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Regrowing Store-Bought Starfruit

Ok guys, last regrow post of 2016!

If you want to harvest the seeds of a starfruit, gently split the lobes lengthwise. Cutting it width-wise will produce the fruit’s namesake shape, but as you can see from my photo, the seed will likely be sliced through. (Boy, did i feel stupid doing that.) This is actually my 3rd attempt in growing store-bought starfruit, so I’ve been waiting a loooong time to make this post. I live in the NE of USA, so we only see this fruit for a short time around early winter. This year, I was finally successful. I used the paper towel and ziplock incubation method, but I did discover this seed really like a heat mat to ensure a vigorous germination.


Regrowing Store-Bought Dragonfruit

I’m actually not too crazy about dragonfruit. They look badass, but boy do they taste like disappointment. However, this is my first time finding RED dragonfruit, which I believe is a bit more rare! The outside looks the same as a regular dragonfruit, but the flesh is red with black seeds instead of the more common white flesh with black seeds. The red variety tasted noticeably sweeter than the white variety, which usually tastes like crunchy water IMHO. However, be warned, brace yourself for red colored poo.

The seeds - with the good ol’paper towel method - germinated with much gusto. I’m excited, but I don’t have a good track record with the cacti family. Fingers crossed on me getting past the zone 7 winter.


Regrowing a Store-Bought Dehusked Coconut

I don’t even know how the curiosity struck me, but I wondered if a common dehusked coconut (from any supermarket) can be regrown. And apparently it can be! But like every thought I ever had…I was not the first to come up with this idea! TheKiwiGrower has a great video series on this, and my process mimicked his. I tried my best to get a tight and sturdy looking coconut. Soaked it in water for 24 hours. Wrapped it in a moist paper towel and trapped it with in a Ziplock bag to simulate humidity. Now I started this in Zone 7a, winter of March. 2016. To keep it warm, I placed it close to my heat vent. For extra warmth, summon your demon cat straight from Hell to stand vigil, but if you can find the proper incantation, an adopted wobbly cat is a fine substitute.

After 3 weeks, I noticed first signs of germination in the form of a white nub. Two months later, the root started to form. I’m currently at month 4 since the initial soaking process. The root has been growing vigorously as the leaves are pushing out.

Very soon I will be potting this beauty. Wish me luck!