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Suicide Squad Re-Write Pt. 1: Harley Commissions Deadshot to Kill The Joker

But honestly, could you imagine? Harley has fooled everyone, even the psychotic clown himself. She wears his clothes and has his name tattooed all over her body, she pretends she doesn’t care being dubbed “The Joker’s Crazy Girlfriend” by everyone around her, but in actuality she’s wanted him dead ever since he abandoned her in the water for the Bat to collect as a bounty. Enough is enough. She plays along with The Joker’s scheme to have her nanite disarmed so they can run off into the sunset together, but that’s only so she could lure him out into the open, to create the ideal moment to execute her crazy little plan that’s been brewing in her head. And when she meets Deadshot- The Man Who Never Misses- she knew she could utilize his perfect aim to her benefit; a bullet right between her Puddin’s beady eyes while she watches from a front row seat. 

Q&A With the Crow Crew: Halloween Edition
  • Kaz: So guys, it's Halloween so what's your favorite part about it?
  • Inej: You can walk around with knives and covered in blood and no one questions it
  • Jesper: stealing candy from small children
  • Nina: SEXY COSTUMES AND CANDY ;) *winks at Matthias*
  • Wylan: Cuddling with someone during horror movies because they're scared and you're totally not scared

So someone from youtube told me to make a Papyrus version of a ‘draw your squad’. I couldn’t say no. XD

I’ll share the speedpaint/video soon!

Underlust © @nsfwshamecave

Ink!Papyrus © @7goodangel

This is what heaven looks like.

Draw the squad meme done with the fabulous inefragueiro. Ine drew Michael and Freddie, and I drew Prince and David.

Dating Harley Quinn would include:

  • Her constantly trying to up your look.
  • “Puh-leez! That went out of style so long ago I think my grandma would even gasp at you. Can’t I help you out just a little?”
  • In Arkham, when you walk past each other’s cells you always wink at each other which puts the guards on edge.
  • Harley used to be a psychiatrist. She knows how to play you, how to tell if your lying or manipulate you into doing things she doesn’t want to do.
  • Hating the Joker so much.
  • Getting off on the wrong foot with Ivy.
  • Annoying the rest of the Squad together.
  • She gets very jealous when someone else gets you to laugh or if you seem interested in them.
  • A trail of blood in your names.
  • When you guys are on a date, dress to impress becomes a whole new level. More like dress to slay.
  • A lot of kisses.
  • Late night talks about being the ones to kill the bat.
  • Coming up with new designs for her outfit.
  • Everyone knows about your relationship and there isn’t one person who would dare to criticise it. Both of you together are more threatening than the Joker ever was.
  • Flirting like hell and the last time you didn’t have your hands on each other was a distant memory.

1992.08.20 ❀ Happy 24th birthday, Maiyan ❀ 



heh u thought i would go down the angst route think again i am an all fluff with minor angst kind of gal 

squad bingo round 1 complete /cheers in the background/ my prompt was “time travelling au”!! although i guess this doesnt make too much sense;;; side note people probably think yoongz is a delinquent bc he never turned up 4 school but its bc hes getting used to time skipping