Rain on a night with no moon sleeping, she is hunted. Haunted. A thousand eyes- or was it just two?- are accusing, knowing. Are future seeing past seeing soul seeing. Unforgiving. Cold the night rain falls this building needs a roof, last repairs it had seen were calloused hands pinning a tarp overhead. The rot happened years after, when wind and cold and heat and night ripped away the quick fix the bandage keeping out cold, cold rain. The dark sky holds only clouds the silence is heavy, expectant never really just quiet.

She hears in the corners of rooms the whispers of the dead and wishes for calloused hands, cold hands warm heart holding her whispering, “these will pass these nightmares, too, will pass” whispering words that are only poison now, the rain gets in through the holes in the roof and she only prays for your hands.

—  “You Are Dead Because of Me.”

“A Ghastly Realization”

Wrapped up tight in a warm blankie with the air conditioner on full blast (like she likes to do), Joss bops around online to see what her stupid annoying friends are up to…

“FML”, one stupid friend writes, “my parents didnt leeve enuff money for gas, I gota use mY OWN $$$ WTF”.  Joss just sighs and wishes the friend would get t-boned by a drunk driver.

“I dont kno who i can trust, I feel so betrayed. It takes so much for me to open up and you showed me why I dont“ says another annoyingly overdramatic friend, and Joss knows it’s just because that friend’s equally annoying boyfriend lied and went to a party, so naturally the friend’s faith in love and honesty shall never recover.

After scrolling past several tired memes, entitled whining, and idiotic opinions, one annoying entry jolts Joss out of her snarky malaise—

At first she mocks it: “that which doesnt kill you only makes you stronger”, said without a trace of irony by a friend who simply procrastinated all semester before finally staying up just one night to finish an essay… come ON, Joss thinks.  How trite!  How pathetic!  That hardly counts as something you survived through—

But then Joss pauses, as she remembers— she also wrote the same cliched phrase 6 short months ago when she was fired from her summer job because she kept oversleeping and her parents grounded her for 2 weeks.

Oh no…

And that is when Joss realizes that she is just as annoying as everyone else.

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