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The Fall

And then the sword came down. 

And then…

And then. 

The next time Daryl comes out of the white hot haze that descends over his brain, he’s covered in blood. Not his own. That congealed, stringy walker blood. Not human.

And his friends are gone. 

He’s on autopilot as he eliminates the threat. People, not walkers. He doesn’t care. He looks a guy in the eye and sinks an arrow straight into his chest and feels nothing but hatred. They killed his people. His family.

He’s so deafened from the screams and the gunfire that he nearly doesn’t hear it when someone he knows runs up next to him. He rounds on them with wild eyes.

“Rick.” Is the first thing he barks out over the noise. “You see Rick?”

LOST episodes by IMDb rating. (click to enlarge)
Overall, the show has an 8.6 average, based on 268,472 ratings.

Graph TV, the latest project by data viz virtuoso Kevin Wu, lets you visualize IMDb’s massive database of user ratings. Type in the name of a show and the site gamely spits out a graph of every episode, helpfully color coding seasons and drawing a linear regression line for each. No longer will your TV arguments be founded solely on vague recollections and long-held grudges. This is cold hard data. (via Wired)

Highest rated episodes: the season three finale “Through the Looking Glass” and season four classic “The Constant” each have a 9.7 rating.

Lowest rated episodes: season two’s “Fire + Water” and season three’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” (Jack’s tattoos!) each have a 7.2 rating.

The infamous Nikki and Paulo episode (“Expose”) has an 8.0 rating.


16:51// went to a vintage shop and brought this cool af box, so moved things on my desk around a bit!! wrote out some notes on permutations and combinations and regressions lines for stats, gonna do some more work later, maybe chemistry or a maths past paper! good luck studying!