regret again too


tatzelwyrm asked: revan or quinlan vos

“Sir, you seem troubled.”
“Quinlan Vos has that effect.”

“I’d rather sit out in the rain for a whole three hours. Naked.”

Tiny picks up on Ed’s irritation with Roy and does the Scary Small Dog Thing. Unfortunately for all three of them, Shakespeare has already fallen madly in love with the little lady. Ed eventually relents to sharing (but only because Tiny is cold) and tucks the puppy in his hoodie. Shakespeare jumps in every puddle and soaks Roy in the end anyway. 

My grandma and me watching The Walking Dead again today
  • Me: Look, Grandma. Daryl is crying over Beth.
  • Grandma: I know. He loved her. He fell in love with her.
  • Me: *Cries*
  • Daryl: *Cries*
  • My cat: *Cries*
  • Grandma: Did I say something wrong?
  • Me: No, Grams. You said the most perfect thing ever.
  • Even my grandma knows his love for her.

NT: Wow….. it’s so scary but tragically romantic when Crazy people are reckless and impulsive……. driving fast into the night and getting into fistfights and telling people their True Hidden Feelings……..

Me, a simple ND: *finger on send button of an email containing only “You said you study lizards so I thought you’d like this” and a meme of an iguana wearing a pink sparkly dress on a razor scooter to send to the professor of my huge lecture class who is pretty much a stranger to me* *has a 14 lb bag of candy corn in my Amazon cart* *has a text message to my little sister including WAY too much information about my sex life including never-before-seen graphic trauma details all typed out and ready to send* I’M GONNA DO IT