I regret everything.

Ravenclaw, immediately after agreeing to do something.


When you make a decision, that decision is based on what you know and who you are at that precise moment. If your choice should lead you to an unfavourable outcome, you should not say that you regret your decision, because you acted based on what you knew and felt at the time. 

Regrets are an optical illusion, in other words, because they hold unfavourable outcomes of the past accountable to the standard of future knowledge—knowledge gained precisely through your “error.” 

The experience of regret does not tell you what you “should have done,” therefore, but registers the difference between a past and a present perspective—the latter of which knows what kind of pitfall to avoid. Regretting, rightly understood, shows you just how far you’ve come.



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You see, at first, I did regret you. I regretted ever giving you that satisfaction of having me so easily. I used to regret ever being so vulnerable for you. I would regret the memories we had created at 2PM as well as the ones at 4AM. Now, I’m just so thankful for you. You taught me that there is nothing wrong with showing a man just how crazy you are for him, it is not my fault you were incapable of loving me back. You taught me my worth. That I should not lose an ounce of sleep, crying over something that is completely out of my hands. You taught me how to love myself enough to let you go. Because of you, I know what I deserve now and I will never settle. You did that. I am forever grateful for you.
—  You were a life lesson. Thank you R.
The Zodiac Signs and Nostalgia

They hate it and try to avoid the feeling/get out of it at all costs: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius

They hate it, but when they’re in it, they dwell for a long time: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

They look at things that will make them nostalgic on purpose: Taurus, Libra, Pisces

Unforgiving hearts die in regret.
—  when you can’t forgive and forget, and the bitterness keeps eating away your love, kindness, and justness // @abillionlittlethoughts
They look at each other like they were almost lovers, like they should have kissed and made love and laughed in bed together, but they chose to stay friends instead. They look at each other with what ifs and could haves and hearts full of regrets.
—  Nikita Gill
I had to let us go. Not only for me but for your sake. I didn’t want to be around, constantly reminding you of what could’ve and what would’ve been.
I know what i have to offer and i know that i just might have been the best thing that you ever got to call ‘yours’. But you just weren’t ready.
So i had to let us go.
—  September 26, 2017
11:15 PM