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My sister and I were like "we're being queerbaited. Lets stop watching the show already" Then we got DRAGGED BACK IN NOT EVEN 1 DAY LATER CAUSE THEY ANNOUNCED SHE WAS BECOMING A SERIES REGULAR. I may be queetbaited but damn this bait is good

i decided to quit n then they made katie a series regular just an hour after that i was so mad askdjfhasdf XD

Clear skin privilege is so real… like all those girls in makeup tutorials just slam on some primer, use their beauty blenders to apply their foundation and they look like chiseled goddesses, meanwhile I’m stuck with my acne-filled, flaky ass skin and those goddamn flakes are only enhanced by the foundation, it’s ridiculous

Flirting isn’t always flattering...

In fact it can be uncomfortable at times. Like it was for me on Friday. 

So this young guy kept hitting on me at my friends birthday party *full body shudder* much to my friends unending amusement. It was reaching some ridiculous (and rather creepy) levels of flirting! Below are a list of things that he said or did to me:

So when I got to the restaurant, everyone was dressed up and I was in jeans, my Cabela’s hoody and hiking boots. So I kinda of stood out. And I was the only one in the whole restaurant wearing camo. 

The young buck (TYB): Nice hoody.

Me (I was playing with my niece): Hmmm? Oh… thanks. 

TYB: Why didn’t you get it in pink?

Me: Excuse me?

TYB: Why didn’t you get your hoody in pink?……. It stands out more. (translation: You’re a girl, how come you are not wearing pink camo?)

Me: *stares at him increrdulously, looks around the restaurant, where I am indeed the only one wearing camo* Uhhh….. the point is to not stand out.

TYB: *gives me a thumbs up*

Me: *quickly turns to friends and starts talking* So my dad bought me this hoody! And *raises my voice slightly* he bought me a gun! So I am not always using his when we shoot targets or go hunting. 

Friend: Your dad bought you a gun? 

TYB: *looks away* 

Me: *quietly* Yes, but I don’t keep it in my house, it’s at my dads. 

When the waiter brought the complimentary wine that came with the birthday meal (it was a nice restaurant), he loudly proclaimed that he was a man and drank beer and wanted more beer. No wine for him, even though his friends were having some of the wine. When they came around with the drinks, there was some piña coladas on the tray, and he kept trying to pass me one, and telling the waiter that it was for me, despite my friends repeatedly saying that the beer that he was trying to claim as his was actually mine. He seemed genuinely surprised that I ordered a beer.

TYB: Hold old are you?

Me: Old enough

My friend: *laughs at me* How old are you?

TYB: 25

Me: Whoa, you are younger than my baby brother!!!!! (and only 8 years older than my son…. that creeps me out)

TYB: *takes a drink of beer* ……. so how old are you?

Me: 34

TYB: Wow…. you don’t look tht old 

Me: *nods and sips my beer*

I was holding my niece, playing with her while her mom relaxed and chatted. He came inside from having a smoke and leaned over to talk to my niece, while stroking my side with his fingers *shudders* 

He watched me eat. Like stared at me the entire time I was eating.

All in all….. it was a creepy experience, I really hated the attention he gave me. He was cute in an “awe, shucks” kind of way… but he was drunk, seemed really into being manly and thinking that girls couldn’t drink beer and wear regular realtree camo clothes. He watched me eat. He didn’t eat at all, just stared at me while I ate. I love my friend and wanted to celebrate her birthday but he made me wish that I saved myself the money and hassle of sitting through such an ordeal. I should have skipped the dinner and met them afterwards. At least the food was good!! 

Oh and he creeped my friends out too, but they were more amused by his attempts to flirt with me than be creeped out. They thought him to be quite weird. 

@everyjourneylove @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor @beaflower77 it’s not always flattering when younger men hit on you…. in fact it can be downright creepy!!!

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Why are so many of your characters wealthy or rich ??? just wondering

Hmm….I have like…Three wealthy rich characters (probs more that are decently wealthy) that are notably…rich as heck lol They just happen to be the characters that are shown and presented more than the…like 10 others that are average to poor XD

Also because I love the environment that the wealthy elites are shown in. I think those sorts of venues are really fun to create and play with, especially in regards to corruption and manipulation plots!

But yeah, I have a lot of regular ponies too, it’s just my main two are wealthy/rich in their own ways so they show up a lot. But it’s true that a good chunk of my characters are quite well off or involved in a higher society. LOVE ME SOME LUXURY.