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ok I'm 15 and i love the peter parker's smut. i could understand you if we're talking about someone of 25 y/o reading that, but it's normal read that kind of things, and write them too omg. i don't get what's the problem with it

Okayyy pal, I’m gonna have to stop you right there. As a 15-year-old, you’re considered a minor. You shouldn’t be reading smut of any kind for any character, it’s illegal for someone of your age to be viewing porn, no heed paid attention to the fact that it’s literary or not. If you’re wanting to learn more about sex, there are other places for you to do so that are safe. Tumblr is not one of them. 

Asking a writer for Peter smut is putting them in the position of writing what is legally classified as child pornography. They are writing about a minor having sexual relationships. Also, the legal age of consent in any given country doesn’t matter as Tumblr regulates according to US law. 

Being a minor yourself and writing about Peter having sex is still child pornography. Legally, a minor isn’t supposed to view adult content. That’s why adult content on sites like Reddit and Tumblr is blocked before you answer whether you’re 18 or over. If you are a minor writing smut for other minors, you’re sharing adult content to minors. Which is illegal.

And writing about a minor, even if it is fictional, is child pornography. 

And Peter Parker is a child. I’m not sure why there’s even smut for him in the first place because children should not be having sex.

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are you referring to me re: reposting peoples' stuff? I'm a RP blog. I found the gifs in separate sets and put them together. did so before anyone else, afaik. either way, could you remove my post from your page? I rely on my activity feed to keep up with my RP threads and don't appreciate reposts / likes from personal blogs. thanks!

im a little confused because youre the one reposting? D: both of those gifs are mine. i made them from scratch. heres the first one and heres the second. you just saved my gifs and claimed them as your own so im going to have to ask you to take them down or get tumblr to do it. you may not know it but saving someone elses gifs and just posting it again is very discrediting to the person who made it and also against tumblr regulations. i would really appreciate it if you removed it, thanks! 

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Thank you.. Having Ray have a GF (even though un-named) gives me a little bit of hope that I can be loved and supported for who I am. I love that Ray is supported by the rest of the crew and his family, while they don't understand, seem to accept him. Thank you for your stories and this blog. (The-ace-who-is-still-scared-to-go-on-tumblr-but-you-make-it-worth-it)

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Thank you so much!! I totally understand how you feel. I do love tumblr for stories of real ace people dating and getting married etc. I just wish the tag wasn’t so toxic….

I would recommend AVEN’s forums if you want to try a site other than tumblr. I used them quite a bit in High School and they’re waaaay better regulated than tumblr. You get a better sense of community on those kind of platforms :)

Love you <3 

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Imagine being Ava Paige’s daughter, being sent into the maze after volunteering yourself, and defying your mother’s orders when you decide to help Thomas and the Gladers fight against WCKD. - Requested by Anonymous

‘No, certainly not,’ you mother said, shaking her head.

She’d been like this all morning, refusing to accept you as a volunteer. You’d wandered in on her meeting with Janson, not sure you’d be able to tell her at any other time. She’d assumed it was serious and dismissed the man quickly. But you’d fumbled on your words slightly and her attention had been diverted to the papers which littered her desk. She was putting the final touches on the Maze projects and their end games.

But now, now she looked up at you. There was pain and fear behind her eyes, something which you’d never thought you’d see.

‘We… we don’t need any more candidates,’ she said simply, but you could tell that it was her last attempt at putting you off the idea.

‘Mum,’ you said softly, reaching across the table to take her hand lightly, ‘I know the place better than anyone. I can make sure that we get enough of them out for phase two that it’ll be easier.’

She wetted her lips nervously. You could tell that she was mulling the idea over, the logical side of her brain overriding the part which wanted to keep you out of all this. To protect you no matter what happened.

She sighed, and you had to suppress the urge to grin at her. You knew you’d won her over.

‘All right,’ she conceded, giving your hand a brief squeeze. ‘But you stick to the plans. I want you to read up on them before you go in, OK?’

You nodded, trying for a reassuring little smile. The truth of the matter was you had no intention of following out her orders. A few weeks previously you’d found the plans. Found the things which your mother had been doing in an attempt to save people. But you couldn’t agree with it. Couldn’t watch more of your friends being sent into the Maze trials – that name which you hadn’t known of them until you found the letters and numbers they’d planned for the Scorch Trials.

‘Get a good night’s sleep,’ she said softly, moving to kiss you gently on the forehead. ‘I love you.’

‘Love you too, Mum,’ you told her before standing up, hoping that she’d understand one day why you’d done this.


‘We need to go, now!’ you said, tugging at Thomas’s hand. The bodies littering the floor held your attention. Something about it all seemed wrong. How could an organisation do all this just to test people? Did they have no idea how many people they were killing just to find the best one to save people from the Flare… All of it was on little more than a hunch.

‘Chuck,’ he muttered, and you could see the tears welling in his eyes as the group of rescuers began ushering your little group out of the place, urging you all into the storm.

‘I know, Tommy,’ you whispered, giving his hand a squeeze, trying to remind him that you were there for him. ‘We’re gonna stop them, OK? We’re gonna stop WICKED from carrying on with this. We’re gonna bring them down… all of us.’

Thomas blinked, a few tears running down his cheeks before he nodded. ‘Thank you.’

You nodded slightly, trying for a small smile but not quite managing it. A few of the other Glader mumbled in their commitment to the cause, too, and for a moment you allowed a slight amount of hope to rise within you. Maybe, just maybe, you’d be able to help stop WICKED once and for all.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google. I edited the Gladers gif slightly so that it fitted with Tumblr regulations.

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As promised we’ve got another Otome contest for you. Please read the instructions and official rules before participating. Good luck guys!

Theme: Draw yourself into Norn9. 

-Create an illustration, hand drawing or painting of yourself as if you were a character in Norn9.
-Must Include hashtag  #Norn9Yourself and post on Tumblr to qualify.
-The winner will be announced as a call out on our page. The Winner must message us either through Tumblr or 

Time:  March 7th 2016  until March 10 11:59PM  PST
Winner will be announced March 11th by 5PM PST.

-Must stick to the theme mentioned above for official entry to the contest.
-Must include assigned hashtag.
-Must be over 18. (As per Tumblr regulations)
-Must live in the United States. (As per Tumblr regulations)

Prize: Norn9 copy,Mini flyer, Aksys Earbuds, Aksys EcoBag, Character Medal, ID case cover.

I Received This in my PM Box. Any thoughts?

“I forget that not everyone in the Elsanna fandom keeps an eye on the goings-on over at Tumblr…where everything about this fiasco can be explained if you sift through everything that happened yesterday. But essentially…THERE IS NO PURGE. Not yet, at least. So far, only "So Into You” was targeted by a group called Critics United (which I will get into later), but since “A Date With the Drum Major” mysteriously disappeared yesterday, around a week after “So Into You” started receiving threats, many people assumed it was because of CU. But the thing is, Drum Major’s author hasn’t responded to any messages via PM or Tumblr Ask, so they’re likely unaware of the fic’s deletion. As it stands, the best course of action would be to WAIT for the author to return with the reason behind the deletion, and to NOT engage against CU.

Due to misinformation, users on FFnet that are unware are jumping to conclusions and blaming CU for authors stating that they’re backing their stuff up on AO3 in case of deletion. One user, ch3n, comes to mind, and I’ve seen her largely uninformed and ignorant argument over on the CU forum. These people are highly organized and aren’t your average trolls. They believe wholeheartedly in their ridiculous cause, and have the foresight to cover their tracks as best as they can so that YOU end up embarrassing yourself while they use your words against you. That was ch3n’s problem, and honestly, it was embarrassing to read. People can’t act rashly against CU—this needs to be dealt with diplomatically and tactfully. So if you can, please urge people not to confront them until at least Drum Major’s author returns. We can’t give them more ammo, considering that through US, they’ll have a field day with all of the Elsanna fics if they happen to sift through our favorites.

Now as for Critics United’s agenda…in essence, they are a pretentious watchdog/vigilante group hellbent on reporting fics that they see as breaking FFnet’s submission guidelines. According to them, explicit sex scenes are MA-rated and thus violate the guidelines. Considering how many of the fandom’s best stories are M-rated and have smut scenes…yeah. A lot of people are at risk, and not just for the Elsanna ship. One of the members even stated that “many people see i*** as MA-rated, which violates the site’s guidelines”, which is utter b***. The guidelines say NOTHING about i***. These people will leave a review stating that your fic is in violation of the site’s guidelines, and then post a link to your fic on their forum for all of the other members to see. If there are three reviews on your fic from them (or probably if you block them/refuse to do as they say), they will move your fic over to their ‘Clean Sweep’ list to be reported en masse to the admins. There are at least 8 of them, so if there are 8 reports for the same fic, then…yeah. You’d have a very high chance of it being deleted. They’ll also post segments from your PMs with them, or review responses, to be publicly ridiculed on their forum.

Basically, the authors backing their stuff up on AO3 are NOT going to take chances, and all of this is JUST a precaution. People need to know that. The only fic taken down was Drum Major (along with Argos months back, I think), and So Into You is the only Elsanna fic being directly targeted…right now. There is no purge as of yet, but there could very well be one, especially if misinformed/ignorant fans are picking fights with CU without proper information. While they don’t have the power to directly delete fics, they DO have the power to report en masse to the admins. AUTHORS ARE JUST BACKING THEIR STUFF UP ON AO3 JUST IN CASE—ASIDE FROM A DATE WITH THE DRUM MAJOR, THERE IS NO MASS DELETION OF ELSANNA FICS GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

I hope this clears things up. Please spread the word about this to clear any misunderstandings, and please advise people against acting rashly against CU. They should not be engaged until Drum Major’s author returns with an explanation. Please urge them to look at what’s happening in the Elsanna tag over on Tumblr as well for any further information, but this message essentially covers everything.

Again, there is no mass deletion. We’re just taking precautions in the event that a purge DOES come to pass. I know many authors will continue to update, but in BOTH locations this time. They’re not abandoning their fics. Drum Major’s deletion is, for now, a scare. A warning. So please help regulate the panic for non-Tumblr users by informing them. Feel free to copy this and spread it, please.

Thank you.“