Fic: I Trust You, Eren/Levi, NC-17

Title: I Trust You (1/2)
Pairing: Eren/Levi
Rating: NC-17
Additional info: canon-verse, light d/s, switching, bottom Levi, bottom Eren, top Eren, top Levi, (this is mostly top!Eren and bottom!Levi), sub!Levi, dom!Eren, Eren!POV, safe sane consensual, anal sex, oral sex, plot and porn, romance, fluff, cuddling, established relationship, sex toys, Eren is seventeen, body worship, praise kink, (I’m just gonna be really blunt and say a lot of this is bottom!Levi and involves a butt plug), orgasm delay, fingering, filthy fluffy sexy times

A/N: So, this started as Tanekore and I musing on what the hell dildos and butt plugs would be made out of in canon-verse (I mean, it’s not like they have silicone or PVC or rubber or shatterproof glass, right, so what would they use?), and then this became thousands of words’ worth of Eren and Levi screwing each other’s brains out and being sentimental as fuck about it.

- - -

Later that night, he ends up lying in bed with Levi, the air cool on his skin.

Eren’s already out of his shirt, down to nothing but his pants; but Levi’s in no hurry, it seems. Still has all his clothes on, and is propped up on one elbow, trailing his fingers along Eren’s chest and stomach as Eren lies there on his back and tries his best to not squirm all over, his pants tented obscenely and his fingers twisted in the sheets. He’s flushed pretty much all the way down his neck and chest, at this point. Grits his teeth and tries to think over how hard his heart is beating.

Shit, it’s hard to think when Levi’s looking at him like that.