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Quick Note from the Admin

Hey everyone!

As we all know, Mark is out of the hospital and already feeling well enough to make ridiculous videos. ;)

However, there are still over 200 artworks that mention Mark’s hospital stay or have “get well soon” messages attached to them in the queue of this blog. They are all wonderful and I wouldn’t want to delete a single one of them.

That is why you’ll see this blog posting those for a little longer. As soon as the queue is empty, I will start posting regular fan art again.

I just wanted to mention this since I want to avoid confusing people and making them think that he’s still in the hospital or in the hospital again.

- Jen

P.S.: I’m really glad that I started this blog and get to see all your lovely work. Seeing the outpouring of love for Mark while he was ill was absolutely wonderful. :)

P.P.S.: I’m currently working on a few updates for this blog that I should be ready to announce by next week. Stay tuned!


yuukei yesterday v, from haruka’s pov. (・∀・)


* q*)9 gonna cosplay this girl at anijam this year, hehe.


Parasect based off some mushrooms.. and then parasect based off some shrooms. If you think about it… makes sense… the mushrooms in those games move