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Burrito Reviews: Regular Show Season 8 (final season)

Regular Show is done. After seven years of surrealistic stories, the crew decided to serialize the final season into a big space adventure with Pops as the main character. It went with a bang, closing almost all stories. But something is pretty sure: we won’t forget one of the best animated series of this decade for sure and part of the Pantheon of 2010 Cartoons.

Serializing Regular Show was a big change that went well in order to tell the final story properly. There were lots of fourth wall breaks and demolitions, meta moments, emotion, fun, references/parodies and licensed songs. New characters, like Rawls or even one-hit-wonders like Roxy, were nice additions.

The introduction of the first half had many good episodes, mostly funny ones (Lost and Found, Can You Hear Me Now?) but also deep and emotional ones (Stuck in an Elevator, The Dream Warrior, Welcome to Space), and don’t forget the action ones (The Space Race, The Brain of Evil, Cool Bro Bots).

On the second part the serialization was notorious with the quest of the key to the Universe, in which emotional and action moments took the lead on the arc while Pops found out the purpose of his existance and why his sibling was hunting him.

The finale left us with our jabs on the floor. Killing off a main character is a huge and polemic move. But it was the final episode, anything could happen and believe me that everything happened on those three part episode. Obviously it hit right on everyone’s feels not only with those scenes, but also with the future moments after the Park musicalized with David Bowie’s Heroes.

At least 80% of the main and secondary characters got their stories closed. There was some controversy on how it was handled (I’m watching at Pops, Benson, Mordecai, CJ, Thomas’ endings eh), but in general they were okay. There was also time of self-criticism/fans point of view on Meet The Seer, or some epic meta moments on No Train No Gain and Christmas in Space.


This final season had heavy stories. But @bentonconnor/ @yeaboiiiii duet did the best episodes (without counting the finale, that isn’t rated). First, Space Escape had all kinds of emotions in 11 minutes giving us the heaviest moment to end the first part of the season. And second, Meet The Seer broke the fourth wall like never in the show (it was broken after that episode, but The Seer analysis was incredible). Special mentions to @oweeeeendennis /Sean Glaze for the amazing The Space Race, and @madelinequeripel /Alex Cline for the beatiful, emotional Welcome To Space.

Voice acting was great as usual, and Robert Englund (aka Freddie Krueger) joined the party as Anti Pops/Malum Kranus that was pretty well done.


Storyboarder Madeleine Queripel did a series of comics with Margaret Smith as the main character called “Dear Eileen”. They were letters written to Eileen about things that happened in Earth while she was on Earth. According to her creator, those were non-canon, but I think they were nice aditions to the main story in space.

On the finale, we could see the return of Andrés Salaff as a storyboarder after three years (he went to work on Adventure Time and voice Princess on Harvey Beaks). And do you remember that smooth animatic of Anti Pops rising? It was animated by the one and only Jaaaaaaames Baxter. The day of the finale, Regular Show was trending topic on every social media: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook… Even on Google+ (?).

The last season of Regular Show was the end of not only a seven-year series, but also of a process that began on late Season 6 which was the strong development of many characters:

  • Rigby finally matured, dated Eileen and got his GED. He became more serious, although he still did some dumb things, and made better decisions. And his dad was finally proud of him!
  • Mordecai recognised he was depressed and began a road to overcome it. It took him many years, but he could do it and he finally found a life partner (Steff the bat)
  • Pops had to leave his comfort zone to save not only the fate of the universe, he had to save his friends. So he chose sacrificing himself
  • Benson knew Dumptown wasn’t the end of the road and he had to do stuff to leave the depression zone. Also make other know he was the boss and he had to make others to show respect to him, no matter if they were from the Park or out of it
  • Muscle Man and Fives strengthened their friendship like never before, no matter if there was a fight or a lightning strucked them. They couldn’t be away from each other
  • Margaret used all her skills to become a very important reporter and then an anchorwoman
  • Eileen finished her college studies but also found a new, big challenge on space that tested her skills (and she succeeded)
  • Maellard understood that sacrifices must be done, despite he wasn’t prepared yet to send his son he loved so much to his probably death

Seven years, +250 episodes, a movie, many shorts, comics, loooooots of merch, countless OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHS, threats of fireing, my mom jokes, angry rants, fanciness, awkwardness and punchies. Regular Show left us with an unforgettable bang, like many of the animated shows born on this decade (besides, it left the stick very high for other shows like Adventure Time, that ends next year). I would like to thank all the people who worked on this jolly good show, that was anything but regular, that made me believe again on cartoons after many years. And I wish them good fortune on the projects they’re going to work on.

Ketchup (Adventure Time)

It’s definitely been a while, since we’ve had an episode with both Marceline and BMO interacting with each other, hasn’t it?

Not only is this episode interesting in that we haven’t seen the two characters talk to each other in a while, but this is officially the 2nd episode that features guest-animation by “Alex Butera & Lindsay Small”, who are known for creating the web cartoon series called “Baman Piderman”, in which are a parody of crudely drawn shorts featuring Batman & Spider-Man.

The first episode that Lindsay & Alex guest-animated was the Season 7 episode called “Beyond the Grotto” which featured 7 minutes of their animation, while still being written by the AT crew.

This episode has much more animation by them and is still written by AT veterans, Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone and they managed to deliver another fantastic episode that is funny, adorable and emotional, all at the same time!

The episode begins with BMO dropping by Marceline’s house trying to take down vampires, but Marceline tells them that happened 6 months ago and she tells BMO to look at an old USB drive she found, which BMO says will take a while to load.

While they wait for the USB to download, BMO tells Marcy the story of when Finn, Jake and it travelled through the sea, but says it involved a cat and a blue jay, which was guest voiced by none other than the creator of Regular Show, “J.G. Quintel”, who also voices a certain blue jay in that show!

Marceline then tells the story that happened during the events of the previous miniseries, that involved “Rock Star Girl” and “Lollipop Girl”, in which they tried to save each other from the magic, but couldn’t help each other, in which made Rock Star Girl sad that she couldn’t help Lollipop Girl.

The USB ends up downloading and we get to see photos of young Marceline with her mother.

Marceline gets very sad and asks BMO to tell a story about a child and the moon, which Marcy then thanks BMO for telling her, as it starts to make her remember the times she spent with her mom.

This episode had a great mix of comedy and drama!

The guest-animation by the Baman Piderman creators was very solid, just like how it was in Beyond the Grotto and really suits the style of Adventure Time.

Their squiggly art always reminds of another classic CN series, being Ed, Edd n Eddy, in which that show was all kinds of comedy and expressive animation.

Not to completely ignore all the other guest-animated AT episodes, but all of the other episodes were also written by the guest animator and A Glitch is a Glitch, Food Chain and Bad Jubies are all very enjoyable as their own unique episodes!

The only one I just thought was pretty weak and not really that fun was Water Park Prank and that one just had a style that didn’t suit the world of Ooo or characters of the show.

To get back onto Ketchup, I really loved the humor of how both BMO and Marcy exaggerate their recaps of the previous events of the show and it serves as how you do a flashback episode, done right, without the need of recycling footage, in which a lot of shows would do.

Another great example of a recap / flashback episode would be Avatar’s Ember Island Players, in which the characters see a reenactment of what happened during the course of the show, which I think was one of the best uses of a re-telling of past events.

One of my favourite jokes was how the blue jay in BMO’s story was a direct reference to Regular Show, which was another fantastic series that premiered the same year as Adventure Time, only it has now come to its end.

It even starts to quote Mordecai, which is another great nod to J. G. Quintel’s voice!

It’s great to see more Bubbline shipping come into this episode and how close Marceline feels to Bonnie, even if it meant trying to save her from the elemental magic.

The ending of the episode is what truly stands out and I hope we get to see Marcy’s mother, one last time before the end of the series.

With one episode we know called “Marcy and Hunson”, I’m sure we’ll get to have more episode  or more focusing on Marceline’s parents before the grand finale.

I just really want to hear Rebecca Sugar’s lovely voice, from when she voiced Marcy’s mother in Stakes.

And speaking of Stakes, I’m actually surprised that the events of the Stakes miniseries only occurred just 6 months ago, according to Marceline. 

Even though the episodes aired like two years ago, it just bothers me how Cartoon Network only airs these episodes at such random and extended periods of times, so it feels like time has passed much longer than in the actual timeline of the series.

It just pains me how CN treated this series, that has such a big following and critical praise.

A solid episode, with a heartfelt ending! I hope this isn’t the last we see of Marceline and her mother.

anonymous asked:

Omg you tagged your Eleven art as "Jane Hopper" I'm dying, that is the cutest thing ever!! ;_;

oh I got that from the wiki! and I saw it’s being used as her more “regular” name so yeah 8′) but it is pretty cute!!

Dan and Phil are naughty boys. 

They said 2017 would be the year they chill. 


1. They went to Youtube events in Florida, LA, and Australia


3. They’ve been planning a tour for who knows how long?

4. They MOVED

5. They traveled to Singapore (we’re getting a Singapore 3.0 can’t you BELIEVE!! (cuz they went and then went back with a few days in Australia between)

6. They had a nice vacation somewhere in the Mediterranean 

7. The Lester Family vacation

8. Fairly regular content on the gaming channel (for the most part)

So yeah some of these things were vacations and whatever but like??? 2017??? chill??? never heard of her.

I swear if they do a single thing project wise in 2019 I will show up on their doorstep with a baseball bat.

They need to CALM. THE. FUCK. DOWN. AND. REST.

Top 10 good things of 2016

Now that 2016 is going out with a bang on midnight,

here are the top 10 good things that happened this year.

#10 The summer of Steven event

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#9 Pokémon GO being released

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#8 The debut of Bayonetta in SMASH!!

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#7 The announcement of sonic 2017 and Sonic Mania

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#6 Regular Show In Space

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#5 The release of Pokken Tournament

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#4 Paper Mario Color Splash

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#3 The Adventure Time season 7 finale

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#2 Rouge One

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#1 Wander Over Yonder’s Christmas episode re-airing

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Day in Fandom History: October 21…

All of the Park guys want to win a bet for telling the scariest story at a Halloween Party.

  • Killer Bed: When Rigby finally saves up enough money for a bed, he finds out that a murderer was transformed into the very same bed that he had bought.
  • Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern: When Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost go pumpkin smashing, they unknowingly smash the head of a scarecrow’s wife and end up paying the price one by one.
  • The Previous Owner: Benson tells the gang of a man whose soul possesses the park house, and that he is about to re-emerge after 200 years have passed. This still is not enough to stop Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops from staying the night.

The Third Halloween Themed Episode of Regular Show, “Terror Tales of the Park III”, premiered on this day, 4 Years Ago.

Here are the writing prompts for #FFXVweek 4 taking place August 13th - 19th. There are two available for each day. Feel free to use the regular themes as well:

8/13 | Day 1: Worst Cooks of Eos // Frozen in Time
8/14 | Day 2: A Day at the Beach // Do you trust me?
8/15 | Day 3: Bros Before Chocobos // I Lost a Bet
8/16 | Day 4: Warrior Women // Just Shoot Already
8/17 | Day 5: Glitching in Real Life // Touchy Subject
8/18 | Day 6: What are you wearing?! // The One True King  
8/19 | Day 7: Lost Chocobo // Alternate Endings

Please read the guidelines regarding fanfiction located in the FAQ!


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What Halloween costumes would team 7, 8 and 10 wear? (including their sensei) Thank you xoxo

Team 7:

  • Kakashi lazily puts on a pair of cat ears, and refuses to make any more effort than that.
  • Naruto dresses as a fox. It even makes Kurama smile a little bit.
  • Sakura dresses as a kitten, although she puts more effort in than Kakashi.
  • Whenever Sasuke is asked what he’s dressing as, he simply replies ‘a ninja.’ This is usually met with confused stares, or irritated eye rolls. True to his word, he wears nothing other than his regular attire.

Team 8:

  • Hinata dresses as Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, and she is undoubtedly the most adorable person in Konoha on Halloween night.
  • Unsurprisingly, Kiba wears a dog costume, which only consists of puppy ears and a collar, which he borrowed from Akamaru.
  • Kurenai dresses as a pirate. She makes the costume herself from scratch, and she makes Asuma a matching costume. It takes her around a month, and she’s really proud of the finished result.
  • Shino crafts his own costume, a kikaichu bug. However, it’s misinterpreted as a regular beetle by almost everybody, much to his disappointment.

Team 10:

  • Asuma wears the costume Kurenai made for him. He wouldn’t normally have worn a costume, but he couldn’t deny Kurenai after she worked so hard on it.
  • Choji buys a DIY make-up kit and paints his face to look like an incredibly realistic zombie. Everybody is impressed, and nobody expected such an amazing costume from him.
  • Ino wears a witch costume, although she raises the hem a few inches and lowers the neckline.
  • Shikamaru wears a onesie that looks like a skeleton, because he wants to get into the spirit, but is too lazy to make any real effort.

-Admin Will