regretting something afterwards

The Difference Between You and I


Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Prompt: “You had your chance”

Summary: Hi could you do #28 “you had your chance” on Elijah? Like him betraying you then regretting it afterwards or something like that? I don’t know if you are accepting requests but if so could you please do that?

Whichever it came down too you knew Elijah would always choose his family, even if it was between you or them. He kept on repeating that he loved you and he hoped that you would be able to forgive him some day, but sitting here in the Mikealson compound awaiting Elijah’s return forgiveness didn’t seem to be on the table.

The latest evil roaming the streets of New Orleans Lucien Castle had erupted a huge battle between himself and of course the Mikealsons. You just happened to get caught in the cross fire and the decision you never thought Elijah had to make, he was force to make it and his choice wasn’t to save your llife…instead he saved Freya’s. Granted that was his long lost sister and you didn’t blame him for picking her, you were mad that he had made all these promises to you and tonight he broke each and everyone of them.


“How does it feel Elijah, to know that I hold one of the two most important people in your life here before you. Their lives are literally at my mercy, all you have to do is pick either Freya or your beloved Y/N and I’ll spare whichever you choose” Lucien said, showing absolutely not compassion for his actions.

“I will end you” Elijah whispered harshly, all Lucien did was laugh at that empty threat.

You locked eyes with Elijah and saw the pain in his eyes, he looked at you utterly defeated at the choice he was forced to make.

“Forgive me” he said to you before using his vampire speed to throw a stake towards Lucien, giving him enough time to grab Freya and run.

Lucien pulled the stake out of his chest and threw it towards the ground, he leaned down to your level. “Well, well it looks like your dear Elijah left you here to die”

“Then what are you waiting for…kill me” you spat those words at Lucien.

“I was never going to kill you love, no…you should be thanking me. I showed you that your trust was placed in the wrong person. My sweet Y/N, the satisfaction I will get from you hating Elijah Mikealson is better than killing you myself”

End Flashback

Lucien was sick and power hungry, but he was right about one thing. Trusting Elijah was pointless, he was a man of his word…well he tried to be. But tonight he seemed to forget that and completely abandoned you when you needed him most.

You heard footsteps and saw Elijah walk through the giant double doors of the compound. He quickly rushed over to you, pulling you into a tight hug. “Did he hurt you? If he laid a finger on you Y/N I will kill him myself” he protested.

Pulling away from his warm embrace you placed your hands up to signal to him to stop. “The only person who hurt me tonight was you”

“I know your mad, and leaving you behind was one of the worst things I have ever done in my life.And I regret not being able to save you, but Freya-”

You scoffed, “Is your sister. I get it Elijah, because family for you will always come first. Always and forever correct? The oath you, Klaus and Rebekah swore to each other 1,000 years ago. I get that I’m not a priority to you, all because I’m not family”.

Elijah undid his button on his jacket, and took it off. You hated fighting with him but this time it was inevitable. “Is that what you think? That you don’t matter to me?” he asked baffled at your insinuation.

“What else am I suppose to think? I know you love me Elijah, but even that isn’t enough to save me when my life is in danger…not if I’m up against any of your own family”.

Turning away you couldn’t look at him, you couldn’t see the guilt in his eyes from having him stare into your eyes which were full of hurt. Taking slow deep breaths, you composed yourself and turned back around. “Lucien was right” you spoke, Elijah immediately lifted his head.

“Whatever that monster said to you, it cannot be trusted” he snarled.

“His right when he said I placed my trust in the wrong person. I’m not anger Elijah that you saved Freya, I’m anger at you for making me a promise and then turning around and breaking it. You always say your a man of your word, but when you had your chance to keep your word to me…you broke it in favor of one of your family members”

He stepped forward and went to pull you into another hug, but you backed away. That simply action alone hurt Elijah more than your words ever could. “I love you, but I can’t trust if my life is in danger again that you would come and save me, if it ever came down to that again”.

“Y/N listen to me, I will not let Lucien Castle out of all people come between us. I made a choice, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. If your life ever is in danger again I will go travel to the ends of this earth, to do whatever it takes to save you. One mistake, one choice shouldn’t wipe years upon years of history”

Gently touching his cheek you said, “I know Elijah, but I need to know wholeheartedly that without a second pause or doubt, that you would always choose me. And I know that may sound incredibly selfish, but I would never hesitate to choose you if it ever came down to it. I don’t care if it was between you or Klaus or anyone in this entire world…I would always pick you”

Taking a step back, you wiped the tears falling down your rosy cheeks. Grabbing your coat that was placed over the chair you begun walking out the door, before halting and turning back to Elijah who was still rooted in the same spot he was in minutes ago. Locking eyes once more you spoke, “That is where you and I are different. You’re my family Elijah, however clearly I’m not yours”.

With that your boots clicked beneath the stone floor and you faded from view, leaving Elijah Mikealson behind and breaking both your hearts in the process.