I want to fix us, make everything go back to the way it was. But how do you expect me to do that when you treat me like this. You act as if I’m the back burner of your back burner. You had someone who would’ve gave you the world and chose someone who barely gives you a sliver of their time. I want to help you but the price of that is destroying myself; and I’m tired of doing that for you.

homestuck fan tiers
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5 Things I Regret Buying

speedwagon had to die after part 2 because part 3 would have been ten minutes long. holly joestar gets sick? speedwagon himself flies to egypt without being targeted because he isn’t a stand user and with the help of a handy dandy speedwagon foundation wrecking ball he destroys dio’s mansion and straight up kills him for daring to breathe at a joestar. part 3 over. part 4 never happens because speedwagon confiscated both stand arrows. bang.

yo i love those posts about how aliens view humans or the ones about how humans are scary space orcs so here’s one

imagine if we found aliens but they just? have absolutely no sense of collectivism nor groupthink/mob mentality. they are a race of total individuals, there isn’t anything like “collaboration,” warfare is guerrilla strikes of individuals or small bands, there’s no real government because acting as a unit just ISN’T A THING.

so when humans visit this planet they freak the hell out because how are they so organized? why do they stick together? how do they get so much DONE

and the absolute scariest, most incredible thing about human culture to them is not war or our inventions or culture nor our incredible physiology. no.

it’s fuckin marching bands.

a HUNDRED people all dressed in the SAME OUTFIT, marching in time to a single beat, organized in a grid, playing musical instruments in a certain time measure so that all the instruments work together to form a cohesive whole song, and sometimes they all YELL at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME…

this scares the absolute shit out of the whole race and NOBODY CAN HANDLE IT

I don’t want to lose you but at the same time I can’t be friends with you because I can’t stand seeing you with her.
—  Day 99