regula one

Being Sirius Black’s girlfriend would include;

Lip biting from across the room

Lots n lots of flirting

Cutting off his conversations with others just to talk to you

Appearing out of “nowhere” and surprising you with gentlemanly acts like carrying your books

But he doesn’t do it too much bc he knows you’re an independent woman

But he wants to show how well he treats his girl

So he brings you lots of flowers instead

Your dorm room is filled with flowers of all sorts that are enchanted to never die

Late night picnic dates in the astronomy tower

Showing you all the constellations in the night sky but continues to make cheesy puns

You snorting into a wine glass every time he mentions these puns

Lots of snogging

Broom closet snogging

Library snogging

“just to make Prongs angry” snogging

Rivalry banter between you and James

“Stop stealing my Padfoot!” “Now, now Prongs, that’s not the way to treat your wife-in-law” “What?!” “Darling and I come as a pair, if you want me, you’ll just have to deal with my girlfriend.”


You playing with his hair as he lays on you

Him falling asleep on you bc he loves your soft touches

Both of you falling sleep snuggling up to each other by the fire place

Padfoot comforting you when you’re sad

Sirius swooping down to kiss your cheek every time he sees you

Him showing off while playing quidditch

Him still trying to show off after he fell bc he was paying too much attention to you

Him giving you piggyback rides all the time

Sirius always protecting you

Sirius always finding you even during the war, just to fight next to you in case anything ever happens

Just so his last thoughts could be that he spent his last moments with the girl he loves

His heart breaking as he gets sent to Azkaban bc he never got to say goodbye

Sirius trying to immediately find you as soon as he escaped

Him crying because he has you safely in his arms again

reasons why I need JK to write about the Marauders era, besides the obvious

  1. To find out more about their families we don’t even know Lily or James’ parents names.
  2. Seeing the Marauders become friends and how well they deal with finding out Remus’ secret
  3. Reading about a young Dumbledore and Mcgonagall, who both seem to have a soft spot for the boys
  4. How they created the map, seriously. How!? And how they found all of the secret corridors 
  5. If there was someone popular in school like Cedric 
  6. Hearing about their quidditch matches and parties
  7. How they pictured their futures
  8. If Sirius tried to interact with Regulas in school no one can tell me he didn’t
  9. Hearing about Lily’s other friends and maybe what happened to them
  10. Who they ated in school

History of Quadratic Equation part 1

The Rhind Papyrus - dating from around 1650 BC, but probably based on a document 200 years older - contains a problem: “A quantity and its 1/7 part become 19. What is the quantity?” The problem is solved in the Egyptian manner of regula falsi; that is, one assumes a - probably wrong - solution. This is known as the method of contradiction now. Today we would solve this using algebra.

The Ahmes papyrus and other ancient Egyptians scrolls are mainly concerned with problems leading to first-degree equations, but also describe some second-degree equations relating to land surveying. Babylonian clay tablets from the time of the Hammurabi dynasty (about 1800 - 1600 BC) deal with quadratic equations and their solutions by the method of “completing the square”, and also describe numerical methods of solving all quadratic equations and some simpler forms of cubic equations.

Being The Marauder’s best female friend;

Them still calling you a member despite their rule of “Lads only”

Prongs trying hard to come up with a nickname

Him suggesting “Proontail”

Sirius arguing with why his nickname wasn’t mentioned


“Padfoot, that is the daftest thing I’ve ever heard”

Lots of pranks

Lots of pranks on you

You pranking them back

A ceasefire that only lasts an hour

All hell braking loose

Lots of time in their dorms

Sleepovers everyday

You making sure they still look presentable

All of you sitting in a circle wearing facemasks

Remus doing everyone’s eyebrows

Remus reading a book for us to fall asleep

Remus waking us all up

Remus is the mother of us all

Them being overprotective over who you date

Them stalking you through hogsmede

Them all turning into their animagi forms to cheer you up when they realise they’re wrong


You always backing them up

You signing up to OOTP so they “don’t forget to tie their shoelaces”

All of them are angry bc you’ll be in danger in the war

You arguing back bc you don’t want your 4 best friends to die without you being there

You crying bc you just want to help them just like how they helped you throughout your life


everyone crying now

comfort buffet in the kitchens

You all fighting together back to back in the front lines

Frantic panic when you all end up split up

Crying session again when you find each other

A calm peaceful time where you all are having families and you’re winning the war

Heartbreak when you find out that James is dead

His last words to you were “Later Proontailfoot”

Pure agony when Peter was murdered and Sirius had killed him

Absolute betrayal when you couldn’t find Remus

You swearing to your very soul that you’ll protect Harry James Potter with your life

Name: I.S.S. Enterprise

Registry: ICC-1701

Type: Constitution-class Starship

Affiliation: Imperial Starfleet

Captain: James T. Kirk (mirror)

Years: 2245-2285 (approx.)

Background: 17 years after the events of “Mirror, Mirror.” Equipped with a cloaking device. This Enterprise is ordered to Regula One spacelab to obtain vital scientific data. Once received Kirk destroys Regula (and his former lover Carol Marcus) per Imperial orders. With that data they were able to pierce the dimensional veil and recreate the accident from 15 years prior, this time encompassing the entire starship. Once in our universe they attempted to hack a starbase computer. Their efforts were detected a ship was dispatched. They fooled the Courageous long enough to get close enough to attack them, then proceeded to attack Starbase 13. They destroyed the Starbase’s defensive grid when Excelsior arrived. They were outmatched but they were able to remote-control the captured Bird-of-Prey in Excelsior’s tow. The Bird-of-Prey, inside of Excelsior’s shields crippled it and the  Enterprise was able to disable and capture the ship. Not long after the non-Mirror Kirk, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, Saavik, McCoy (and Captain) Stiles fooled their counterparts’ crew into beaming them to the Enterprise. They quickly took over, using intruder control measures to incapacitate the native crew. Marlena Moreau, shielded in Kirk’s quarters, attempted to kill him, until convinced he was not the Imperial version (she was a covert rebel operative) Stiles was forcibly put on a shuttlecraft to Starbase 13 to warn command of the situation. Excelsior figured out what was going on and jammed Enterprise’s comms, ignoring the shuttle. Kirk led his counterparton a chase but was no match for Excelsior’s superior technology. Mirror Kirk activated Enterprise’s self destruct remotely, a process the other Kirk couldn’t stop. The crew (those conscious) evacuated to the saucer section and Scotty reconfigured the saucer separation to time with the explosion. The saucer rode the shock waves of the explosions, operating on batteries only. Scotty jury-rigged the Tantalus Field to disintegrate key components on Excelsior's supply converter. It sapped their remaining power and Kirk led a boarding party to Excelsior via EVA. Once recaptured, Excelsior towed Enterprise’s saucer to Starbase 13.

Appeared in Star Trek #9-12 DC-V1. Imperial ships in this version have registry #’s starting with ICC. Although The Wrath of Khan stated it had been 15 years since “Space Seed” later dating places it at about 18 - it may have been 15 years for Ceti Alpha V given its orbit. Therefore 17 years since “Mirror, Mirror” give or take