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Nick... What do you eat? Do you even need to eat? Do you eat souls, regular human food, people? This may sound weird but, i'm just really intrigued.

Usually, just normal food, like all of you.

Sometimes I eat humans who have been bad ::3 Two wrongs, in this case, do make a right. It feels good to cut loose sometimes and rip someone’s arm out of their socket and take a bite.

Is it normal for a cat to gag when you try to feed it bananas?
—  white man, in Boulder

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Please tell me more about Phoenix Keith, I need more

Im surprised that people were interested in this?????

Some info about Phoenix!Keith that idk whether or not i’ll keep but anyway :’)

  • When Keith isnt using his wings, they shrink in size theyre like these little wings that are barely larger than his back
    • When he uses them tho he uses flames to increase their size and they become huge lol
  • Sensitive as hell to cold
    • hates exposure to large bodies of water
  • he has a tattoo that runs from his left chest over his shoulder and down his arm up to his elbow
  • easily angered
    • the air around him starts getting hot when hes irritated and he will explode into flames if hes really pissed 
    • in other words dont piss him off
  • his eyes glow when hes using/doing things related to flame
  • eats fire as food (legit inhales that shit like air)
    • still needs regular human food tho
    • stuff like fruit and vegetables
    • flames are like his meat, he doesnt eat meat, just… fire
  • his clothes are made of non flammable material so that they dont buRN WHENEVER HES PLAYING WITH FIRE
  • likes to collect precious stones and has a not-so-mini rock collection
    • dont touch his rocks unless without permission you want to be burnt to a crisp 
  • Really good for hugging
    • his body is naturally warm so hes like a mini heater 
    • hes got good muscle but hes soft??? feels like feathers??? what the hell??
  • Lives around a dormant volcano
    • free food bro
    • also pretty isolated 
    • surrounded by large expanse of forest
    • lives alone to prevent himself from destroying anything major
  • even without his wings his body is very agile
    • he can jump really high and is really quick at maneuvering through the forest

I actually have more…. but i think thats enough for general info lmao i feel like im thinking up a whole story for this… oops ^^;;

Important Mystery Skulls things to consider

• Lewis becoming part of The Gang™ again and traveling across the country in search of ghosts
• There is a murder attempt on Arthur EVERY OTHER DAY, CALM UR FUCKING T I T S L E W I S
• Lewis being like a dad to Vivi and making sure she’s never in too much trouble and is eating well and doesn’t get involved with “”“problematic”“” guys ***coughARTHURcough***
• Lewis being team dad means a lot to me ok
• Vivi sometimes forgetting Lewis is a ghost like “Hey Lewis could you run to the store and get some coffee?”
“…Really? Okay…”
“Wait shIT NO”
• Lewis attempting to do normal human things like you go to Walmart and in line ahead of you is a Demon-Skull-Ghost-of-Hell getting coffee
• Arthur being really freaked out and SUPER guilty with Lewis being around all the time but he gets used to it
• They eventually talk it out (at Vivi’s demand) and become chill with each other
• Being around his friends makes Lewis chill the fuck out and not be *as* pissed off all the time
• Lewis keeps forgetting he can’t *actually* eat regular human food so he’ll like pour a bowl of cereal or something then he’ll just
• stare at it
• longingly
• Lewis’s Ghost truck is like???? No one really knows how it works tbh
• No one really knows how any of his pink fire magic works, especially not him
• Mystery gets HELLA bad vibes from Louis at first, because dogs can usually sense supernatural shenanigans
• Cinnamon roll dog, too good for this world, too pure
• Arthur teases Lewis a lot after he gets over the fact he’s a ghost
“Oh man, this cake sure is good, don’t you think Lewis? I’m so glad I have a mouth so I can eat this Amazing Cake!”
• said teasing leads to even more threats on Arthur’s life

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What kind of food did Branch give Poppy when he first brought her to his house? She's probably starving and he has absolutely no idea what she eats. Like I imagine a array of food and drinks both edible and non edible to humans

I don’t mean to judge but are these really the questions that keep you up at night?joking, joking. I imagine he gave her some regular human food at first, but Poppy’s just like ‘the fuck is a chicken’ and instead tries to eat the leaves off of his sticks, so Branch just decides 'eh screw it’ and let’s her munch on the leaves.

Eyes and strength in TG: Arima, Kaneki, Uta and Eto

Well, I know many people theorized about Arima, Kaneki and their eyes already (honestly guys, all the posts I read were spot on from my point of view) but I just wanted to see if I could propose an explanation as to why these two have eye problems in the first place, by maybe establishing a particular relation between these and strength. :)

Thus this post will be about Eto, the OEK, ghouls and OEGs, artificial vs natural beings, through a small comparison between four of the strongest characters of TG. 

Spoilers up to :Re ch68, and sorry in advance for this long post.

First example to look at is Arima of course:

He is one of the strongest (if not the absolute strongest) of all the characters introduced so far by Ishida-sensei and as, @neropet pointed out in this post, his vision is such that he has to rely on his other senses when he’s fighting (as illustrated with the last chapter and Ayato trying to beat him).

We barely know a thing about Arima in the first place (more on the OEK theory in the last part of the post), except for his huge strength and now a wrong something with his eyes, but this gets interesting when we compare him to Kaneki (most natural comparison ever, I know, but there was something bothering me since the beginning of the current arc about Kaneki’s eyes). 

First random comment about Kaneki’s eyes go to Tatara in TG vol6:

And until fairly recently, I thought it probably didn’t matter so much but then Eto in :Re said…

Honestly… I would have casted it to the side, thinking this didn’t mean much more than irony except that… 

  • that was reminding me of Tatara’s words that I still remembered because they didn’t make sense
  • and it’s also a direct contradiction to Kaneki’s new look with the glasses

Bear with me, I know this might sound dumb, but you generally start to wear glasses when there is something wrong going on with your eyes, not the other way around and, Eto’s possible joke aside, Kaneki wearing glasses since the beginning of this arc is something I just can’t get my head around for some reason.

We all remember V14 I’m sure, and how Arima pierced his eyes, but Haise was only wearing glasses once in a while…

…because as a OEG, his regenerative abilities were working enough to heal his eyes after V14 (he had no need for glasses during the transition Kaneki -> Haise at Cochlea three years ago either). 
…Until, the beginning of the current arc when Kaneki started to wear glasses constantly that is.

Seeing that, I personally couldn’t help but wonder “why now and not after V14?” especially since even more recently we had this

which reminded a lot of people of ch31…

with what happens to be what Arima saw upon arriving where Haise was during the auction arc (which kind of enforces the comparison to Kaneki even more with the whole Black & White CCG reapers duo).

So basically, I tried to think of why Kaneki would suddenly need to wear glasses since the beginning of this arc (because I doubt this was to purposely look like Arima but in black) and this leads us to the last arc and his fight against Eto

(The intro is over, I swear, haha)

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Wait if you're eating non-magic made chocolate where do you go to use the bathroom? I thought there weren't any in the underground?

* Toriel knows how human food works, partner.

* Pretty much all monsters do.

* It shows up in the garbage dump now and then.

* But they don’t like the effects a lot, physical food is usually avoided.

* There are places for emergencies, though.