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Ways To Say I’m Sorry-Chapter 1

This is the first prompt for #ChloNathWeek2k17. Thanks to @powerdragonmoon for organizing this. 

Chapter [you are here]


Chapter One-Bickering/Flirting

Chloe Bourgeois had a lot of regrets in her life. She regretted leaving Paris during her father’s time of need. She regretted losing the respect of her idol and good friend. She regretted pushing everyone close to her away when she needed them most. But her biggest regret of all was squandering her last Euros on a cheap dye job.

After several long years as mayor, all of her father’s dirty dealings had finally come back to bite him in ass. He was impeached resigned in disgrace and still under investigation with the government.  As soon as the shit hit the fan, Chloe ran off to London with a bag of cash and very little planning. With her lavish spending habits, the money only lasted a month. She soon sold several of her belongings and bought a ticket back to Paris to smooth things over with her father.

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Can we just take a moment

to acknowledge Tom Hiddleston and his fabulous face?

I mean, look at him

Like seriously

How could you NOT love his face?

It is the most beautiful face

If you liked Megamind and/or Strange Magic then I think you should really consider watching A Monster In Paris (french movie sub>dub)
Also watch Gargoyles (tv show) honestly you won’t regret it I promise especially of you liked both movies you can thank me later. You can watch Gargoyles on kisscartoon and i think the movie is there too.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the Helen of Troy comparison also foreshadowed the fate of this triangle (Jake/Paris dies and Liv/Helen returns to Fitz/Menelaus)?

Ok, so this is part II of what I have to say about the Helen of Troy reference in 407:

The second thing Tom’s ‘Helen of Troy’ (really Helen of Sparta) comment establishes is an analogous comparison of Helen and Olivia to the men in their lives. (I invite experts on Greek Mythology and this story in particular to jump in because this is not my strong suit):

Rowan=Zeus, ruler of the gods (“She didn’t have a father, either. Her father was a god.”)

Fitz= King Menelaus, Helen’s husband (“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”)

Paris=Jake, the man with whom Helen absconds to Troy

Because I don’t know this story that well, I consulted Wikipedia for a run-down, including all the contradictions. There are so many accounts, it’s hard to distill it down. The marriage of Helen and Menelaus represents the end of the age of heroes. Zeus vows to end the race of men, but particularly the heroes.  The Trojan war, which is caused by Helen’s elopement with Paris, becomes the means to the end that Zeus wants.

Let’s talk about Paris and how he came into Helen’s life. Paris goes to Sparta under the guise of a diplomatic mission, but his aim is to claim Helen—the married woman. Paris, previously, had been appointed by Zeus to do a small job for him. Hollywood has often re-written Paris as the love of Helen’s life.  The classical writers, who have told this story in various ways, do not make it clear whether Paris is Helen’s seducer or abductor. In some paintings, Helen is depicted as being removed by force to go to Troy with Paris. In others, she is seen as willingly leaving behind Menelaus to go with Paris to Troy.

In Homer’s version of this tale, Helen is a somewhat wistful, sorrowful figure who is sorry for what she has caused, and comes to regret her choice in Paris—a man she comes to see as having a compromised character. Instead, she desires to be reunited with Menelaus. When Troy is on fire, Helen is depicted as helpless, lonely, and desperate to find sanctuary.  Helen’s choice ends up being made for her by fate because Paris dies in battle.  Her ultimate destiny reunites her with Menelaus.

The relevance of this story to the one being portrayed on Scandal, are thus for me (feel free to chime in):

Rowan as Zeus:

  “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”—First Commandment of God, Deuteronomy 5:7

This is a covenant between God and the Israelites after he delivered them from slavery in Egypt.  In exchange for that deliverance, the way that God had paved, the Israelites should not worship ‘false gods/idols’, but instead pay exclusive devotion to the God, Yahweh.  Very clearly not a request, but a demand, the disobeying of which removes God’s protection . There is no choice here. Does this sound familiar?

First we have this conversation from season 3:

Rowan: “How fascinating that you think that’s your mother’s legacy—being out-spoken and brave—when everything you’ve become, everything you are is clearly because of me.”

Olivia: “I think you mean in spite of you.”

Rowan: “Two sides of the same coin, my dear.”—More Cattle, Less Bull (305)

This is then followed by Rowan’s demand in Baby Made a Mess (407):

Rowan: “You never, ever choose one of them over me, again. I won’t have it. Is that clear?”

What else is Rowan asking for but to be looked upon as a God who has delivered Olivia into the life that she now leads. The life that Rowan believes he, exclusively, made possible.

Fitz as Menelaus:

Zeus wants to end the age of heroes, the last of which is Menelaus, who marries Helen. Obviously, Olivia and Fitz are not married, but there is a commitment and loyalty there that has never waned (“I never left your side” (101)). What’s interesting about Menelaus is that he is portrayed as someone who is trying to protect Helen, go to war for her, even after she leaves him for Paris. 

Jake as Paris:

The relationship between Helen and Paris is a contradictory one. It’s one that is fraught with uncertainty and coercion. While that coercion is depicted as sometimes brutal, it could be also just psychological. In any case, their relationship is short-lived and Helen comes to regret her choice in Paris because she comes to see his is not the man she thought he was. His life, of course, ends in death. Where Jake will end up, we shall see.

We have to remember not to extrapolate, too closely, the intricate and contradictory story of Helen of Troy to that of Olivia Pope. I think that war that’s coming now is a show-down and will come to a resolution. We’ve already been mired in a cold war for Olivia’s affections for all of season three. We started with Fitz trying to ‘free’ Olivia; Rowan trying to control her by sending her away (again); and we end with Olivia, seeking refuge and absconding with Jake as DC is metaphorically on fire. If Olivia chooses a path that includes Fitz, remember that it is a choice, not her ‘fate’. At least, that is my hope because Olivia seems to be her most authentic self with Fitzgerald. 

Not only did he look AMAZING tonight, today is his birthday!!! Happy 34th birthday you talented, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful & brilliant piece of perfection! 💗💖💗

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Clint Eastwood, Rock The House, Revolving Doors and She's My Collar?

8. Clint Eastwood: Do you believe in ghosts?

I do! I think that earth is basically like purgatory, so all the ghosts wandering around are just people waiting to be moved one way or another

12. Rock The House: Where do you want to live when you get older?

I really want to live in a little cottage by the sea, somewhere like Cornwall. I used to go there when I was younger and I loved it.

17. Revolving Doors: What’s one thing you regret?

When I lived in Paris I went on a couple of dates with a girl (we’ll call her Eliza). She was beautiful - like, she looked like Alexa Chung - and funny and I honestly was so smitten with her, but when my first host family kicked me out I lost her number. I ended up finding it again but it was months later and I was too scared to message her again. But I always regret that because she was honestly perfect, and I never even got to kiss her. I’d do anything to see her again.

25. She’s My Collar: What are your top 3 kinks?

Hmm, I’d say dirty talk, being rough, and a loud partner 😈

Fine art and debauchery | one shot

Pairing: Jean-François Mercier x Betty

Rating: Adult

Word count: 4300 (what?)

Summary: Betty’s first time in Paris with Jean-François isn’t as idyllic as forethought. He takes her to the Louvre, and they find a rather unorthodox way of relaxing and appreciating art (by which I mean sex, of course). 

Warning: shameless romanticization of Paris and gratuitous French.

A/N: Part of the Perversions Délicates ‘verse, but can be read on its own I think.

Thanks to @fadewithfury for reading this while I was struggling with it.


During the Second World War, many of the Louvre’s masterpieces were evacuated. Venus and Ramses II were carefully wrapped up and carried to châteaux in the countryside. By the time the Nazis invaded, the great museum was practically empty. Sure, the Germans reopened it, but it was but an empty shell. Vegetables were grown in ornamental gardens and 16th century buildings were damaged by bombs.

It had taken two years and major renovations, but the museum had reopened at last with all its masterpieces in their rightful place. It’s not the Mona Lisa, however, that was on Betty’s mind right now, but something far more trivial: what does one wear at the Louvre? She imagined the museum to be filled with posh or cool artsy people. She belonged to neither category.

Betty inspected her outfit in front of the bedroom mirror. She’d remodeled a mint green dress— shortened the skirt, removed the sleeves and added a white collar— based on what Parisian women wore, but she still hesitated to wear it.

“You could have bought a new one,” Jean-François said.

“Don’t you like it?”

Truth was, she never wanted to be accused of loving him for his money.

“I like this.” He pecked the exposed freckle on her shoulder then finished buttoning up his pinstripe shirt.

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The Eiffel Tower Incident

(sorry if there’s any errors because I had to type this on my phone)

It’s not everyday that you become a superhero. But for Ladybug and Chat Noir, it literally almost happened the other day. Two weeks ago to be exact. Both were still getting used to their strange new abilities, secret identities, and kwamis- weird but cute little creatures that came with the Miraculous and gave them the ability to transform. They had begun fighting people who had been turned into akuma. These akuma were usually after their Miraculous but sometimes they just wanted to cause trouble. And that was bad for Ladybug and Chat Noir because they had been getting blamed for these attacks. So this is how, two weeks later, they began to fight their most challenging akuma so far.

Marinette had been watching TV with her mother that evening when an emergency news report told of an akuma attack. It was a photographer that had gone crazy when he got fired. He was running around Paris trapping people in pictures. Her mother had immediately jumped up.

“Marinette, you stay here where it’s safe. Your father had been delivering some cakes so I’m going to make sure he’s okay.”

“Okay, be careful!” Marinette called as the door shut. Then, the red kwami flew out of her purse.

“Come on, Marinette! You need to transform!”

“But Tikki, I’m still not exactly sure what I’m doing. And this akuma has already captured a lot of people.”

“Don’t worry. You’ve got Chat Noir to help you.”

Marinette sighed, starting to transform.

“That doesn’t make me feel much better.”


Chat Noir arrived first to the fight as he had already been out when the attacks started. Adrien had barely been able to make it out of the store he was in and transform. So we jumped straight in front of the photographer and said “The Lord of Night and Darkness is here! I’ll make you regret messing with Paris!”

“‘The Lord of Night and Darkness’?” A familiar voice asked. “Do you really think that sounds cool? You’re not a magical girl, Chat.”

A blush stained Chat Noir’s cheeks as he turned to face his lady. To hide his embarrassment, he put on a cocky grin.

“But you, my sweet Ladybug, are.” She rolled her eyes at him.

The akuma, who had been watching them quietly until that moment, suddenly jumped at Hawkmoth’s voice.

“There they are! Don’t put them in a photo! Get their Miraculous!”

“Yes!” He said, grabbing his camera hanging from his neck. “Say cheese!”

He flashed the camera and the lucky dip was temporarily blinded. Adrien could only hear Plagg in his ear going “Cheese! Where!”

'Now is not the time for this, Plagg…’ He thought as he blindly reached out and grabbed Ladybug’s arm. Though he was blinded, he still had an excellent hearing and sense of smell.

Ladybug screamed out as her arm was suddenly grabbed and pulled in a random direction. Though she relaxed more when she realized it was Chat’s hand and not the akuma’s.

“Where are we going, Kitty?” She yelled, her vision starting to clear a bit despite the black circles still here and there.

“No clue.”

And that was when she ran into something. She blinked rapidly, looking up at the huge structure before her. He actually dragged her into the Eiffel Tower.

“Um… Sorry…” He squeaked, now able to see as Ladybug rubbed her forehead.

“Here you two are! You both just need to sit down and smile for the picture!” The akuma yelled, laughing at them. Chat Noir and Ladybug both dodged, going in different directions. Ladybug used her yo-yo to swing up into the Tower, trying to think of a plan. Of course, Chat just took out his baton (staff? I completely forgot the name of it) and started swinging wildly.

“Do you even know how to use that thing?” Ladybug called.

“Of course,” Chat yelled back when the akuma grabbed the baton (still can’t remember) and threw it, taking Chat with it. Ladybug groaned. This was going downhill fast. All the akuma before this had been fairly easy to take down. They had seemed just as inexperienced and confused as the superheroes. But this akuma was different.

Just then, if things couldn’t get any worse, the police showed up. Half of them pointed their guns at the akuma while the rest pointed them at Ladybug, still on the Tower. One cop lifted up a megaphone, shining lights on them as he spoke.

“Surrender now and we will not shoot! Photographer man, return all of the people you have captured! His accomplice in red on the Tower, come down!”

Marinette sighed. Did they not just see her fighting him?

“Not until I get the Miraculous! Smile!” He raised up his camera and before the cops could even shoot, there was a flash. Where the police had been standing, photographs fluttered to the ground with them trapped inside.

“Okay! That’s it!” There was a scream from behind as Chat Noir started running at the akuma.

“Cataclysm!” He yelled, holding out his hand towards the photographer. But at the last second, he dodged it, leaving Chat running straight towards the the Tower. Reacting on instinct, Ladybug threw her yo-yo, wrapping it around Chat’s foot. She knocked him over, his hand just missing the tower and hitting the ground.

The ground started to crack underneath the Tower, and with a creak, it started to lean. Ladybug screamed as she was knocked from the Tower. Luckily, she landed on Chat. And, even luckier, the Tower stopped moving a second later.

“Chat…” Ladybug said in a soft voice as they got up. “You turned the Eiffel Tower into the Leaning Tower of Paris…”

“The cops are really gonna hate us now…”

She slapped her forehead in frustration.

“Just do me a favor and distract the akuma while I think of a decent plan.”

“Anything for you, my Lady.” Chat purred and bowed, easily slipping back into flirting. Then he turned around and smiles at the akuma. “Hey, I want my picture taken! I’ve been told I’m a great model!”

he winked, jumping up into the Tower with the akuma right on his heels.

“Okay, here it goes,” Ladybug whispered to herself. “Lucky Charm!”

Throwing the yo-yo into the air, she caught a long ribbon that fell back down. She still hadn’t quite gotten used to figuring out what to do with the power. Mentally saying “screw it”, she jumped up into the Tower after the akuma and Chat on instinct.

“Hey Kitty, catch!” She yelled, throwing part of the ribbon to him. In a way that only her partner could do, he caught it and easily read her mind on what to do next. They each sprang into action, jumping this way and that, weaving the ribbon through the Tower. The akuma was caught in the middle, unable to catch up. Before he even realized what was happening, Chat pulled the ribbon from the top of the Tower and Ladybug pulled from the ground. The akuma was wrapped up and hanging near the bottom of the Tower. Ladybug was then able to grab the camera with her yo-yo, smash it, and purify the butterfly. The akuma was defeated, but Paris was still a wreck. However, Chat Noir was too busy celebrating their victory.

“Yeah! Did you see that?! We were jumping everywhere and he didn’t even see it coming!” He jumped a little for emphasis and the Tower creaked dangerously. Ladybug, who had been wrapping up the ribbon, suddenly threw it at Chat’s head, knocking him off.

“Don’t break the Tower any further, stupid Chat!”

Both were suddenly blinded by a bright pink light. It spread down the Tower and throughout Paris, turning everything and everyone back to normal.

“You did it, Ladybug! You figured out how to do Miraculous Cleansing Light!” Tikki shouted in her head. Marinette barely had time to smile before Chat landed on top of her this time. Both groaned as their Miraculous beeped, signaling they were almost out of time.

“Let’s forget any of this ever happened,” Ladybug groaned, embarrassed.