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I noticed Medvedeva used three different EX programs this season (four if you count the rehash of the Sailor Moon one) Is this common? And is there any reason for that?

Thanks for asking!

It is very unusual to see four different exhibitions in a season from the same skater. The main reason for this is that training and competing to their level is so hard, skaters generally want to spend all their effort and practice on their actual competitive choreography. Choreographing an exhibition eats into that time. This is generally why a lot of top skaters simply prepare one exhibition at the start of the year and use it throughout. So one exhibition would be hard enough; two is quite busy, and to choreograph three during the season is just on another level (which I suppose you would expect from Evgenia!).

There are other extremes also. Some skaters sometimes don’t bring their music/costume for their exhibition to a competition because they don’t expect to use it (happened to Joshua Farris at US Nationals of all places), or for some skaters, who are maybe from smaller countries or maybe pulled off an upset no-one expected, they may not even have an exhibition (this happened to Katia Alexandrovskaya and Harley Windsor at Junior Worlds; they hastily threw together the music I Still Call Australia Home and their short program choreography, since they would have been subject to a fine if they had not performed something different). And then the complete opposite is a skater who doesn’t get a new exhibition and just recycles the old one. Yes, I’m looking at you, Max Aaron and your Black Betty and Thunderstruck exhibitions. Rotating them does not make them any newer.

We left John’s story then entered Sherlock’s then ended with Mary’s

If TAB is a decoder ring (which it definitely is) then it tells us that the story begins being told by John. He narrates the opening to TAB. But as we should see with a typical Framing device like this, he doesn’t also narrate the ending. A framing device left hanging; like it was forgotten, like a writer oversight but definitely not accidental. The decoder is showing us that despite ASiP beginning very obviously from John’s POV, somewhere along the way we left his and entered Sherlock’s, and we stayed there. It’s why Nurse Cornish thinks Sherlock writes John’s blog. 

(When I say POV, I’m not talking about filming perspective so much as the symbolic aspect of the storytelling).

Series 4 followed the path of the ending of TAB; making us think Sherlock was awake, but sneakily ending still in his mind. It ended with Sherlock sort of trapped there in an 1895 parallel universe Baker St, looking out the window longingly at the modern world where he could really be himself. We’re still stuck in 1895 as TAB ends, AND as the series “ends”.

But then we do sort of get an ending to the framing device of John’s opening narration in TAB: Mary’s narration of the end of TFP. It’s like the bookend to John’s. So we get John’s narration to start, Sherlock’s inner journey takes over, then Mary’s virus takes hold of Sherlock’s mind. I think that’s because she represents the villain inside of Sherlock, the ghost. The villain who defeated Sherlock in S4. But ghosts aren’t real, they’re only in our minds.

So Sherlock becomes the author of John’s blog like Nurse Cornish thinks he is. Then the virus in the data (Mary) essentially kills it. Which is why there’s the message on John’s Blog that it’s no longer being updated. 

Hello there again fourth wall. 

[BONUS: Also when did we enter Sherlock’s mind? Now there’s a good question. In terms of POV and framing, that moment in TEH when John goes to Sherlock’s grave is about the most obvious contender. We zoom out of John’s eyes and into Sherlock’s headstone. Perhaps zooming in on his headstone is a clue. I would add a gif but I’m on prehistoric internet speeds and this draft won’t let me. We’re either in Sherlock’s head, or somehow symbolically, Sherlock is already “dead”. We will come back to this point in the narrative and Sherlock will live, because there are two parallel universes, one where Sherlock survives the fall, and one where he dies. Maybe we’ve only seen the one so far where he “dies” inside his mind, after a journey that took 2 seasons, and ended with his inner ghosts defeating him after all. Sorry, I hate this perspective and I’m not a fan of EMP starting after TRF, but this headstone clue is now freaking me right out.]

Well wait, garnet was also horrified when she found out that the cluster was made out of fallen CGs forcibly fused together. So you would with all the flashback episodes you would think there would be one about the the original CG team.

How Kirishima May Be the Traitor (Traitor Theory)

I wrote a post a while back speculating Kirishima’s past. While doing so, I noticed that it’s possible for Kirishima to be the traitor. Some of this is rehashing what I said when I speculated Kirishima’s past. Although, everything I’ll talk about are reasons or support for why or how Kirishima may be the traitor.

I know this opinion is not going to be a popular one. Some people have dismissed the idea of Kirishima being the traitor, especially after Kirishima’s character development during the Internship Arc. However, after skimming through the manga and after reading the most recent chapters, I actually think Kirishima is the one who’s most likely to be the traitor. I’m not saying he is the traitor, but there are signs pointing to Kirishima possibly being the traitor.

Even if Kirishima is the traitor, he is still probably a good guy, and if he worked for the villains, he meant well. He has always had good values. The series has made that clear. Unfortunately, someone may have convinced him back when he was around middle school-aged that the villains are on the side of good and the heroes are harming society. I’ll explain more about it later as I show some evidence.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Kirishima really empathizes with a villain.

Kirishima feels like he understands what the villain is going through and is even willing to tell the villain his backstory AFTER that same villain shot his senpai and put Kirishima and other civilians in danger. A part of that has to do with Kirishima being a really nice guy and another part has to do with Kirishima understanding the need to become stronger. However, Kirishima’s empathy feels too strong for just that. I think he understands the villain because Kirishima was once part of the villains too.

First of all, Kirishima was different before entering U.A.

He makes an appearance in the chapter three according to Horikoshi.

Even though Kirishima is supposed to be in chapter three, if you go through chapter three, you won’t find anyone with Kirishima’s familiar spiky hair. Instead, you find a black-haired individual who has hair that looks like Kirishima’s hair when it’s down and a Quirk that’s very similar to Kirishima’s.

For some odd reason, it looks like Kirishima suddenly changes his appearance before entering U.A. This isn’t the only evidence of Kirishima being a different person from when he was in middle school. In middle school, he also bought the same keyholder as Tokoyami, hinting that in middle school, he had similar, darker interests to Tokoyami.

Kirishima may have changed from a darker appearance to the heroic persona we know now. It’s possible that if he was part of the villains before entering U.A., he had this dark appearance back in middle school and then changes himself to blend in with the U.A. hero students. He’d be less suspicious if he looks and acts more like a hero. It’d make being a spy for the villains easier. He may have based his appearance on Crimson Riot.

Kirishima also really makes strong attempts to befriend Bakugou even though Bakugou doesn’t have a heroic personality.

Kirishima wants to befriend Bakugou despite his more villainous personality, even back when other classmates don’t like Bakugou because of his mean personality. Kirishima is a friendly guy and likes Bakugou’s “manly” behavior, but Kirishima may also understand and relate to Bakugou’s personality. Kirishima may have been around villains and understands their personalities, so Kirishima understands Bakugou pretty well and even relates to him since he was a villain himself. Bakugou’s personality also may have made Bakugou a candidate to becoming a villain himself. Kirishima may have gotten close to Bakugou so that he can recruit Bakugou into the League of Villains. Kirishima may have recommended Bakugou to the villains, and this may be one of the reasons the villains captured Bakugou at training camp.

During the months Kirishima spends at U.A., he may start to realize heroes aren’t the bad guys and that he wants to be a hero himself. He even grows to care for his classmates. Even so, Kirishima would still be on the villains’ side until Bakugou gets captured.

When he hears the villains are after Bakugou, he’s devastated. His reaction to Bakugou’s capture is really important. Even though he may have wanted Bakugou to be part of the League of Villains, he may not have thought the villains would capture Bakugou by force. This would cause Kirishima to finally acknowledge the villains are not the good guys, and he feels immense guilt about Bakugou’s capture.

Kirishima feels so much guilt, that he wants to rescue Bakugou.

It’s kind of odd how Kirishima really blames himself for Bakugou getting capture even though he’s supposedly the least involved with the actual capture. He isn’t with Midoriya and Todoroki when Bakugou gets captured. This whole thing isn’t his responsibility, yet Kirishima feels REALLY guilty about Bakugou getting captured.

Kirishima may have told the villains the location of the training camp by using his cellphone as a tracking device.

He brings his cellphone to training camp. Once at camp, during the night time, he may have helped the villains raid the camp.

On the night the villains attack, he’s one of the few students not shown sleeping.

One of the boys’ beds is empty, hinting that a boy is out and possibly helping the villains.

Later, Kirishima is notably more tired than almost everyone if not more tired than everyone. (That may be because of the remedial lessons though.)

Keep in mind, Kirishima is one of the few students not shown to fighting villains during the training camp raid or getting hurt by them. He was trapped in the main lodge with the rest of the remedials.

It would have been difficult for him to help the villains because he can’t leave the lodge. In the panels above, he wants to leave to stop the villains from capturing Bakugou.

If Kirishima helps the villains invade the training camp, then it would probably be the last time Kirishima helps the villains. He may have officially turned on them when he decides to rescue Bakugou. He possibly even stole night vision goggles from the villains in order to do so.

Kirishima is evasive when it comes to the origin of those night vision goggles. They probably came from somewhere Kirishima isn’t proud of. He won’t even quickly tell Midoriya about where he got the night vision goggles from and seems pretty guilty after Bakugou gives him back money for it. Kirishima overall looks suspicious when it comes to the night vision goggles.

Now, who would have convinced a good guy like Kirishima to be part of the villains? It would be someone close to Kirishima. My guess is it’s a relative. It may possibly be the rock villain from the League of Villains. 

And that villain looks similar to Kirishima during Red Riot Unbreakable.

Who is this villain who Kirishima may be close to? My guess is it’s someone who’s two years older than Kirishima, an older brother possibly.

Neijire says Togata got rough with someone and caused that person to quit being a hero. That person caused a lot of problems later. When Neijire says this, the manga shows Kirishima up close twice, hinting that the person who Togata got too rough with may be someone Kirishima knows. I’m guessing the kid who quit is a classmate or someone who’s around Togata’s age. That person may be the rock villain mentioned before. If that person became a villain because of Togata, then he possibly has a huge grudge against heroes and thinks they are harmful to society. If he’s close to Kirishima, he possibly helped turn Kirishima into a villain and encourage Kirishima to work with villains like him. If someone close to Kirishima was hurt by the heroes and tried convincing Kirishima to join the villains, Kirishima would be likely to join the villains to fight against the heroes who he thinks is harming society, especially if the person who was hurt by the heroes is his brother or some other close relative. Kirishima would have been in middle school if he joined the villains. That is such a young and impressionable age. He could have meant well and was trying to help make society a better place by joining the villains because those around him told him so. The villains possibly convinced him that the heroes were pushing the poor criminals down and holding society back. Kirishima, unlike Bakugou, is easy to inspire and vulnerable to misdirection. It would be easy for villains to convince him he’s doing the right thing. 

It’s actually sad to think about. I can imagine a sweet and innocent middle school-aged Kirishima working for the villains because he thinks the villains are helping people and the heroes are the bad guys. Later, after being at U.A. for while, he discovers the heroes are actually the good guys and he wants to be a hero. He would have then realized, as the traitor, he put his classmates in danger multiple times and caused Bakugou to get captured. The guilt he would feel from that would be soul crushing.  Bakugou feels guilty about All Might losing his powers. Think about Kirishima would feel after all that.  

This is my best attempt at making a traitor theory. It’s definitely possible that Kirishima isn’t the traitor. I don’t want him to be the traitor, but I don’t think it’s impossible like some people are making it seem. 

Producer wants to make an R-rated Mega Man live-action Movie

As you may already know, Castlevania is being made into an animated series on Netflix that will premiere later this year. The series is being produced by Adi Shankar, who is known for his 2012 reboot of Judge Dredd. When asked what video game series he would like to turn into a live-action film, Shankar replied that he would “love to do a hard-R Mega Man”. 

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honestly im so entertained by the new hiveswap trailer because everyone thought xefros was going to be incredibly meek and cautious based on the old promo pics and the 0.2 seconds in trailer 1 but then hes just

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Hi, you replied to my ask about Leia and Bail a while back, and I was wondering if you could help me again? I thought all the while that Anakin killed Padmé, but my friend pointed out today that she lived for a moment after he choked her. I asked this elsewhere and somebody said Palpatine may have killed Padmé`? do you know? thank you!

Okay so there’s no Real Answer for this, unfortunately. (Why? My money is on bad writing and bad directing that didn’t get the point that Lucas was trying to make across to the audience.) Also unfortunately, we don’t have a whole lot of evidence, frankly, because what happens is a little bit…wishy washy. This, however is what we do know:

1) Padme was still alive after Anakin choked her. he knocked her unconscious, but she was still alive when Obi-Wan goes to check on her, and then again later on the ship and at Polis Massa (the asteroid base where the twins are born)

2) Padme stays alive long enough to give birth to Luke and Leia

3) the droid that goes to tell Obi-Wan, Bail, and Yoda that Padme is dying says that it has no idea why Padme is dying–that she seems to just have lost the will to live

4) at the same time as Padme is giving birth to the twins, Anakin is being operated on

Okay so, why do I make those four points specifically?

Because I actually agree with the other person you asked: I personally think that it was Palpatine who killed Padme. why do I think this?

Well, as we established, Padme is still alive after Anakin attacks her. This fuels into Anakin’s confusion and sense of betrayal after he wakes up post-suit. “But I felt her,” he says to Palpatine. He felt that she was still alive at that point–and yet Palpatine convinces him that he had, in fact, killed her in his anger.

It was, ironically, actually Palpatine’s insistence that Anakin had killed her, and his confidence in Padme’s death, that convinced me that it was Palpatine who killed her.

We know a few other things as well:

1) droids cannot feel the Force

2) Palpatine claims, at least, to have mastered the ability to control life

3) by all rights, Anakin Skywalker should have died. three of his four limbs were severed, he had third degree burns on like 100% of his remaining body, and his lungs were irreparably damaged by ash, fire, and smoke

4) it seems vastly out of character for Padme “I saved my planet from an invasion at age 14″ Amidala to just…”lose the will to live” because the man she loved went Dark Side

So here’s my proposition:

Palpatine wasn’t actually entirely lying to Anakin when he said he could manipulate life and death. Because he actually can. but the thing is, you can’t just…create life willy nilly. Instead, in order to give life, what if you have to take that life from somewhere else? Thus, instead of creating life, it’s more like…siphoning off life, or reapportioning it to someone else?

Thus, when Palpatine was faced with the prospect of losing his apprentice, he did the only thing he could have (would have) done–he gave Anakin the life he needed in order to survive his wounds. and he did this by taking Padme’s life–which was, quite likely I think, bound to Anakin’s via the Force, via both love and intimacy–and giving it to Anakin. To the droid examining Padme, who could not feel the Force, it would seem that Padme had just lost the will to live–because it couldn’t see any reason for her life to just, inexplicably, be draining away.

This also cements Palpatine’s assurance to Anakin that Padme is dead, however. Because how did Palpatine know, with absolute certainty, that Padme was dead, unless he had felt her die? To make such a strong statement claiming that Padme was dead if he didn’t actually know that, with absolute certainty, would have been incredibly dangerous for him. because what if he had made that claim, and then Padme showed up like six years later? The final act which had bound Anakin in complete subservience to him would have been shown to be a lie, and I bet you Anakin’s loyalty would have fractured at that. I mean, Anakin’s loyalty fractures when he finds out that Palpatine lied about his child being born. And it’s ultimately that child(ren) which brings him to kill Palpatine. I bet you it would have been the same, if not even more immediate, if Anakin found out that Palpatine had lied about Padme. And I bet you Palpatine knew that too.

So Palpatine would have had to know that Padme was 100% dead in order to so certainly make the claim he did. And…well, how else would he have known, with absolute certainty, unless he’d had a hand in killing her?

This option also gives Padme much more agency, too, and I feel like it lines up with her character much better. Because now, instead of being reactionary and passive in the affair, and just…giving up on life because Anakin went to the Dark Side and betrayed her, we have a woman who held onto life with tooth and nail long enough to give birth to and name her children. Now we have a woman who fought the darkness with her last breath, and with her last breath gave hope to the galaxy, even as her light was being taken to feed the darkness.

And that not only fits her character better, but I also feel like is so, so much more tragic–on every side. On Anakin’s side, who is convinced by the man who actually murdered her, that he killed the woman he loved. On Padme’s side, who was stripped of her life and her hope, but with her last strength and last resolve brought the new hope into the world. And even on Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Bail’s side, who thought that their friend had died for nothing, and who will mourn her for her weakness, and who will never know that perhaps the greatest battle against the Dark Side was fought and won–because it was from Padme, and from that final battle, that Light was born again–by her in those last moments.

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It's true that Star Trek is impressive with its makeup and prosthetics, but mostly everyone knows there's going to be a bunch of aliens in Star Trek and are looking for something different. Star Trek's makeup and prosthetics are nothing new nowadays. That's why Suicide Squad won.

ur telling me u went into su|cide squad thinking the joker and harley were gonna be bare faced, and that killer croc was gonna be human, enchantress was gonna have neatly combed hair w/ no smudged eyeliner or anything else, etc….? everyone knew going into su|cide squad that killer croc was gonna be there, they knew the joker would hve white face paint, they knew harley wouldnt just have everyday makeup….no one looked for something different there? also in star trek beyond there was different…there was over 50 original, new designs of aliens.

also………………no…… trek: beyonds makeup artists created a new “bulletproof” makeup that stopped black and white makeup from running, they took a huge amount of time to develop a light weight prosthetic for natalia that involved an actresses face, chest and arms being covered so she could not only look original (new) and alien, but could also express emotion and move easily for the five seconds she had in the film. krall??? had so many different looks throughout the film as he changed forms… all different designs, all of them needing to enhance the villain while also allowing idris elba to move and act…. to enhance the different changes in his character they embedded fucking tiny lights into his prosthetic……………like pls stop star trek beyond had a lot better makeup and a lot better ingenuity than su|cide squad.

just bc ppl know its a lot of aliens doesnt mean the aliens didnt take a fuckton of work and skill to create

heres a cool article that shows off some aliens it doesnt really give a huge boost to my point but its cool so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (it also shows off some of the subtle work that really made the aliens in beyond stand out)