Confession: I am a very average sized woman. I wear a size 10. I feel underrepresented in the body positivity movement. Skinny women obviously have nothing to worry about. At least before skin color, sexual preference, and all of those things come in to play. Then plus sized women have created an amazing community for themselves. Then there are the fetishized “thick” women who are obviously sexy. And then there is me. I feel less fabulous than all other body types. I’m not big and fabulous, not acceptable to mainstream ideas of beauty and not sexy like the thick girls. I have the thighs like a thick girl, with a pudgy belly but I can shop in “regular” stores. But I never see my self represented in said store. Where do I fit? And I feel guilty for complaining because I would never experience the ridicule that plus women do. I look to that community for inspiration yet I’m not ACTUALLY a part of it. Is that like appropriation? Am I being offensive. Is being regular sexy?

The Official 'Ugly Azalea Is Scum' Post

*cracks knuckles*

Okay stans, let’s go.

Ugly Azalea is clearly trying to emulate Black girls, especially Black girls in the South, that dress a certain way: bright colors and high-end designers (like the Real Housewives or Love and Hip Hop chicks), along with Black female artists like Nicki, Rihanna, and Beyonce who dress in more upscale, fashionable designs. Not to mention the way this bitch does her hair and makeup SCREAMS Nicki. They literally remade Nicki with a white girl. And a lot of people have made the point that this is ironic because Nicki originally emulated Kim.

She’s using her white privilege to get ahead and people have the right to be offended, especially when Black female rappers with more skills can’t get on. She gets on because of her skin color even tho she does things *regular* Black women do. And since she is white, she is called exceptional. And everyone acting like Ugly ISNT *acting Black* because she isn’t wearing ‘baggy urban wear’ or a bunch of gold chains, etc. is ridiculous and offensive.

Acting Black isnt just about dress. Her mannerisms, the words and slang she uses, and the lyrical content of her songs all insinuate that she is trying to replicate the Black American experience, which she did not grow up in and is not a part of. She pretending to be some hard ass bitch from the South when she’s not.

Her hips and ass are both completely fake and it is entirely out of the realm of naturalness FOR HER BODY TYPE. Not to mention in the ‘Fancy’ video during the gym scene she has no body whatsoever.

She clearly wants to look a certain way, and we all know white girls with bodies are seen as an anomaly and are therefore elevated above *regular* Black and Hispanic chicks. It’s not rocket science to see what’s going on here. They are modeling this white girl after Black and Hispanic girls in urban culture to give her an edge. Same shit as Miley Cyrus.

She puts on a fake ass accent to rap but speaks in her normal Australian voice. If she had honestly just ‘picked it up’ as people claim, the influence would be evident in both her speaking AND rapping voice. But this is a caricature, like a character she switches on and off. NOTHING genuine about it. Rap in your damn Australian voice, who cares if it would ‘sound crazy?’ You want to rap, right? You claim you’re the realest, right? So BE real and rap in your real voice. Stop with the AAVE slang, stop with the voice imitating Diamond from Crime Mob. Because that’s what it is, an imitation, and it gets under people’s skin.

Take her song, ‘Murda Bizness,’ for example: she spelled it with just an ‘I,’ not the full word. She also used a ‘z’ not a ‘s,’ and dropped the ‘-er’ from ‘Murder,’ substituting it with an ‘a.’ This is all emulating Black slang and speech patterns:

‘Hit the club
With bad bitches
Stackin’ hundreds
Bunch of 50’s
Super Clean
Fo sho’ get em
Hit the scene, kill shit
We in the murda Bizness’

Nothing but AAVE slang and crude language. Literally everything she talks about are fucking hood topics. Money, sex, bad bitches, clubs, popping bottles, ‘being better than other hoes’- the language and colloquialisms in and of themselves are hood language that she jacked from Black people.

She illegally immigrated overseas at 16 to be a pop star and tricked her way through the South until she and whoever she was with came up with this brilliant rap plan. The hooker/escort pics are all over the Internet along with the demo for her initial video:

People do not care that she’s white, as other fonts have said, people love Eminem, Action Bronson, Yelawolf, Machine Gun Kelly… Hell, I liked Kreayshawn, I thought she was very authentic. What people don’t like is that she’s a fake. She’s an untalented hack that can’t rap and has a machine of ghostwriters and Black men behind her pushing her to be some idealized version of the *down* white chick that’s rapping.

She’s a foreigner who is making money off of the Black American experience that she has literally had no experience with and is simply imitating what WE actually live. It’s disrespectful, especially at a time where Ferguson is going on and we are persecuted for the very thing she is making money off of: being Black.

She should be extremely relatable, if only for the simple fact that everyone knows what it’s like to feel different at one point or another. But she’s not. She has a nasty, entitled attitude. She has a habit of completely ignoring her whiteness as a vehicle for her success (at least Macklemore admitted he had white privilege) and instead insists other Black artists should just *come harder,* like the fact that she’s white hasn’t made it easier for her to cross over into mainstream success or garnered her the support of COLORSTRUCK niggas who think anything light with a fat ass is right.

Not to mention she has certainly gotten chance after chance to succeed (for example: multiple high-budget music videos even tho she couldn’t get a hit single to save her life) and refuses to admit it’s because she’s whte. She claims she’s the realest but everything about her is fake: accent, body, even style of music.

She is in one of the hardest arenas for proving yourself (rap/hip-hop) but is hypersensitive, whining and complaining about things that don’t go her way, crying on socia media when people criticize her. She doesn’t freestyle, rap battle, or have yet to prove any of her haters wrong when it comes to claims that she can’t rap or that other ppl write her stuff. She’s a fucking fraud.

And none of this even MENTIONED her racist rants about Asians and Mexicans or feeling like she should be able to say the word ‘nigga’ because ‘it means an ignorant person.’