecting back on all she dreamed of, the things she aspired for before Rose left. She was a renegade soldier, fighting for change, ideals of freedom and self-importance. Pearl came from a background where she was never meant to fight, but she worked at it, became something stronger than she was, for herself as much as for Rose. Out in daylight, my potential. Bold, precise, experimental. These are things Pearl truly sees herself as, or at least, she used to. Someone who was growing, becoming something better, something she could be proud of.

Then immediately she falls, doubts herself, thinks of what she is now, what she’s become in Rose’s absence. She thinks herself ‘petty and dull’, as if she’ll never be anything beyond that (what does it matter? it’s already done), but she has to be here without Rose. Be there for Steven. Because if there’s nothing else Pearl can do that’s worthwhile, she at least wants to be there for Steven. 

That’s why this song is so heartbreaking to me, but also gives me hope. Pearl isn’t quite there yet, but she desperately wants to be, she wants it to be over. She wants to move beyond this. Yet the song isn’t hopeful, it’s a sigh of defeat. Benign acceptance that it’s over, isn’t it? 

But Rose is gone, and she’s still here, and she still can’t move on.

I think she can, though. I think it’s important that we’re shown Pearl wants to become better. I think that’s the point of her character, in the end. As much as it might sometimes feel like Pearl’s entire character is built entirely around Rose, to the point where it feels like they’ll never be separate, I think it’s more that her character is built on top of the impact Rose left on her. 

Pearl’s development is about her learning to love herself, to better herself on her own terms, for her own reasons, and this song is amazing because it shows that she wants it and she’s slowly getting there, despite how much it still hurts.