why i’ve never seen this complete before?!! i was looking for harry and i was saying where the hell he is and he was there in the front dancing with jls!!!



When you ask him if this looks good he will check on you and realize that you are wearing his hoodie, he would find it adorable in you, so he probably be fine with it. “You look good Jagi” He’ll take your hand and go to the park.


He just be staring at you trying to find what he finds familiar in you, when he realize yo took his bucket hat he’ll be surprised but find it really sexy on you special for the overal you have wearing that day, he would smile at you and then keep going with the day.


He was going to wear his white Shirt with the Black Sweater when he goes to ask you if have seen his black sweater he’ll see you wearing it so he probably would get upset at first but you are alredy going late with the boys so he just grab the blue hoodie and ready to go. “I was going to wear that” he tell you before leaving your place.

(i am so sorry i need it to put this gif cuz OMG LOOK HOW HOT HE LOOKS!)


So you are going to do ice skating cuz you say you want to learn so as he, you make the day and everything. when you guys were getting ready he saw you wearing his white gloves that he has also intentions to wear that night, he grabs your hands and kiss them slowly, “i can wear yours too”, he grab your blue with pink gloves.


He arrive soon from the reharsals and you were wearing his clothes just for fun, when he open the door and see you with his Shirt and pants, he start laughing that you instantly blush at him, he find it very cute so he make you combine his shirt with other pair of pants, he gives you a black pants so you strip in front of him, he blush at the moment and tease you with “You can wear another shirt if you want” you look at him and just laugh, you end up going wearing his clothes just how he ask…

(i am Jin Biased but… OMG this guy! this guy! want to kill me!)


First of all he is never going to realize what are you wearing, when you are at the restaurant he is looking at your eyes and then realize that you are wearing his round glasses and just while eating… “You are wearing my glases… you look good”

then he′s going to the Bathroom and deal with all the feelings of you wearing glasses…


When he open you the door of his place you will smile at him and he see that you are wearing his beanie… “You look cute”he then smile at you and grab your hand to go to the Arcade Place.

But we all know that in the inside it would be something like this.:

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I don't know if you felt the same, but the last chapter gave me the impression that old wants tianshan to progress a bit slower then it was progressing. Like, on chap 199 He Tian and Guan Shan seems to be very comfortable with each other and chap 200 has this awkward atmosphere... And the way He Tian acts in the last chapter leaved me a bit disappointed, it seemed like they gone one step forward and then one step back.

i have a lot of mixed feelings about this chapter tbh, on one hand im really happy that chapter 199 wasn’t just an interlude and that old xian decided to continue it, and the thought of he tian buying an earring for guan shan and going to his house just to give it to him is frankly adorable to me (i bet he even reharsed how to do it, that nerd), but on the other the way old xian decided to portray it did leave me a bit disappointed, and i can’t say that i wasn’t expecting a bit more from he tian after everything that happened

(putting the rest under a cut because it got quite long;;;;;) [so strange, that never happens to me……..]

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- Enjorlas is the French’s singer that is there for the Patria. His song talk about the rise of the people and the parisians against capitalism. Also, they screened a VERY big shoot of Paris in the background just to point out that, you know, he’s french.

- Courf and Ferre are part of his entourage. They take care of everything and they are the best menagers you can wish for. It helps that they help Enj to be less french when he needs to speak to other countries. (Just joking, Enj respects everyones) (but he is, you know, farouchey)

- R is his PR because he knows everyone. Literally. He knows more people than Courf, just saying. More than that, despite being an asshole and putting all the social incomes when Enj want to reharse, he is aware of where to eat, drink, shop and have fun in every european country. If that’s not a skill to put in your résumé, then I don’t know what is.

- Jehan is the heart of Enj’s Lyrics. Without him, they would all be political speakes in form of music. People don’t want that. Especially if you want to be famous - and more famous you are, more people will listen to you. R is his daily source of pining and one-sided love, and observing him is just what Jehan needs to write good lycics. Thank God Enj doesn’t know.

- Feuilly is part of their tech crew. Jolly is the personal GP, the one they take with them in tours. Bahorel is the SUPER MEGA FAN that goes at every concert - and, anyway, they met in uni before Enj debut. He’s still trying to get his degree in law. Bossuet is part of the security and best bro of Jolly and R.

- Marius and Cosette are the yodel-rap duo.

- Eponine is Marius and Cosette menager.

Ps. I’m gonna credit the picture soon. Anyway, they are Spain and Austria of this eurovision. Aka headcanon Enj and ‘Ferre for this au.

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              They had been searching that music box for hours now, and unfortunally the dormitories were a MESS, which made the task really difficult. Christine usually slept back at Mama’s house, anyway, but sometimes - when the reharsals ended later than usual, or she simply desired the other girls company, especially Meg’s - the singer slept on one of the beds. Tonight, for example, Christine wanted to find one of her favorite items - she kept it inside a chest, under the bed, since it was really fragile and the idea of someone breaking it was enough to fill it with SADNESS. It was one of the first music box she made, when her beloved Papa was still in this word. Made with wood, and painted in light pink and blue. The melody was a simple Swedish folk song, which Gustave had made the paper stip himself.

        ❝ — I believe it was under Jamme’s bed… Did you see her with it? Christine replied, not liking the ieda of someone taking her things without permission. A bright smile appeared on her face when feeling her BEST FRIEND’S chin on her shoulder, studying the object she had in hands.  ❝ — It is… uglier than I remember, but, oh, so dear to me.A thought crossed her mind and suddenly, she turned around to face the pettite ballarina. Taking Meg’s hands, she putted the music box into them.  ❝ — Now it is yours. A gift, so you can remember me and our friendship when we are both old and grey. I don’t remember ever giving you a music box, and it’s been a while since I made one that actually plays a song. So, this is yours, Meg. I wouldn’t give it to anyone else.  ❞ And it was the honest truth, because Meg was the best company anyone could ever ask for -  the only one that saw in Christine a friend. And the soprano knew that their friendship couldn’t be destroyed not even by TIME.