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since I'm just getting into them, I need some more convincing..... top 5 gayest pristin moments? -kiss scene anon

ksajdghlkjadsglk what can be more convincing than their existence itself LMAO JK i’m glad you’re trying to get into them, I’m actually very happy for you bc askdjlgakl only good things are on your way ;) instead of doing a top 5 I’m just going to list you some gay stuff they’ve done

But first some pics as a warm up ;)

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the way you workin’ that motion, boy you got me in a trance

Here’s a little bit of a sneak peak of my Taako cosplay from this past Anime Boston! Stay tuned for more photosets, because this is one of my favorite cosplays ever, and I have so many nice pictures of it that I am eager as hell to post. My only regret is that I had taken off my pink sparkly nails by the time this was taken ;-;

I would just like to say how grateful I am for The Adventure Zone. It’s such a Good Pure show, and it brings me so much joy.

Thank you so much @nootnootcosplay for this beautiful photo (AND EDITING!!! HOLY FUCK!!! THANK YOU!!!)

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1954 Dodge Power Wagon Pick-Up by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site. Or here for my Car Crazy Tumblr site. Back on November 4th, Hemming’s Blog posted an article about the closing of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum . I had missed a couple other opportunities with the WPC Club and others to get into the museum, after it had closed to the public. I did not want to regret missing this last chance to see all of the vehicles before being spread out to other facilities. I trekked from Western Minnesota to Eastern Michigan during Winter Storm Decima. I missed the worst parts of the storm, but still had to endure the aftermath winds, sub zero temperatures and a lake effect snow storm. The trip was difficult, but well worth it. I got to see several Chrysler Corporation concept and show cars that I had only seen pictures of before. There were several clever interactive displays demonstrating various innovations over the years. Since it was the last chance, I duplicated several shots using different camera settings to see what produced better results. I wish I had invested in a strobe light diffuser for all of those indoor pictures. I have not had much experience or success in the past with indoor car images.


noun | trag·e·dy | \ˈtra-jə-dē\ | 悲劇
: a very bad event that causes great sadness and often involves someone’s death
: a very sad, unfortunate, or upsetting situation : something that causes strong feelings of sadness or regret
: a play, movie, etc., that is serious and has a sad ending (such as the death of the main character).

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The Reveal of No Masks

Warning: Orgin Spoilers Ahead.

“When did you fall for him?” The question was out of Chat Noir’s mouth before he could stop it.

Ladybug turned around and looked at him, her brows slightly knitted. “Who?”

“Adrien Agreste,” he said, “when did you fall for him?”

Ladybug froze, and all the confidence she had gathered the last months seemed to drain away. “How do you know that?”

Chat sighed, looking down at the ground. How could he explain this to her? That he had seen how she had looked at him when he was out of uniform. Seen how she looked at the posters with a small smile on her lips. Seen how she looked at him, like he looked at her.

And it hurt. Hurt so much. She had fallen for the model him, the image his dad had created. Yes of course, Adrien Agreste was in many ways him, he wasn’t fake around his friends, but for most people, Adrien Agreste was fake. Chat Noir was the real him. The time where he really could let loose, and let his flaws shine.

Yes, he liked puns? So what, why should he care? He wasn’t responsible for anybody, and had no image to uphold. For once he could create his own image.

And Ladybug, his most trusted partner, had chosen the fake version of him, even though the real him had been by her side constantly.

“I have seen how you looked at him, it’s obvious.” he settled with those words at last. “You look at him like I look at you. How could I not recognize that look?”

Ladybug stared down at her feet, obviously uncomfortable with the situation. “I’m sorry Chat.” she said at last.

He bit his lips, trying to not let the tears fall. “Why him?” he asked at last. “Is it the celebrity status or the money?”

Ladybug blinked, first once, then twice. When she talked her voice came out raw and hurt. “What? You really think that’s why?”

He shrugged, it being the best thing he could do. “Isn’t that everything Adrien Agreste is? An empty shell. A symbol of money and fame?”

A heavy sigh escaped Ladybug’s lips, and Chat instantly braced himself for her next words. “I thought that too once. I had a wrong misinterpretation of the guy when I first met him.”

His eyes widened, and a shocked expression formed at his face. When I first met him. Did this mean she had met him more than once? That he actually knew Ladybug in real life? “What changed your opinion on the guy?” he asked, settling with this simple question at last.

She scratched her arm, her face reflecting her inner conflict. “He gave me his umbrella. I know, it doesn’t sound as much, but it was. I had ignored him the whole day and blamed him for something he hadn’t done. Yet he stopped up, and nearly apologized for his action. He told me, he had tried to stand up for me, and that I had misinterpreted the situation wrong, but yet he made it sound like it was his fault. Even though I had done the mistake. And I mean, look at him, he’s rich and famous, he could just have walked away at that moment. Tons of people would probably die to be his friend. But even though all that, he had tried to stand up for me, something only one person have ever done before.

“Chat, I don’t like him because he’s rich or famous. I like him because he’s kind and caring, even though his dad hardly cares about him.” Ladybug paused shortly, and before That could start to connect the dots, she continued once again, as if she had been holding in with this too long. “And after that episode, I became a mess around him. I constantly stuttered and was more clumsy than usual, and no matter how much I thinked it through, I just didn’t get what was wrong with me. Until, of course, a friend of mine pointed it out, I had a crush on Adrien. And from that on, it just spiralled down, I couldn’t even be around Adrien, so I could learn about who he really was.

“So I started looking at the internet, after all, he was famous. It actually came up to the point where I had written his whole schedule down and had thousand of photo’s plastered across my room. But then one day, a turning point came.  I guess it was when he asked for my autograph, he was so nervous and uncomfortable to ask, it was nearly as if we had switched roles. It took some time for me to figure out why, but then it hit me. He was uncomfortable giving autographs himself. He wanted to be normal, just like everybody else. At that point I changed, I realized that he had enough of crazy fangirls.

“I pulled myself together, took his schedule down, and even some photos, some of them I let stay, as a reminder, and because I admired Gabriel Greste’s style. Since that, I started to learn about him, the right way this time, through friendship. Soon my stuttering and clumsiness stopped, but yet I never stopped falling for him.”

Silence sank over them, as both of them tried to register those words that just had been exchanged between them.

Chat had always expected Ladybug’s identity would hit him like a fist, but it didn’t. Instead it dawned at him, mild and slowly. Marinette was Ladybug. Ladybug was Marinette. Marinette had fallen for him as Adrien, not because of his money and status as celebrity, but because of his kindness. Marinette had never hated him, but had been starstruck instead. But yet a last question rummage inside his head. “Doesn’t I have all those traits too? Don’t I stand up for you, and show kindness?”

A sight escaped Ladybug’s lips, and gone where the superheroine’s confidence, and left was Marinette. “You do Chat. You are my partner, the one person I trust more than anybody. I have seen you die for me, or at least trying too, way too often. But I have never wanted to look at you that way. I love you, I know that, but I keep convincing myself that it’s the love of a friend.” Ladybug paused shortly, as if she was pulling herself together for her next words. “My kwame told me that nobody can know my identity, your kwami probably told you the same. And the consequences of loving you is simply too much. I don’t want a relationship built on lies and secrets. And someday–” her voice broke–”I might lose you forever. Lying for myself is just as much a way to shield myself, as it is a shield to you. I don’t want you to get your hopes up.”

“So you chose Adrien instead?” he asked, his head swarming with emotions and thoughts.

Ladybug nodded, “I chose Adrien instead.”

He nodded, considering his next move carefully. He wanted to tell her the truth, to blur the line between Adrian and Chat Noir, but the words rottened in his mouth. He couldn’t do this to her. He didn’t want to hurt her, to break her shield so merciless as this. And yet, he didn’t want her to lie for herself. Lies only brought harm in the end, and made the truth so much worse when it hit you. Adrien had learned that the hard way, and had treasured truth ever since. And no matter what, he couldn’t let Marinette do this to herself.

“You know,” he started, not daring to look at Ladybug’s expression “I know this girl, Marinette is her name. She’s sweet, kind, caring, talented, but also clumsy and terrible awkward. Nevertheless, I really admire her. She’s like a shield to the world around her, even to those who don’t deserve it. She’s the first person I ever called a friend, but for not long ago, I thought she didn’t like me. That she somehow still was mad at me over a misunderstanding we had had when we first met. She couldn’t talk around me, and always seemed to tense up when I got near. And no matter how much I tried to get to know her, she nearly always pushed me away. Then at one point, she stopped doing it, and I started to really know her well.

“From that moment I had handed her an umbrella, I had fallen for her, but I never realized it, being too blinded by her alter ego’s image to see what was right in front of me. But maybe it was also because I was scared. Scared that she would reject me and that she still hated me. Until tonight where I realized I had been wrong all along.”  His gaze shifted focus from the ground to Ladybug, and she once again became the center of his world.

Blue and green eyes locked, and the moment under the night sky seemed to freeze. The sound of the citizens in Paris seemed to fade away, and for a moment those two were the only one in the world. No question was asked, because for once, everything was clear.


Okay, so this was heavily inspired from the Umbrella Scene, which probably made everybody explode of happiness. So today when I walked my dog, all those small ideas I have had for a while now, finally clicked together into this.

Of course this is nowhere near canon Ladynoir (?) (Which ship is this even?) interaction, but I still hope you guys enjoyed it.

So I’m just going to press post now, before I regret my decision of posting this.

To Live Again | Jungkook Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Maybe what happened was a blessing in disguise. Jungkook listened, dealing out every order with deadly precision, but without feeling. Seyin was struggling to keep up with life. When it happened, everything seemed to fall apart for her-but everything clicked into place for him.

Mafia AU

Rating: M

Work count: 1446

Series triggers: violence, possible mentions of noncon. If you have trouble with either of these things it may be a good idea to not read this series, though I will do my best to post warnings before each chapter.

This chapter: slight violence

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i wanted a HUGE undertale poster for my apartment so i ‘shamelessly’ drew this and i gotta say i think it came out alright. inspired by my late dad’s love of suits and ties (in fact, i directly referenced asgore’s pose from a picture of my dad lmao) 

please please click on the pictures for a closer look :D

Regret pt. 2

Request: “I loved your last kihyun fic!! could you write a second part?? Sorry for asking and for my English!!” - anon

Ship: Kihyun x [y/n]

Genre: angst-y

Word Count: 3,223

Hey guys! Here’s the second part for ‘Regret’! ^^ I hope you guys enjoy reading this and I want to thank anon for requesting :) I apologize for not being able to post this last night because I wasn’t feeling well. I also apologize in advance if there are misspelled words and wrong grammar. 

Anyways, if you haven’t read the first part click here! :) And if you want to read other scenarios/imagines, click here! :)

Originally posted by aceyng

Everything went smoothly when you’ve started living in Japan. Being entitled as “The Most Requested Photographer”, phone calls from different companies rang here and there, your schedule fully packed with photo shoots. 

This has been one of your dreams in life, being a well-known photographer. Ever since the incident happened, you breaking up with Kihyun, you’ve been able to work and develop your talents in taking photographs until you’ve become someone who everyone wants.

It was a cold and snowy morning, the rays of sunlight shined right at your eyes, making it flutter open. That day was not filled with photo shoots as it was your week-off after working for straight hours in the past weeks. You decided to enjoy and appreciate the softness of your bed as you grabbed your phone from your night stand and surfed through your twitter.

It’s been two years since you’ve heard or watched anything about monsta x as you could even barely check your facebook due to the jobs pilling up every single minute. Getting up from bed, the sound of a phone ringing echoed throughout the walls of your room. It wasn’t surprising for you as you’ve been constantly received calls throughout the day from your clients.

It was your secretary who was calling you. “Ms. [y/sn]?” her voice had a tint of worry in it as she already knew how you would literally react when someone decides to ruin your week off. “What is it?” you asked, getting off your bed and went out of your room. {[y/sn] - your surname}

Walking towards the kitchen, you secretary spoke up, “Starship wants to meet you.” stopping from your tracks, your eyebrows furrowed and asked, “Starship? The company from South Korea?” your secretary quickly replied to your question with a ‘yes’.

“What time?” you remembered what your senior officer said, and decided to just meet them. “They’ll be here by ten o'clock.” It was still early as you looked up to see what time it is. “Okay, I’ll be there at nine.” The call was ended right away and you felt your blood boil when you realized that it was the company where Kihyun was working. “Great, just great." 

That was the last thing you wished to ruin your wonderful day. Preparing yourself some tea and toast, you decided to wash up and change into your usual work clothes. Whenever you were going to meet a big company, you always wear a white chiffon blouse paired with skinny slacks and black stilettos. You never wear that many make up since you only use mascara, lipstick and a little bit of bb cream. Satisfied with how you looked, you tied your wavy hair into a ponytail. 

Grabbing your bag, you proceeded to the kitchen and transferred your tea to your tumbler and grabbed the nicely cooked toast. As soon as you stepped out of the house, you locked the house and got inside your car. Yes, you can drive and your car is a black 2017 Audi R8 Coupe. Starting the engine, you pressed your foot on the gas and drove off. 

Your company was just 15 minutes away from your house. Glancing at the time, it was already 9:45 which made you curse. The thought of being late really irked you since you’ve been really punctual to all meetings that you’ve had. 

When you were already near your company, you saw a van pull up at the main door. Cocking your head to the side, you knew that your clients have already arrived. You decided to speed up a bit and hurriedly park your car at the front valet parking area. Rushing out of the car with your bag on your shoulders, you locked your car and brisked walked towards the building. 

"Good morning, Ms. [y/sn].” they greeted you as soon as they saw you. You gave them a smile and walked pass your clients and you already knew who they were. “Isn’t that [y/n]?” you heard one of them speak up. Feeling the stares, you decided to step up your pace. Your secretary was waiting for you at the counter with a folder on her hand. 

You handed her your bag and received the folder. “Here are the photos that you’ve taken last week and your meeting will be held at room 124.” She led you towards the elevator while you looked at the photos, “Who printed the photos?” you asked, looking up to her when you were both inside the elevator.
She was about to close the elevator door, one of the employees popped out from no where with your clients behind him. 

“Wait.” He softly muttered with his hand placed on the side of the elevator door, making it open widely. You scooted over towards your secretary when the clients got in with their president.

You could feel all the emotions coming back to you when you saw him walk towards you and stand beside you in the elevator. Taking a deep breath, you told your secretary to close the elevator door. He still uses the same perfume, you thought as you felt yourself stiffen when his breath glazed over your shoulder.

When the elevator stopped at your floor, you hurriedly excused yourself and trudge towards the room. Your hands went cold, the scene where you saw him make out with another woman came back to you and you tried to fight back the tears. 

Multiple footsteps can be heard throughout the hallway, and you knew they were walking behind you with your secretary trailing behind you, trying to catch up with your pace. Meeting a couple of colleagues in the way, you flashed them a smile and gave them a slight bow. Finally, you arrived right in front of the conference room and pushed it open. You sat on your usual spot, which was at the very front of the table.

The clients, along with their Company President, followed and took their seats. Your secretary placed your bag beside you and went out to get the proposal. “Welcome to our company. The name’s, [y/n], and I’m the head photographer here in this very company for two straight years.” breaking the ice, you faced them with the most convincing smile that you have. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. [y/n]. I’m the President of Starship and these boys, who are with us today, is Monsta X.” without any further instructions, the boys instinctively stood up and did their usual greeting. 

“It’s nice meeting you, guys. So, can you please tell me why you wanted to meet me this morning… during my week off?” you said, but your voice trailed off at the end, making them not hear it. “Oh, we would like to ask if you could take the honors in taking their photos for their comeback?" 

The President seemed to be really desperate to have the best photographers in the world to work with them.

Gesturing your secretary to bring you your schedule, you looked up to the President and said, "I reckon that you guys have to start with the preparations for their comeback right away, am I right?” your secretary handed you your schedule and you looked at it.

“Yes.” he timidly replied, making you look at your secretary then back at him. “Fei, please inform our president that I would like to request an extension for my week off as I’ll be working this week. By the way, when should we start the photo shoot and what is the concept of their comeback?” You were known for being a genius at creating such creative such in just one sitting. 

“Oh, is it alright if we start tomorrow? Here’s the plan for their upcoming comeback.” he slid a folder on the table which you accepted right away. Flipping the folder open, you already knew what to do. 

The upcoming comeback was something that could seriously attract the viewer’s eyes and you knew Kihyun would do well in this.

Kihyun, on the other hand, was eyeballing you out with his arms crossed in his chest. He realized that you’ve changed but a part of you was still the same. In his mind, he knew that he needs you to be his once more. The Kihyun you knew before was already different from now, he learned his lesson and has been repenting for all the bad things that he’s done. 

Unconsciously, the two of your eyes met and you felt an electricity going through your veins. No, [y/n], you’ve moved on, you’ve moved on! you thought as you broke the eye contact with him and proceeded with negotiating with the president. Kihyun was still staring at you, his heart ached when he saw how deeply affected you were that night.

“You okay?” Jooheon softly muttered, nudging Kihyun on the arms. Kihyun snapped out from his thoughts and transferred his gaze at Jooheon. “Y-yeah.” Everyone knew that he’s not okay ever since he saw you walk down the lobby with a new look and a new drive on you.

Jooheon and the rest looked at each other and let out a sigh. “Alright, we’ll see each other by tomorrow morning. I’ll go ahead and talk with the president of this company. Why don’t you get to know Monsta X, hmm? Well then, please excuse me.” The President left right away without hearing you out.

You were left with the people who betrayed and destroyed you. The air was tense as you gestured your secretary to leave, leaving you with them. It was time for you to deal with them once and for all. You would regret this for the rest of your life if you miss this chance to clear things up with them.

“It’s been a while, [y/n]…” Shownu’s voice was softly spoken but it was loud enough for everyone to hear. You could feel all of the emotions coming back, making you shakily breath. Squeezing your eyes shut, you took a deep breath and spoke up.

“Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve seen all of you.. and as I can recall, the last time we saw each other was when you guys decided to break your trust..” Kihyun’s eyes were glossy, tears were starting to form in the corner of his eyes. This made you wonder why he’s getting teary-eyed when he knew it’s his fault.
“[y/n], I’m so sorry…. I was a jerk back then… I took you for granted that… that I’ve realized how empty my life would be without you in it." 

Kihyun stood up from his seat, walking towards you as his eyes were now flooded with tears. You were already dead inside but it still ached when you remembered what he did.

"Please, [y/n], please forgive me..” This time he was now kneeling in front of you with his hand holding yours. No, this time you were already wise enough to know what to do. You shook your hand off of his and muttered.

“I forgive you but this doesn’t mean anything. I’m accepting your apology but the memory of what happened that night wouldn’t be easily forgotten.” you were fighting back the tears as you nibbled on your bottom lip. 

“[y/n]… I don’t know if I could live without you… please take me back. I beg you. I promise that the incident that happened that night will never happen ever again..” Despite the fact that you shook of his hand, it still found its way to yours. 

“Is a simple sorry enough for me to take you back, huh? Am I that easy for you Kihyun? Do you know why I fucking left my own country? I reckon that you know.” this time, you didn’t fight back the tears. The tears started falling one by one, slowly sliding down your cheeks.

“Kihyun, you don’t know how messed up I was after that incident. Do you even know how much it hurts to know that the people that you used to love and cherish betray you that easily? No, you don’t.” pushing his hand away, you stood up and grabbed your bag. 

You wiped your cheeks with the back of your hand and decided to end things formally. “It was nice s-seeing you again. Have a nice day-” Kihyun wrapped his arms around you, making you squirm from his hold.

“Let go of me!” You cried out as you tried pushing him away but he was much more stronger than you. “No! [y/n], please… I’ve changed. I know that I was wrong back then but I’ve learned from it!” Kihyun tried his best to explain without his voice breaking every time he spoke up.

Successfully pushing him away, your hand met his cheeks. “Kihyun, I’m not the fool that you’ve tricked before. If you did it once, I know you can do it again.” Kihyun stood there with his head hanged down, tears sliding down his cheeks. “If you don’t have anything to say, then I shall take my leave–”

“[y/n], we are deeply sorry for what we did.” This time it was Wonho, who spoke up for the rest. Minhyuk was sobbing in his seat, Jooheon couldn’t even look at you in the eye, Hyungwon just stayed quiet along with I.M and Shownu.  

“It’s alright, I finally decided that it’s also time for me to forgive you guys. Anyways, I should go.” Without any interruptions, you stormed out of the room and went straight to the nearest bathroom. Looking at the mirror, your eyes were already puffy.

You decided to wash up and retouch your make-up so that no one would suspect anything. On the other hand, Kihyun was surrounded by the boys, who were hugging him. “I took her for granted…” Kihyun muttered as his voice was shaky. 

Wonho wrapped an arm around him and pulled him tightly towards him, caressing his back, making Kihyun let all of his emotions out. He was angry and sad at the same time. Angry because of what he did back then, hurting you so much. Sad because he can never have you back in his arms.

The week slowly passed by, you were already at the venue for the photoshoot. You arrived earlier than the rest as you were busy with all the set-up. Little did you know that the boys have also arrived without any make up on. Whenever you were setting up the venue, you would always wear your glasses and some casual clothes that was comfortable for you. 

“Waahh, you’re so cool, [y/n].” a familiar voice beamed at your back, making you jolt up and turn around. It was Minhyuk. You softened at the sight when he suddenly realized what he did and quietly whimpered. 

“Do you think so?” You flashed him a faint smile, which was something that he always yearned to see. “Y-yeah.” He stammered as he rubbed his nape. Feeling that Kihyun’s gaze was on him, he excused himself and left. As soon as he left, you continued on setting up the whole set.

Patting your hands, you were satisfied with what you did. It was a sunny day, the weather was great and it was really calming. You made your way towards the tent where the boys were getting dressed and having their make up done, you tucked the pile of papers under your arm and pushed the tent open.
The boys’ voices were the first thing that greeted you, they were happily making jokes on each other which was really refreshing to see. 

Going to each member, you explained the idea on how each picture will be taken and maybe make poses that would give off the same vibe and the boys happily obliged. 

When it was finally Kihyun’s turn, it was a bit awkward for the both of you but you shrugged it off and decided to act professional. As soon as you started to explain how you would want him to act for the concept, he couldn’t rip his gaze at you. The way your lips tug upwards into a sincere smile, the way your eyes twinkled when you talk about something related to your job. His heart ached but it skipped a beat. 

“So, are you okay with it?” the way your eyes looked up to him made him want to pull you into a tight hug but he controlled himself. “Y-yeah, absolutely.” He stuttered, making you chuckle. Patting him on the shoulder, you stood up and walked away from him. You called out the very first person to be your very first model for the day, you gestured them to go along with you and went out.

Throughout the whole photo shoot, you had a big smile plastered on your face. You forgot about what happened as it felt like spending time with them just like before. But your smile was more radiating, which Kihyun noticed right away. 

It wasn’t like the smile you showed them before, but it was the smile that you’ve created as you overcome all of your problems by yourself. Kihyun let out a small sigh as he watched you have fun taking photos of the members. 

Oh how he missed your smile, your laugh and everything about you. Your body gracefully moved as you did different poses to take the best photos. I.M and the others gathered around the monitor to look at the photos that you took.

“Woah, that’s a cool shot. You’re amazing, [y/n]!” Hyungwon beamed, totally proud of how far you’ve come to accomplish all of your dreams. A genuine smile can be seen from your face, your eyes twinkled brightly.

Kihyun decided to keep his distance from you as he finally organized all of his thoughts and feeling. You decided to take a five minute break and everyone went buzzing around the buffet of snacks. 

When you were busy looking at the outcomes, you were surprised when someone wrapped their arm around your waist. You thought that it was Kihyun but to your surprise, it was your suitor, Jackson Wang.

“Jackson, you came!” your eyes lit up and threw your arms around his neck, engulfing him into a hug. He let out a fruity laugh and tightly hugged you back. Little did you know that someone was looking at the two of you lovingly smile at each other.

I used to hug her like that…. Looked at her like that…. and even whispered in her ears like that… Kihyun thought as he watched every actions that the two of you were making. His heart ached and he even thought on the possible things that would’ve happened if the two of you didn’t break up.

A tear slid down his eye, a sigh escaping his mouth. It was painful to watch someone you love in the arms of another. His heart broke into a million pieces and this made him think, Was this the same feeling that [y/n] felt when she saw me in the arms of another?

He shook his head and went somewhere isolated, where he can’t see you flirt with each other. Looking back for the last time, he saw how you looked at Jackson… and it was the same look that you had when you looked at Kihyun before.

Oh, how I wish I could turn back time and fix everything.”


Because ghost event! Let’s tell ghost stories… Kinda.

And throw an Oda Clan ghost party!

Edit: Didn’t occur to me to explain, because the “ghost party” was just to show that everyone’s dead and their poses don’t really matter, haha. But some people were asking on the Twitter crosspost, so…

*) Oichi and Shibata got married after Nobu’s death. There are theories that that was actually a “remarriage”. They were married, but had to divorce because Nagamasa. And in the picture Nobuoki is teasing them about it LOL.

*) Wikipedia said that there are some stories saying that Nagahide had so much regrets that he ended up committing seppuku. Hence the “I have failed”. 

Dates of death:

- Oda Nobuoki: 1570
- Takenaka Hanbei Shigeharu: 1578
- Oda Nobunaga: 1582
- Mori Ranmaru Naritoshi: 1582
- Akechi Mitsuhide: 1582
- Shibata Katsuie: 1583
- Oichi: 1583
- Niwa Nagahide: 1585
- Sassa Narimasa: 1588
- Toyotomi Hideyoshi: 1598
- Maeda Toshiie: 1599
- Shima Sakon Kiyooki: 1600 
- Ishida Mitsunari: 1600

(click here for more history LOL-comics featuring SLBP characters)

Best BoruSara / Naruto new generation fic out there

I have been scouting for BoruSara fics for weeks. And I found this:

Click on it. NOW. Read it. You won’t regret it. 

Amazing plot, beautiful writing style, great battle descriptions and fantastic characterization of all your favorite characters (new generation and the parents alike~)

I don’t know why it’s so woefully under-reveiwed (probably because it hasn’t been discovered yet) but please do read and review to encourage this fantastic author!

I usually never post links on my tumblr to fanficiton that isn’t my own but I am making an exception now for this one. Go! Read it! 

(and if anyone has recs for good BoruSara fics please let me know~) 

MrImpala67 (ReaderxDean)

Request: Idea! Can I request one where the Dean has a Tumblr and him and the reader start talking through it? And over time, they become good friends and decide to meet, where they get along really well and he tells her what he does and she’s accepting and actually thanks him? And they end up together? Maybe go into some detail about the kind of blog Dean has cause that would be interesting? :)

Warning(s): fluff, smut implication

Words: 2916

Note: Sorry it got kind of long! This was a really cute idea, although Dean probably wouldn’t even know how to work tumblr ;) (Dean’s like 28 here)

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"If you love me let me go" (Part 2)

(Sammy’s POV)

Its been a year since the incident and I am full of regret, none of the guys or Andrea talk about it. Its still to much to handle. She told me she needed to start over and to let her go and I did, but that was the worst decision of my life. I can’t help but wonder how she’s doing, where she is, or how her condition is. I never tried to get in touch, I just felt so guilty I couldn’t do it I felt like such an awful person . As I scroll through Instagram I see Andrea posted a picture with (y\n) labeled ‘back with my bestie😘’ , and that made me instantly click on (y\n)’s instagram. As I scrolled through I saw she was in a wheel chair still and guilt rushed over my body more guilt then I’ve ever felt.

Today was the day. I was going to get (y\n) back no matter what. In order to do so I had to figure out where Aubrey lived. So I called Andrea.

“Hello?” “Hey Andrea its me sammy , I was just wondering do you happen to know where (y\n) is?” “Okay Sam listen close, (y\n) is doing fine we have been hanging out for the last month, so please just let her go” “please Andrea I have to fix this, please”, I begged and she ended up giving me her apartment complex and room number and I wrote it down.

I still have all of her stuff her I just couldn’t get rid of it, it was all I had left of her. I went into Emily’s room and told her I would be back later tonight and that I would explain later and she just smiled and nodded in response. I grabbed the paper and typed it into the GPS on my phone got in my car an left to find my girl.

I pulled to the apartment complex and parked I grabbed ahold of the paper with her room number on it and just started at it thinking about the past and all that has happened. I was starting to feel like this was all wrong and I needed to just leave. So I turned my keys and started to back up when I saw her. She was getting being pushed to the elevator by Andrea and she looked so beautiful she’s definitely changed since the last time I saw her though.

I then knew this was right, and I had to do it, if I talk to her we’d either get back together or I learn its time for me to move on. I grabbed the paper looked at the room number and saw room 415, the same number as her hospital room. I could remember that like it was yesterday. I shook it off and found her room number and stuffed the note in my pocket before knocking on the door.

Then I saw her in the living room area, when Andrea opened the door. Both their eyes were wide and Andrea whispered,“ I didn’t think you’d actually come”.and I slowly pushed past her and walked in the apartment as Andrea told us she’d leave us alone for awhile and left the apartment.

We sat there 10 minutes before she spoke,“Why are you here I told you to let me go” “you told Andrea to let you go now she’s back so why can’t I try” “it’s different now can you tell me why your here?”, she asked sounding a bit annoyed.

“ well I’m here-” “to get me back, I know, Andrea told me”, she interuptted me .

“ good news for you I’m willing to start over but you have to prove you changed first.” She smiled up at me and it felt like a million fireworks exploded in my stomach. I kissed her and sat next to her on the reclining chair and took ahold of her hand and it felt like everything was perfect again.

“Do you want to see the boys?, I know they miss you I can tell I don’t want to pressure you but I think you should”, I assure her and waited for her answer.

She unlocked the brakes of her wheel chair and rolled to the door and looked at me and asked, “ well are we going or are you just going to sit there”, and we both giggled uncontrollably.

The drive was strange because I had to help her to get in the car, learn how to fold a wheel chair and I’m sitting next to her holding her hand. Three things I forgot and didn’t know how to do this morning.

We pulled up to the Jack’s place and I helped her get into her wheel chair and made our way inside I walked ahead of her and she rolled behind me so the boys wouldn’t see her right away. I walked into the game type room and they all said their his and I walked in and (y\n) rolled in with the biggest smile on her face, the first to notice her was Jack G and he screamed “(Y\N), IS THAT YOU THIS CAN’T BE REAL”.

Everyone’s eyes snapped to her and they all got up giving he hugs and taking with her and everything in the world felt right on this moment.

check please fandom gothic

-there are sideblogs. so many sideblogs. an unceasing stream of sideblogs. you can never tell who your mutuals actually are. “follows will be from my main.” what main? there is no link to their main. the sideblog simply floats through the ether, unbound to anything - they are anonymous; unknown. you both reblog cute fanart from each other and tag it things like “i love this” and “<333″ but you have no idea who the other is. do they follow you? there’s no way of knowing.

-bitty is dancing to partition. he has always been dancing to partition. he’s never stopped. he will never stop. he can’t stop. 

-your dash is a series of zimbits url’s reblogging the same post from each other in quick succession. they all have the same icon of bitty and jack looking lovingly into the other’s eyes. you could’ve sworn you didn’t have either a second ago, but now you have both. when did that happen? it doesn’t matter. you regret nothing. 

-“dark ngozi show us,” you hear. what is it they want to see? “e v e r y t h i n g.”

-you open your internet browser. with no explanation you find yourself at this isn’t what you wanted, but you click on “start the comic” anyway. “time for a reread,” you say. 

-lardo knows. what does she know? ‘she knows,’ is the only reply.

-jacques is dead. zimmboni’s dead. they’ve been murdered. who will be next? may they rest in peace.

-the hiatus memes are back. you can’t escape. “it’s only been one day,” you cry. but that’s all the time they need.

-“welcome to hockey hell,” someone whispers. you have no memory of how you got here. what was your life before the samwell men’s hockey team? perhaps it never even existed…