regrettable choices

some big adhd Moods
  • extensive energy caused by The Hyperfixation
  • what is Sleep? quick naps will do if required at all 
  • i’ve been awake for 32 hours and yet my brain won’t let me fall asleep
  • am i Annoying? probably
  • no one likes me, including myself
  • feelings of hurt, rejection, abandonment featuring creeping suicidal ideation
  • FUCK THEM!!!!!! intense anger followed by self-loathing and regret
  • a daily subscription to The Mood Swings caused by seemingly insignificant incidents 
  • boredom 
  • more boredom, now the extended version in which you start considering potential regrettable life choices
  • my brain is A Carrousel and someone needs to unplug the power cable
  • chronically unorganized, chronically forgetful, chronically bored!!!
  • it… never… stops…
  • i’m Tired™
  • the movement never stops which means i never stop 
  • oh no, i forgot that
  • would i even be myself without The Disorder
Magnus Bane Sentence Starters

“Only trust yourself.”
“Does he normally just lie on the floor like that without moving?”
“I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly.”
“I have a deep understanding of the human psyche, at least that’s what Freud always said.”
“Mad men rarely make sense, mostly they just hate.”
“Marriage is a wonderful institution… not that I would know.”
“Last chance to save yourself.”
“A regrettable choice of words,”
“Is he more of a flower or cologne man?”
“Pretty boy, get your team ready.”
“Right, we should… join the party.”
“Move it along, teenagers. The only person who gets to canoodle in my bedroom is my magnificent self.”
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, ____.”
“For almost a century, I’ve closed myself to feeling anything for anyone.”
“You’ve unlocked something in me.”
“They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite.”
“I need your strength.”
“Let me spell it out for you, I wanted to see you again.”
“I’m not being cryptic, I’m being coy.”
“Come in. And try not to murder any of my guests.”
“True love cannot die.”
“He hated us enough to kill us all.”
“I love a challenge.”
“I’m tired of you only wanting me around when you need something.”
“You’ve inflicted worse.”
“This fight’s far from over.”
“To us.”
“So if you were planning on teaching yourself the lambada on a greased platform over a pit full of knives, I wouldn’t.”
“There’s no turning back.”
“Maybe you should start living for yourself, do what’s in your heart.”
“Your heart beats faster when they walk by, your skin tingles every time they enter a room…”
“The good suffer, the evil flourish, and all that is mortal passes away,”
“I know you feel what I feel.”
“When things get crazy, don’t push me away.”
“You continue to surprise me.”
“You should leave him here. I could hang hats on him and things.”
“I don’t care how many people you haven’t been with.”
“I’m not okay, because you’re not okay.”
“But you are different, and it’s a good thing.”

Everything was back to normal now, Valentine was Valentine, Magnus was Magnus, Alec wasn’t extremely confused, but there was some things Valentine wanted to discuss with the two. “You know,” he spoke up, catching the pairs attention, “you put me in an extremely awkward situation, twice, might I add.” His statement was clearly directed at Magnus. “What do you mean?” “Well, I didn’t even know you two were a thing, so when Lightwood wouldn’t stop texting m-you, and even came over at one point I thought-” His sentence was cut off as Alec broke into laughter, Magnus and Valentine giving him a funny look. “Oh my god, you thought-” More laughing, Magnus cleared his throat. “Well, it’s over now so don’t worry about it.” “Don’t worry about it? What if he never figured it out? What if-” “Val, let it go.” Alec stifled his laughter and look between the two, then focusing on Valentine. “You make a terrible Magnus, just saying.” “What? I nailed it!” “First of all, Magnus doesn’t open the door like that, second, the door is never locked, which is actually going to change now, and third you wore the same outfit twice. Check and mate.” “That’s not how that metaphor goes. Well I thought I made an amazing Magnus.” “STOP TALKING ABOUT WHO DID ME BETTER!” There was some silence before Alec decided to say it.

“A regrettable choice of words.”


I can’t say I have the Type 6 distinctly operative within me, but some of the best people I’ve known are this type. I first got to know the type to some extent through my grandmother and then through a couple of good friends that helped me while I was in my teens, dealing with family dysfunction. Later on, my experience with more people of this type was mixed and I studied the Enneagram more. So this is caring for the Type 6, for anyone that would like to promote or - at least - respect their well-being and growth. If you have more input, feel free to add!

What to keep in mind about the type:
The Type 6 can be a highly committed person, taking their commitments very seriously (sometimes too seriously). They seek stability and security in some form and will make sure they know well what they’re getting themselves into. They question and test, and their trust may be difficult to earn. They tend to do their best to deliver on their promises and expect the same from others. They lose respect for people they view as lacking integrity and responsibility or who are not as diligent as they could be for the causes they deem important. Generally, they aim to make positive contributions and work hard to make things better from a small to a bigger scale - by assisting a few select people, groups, communities or humanity as a whole.

What they enjoy:
- Improving their knowledge and understanding. They are cerebral and technical-minded; they will seek to study and grasp systems, trends, their components and how they interconnect - down to specific details.
- Making progress toward their aspirations. They have (or need to have) projects and goals they can invest in, preferably purposeful ones that lead to something significant.
- Building solid relationships and feeling safe within them. They may be hard to make friends with, but some of them can be some of the best friends you’ve ever had and won’t settle for a poor definition of friendship. They look for people they can count on and rely on.
- Appreciation and positive feedback. While some of them may be adverse to praise and some may instead verge on vanity, in the end, being recognized can be helpful to them for evaluating their actions… if not only satisfactory.
- Being or doing epic or legendary things. Although not necessarily the most ambitious people, they can be idealistic and put their hearts and souls into passing on a unforgettable legacy.

What helps them:
- Making things clear. They are suspicious and often anxious. Vague and obscure information is not enough. They need to know where things stand and what they’re made of.
- Keeping it real and down-to-earth. They can be dreamy and indulge in fantasies, but ultimately, at least a portion of what they visualize must be pursued and manifested in a practical manner, taking the steps necessary to make things come true.
- Reciprocating their efforts. What’s fair and just is important to them and they’re usually attuned to this, whether they are able to be accurately discerning or not. They can be very serviceable, and in some cases, this is purely out of principle or generosity and they don’t intend to receive in return. However, there are times when situations must be win-win and exchanges 50/50 (or at least something close to this).

What to watch out for:
- Skepticism. While often necessary, it might be taken to the point of detriment and turn into pessimism. At its best, it helps analyse and see things for what they are. At its worst, however, it erodes confidence and becomes cowardice.
- Devil’s advocate. Arguing for the sake of arguing, unable to choose a side. They may be trying to examine from as many angles as they can, but might also be thrilled by the heat of debates. At times, this costs them and everyone involved much.
- Demands and complaints. They might assume deals where there were none to begin with and be adamant about quantity and quality, developing a sense of entitlement while in a position of privilege. Or it might simply be that they’re overextending themselves and don’t feel or are not appropriately rewarded.
- High or impossible standards. They might hold themselves and others to high standards. Some of these might be impossible to reach, given the circumstances. And some are not as important as they believe them to be and need not to be imposed. This can leave them and others feeling like they’re never enough.
- Focus on actual and potential problems. As troubleshooters, they don’t ignore problems and try to solve, fix or keep them from happening. This makes them defenders and more. Yet, too much focus on problems can cause said problems to grow in size and keep people in misery or stuck within a comfort zone that’s not quite comforting.

What to really be concerned about:
- Pedestaling. It’s fine to honor others, especially if they do possess noteworthy qualities. The problematic issues begin when they are set up in an asphyxiating, tall place from which they will inevitably eventually fall and be no more than disappointing. It’s even more problematic if they become harshly competitive and put others down in order to hold to higher regard whom they value most. It’s essential to remember that even people that are the object of adoration can be imperfect humans and not always perform in a manner that merits worship.
- Scapegoating. Looking for someone to “lead” them and make all or most of the decisions for them just so that they will have somebody else to blame and not be under the pressure of exercising good judgement and dealing with the consequences. They might be quick to point fingers and deny their own wrongdoings and shortcomings, failing to improve themselves and take control of their destiny. Taking the time to reason this with them might get them to see things differently.
- Devoting to false Gods. In desperate attempts to have a savior and protector, they might devote to people and figures that do not truly serve their best interests and stubbornly hold on to them. This might turn into obsession and extremism and lead them into making regrettable choices. They might become dogmatic and fanatic to destructive degrees and rationalize their behavior. While this is a complicated state that’s tricky to awaken from, it’s possible to gradually direct their faith toward more suitable and moderate beliefs.

Why should you bother to care?
Whether your relationships with Type 6 people are intimate or not, putting in, at the least, a bit of effort on your part (as much as it’s appropriate) can go a long way in making things better for everyone involved.

Note: These are only a few things to consider when caring for Type 6.

First off: some Westallen parent headcanons!

1. Barry and the kiddos snuggling on the couch together, taking a mid afternoon nap. Iris shows up and definitely takes pics for posterity.

2. Iris carrying Don or Dar (my nickname for “Dawn”) until they’re too big to pick up. It’s a better workout than CrossFit! Once the year comes when they’re too big for her, Barry is still regularly recruited as honorary chauffeur. (Cisco’s kiddos figure out pretty quickly that Uncle Barry is like, really strong, so two or more are usually holding onto his back/shoulders/hip as well.)

3. The kiddos take after Iris in everything – they’re absolutely gorgeous as adults and adorable as kiddos – but in Speed, it’s all Barry. Barry literally doesn’t sleep for nine days the first time one of them accidentally Flashes for fear that they’ll run off. He needn’t worry: they can’t run any distance until they’re nine. (Then he worries continuously until they’re ten, when his worry reaches critical mass and he surrenders responsibility to the Speed Force.)

4. Going to work with Iris is more fun than Barry because Barry doesn’t let Don or Dar in on the action, just shows them the precinct, while Iris shows them self-defense and takes them for macchiatos with Linda. (Teaching them how to hogtie someone is unfortunate for Barry, who learns to sleep very lightly).

5. Hey, they’re not total hellions: they just mess with Dad because Dad messes with them. Barry makes a lot of regrettable choices by mentoring his kids. (Wally, who’s worked alongside Barry for years and knows his tricks, has zero qualms giving his brother-in-law hell by sharing Barry’s speed-related weaknesses with the Tornado Twins.)

6. Barry finds roller coasters kind of nauseating these days (know that suspended stomach feeling when you’re falling? Yeah that lasts like *five minutes* for him), but the kids have a high tolerance until their twenties. Iris is absolutely fearless and can and will ride any coaster. (“After running with you, it’s a breeze,” she teases Barry which, touché.)

7. Family dinner night might be at a reasonable hour, but occasionally they eat at three in the afternoon and just call it a *day,* or they stay up till midnight because “wow totally lost track of time but *Mom guess what*.” Mom does not want to guess what, but she’s willing to play along for pizza.

cool-kiryuin  asked:

i lowkey want to rehome my reptiles (talked about it before with you) but at the same time i still very much love reptiles? ive recently wanted to get a snake i love cresties im not sure what to do with myself since its not a good idea to rehome pets because they didnt work out for you and yet still want to get other reptiles i dont want to keep making regrettable pet choices, basically im asking how does one suppress their deep love for scaly animals despite previous experiences?

Honestly, sometimes rehoming a reptile is the responsible thing to do. Not everybody is super passionate about every species or every individual they take in- and with most reptiles, moving them from your home to another good home isn’t going to disturb them much at all. If you think that your crestie would be better off in another home and you’re confident that the person you find would be a good owner, there’s no shame in it. Neglect is a bad thing, but putting your pet first by finding them a home you think is better for whatever reason isn’t neglect, it’s kindness and caring. 

One way to sate your desire for scalechildren is to have a friend with some- although sometimes that has the opposite effect and you end up with more of them. You could spend time at zoos, volunteer with a rescue, or see if you have a local herp society- those usually have monthly meetings. You could see if somebody would let you babysit a snake for a while; see if the snake clicks with you more than cresties do. 

Good luck!

“Don’t make a face this time! People are going to remember this picture! Make it good!”

//Well, look at that! It’s about time I made some regrettable life choices, now isn’t it?

This is an ask blog for the Thoughts Universe centered around Bendjamin. It’s a supplement to the Fic for the AU located here.

Feel free to ask these dorks anything! 

Being Neighborly // AU- OQ

Evenings like this were rare for her. 

Peaceful, relaxing, uneventful.

She silently thanked God that her 12 year old son was at a friend’s for a sleepover as she poured herself a generous helping of red wine and settled into her plush leather sofa. She hummed softly in contentment as she curled up under a soft blanket and picked up the book she’d been dying to crack open for weeks now. Between her son’s schedule, and her busy schedule working at a successful marketing firm in New York, she never got to enjoy having a night for herself. The last few months had been especially difficult for her since Henry had begun growing up just a little bit more and had begun to shift into his impending teenage pubescent years. She’d always assumed that Daniel would’ve been with them for those years; would’ve been there to guide their son through the turbulence that was ahead of him.

And then they’d lost him.

It had happened in the blink of an eye; a drunk driver that had all but appeared out of nowhere had stolen her own storybook ending when their boy had been all but 3. She’d taken her time to grieve, had moved to another city, established a new life for her and her son; she’d even dated a couple men- all choices she wished she could forget. The last of the regrettable choices had been a friend of a friend. Graham. Attractive, good job in investment banking, seemed plenty nice, and had made it more than clear that he was attracted to Regina and wanted to see more of her; at least until she’d brought up Henry. It was astounding how quickly he’d changed his tune when he discovered that she was flattered but interested in finding someone who would eventually want to settle down. 

She sighed as she took a long sip of her wine and swallowed it down, pushing the loneliness that lingered in her heart away as she began to lose herself in the book. She’d barely made it into chapter three when the pounding at her door had her turning to glare at it. “Who the hell?”

She marked her page and headed over to the door, chancing a glance through the peephole and groaning softly. What the hell was he doing here? She opened the door and raised an eyebrow, taking the man in. Graham looked like he’d already had quite the night and it was barely even 11. “What can I do for you, Graham?” The man reached out, cupping her cheek aggressively, “I never did get to have what I wanted from you, Gina.” Her lip curled in a sneer as she guided his hand away, “For a good reason, Graham. I’m simply not interested in what you’re looking for.” His own face darkened, his eyes hardening as he took her appearance in- her lean body covered in only red tank top and black pajama shorts, leaving very little to his twisted imagination.

She barely had time to react before he was pushing against the door jamb, her hands pushing against his chest as she struggled to keep him away from her. “Graham, stop.” Her strength was no match for him and she grunted softly as his body slammed against hers and his mouth sloppily covered hers, his hands pinning hers by her head. He pulled back and grinned darkly at her, “You want me. I know you do.” She shook her head, her dark eyes hard with determination, as she tugged her hands free from him and pushed at him again to no avail, “I said no.” She winced as his hand roughly cupped her chin, hoping that the tight grip wouldn’t leave any visible bruising as he leaned in and spoke quietly, “Stop fighting it, Regina.”


Casefile #0130
The Riddler

Casefile #0130

Thecapt551 asked: if you’re a criminal, why dress well?


Sweet-apple-analysis and anonymous asked: Greetings, Riddler. You’ve worn several costumes and outfits over the years. Which was your favourite? And, what is your current?


Anonymous asked: Why green and purple?


Thevelma16 asked: Why do you wear a tight green jumpsuit, sometimes? Isn’t that uncomfortable when you have to run away or escape?


Anonymous asked: Why are you trousers so tight???


Anonymous asked: What was with the first Riddler “costume”? With the skin-tight green spandex covered in question marks and the purple mask. Why is everything green and purple with you? It feels that you’re just taking Joker’s style of clothing. What’s next? Dying your hair green and wearing red lipstick? Please don’t. I suggest trying something that doesn’t make you look like a fool. Numerous villains (and heroes) are already doing that. Thank you for your time. Not that you care.

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smoke from an unseen fire

Genre: fluff, getting together, hints of angst

Word count:  2813

Rating: teen and up

Warnings: no warnings

Summary: Dan helps Phil dye his hair

A/N:  if you wanna shoot me an ask telling me what you thought that would be hella rad

inspired by this post on @phanscherryblossom 

you can also read it on ao3!


“Dan, please,” Phil whines to his flatmate, following him from his bedroom to the kitchen, carrying a box of hair dye.

“Phil, no. I’m not about to help you ruin your hair,” Dan replies, opening a cupboard, and taking out two mugs.

Phil pouts. “You sound like my mum. What’s the worst that could happen? It’ll fade.”

“Phil, do you not realize we have about a bazillion press interviews in America next week? They already have no idea what YouTube is, and if you show up with pink hair, I’m pretty sure they’ll cancel us.”

“Nah, they’ll just tell me how cool it looks! They’ll think to themselves, ‘Wow, I wish I had hair as cool as that guy. I bet he’s some kind of space prince.’”

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Signs as Fruit Snacks
  • Pisces: Fruit by the Foot. Their love just keeps on going.
  • Aries: Scooby-doo fruit snacks. Always up for a good adventure. Favorites are always picked. c;
  • Taurus: Actual dried fruit. Probably the most comforting and least regrettable of all the choices. Maybe.
  • Gemini: Welches fruit snacks! Hella sweet and probably overpowering, but those who love them LOVE them.
  • Cancer: Fruit Gushers. Holy cow you're exciting and imaginative, but when you forget about them and squish them? It's just a mess. Don't squish cancers.
  • Leo: Fruit roll-ups. Their love will envelop you uwu
  • Virgo: Lego fruit snacks. You pretty much just build with them forever, but they're super fun.
  • Libra: Generic fruit snacks. They're either impossibly delicious or the weirdest thing you've ever had.
  • Scorpio: Black forest fruit snacks. You're not sure where they came from, but they're always there in huge quantities, and you're never upset about it.
  • Sagittarius: FRUIT NUGGETS. Amazing, rare, and mysterious.
  • Capricorn: Gummy vitamins. Like the flintstones ones. Technically fruit snacks but you know they're all business.
  • Aquarius: Fruit leather. Original and healthy, that one where you can't quite figure out how they do so well.