regular people

  • Author:  alexisjane
  • Warnings - This is tricky. There are some warnings that are spoilers, like negating-the-whole-point-of-the-story type spoilers so have a look at what I’m prepared to say and if you’re still concerned, please feel free to pm me about specific squicks. This is basically a drama set in a modern, everyday setting with regular people doing regular things…except they’re not…because that would be utterly boring but you know what I mean.
    NOT HAPPENING - The big two, I guess are that all the sex in this fic IS consensual and there is no primary character death.
    So, NO noncon, NO dubcon, NO bestiality, NO torture, NO toilet kinks, NO a/b/o, NO mpreg, NO underage…this could go on and on.
    HAPPENING -  inaccurate depictions/descriptions of addiction and recovery/mental health issues/medical intervention/the IT industry/Texas, self harm, blood, unsafe driving practices, M/M sex, mentions of past parental death, unhappy childhood, messed up family dynamics/relationships, little itty bit of homophobia.
  • Summary - Jensen is trying to start a new life and not complicate it with a past he isn’t ready to share with potential girlfriend, Genevieve. But when she introduces him to her troubled brother, Jared, things get complicated fast and the men end up with a secret of their own. But there’s another secret, one which neither of them holds, one that will not just break their lives apart emotionally but could have bloody, fatal consequences. If Jensen can pick his way through the minefield of lies and half truths, he and Jared might finally have a chance at happiness – Sometimes you have to save someone else, before you can save yourself.



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Do u even kick it wit da homies ever cuz it's like up always on tumblr or working?

I try to hang out wit my homies when I can but honestly it’s hard. I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with people who work just as hard as I do and all my close friends (4-5 of them) spend all of their time doing their thing at their jobs, going to school, etc.

The people I turn up with are my coworkers/regular people im cool with. Me and my actual close friends don’t turn up like that at all, ever. When we do link up it’s always just at one of their houses chillin, crackin’ jokes.

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Number 1, johnkat, "I'm trying to help you, don't kill me!"

1. Mythical lizards and humans. Oh interesting choice Anon!

Karkat had not expected this to happen. Like of all the lame shit to happen he had to get stuck a couple miles from town with a dead car. “Stupid fucking junker.” He kicks the tire and then leans back against the door with a huff. He’d called his dad who said help would be there soon. Help should hurry its dumb ass up already.

He’s expecting another car or maybe the beat of wings as someone in his family comes to get him. You know the regular shit, people driving, dragons flying, normal stuff. He does not expect what sounds like a buzz to pass right over him and then crash into the fucking brush at the side of the road. Karkat ducks, swearing a blue streak, and whirls around. Something large and scaled is writhing in the bushes and Karkat yanks his door open to get out the tazer that is most certainly not for humans.

Hand tight around the device capable of shocking a fully grown dragon to unconsciousness he moves toward the creature. It shakes a branch off its head and turns right as he lunges. It shrieks and dodges away as Karkat swings the device at him. A whip-like tail wraps around him and pulls him back. Karkat struggles but the tail is tight. Fuck, he just wanted to get home!

The wyvern which he can recognize now that he can see it looks at him and makes the oddest noise. It does it again and Karkat could kill it. It’s fucking laughing at him! He tries to bring the tazer in contact with its tail but just can’t reach. The wyvern sets him down and then starts to shift. Karkat grins his teeth and turns his back because he’s not interested in seeing this asshole naked.

A hand lands on his shoulder and he swings the tazer automatically. “Whoa hey! I’m trying to help you. Stop trying to kill me!” The human form of the wyvern is some total dork with a blanket wrapped around him. He grins at Karkat. “Your dad sent me since I’m the fastest and was hanging around. Need a ride home?”

Karkat scowls at him. “You could have fucking said something instead crashing into the bushes like a brain damaged fuck.”

“I almost flew right past you! I didn’t want to lose you!”

“You’re a fucking idiot.”

“I’m also your ride home.”

Goddammit, he’s right. Karkat flips the tazer cover back over the prongs. “Fuck. Fine. Change back and let’s go. If you crash when we land I’m murdering you.”

The wyvern laughs and it’s almost as irritating as what it sounds like in his real form. “You can try. I’m John by the way. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s getting cold. Let’s fucking go already!”

Regular Human Beings

Hi there. We’re regular human beings. We’re everywhere. Sometimes you “creative types” get mad at us, just for being ourselves. That’s kind of unfair, but hey, we forgive you. You’re probably just having a bad day. That happens to us too sometimes, believe it or not. In our defense, we can’t help it if we’re taking up more space than necessary on the subway. Nobody explained to us what you’re supposed to do on one of those things. This whole “subway” thing is still kind of a novelty to us. They don’t have subways where we come from, unless you’re talking about Subways like Jared from Subway (that was a joke we would make). ((We love Jared from Subway)).

Hey, that reminds us. You barely know anything about us. It’s our fault. We usually just keep pretty quiet around you guys anyway, since we’re just not as… expressive as you are!  So, in the interest of full disclosure, here’s a guide to what we’re like so you won’t find yourself so upset at us all the time:


A little known fact about us regular human beings is we like music just as much as you do! I know that might be hard to believe, since you spend so much time talking about and debating it, not to mention spending such a huge portion of your income on records (wow!  they still have those?!) and concert (we like to call it a “concert”) tickets.  But it’s true!  We like music! Just as much as you do!

When we hear a song we like, we like that song in the same exact way as you like a song whenever you like a song that you like! It’s music!  Music that we like! It’s just that we aren’t preoccupied with whether it’s good or not. We either like hearing something or we don’t. What sort of music do we like? All sorts of music! You know, everything. Everything but country. And also: a lot of us love country music. We don’t know. 

Why do you ask? It’s music. Music is great. We love music. We’re sorry if that’s not enough for you. Sometimes we think about whether or not we should be “better” at liking music, but then it just seems kind of silly. If something is good, we’ll probably eventually hear it. And if we like it, great! We love liking things.

Oh cool, a record store! They still have these? We did not know that. We like the idea of a record store because we’re not great at computers so it’s good to see when something is still a thing instead of a website you have to go to on the internet. But we don’t have a turntable anymore, most of us never did. We wouldn’t even know where to start with the whole “I listen to records” thing. We don’t even really know how one works except from what we see on TV about rap DJs. We know about scratching. Scritch-scratch, that’s how you play records. Anyway, we have CD’s and iPods now. We don’t need records.

We just buy CD’s at Target and play them in the car. And then at home we put on one of the music stations we get from DirecTV. We like “Smooth Hits,” but sometimes “Hot Jams” is good too. A lot of the time our favorite music to hear is “Peace and Quiet” LOL!  We have an iPod.  We use it to work out. One time we were listening to LMFAO “Sexy and I Know It” on our iPod while we were working out and it came on the gym’s loudspeaker at the same time! Talk about LMFAO!


If you ask us if we like art, we will tell you of course we like art. Art is important because without it you would have less things to look at. We like to go to art museums when we visit our friends and family. Our favorite? Ummm who’s the guy with the tiny little dots? We just saw that one when our cousin was in town. You know, that one painting from Ferris Bueller. It’s so crazy to think about all those tiny little dots. A lot of art is kind of just boring, but that tiny little dots thing is really something else.

We don’t mean “boring,” it’s just, you know, we don’t know anything about art. We don’t know what a chiaroscuro or a Titian or any of those things are. You know, we just like to look at the paintings and have it be nice and quiet and check out all the thousands of tiny dots and then go home and take a nap. We don’t know what you’re supposed to get out of it. Sometimes we hear one of those tour group leaders talking about perspective and things like that, and it just sounds like some kind of a foreign language. We just look at the art and if we like it we like it. That’s enough for us.

Oh, you mean like “modern” art? Yeah some of it’s good, we guess, we just don’t really understand it a lot of the time. I mean, just some squares? We could paint that. It’s still nice, it’s just most of the time it’s like you’re supposed to look at these squares and see, like, the atomic bomb or something, and to us it’s just squares the whole time. Like “looking at a square, looking at a brown square.” We read the description that says it’s really about AIDS, and then we go back and stare at it, really try to see all that extra stuff, but we’re probably just not that smart. It’s just squares to us. It’s frustrating. 

One time we asked a 12 year old nephew what he thought of some modern art and he called it “bull (you know what).” We couldn’t help but laugh because it was so funny even though we didn’t approve of the language. From the mouths of babes, right? We would never go so far as to use the “S” word on something that somebody probably really cares about a lot, but sometimes it does seem like those squares are just squares. Maybe that’s the point, we don’t know. One thing we DO know: it seems a little crazy to spend a whole bunch of time and effort trying to figure out whether or not you like squares. That’s why we usually just stick to the paintings of things.

The tl;dr version of my post about cognitive disability and academic communication styles in social justice circles.

I’m usually very bad at summarizing my longer posts.  In fact, it’s usually impossible.  This upsets me a lot because it means that a lot of my posts are unreadable to a lot of people.  Sometimes, though, I’m able to summarize things.  I’ve been able to do it here.  

If you want to read the whole, original post, click here:  Cognitively disabled people DO get to complain about jargon, academia, etc. in our movements.  Seriously, we do.

But here’s the basic gist of what I’m saying:

  • Academic language and academic communication styles have become an enormous part of social justice movements both online and in universities.
  • This language and communication style is impossible for a lot of people to understand.  Most ordinary people can’t understand it.  Many oppressed people have particular trouble understanding it.  Many cognitively disabled people will never understand it.
  • I am not telling anyone to give up academic language or communication styles.  Some people can’t (including because of disabilities), some people won’t.  I’m just trying to say that there’s something wrong when an entire movement is based on these communication styles, to the point you have to be able to understand it and use it in order to participate fully.
  • On tumblr, people who bring this up often get told it doesn’t exist, and that what we call ‘academic’ is just ‘people talking about their lives’.  This is partly because academia has so thoroughly shaped how oppressed people in certain social movements talk about their lives, that people really do think this is how you talk about your life if you’re oppressed, period.
  • I posted a long list of words that create little explosions in my head every time I read them, that are used in social justice circles constantly.  My intent is not to tell people not to use those words.  It’s to prove that yes, there is jargon, I am not imagining this or making things up.
  • I am, myself, oppressed in many different ways.  Fighting oppression is a survival issue for me.  I’m also cognitively disabled in ways that make these academia-influenced social circles very, very difficult for me to communicate within or understand.  I’m not writing this just to bother people (I’m no more anti-SJ than I’m SJ), I’m writing this because for my own survival I need social movements to be accessible to people like me.
  • Ordinary people, all over the world, fight oppression in amazing ways.  Without ever coming up with new jargon, without forming academic departments at universities, without engaging in sophisticated academic argumentation styles, without becoming inaccessible to ordinary people.
  • People need to stop denying that this stuff is academic in nature.  Right now it seems like people will admit it’s academic if it gives them more credibility (“it’s not just tumblr, this is how Real Sociologists talk!”), but if anyone says it makes things inaccessible, suddenly they say “There’s nothing academic going on here, nothing at all.”  This makes it impossible to address the problem.
  • People can still do their academic stuff it they want to or need to.  I’m not stopping anyone.  I just really, really don’t think this stuff should be at the core of any movement that seeks to end oppression.  Because that just makes things impossible for a lot of people, including the people who most need these movements.
  • My dream is exactly that:  Ordinary people, including cognitively disabled people, fighting oppression.  Talking about our oppression without needing fancy words.  Fighting oppression without needing academic argumentation tactics.  Doing all these things, without needing this academic stuff.  I know it’s already happening offline, everywhere around the world, in fact.  But I’d like to see it happen on places like tumblr, too.
  • It’s possible to be intellectual without being academic.  I do it all the time.
  • Not all cognitively disabled people have the same problems with the same stuff.  Some cognitively disabled people even need to communicate in an academic style.  But there’s a huge number of cognitively disabled people who can’t participate in these discussions because both the language and the entire structure and mentality of the discussion is too academic in a way that we can’t penetrate no matter how hard we try.  Some of us stick around and tough it out and try to change things, but more walk away on sight.  And lots of ordinary oppressed people have the same reaction.

And even though that was kind of long, that was much shorter than the original post.  If you want more detail, see the original post, it’s lots more detailed and may clarify some things that I leave out here.

  • regular people in the shower:wash, rinse and repeat
  • me in the shower:pretending I'm filming for a shampoo commercial
  • me in the shower:pretending I'm in a scene of my favorite TV show
  • me in the shower:life problems
  • me in the shower:napping
  • me in the shower:brushing my teeth
  • me in the shower:pretending I'm in the rain
  • me in the shower:has my phone in a plastic bag so I can text
  • me in the shower:showing off my mad singing skills and sexiness to the crowd of fans that isn't really there.
  • me in the shower:brings in food and eating in the shower
  • me in the shower:brings a beverage into the shower
  • me in the shower:pretending to be a fountain
  • me in the shower:spends a total of two hours in the shower
  • regular people after their shower:dries their hair and body with towel
  • me after my shower:head bang to dry my hair