regret making them this big

more mermaid Jack and marine biology intern Rhys

watch out for those spines, rhysie, that neurotoxin’s a real trip

1. It might feel like you’re stuck in vicious circle of sad thoughts and your head just won’t let go of that constant pain. Remaining constantly clouded and unclear. Trust me one day that feeling will pass. One day soon, everything will click into place, like a jigsaw, and everything will make sense and you my good pal, need to hold on until that day, it’s worth waiting for.

2. Sometimes people suck. They let you down, and then they let you down some more. But don’t make it an option to retaliate harshly or act irrationally while you’re angry or upset because I can promise you one thing, you’ll regret it. Big time. Be the bigger person, don’t make them feel like they made you feel.

3. Life isn’t supposed to be easy. There’s going to be bumps in the road and obstacles thrown your way and most of the time you won’t know how to overcome them. But you will learn.

4. You will, most likely, never understand why you feel certain emotions. They’re not meant to be understood, they’re just meant to be accepted. They’re a part of you. It won’t help to ignore them or pretend they don’t exist because they’ll just ruin your day. Acceptance is key. You’re allowed to feel. Nobody can take that away or belittle you into believing you’re weird or strange.

5. Everything happens for a reason. Changes happen, you can’t control everything. Always see the glass half full. Some things end so new things can begin.

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