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Previously, we’ve reported that Splatoon 2 will allow up to eight Nintendo Switch systems to connect via local wireless to play Private Battles. In addition to this, a new feature called LAN Play will enable players to connect eight docked systems using a wired LAN setup. This feature allows players to create local Private Battle tournaments without the need for an Internet connection.

If you’re willing to put in the work to set up LAN Play, you can also use the Private Battle Spectator View feature by hooking up two additional Nintendo Switch systems. Local wireless play is perfect for your regular gaming get-togethers, but LAN Play is where it’s at when you want to organize a serious tournament event with your fellow players.


Happy 95th birthday, Betty White!

Here are a ten things about Betty that you might not have known!

  • She was an only child.
  • She was the only one of the four Golden Girls to receive an Emmy nomination for her work on the show every year of the show’s run.
  • She was a regular on ten different game shows over the span of her career.
  • She was married three times but has no children, although she is a step-mother to three.
  • She was the oldest of the four Golden Girls, and is the only one still alive.
  • Her middle name is Marion. Also, Betty isn’t short for anything; that’s just her name!
  • Her favorite drink is vodka on the rocks with lots and lots of lemon.
  • She called Deadpool the best picture of the year in a video on her twitter account (@BettyMWhite) and said, “Ryan Reynolds looks so f*cking handsome in his red leather suit!”
  • Her favorite episode of The Golden Girl was “A Little Romance.”
  • She loves hot dogs and red vines.

“Everybody needs a passion. That’s what keeps life interesting. If you live without passion, you can go though life without leaving any footprints.”

-Betty White

List of Possible excuses for NHL players hoping to go to on vacation instead of to the all star game
  • wife is having a kid (only works if you have a wife, admittedly heteronormative)
  • injury (not ideal because you have to miss a regular season game)
  • pale canadian boy cannot take the LA sun
  • Canadian tire is having a sale that weekend
  • got turned into a vampire last minute, need about a weekend to get used to new lifestyle
  • your tim horton’s franchise is opening that weekend
  • you’ve run away from home to join the circus
  • mom said you couldn’t go
  • the sun is setting too early and it confuses you and you have to go to bed at 6 pm now
  • someone ate all your cats food and you need a whole weekend to replace it
  • your dog is sick from eating all of your cats food
  • you have an ongoing war with your neighbors and leaving for the all star game would mean forfeit
  • montreal tried to bury you in the minors so hopefully people would forget about you (doesn’t work, people just remember you more)
  • Jerseys do not go with your new hairdo
  • you’re not actually a hockey player just two 5 year olds in a trenchcoat.
  • You need to catch up on Pitch™. A new fox series about the first women in major league sports, on every thursday at 9pm
You’ve heard of JonTron, now get ready for...

Alpharad, a YouTuber with a similar vibe to his comedy, but without the problematic views and bigotry! He’s a smaller channel with regular game-related content. As a starting point, let me recommend his video “Pokemon Sun: The Whole Game in 20 Minutes!” because it was the hardest I’d laughed at something in a while and really sold me on the channel as a whole.

Go forth, lovelies, and enjoy A+ content made by A+ creators.

Santas Elves

Context: a one off for a holiday, simple and quick before the regular game. It was Christmas, me and my team were santa’s elves and we had to rescue him from a kidnapping. We were given 3 Christmas wishes yet, which we could summon anything we could imagine with. After trying to break into this castle, using a few wishes up (like a huge ladder to reach a window, and one person made a grenade), we finally find ourselves looking from above to see a room full of soldiers, except the soldiers are playing cards, and there’s a queen commanding this army.

Elf 1: I want to use a Christmas wish.

DM: This is your last one, what would you like to attempt to do?

Elf 1: I want to make 10,000 swords floating above the entire room, pointing down, and I want to drop them on the playing cards.

Elf 2: what the hell man??

DM: …you can certainly try

Elf 1: *rolls natural 20*

Good things that happened in 2016:

Wander Over Yonder finally getting a repeat of “The Gift/The Gift II: The Giftening” this December.

Crash Bandicoot returning next year!

More gameplay footage of Breath Of The Wild at the VGA.

Overwatch winning  the game of the year award.

The Loud House getting a Christmas special.

Steven Universe having a winter special.

Nostalgia Critic releasing yet another commercials review.

Dan only episode of Game Grumps

Summer Of Steven

Regular show marathon of some of the new episodes.

Donations for Robbie Rotten’s actor.

Adventure time announced for another miniseries.

Things that canonically happened in the Ace Attorney universe
  • A witness claims he saw the killer fly away. This is true and is accepted as credible evidence
  • Maya channels Mia specifically to seduce an old man into talking about a crime
  • Someone tried to get an alibi for a murder case by being arrested for a thievery case
  • You cross-examine a parrot
  • You have the option to publicly call yourself a sham in court
  • You have the option to claim you committed murder in court
  • Phoenix’s ex-girlfriend was found guilty in a case, but she couldn’t be arrested because she committed the crime after she already died
  • Mia proving her client’s innocence literally makes Winston Payne go bald
  • Prosecutors can do things like whip or throw boiling coffee at the defense attorneys. This is perfectly acceptable as a regular occurence
  • The game accidentally predicts the exact timeframe that the Harlem Shake would become popular
  • You know when people are withholding information from you because a magic rock lets you see physical representations of their lies
  • You interrogate a hitman in court by talking to him on a walkie-talkie
  • Franziska von Karma was a lawyer at age 14. This is accepted as normal

lady-hircine  asked:

Yo the chris wood confirmation, is the only source for that the article that went around a while ago from that magazine or is there another?? Because god i dont want it to be true mon-el needs to die damn it.

The only confirmation is from that magazine, sooooooo I’m holding out for the moment where he gets flung into the fucking sun and dies in a spectacular blaze of glorious fire at the end of this season like he deserves

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i want to incorporate the zero g aspect into more of my wolf 359 art but honestly all i can think of is hilbert liking it a lot b/c he’s very short but he can just float at eye level with everyone
except one day eiffel goes “hold on. something’s wrong here.” and just gently pushes down on hilbert’s head until their feet are about equal and then nods like he’s just solved a difficult puzzle

These mf Tinder Daddies

There’s two ways to play tinder. 

Game 1: Regular SB route

You tell him you want him to spoil you, he says no or yes, you move off text and start arranging a meet, he meets you and wants to take you home, you decline and decide to ask about allowance. He says yadda yadda per month/week/date and you say yes or no and then you start the arrangement if you’re both happy. hopefully its high, probably mid range, and everyone is happy.

Game 2: High Life SB

You do ask him about spoiling you and if he responds accordingly, you then proceed to get as much info on him as you can. You find out that he’s the CFO of some company and makes 1.2mil a year in salary, owns 2 homes, yadda yadda. You decide to play the long game and make him chase you JUST A LITTLE let him wine and dine you for a date or two witha few kisses and suggestive touching but nothing more. You then bring up that school is around the corner and you need tuition, or your car payment, or your rent and make him pay for whatever you need. then after that purchase you make him buy you a superficial item, just to see how he responds then by now you’ve sucked him in and soon he’ll be paying for everything, while the money you make in your full-time job goes straight into savings.

The point here is to do your research, learn the actual potential of your POT.

If he doesn’t earn much he can’t offer much. and you should go the regular SB route and negotiate a per date allowance or whatever. But if he earns a nice amount of money, don’t be afraid to wing it and get him to actually be committed to you turn him into a sponsor. The issue is, if you ever tried to negotiate a per meet allowance with the guy from Game 2, 8/10 times you’ll turn him off, and you’ll lose him cause you come off like a gold digger. Losing the 1.2mil guy vs the 200k guy is a big potential earnings loss. If the 200k guy calls you a gold digger, he probably didn’t have much to offer or he actually looked at his bank account and realized he couldn’t afford you. 

Game 2 is for girls with time to spare, which is why you have to do so much research into finding out if he’s actually rich, so you don’t waste time on a poser who took pics in a Bentley at a car show.

Also be aware of when the guy from Game 2: no matter how much money he has, has no intentions of sharing much or any of it with you. Bail. Its not worth it. he’s been stingy all his life and will always be stingy. 

Get that money,


Wesninski AU

Red Right Hand on AO3


Nathaniel Wesninski has been trained to follow in his father’s footsteps as the next Butcher of Baltimore. When leadership changes hands, Ichirou Moriyama orders a clean house and forces Nathaniel to help him. In the weeks that follow, it is discovered that Riko Moriyama’s pet has run away to Palmetto State University.

When Nathaniel is sent to investiage what happened, he thinks he’s just being sent to collect Kevin Day. He doesn’t realize he’ll have to deal with Kevin’s guard dog.

Nathaniel ran a finger over his knife, debating whether or not he should switch to one with a serrated edge. He nodded to himself, changed blades and crouched in front of the officer. “Unfortunately, I’m not the one you need to convince. The Moriyamas don’t believe you, Brooks. And they’re not here.”

He pressed his blade to the inside of Brooks’s thigh. The pathetic begging was quickly tuned out; it was the same thing every time anyway. He didn’t need to hear it. Brooks quieted when Nathaniel began to run his knife along his leg. The cop’s breath came out in shaky gasps, nearly in sync with the rasping slide of plastic against wood as he gripped the arm of the chair.

“The femoral artery runs along this part of your leg. If I leave a deep enough wound, you could bleed out in just minutes,” Nathaniel said. The serrated blade bit into Brooks’s skin, opening thin lines of blood that seeped into his jeans. Nathaniel looked up, smiled faintly, and watched as the man’s resolve broke.