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Photos of Arisha from First Live Pamphlet! 

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The wackiest Star Wars merchandise ever has to be the Jar Jar Binks Monster Mouth lollipop. Yes, it was 100% real, and you might be able to find one on eBay this very moment. No, I have no idea what they were thinking. 1999 was a hell of a time, y’all. 

by @niumiu

Hibari, Yamamoto and Mukuro getting jealous when someone is hitting on their ex and now they want her back


He knew that the decision he had taken before was the right one. He knew it.

The relationship between you both reached a point where he felt like he was being tied down. Marriage? That’s not what he wanted when he started dating you. Yes, Tsuna and the other talked about how, since you both were dating for years now, you should marry.

Nonsense. He decided that if that was what you thought too, then he should end the relationship. Unfortunately, your answer to this matter was that you agreed with them.

Hibari knew that the decision he took that day when he left you had been the right one. He knew it, but as much as he hated to admit, he regretted it now.

Seeing you radiant again, buying flowers from a flower shop, made him remember all the years that you two spent together, and all the months that he spent alone. Made him regret for once a decision that he had taken.

What was wrong with him?

He didn’t know and it really didn’t matter much. His priority was to take you away from the man that had approached you, said something to you and made you laugh. And you smiled at him. That smile was not meant for anyone but him.

Self-control? There’s no such thing.

He stalked all the way from across the street, to inside the flower shop that you were. He would not watch a man hit on you from a glass and go on with his day. He may have committed a mistake but he was not going to let that go on.

The bell of the door rang, making you and the man look at him.

“Hibari?” You asked with genuine shock.

“Come with me.” He said and wrapped a hand around your waist, dragging you away from that man.

You really didn’t know what that was about, or what your ex, who had clearly broken up with you was doing there. That shock kept you going with him, you were too accustomed to his touch, but just when you were near the door, you came to yourself.

“Wait, what are you doing?” You said pushing him away.

“Do you know him?” The man said meaning to go help you but stopped on his tracks under Hibari’s murderous glare.

“Yes, and I thought I wouldn’t be seeing him again.” You said throwing him a hurt look. “You were very clear when you said it was over.”

“I want you back.” He replied bluntly.

Damn, that took down all of the weak defenses that you had put up. Why was he always so direct like that?

“Oh… Well… Then… I-I have to think about that Hibari…” You said.

A smirk spread through his lips and he grunted in response. Damn, he knew how weak you were for him. That bastard.

“I will pick you at eight.” He said and then walked out of the door.

You stood reactionless, when it finally settled in what he had just done.

“Damn Hibari, you can’t just do that to me.” You muttered to yourself and hid your smile with one hand.

You couldn’t lie, you were happy that things turned out this way.



Yamamoto could understand when you asked for some time. He could understand when you said, after said time, that you wanted to go. He could understand your reasons for breaking up with him, after all.

You said that he didn’t spend enough time with you. That you felt like being pushed aside by all his work.

He could understand you, but he knew that he could have done more. He could have prevented the break up. It was not like he couldn’t find that time for you that he wanted so much, but he thought that he wouldn’t miss you when you were gone. You had been dating just for a few months anyway.

Oh, boy, how he was so wrong.

Now that he saw you so beautiful, even in the dim light of that club, sitting by the bar counter and tapping your foot on the ground with the song’s rhythm, he saw how wrong he was.

It’s been what? A week since you broke up with him?

Just a week, and there wasn’t a single night that he didn’t think about you when he went to sleep.

He didn’t know how to approach you about it, though. Would you even be willing to give him another chance?

However, he didn’t have much time to think about it. A man had approached you and he could see from afar that he was trying to make small talk with you. You tried to be polite with him, but your body language was showing that you weren’t comfortable with the entire situation.

As the man failed at each second to take the hint that you weren’t interested, Yamamoto’s rage flared and decided to take the lead.

He walked from the corner where he was to you. You lifted your eyebrows in surprise when he put an arm protectively around your shoulders and pulled you slightly into his chest.

“[Name], is this man bothering you?” He said with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. They were cold and focused on the man.

You didn’t know what your ex was doing at that club and you didn’t want to consider the possibility that he had been stalking you. Yamamoto wasn’t the kind of man who would do that.

However, you were grateful for his appearance, because the man that approached you was getting creepier by the minute. You knew your ex-boyfriend well enough to know that you had to mind your words, otherwise that man wouldn’t live to see another day.

“No, baby. He’s just making small talk.” You replied with a nervous smile. You were afraid that the man would try to say anything else, but seeing Yamamoto’s creepy smile he finally took the hint and left you alone.

With a sigh of relief, you pushed Yamamoto away slightly. It didn’t take you much effort to do it. He easily slid the arm out of your shoulders, but didn’t leave.

“Look, Yamamoto. I’m thankful for your coming, but that doesn’t change anything between us.” You said getting up from your bench, ready to leave.

“[Name].” He called and you had to look back. Why was he using that voice tone with you? He probably knew that you were weak for him. “I miss you.”

“I… Takeshi I took my decision. I’m not going back.” You tried to be firm but you felt your voice and willpower wavering.

“I know. I don’t want to go back.” He replied.

That took you by surprise. “Then what do you want?”

“I want to start again.” He said with his most powerful and heart melting smile. There goes your willpower.

“Will you, at least, give me the time that I asked for?” You asked.

Yamamoto took your hand in his both and looked right in your eyes. “I will give you everything that I can. I promise.”



You both broke up on good terms. Not what you wanted, but you couldn’t really disagree. Mukuro was that obsessed with your safety. He thought that it was better for you not to be with someone like him.

That was what he was thinking about when he saw you enter the ball so radiant on your dress. You both agreed to go on your own ways, he thought as he sipped on his wine. You both agreed, he thought, and his grip on his glass tightened when a man approached you.

It was a peaceful agreement between you both, and he didn’t regret the decision, but could you at least not laugh that way at the man’s words? Could you at least not have that glint on your eyes that told him that you were delighted with the attention? Could you at least not slap the man’s arm playfully?

Oh, you could, but you wouldn’t. He noticed that when you threw a glance and a teasing smirk at him. So you had perceived his presence there at all.

He smirked back at you. He didn’t regret his decision. Not at all.

The music started playing and the man clearly asked you a dance. Your smile widened and you looked at Mukuro when you took the man’s hand. Someone made a comment about Mukuro’s glass being about to break with the strength that he was holding it, but his brain didn’t quite process.

His eyes were focused on you, and solely on you.

You spun around the dance floor, guided by the man. Appearing and disappearing behind the couples, your dress flowing around your knees. A cut on the side of the skirt showing your thigh in a rather provocative manner, made him remember the times where he had seen more than just your bare thigh.

Fuck, he regretted making that decision.

He shoved the glass on someone’s hands and stalked to you and your partner. The man’s face was getting dangerously close to yours.

“Kufufu, would you mind if I borrowed your partner for a while?” He asked putting a hand on the man’s shoulder and stopping you both. The man recognized him quickly, nodded and just released you, making his way out of the dance floor quite in a hurry.

“I don’t think I’ve agreed to dance with you.” You said putting a hand on your hip.

“Would you give me the honor of this dance, [Name]? For the sake of the old times?” He asked extending a hand and waiting with a smile.

“Well, there’s a reason they’re called ‘old times’. If I remember correctly, you said that it was over.” You replied but took his hand anyway.

“If you agree,” He said starting to spin you around. “We could make the old times return.”

“Oh, so you regret your decision?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“Besides, you still like me.” He replied ignoring your question.

“Do I, Now?” You said with a chuckle.

“Yes, and I can convince you of that.” He said tentatively.

You didn’t know what he was planning, but you didn’t really accept to be left behind by him and you wanted to see how he was going to convince you.

“Very well, convince me then-”

You didn’t quite finish talking when he pulled you into a searing kiss that sent a wave of warmth through your body. You didn’t want to admit it, but you really missed your ex-boyfriend’s kisses.

When he let you go, you had to find your air again between pants and gasps, but you weren’t ready to give up now.

“I might need some more convincing.” You said.

He chuckled. “I have the entire night for that, my dear.”

His Heart - [BTS] Namjoon!Au

[A/N] My dimply googly bear deserves all the love.

What’s more annoying than a continuous door bell ring so early in the morning. It drawn you away from your laptop instantly.

But your hate dissipates as soon as you saw who it was. Purplish hair-do, and deep dimple, bringing his own laptop. “I found a few routes that you could take. It’s shorter in duration but you’ll have to walk two minutes across the street to a bus station. And when I googled it, it’s not a street, it’s a highway.”

He stepped into your apartment, “So I studied the other route and although it takes longer, you don’t have to jump three train line like the first route. This one will be a lot…” he pauses as you pulled his chin down for a chaste kiss, “…safe. And they put the price on the side.”

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Pairing: gerame/germerica

Rating/warnings: K+, implied sexual acts. Huge amounts of fluff. 

Summary: Ludwig’s emotions can be intense, and the one thing he hopes for the most in a relationship is commitment, but most nations tend to stray away from such a concept. However, Ludwig’s latest relationship with Alfred makes him so happy that he can’t control his feelings, his urges, or his words, and accidentally pops the question. 


Ludwig couldn’t help the strong emotions he felt whenever he saw Alfred. They’ve been dating for years now, but his heart still skipped several beats at the sight of his partner, as if he’s been teleported back in time to when he had a huge crush on the American nation. The emotions were so strong he almost couldn’t control them most of the time, kissing Alfred spontaneously in front of others just to relieve at least some of his desires. Alfred, of course, didn’t mind at all and gladly reciprocated the acts. However, Ludwig’s spontaneous acts of love have gotten more touchy and cliché, and harder to control. More often than not, Ludwig finds himself displaying public affection these days: hugging Alfred from behind, lifting him up in a bear hug and kissing those freckled cheeks, casually rubbing around the hip area, and proclaiming his love in whispers that he thinks no one else can hear. These were all things that only used to happened in the bedroom, in the sanctuary of privacy. But Ludwig can’t control the urge anymore, the urge to show his love at every chance; he can’t wait anymore.  

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anonymous asked:

You know i recently realized that we are all really dumb to believe the Carmilla cast (or any youtuber) are poor because they travel around so much and Elise even posted about paying for her old place 800$ a month no poor person can afford that and now i regret buying her music and buying Carmilla add ons. We've been played for fools

Do you realize that $800 a month in Toronto is dirt cheap…. the average 1 bedroom here is $1300 so she must’ve been living in a slump. They’re not rich, very far from it. Elise literally had to jump from couch to couch at one point and sell shit on craigslist.  Elise literally buys cheap ass clothes at thrift stores under $20 for red carpet events.  Natasha has a stable income now but being a YouTuber with only 200k subs is barely what you consider famous and can finally afford to have a dog.  If anything, they’re both just living comfortably and getting by.

This is really dumb to assume. Probably in my top 5 of wtf anon asks. Don’t assume shit you have 0 knowledge of. Come and send me another ask so I can block your ass.

anonymous asked:

I'm so jelly... Is that the jp version tho?

It is the jp version but i chose the one without the game card bc i wouldnt be able to play it anyway. I ordered it months ago way before a NA special edition was announced; it’s one of the reasons i kinda regret buying it now though 😂 I got too excited back then lol

sixthgun98  asked:

I was looking through your store and the way to the grocery store, and was debating whether to splurge on your work or buy groceries. I ended up buying groceries and now I regret not being able to buy anything from you till next week 😭

Don’t worry about it dude!!! Omg feed urself first! There’s a lot of time til the zine preorders close so you’re good my guy 💗💖💘💖

you know how sometimes you feel regret immediately after you buy something on impulse? i actually regret not buying the 2017 snow miku nendoroid on imuplse

orders are closed now and i could probably still find her later on amazon or something but its like. kinda risky yknow cause of bootlegs and stuff

i actually bought my first three nendos off amazon but i’d rather buy directly from goodsmile now

Ok so I’m watching their Okinawa concert rn, and I swear I’m constantly blown away by their guitarist. Like omg I’m so glad that she got to be a part of this tour. She’s fucking next level shit! I’m fangirling at her so much because she made their songs so much better.

Also, can I just say that 5h performs so much better now? They’re more natural and they look happy and ugh I love their interactions. They all look and sound so good now. I can only imagine how improved they will be on 5h3.

I’m now starting to regret I didn’t buy tickets for their Manila concert lol.


  • nico and will cuddling in bed, and will spreading multiple kisses on nico’s face
  • nico laughing so hard his stomach hurts after will attempts to be jokingly flirty and ends up slipping on mud and falling on his ass (will was embarrassed at first, but then they were both laughing so hard it was completely worth it)
  • nico and will lying in bed, listening to music together (will made a playlist for them) and talking until will falls asleep and nico just takes comfort in his presence before going to sleep as well
  • nico comforting will and making sure he takes care of himself around the time of the year his siblings died
  • will and nico trying out many activities to find out what nico’s interests are (it turns out what nico is interested in is people) (and video games)
  • will buying water guns and attacking nico with them and they end up having a water fight and then a pillow fight and then they make out
  • will regretting buying a video-game bc now his significant other is addicted and forgetting to take care of himself
  • will dragging nico to the kitchen so they can bake together and they end up having a mini flour fight. it also turns out nico is a perfectionist and tries to make everything smooth and equal. will is just like “screw it” and shapes the cookie dough in an asymmetrical heart he gives nico when it’s baked. nico calls him a sap and a dork and will knows he loved it
  • will and nico going to the theater or to exhibitions of old movies or art exhibitions. they hold hands
  • will tries to make coffee for nico in the mornings, but his coffee is so bad not even he can drink it
  • will and nico being the best of friends and having an ongoing sass war in which they recall embarrassing things the other did a million years ago. they do everything together and have inside jokes no one else understands and are a bit afraid to ask about
  • will being an awful singer, but when he hums and sings in nico’s ear in a really low voice, late at night, he sounds nice and it either makes nico smile and have nice dreams or shiver (I was listening to ‘I wanna be yours’ while making this one, so.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • will is not ashamed of singing out loud and off-key near nico. sometimes he does it to annoy nico or make him laugh. sometimes he does it because he’s genuinely happy. nico hates all the songs, but not once tried to stop will from singing them
  • will and nico getting married and nico cries so, so much. all their friends are there and somehow it all ends up in a huge legendary party. seriously, apollo makes a thousand haikus and poems about the event (he is canonically solangelo shipper #1. not even will and nico ship themselves as hard as apollo does, let’s face it). hades, persephone and some other underworld folks attend and end up feeling very welcome, to their surprise and joy
  • solangelo
  • also I listened to this playlist today and really loved it

Sometimes I really miss Virginia. I didn’t like the area itself too much (side note: allegedly Aiken and Norfolk have similar crime rates but only in Norfolk was I regularly afraid I might get stabbed or robbed) but I miss the people I knew up there and our favorite restaurants. I miss being in an area with lots of people in general & lots of transplants vs. being in a small town where everyone has lived here for forever. A friend of mine had her 2nd baby just after I had Isla and I feel like it would have been so much fun if we’d stayed and Isla and her daughter could have been baby friends. I know the upside is now we’re closer to my family, which is really important to me. But we’re not in the same city so it still requires traveling and we don’t see them all the time.

Part of me regrets buying a house here because I feel like now that’s rooted us here and it’ll require too much effort for us to move so we’ll stick around here longer than we otherwise would. But I like our house and we needed the space so I don’t know.

I just feel mopey.