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kuyaaa sa sobrang risk taker ko, ngayon ko lang ginagawa yung mga notes, portfolio, at hws ko huhuhuhuhuhu i regreet may perio pa naman mamaya :c

TANGINA BES ANG LAKAS MO HAHAHA perio na nga may hw pa??? sabay napaletse sa portfolio :^(( praying 4 u #teamnosleep


The Hollow Crown, ep 1 Richard II

Shakespeare, Richard II


Draw near,
And list what with our council we have done.
For that our kingdom’s earth should not be soil’d
With that dear blood which it hath fostered;
And for our eyes do hate the dire aspect
Of civil wounds plough’d up with neighbours’ sword;
And for we think the eagle-winged pride
Of sky-aspiring and ambitious thoughts,
With rival-hating envy, set on you
To wake our peace, which in our country’s cradle
Draws the sweet infant breath of gentle sleep;
Which so roused up with boisterous untuned drums,
With harsh resounding trumpets’ dreadful bray,
And grating shock of wrathful iron arms,
Might from our quiet confines fright fair peace
And make us wade even in our kindred’s blood,
Therefore, we banish you our territories:
You, cousin Hereford, upon pain of life,
Till twice five summers have enrich’d our fields
Shall not regreet our fair dominions,
But tread the stranger paths of banishment.


Return again, and take an oath with thee.
Lay on our royal sword your banish’d hands;
Swear by the duty that you owe to God–
Our part therein we banish with yourselves–
To keep the oath that we administer:
You never shall, so help you truth and God!
Embrace each other’s love in banishment;
Nor never look upon each other’s face;
Nor never write, regreet, nor reconcile
This louring tempest of your home-bred hate;
Nor never by advised purpose meet
To plot, contrive, or complot any ill
‘Gainst us, our state, our subjects, or our land.

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Spoilers for 5B have really annoyed me, especially the one about Mona being -A was out of love to make them strong enough for Alison's return. These girls are delusional, Mona admitted herself that it was because of what Ali did to her. If she did care (don't think she did) then how come her actions (running Hanna over, sending Spencer to Radley) "out of love" can be forgiven and Ali's can't? Bc's shes A... right? I know i'm just going to hate 5B, until Ali is proven innocent. Sorry for the rant

it’s fine Anon, I completely agree with you. These spoilers are just WTF really, But what gives me hope is, when Emily was ‘distracting’ Ali

She did text ‘I hate this’ ( and the Liars were bitches here I’m sorry, since they know Emily LOVES Ali (or they are delusional) and they set out Emily to do that to Ali, Ali was hurt and so was Emily, when Ali left she was so disappointed and Em’s face screamed regret in the end…

So yea I’m team Ali and Team Emison, just you wait when Ali gives everyone a 180 degree bitch-slap!