Eshu Alaroye/Laroye

This path is one of the youngest of the Elegua’s. He sits behind every door. He loves to play jokes and be mischievous. He is the good friend and messenger of Oshun. He loves to walk the streets and he is very useful in money problems. He can cause you to loose everything or gain everything. When Laroye comes down to earth, he goes around and plays with the children, eat cakes and dances alongside with the orishas. You have to keep an eye on him as he likes to take to the streets to find who he can play a tick on.

Eshu Alagwanna/Lagwanna

This path is a very strong Elegua. This Eshu is said to be the overseer of the egungun which are the spirits of the dead. Alagwanna sits at the cemetery gates guarding and maintaining order of the dead that pass through the gates. Close friend and messenger to Oya. Chains are very essential to him When Alagwanna comes down to the earth, he is very stern and does not like foolishness. He enjoys to dance and loves to consult about family or ancestors that have passed on.

Eshu Bi

This Eshu is known to be seen at crossroads. He is an Eshu that causes distruct and misfortune to those who deserve it. He gives painful and dangerous lessons in which if you don’t learn the lesson, he will instruct another one that would be more terrible. He can be best friend or your worst enemy. When Eshu Bi comes down he likes to talk stern to his followers. He gives good advices and expects you to listen to them.

Eshu Anaki

This path is said to be one of the paths that Elegua is represented as a female. It is said that Anaki is the one who keeps order among the Elegua’s. She is the one that sends each path out to do what is needed to be done among humans.

Eshu Aina/BaraAina

This Eshu is said to walk closely and the messenger of Chango. He is said to open the paths for Chango when he goes to battle. Eshu Aina wears a thunderstone on his head and alongside with his garavato, he holds a double axe like Chango. This Eshu is said to also cause fire as one of his punishments.

Eshu Arerebioko

This Eshu is said to be the path that walks alongside Ogun. When Ogun is in the forest its Eshu Arerebioko that accompanies him and keeps him company and he also sits at corners. It is said that when an accident happens at a corner, it is Arerebioko who caused it so he and Ogun can eat.

Eshu Aye

This path of Elegua is said to walk the seashores. Aye is the conch shell that lives in the salt waters accompanied by Yemaya. This Eshu knows all what we want. Aye also means mundo (world). So he is the one that knows and contains riches to all.

Eshu Elegbara

This path of Eshu is from the land of Ketu. He brings good fortune and blessings to his followers. One can attend him outside of your house by the dumpster. He loves to smoke and drink.

Eshu Alaketu

This Eshu sits on the outskirts of the town of Ketu in Africa where Eshu is praised. He is a wise man that brings fortune to the town.

Eshu Afra

This path of Elegua is from Arara, the land of Dahomey . Afra is the close and personal friend of Asojano. He is received when one receives Asojano. He is said to be a middle age and loves to smoke cigars. This Eshu does not like rum nor corojo. He likes dry wine to be placed to him. He is the one that opens the roads for Asojano to take or dispel epidemics on the land.

Eshu Ana

This Eshu is the owner and path owner to the sacred drums. He is the one that opens the path for communication between the sacred drums and the orishas. When Eshu Ana comes down, he loves to dance.

Eshu Ashikuelu

This path lives at the entrance of the marketplace. He is a great negotiator and can be used for money resolutions. He loves a good bargain.

Eshu Bara Layiki

This Eshu loves to dance and party. He loves to drink and play just as Laroye. He is called to make the party happy and blissful.

Eshu Dako

This path is always in the forest. He knows the secrets to many herbs and the secret also to the hunt. He likes to dress in animal skin.

Eshu Alboni

This Eshu lives high in the moutains. Very close to the heavens and guards those doors. Close to the orishas of the white cloth.

Eshu Ayeru

This Eshu is the messenger of Ifa. He works closely and guards the Ifa and its babalows.

Eshu Aroyeyi

This path guards the entrance to Olofi’s castle. He stands near the entrance and through him you have to pass to get to Olofi.

Eshu Ode/Ode Mata

This path of Eshu walks alongside Ochosi in hunt. He is the one that opens the path and trees so Ochosi can aim in on his prey. He likes his rum or anisette. He takes a crossbow and arrows cemented on him in which he uses to hunt with his friend.

Eshu Owo

This Eshu is the one that guards all the riches of the world. One keeps him happy so he can bring abundance to the home. He will always maintain you with money in your pocket if you attend to him correctly.

Eshu Beleke

He loves to play as a child. Loves to dance and brings good fortune to ones who deserves. If not he will bring the opposite and until you are ready, he will not bring you happiness.

Eshu Eluufe

This is an old and wise Eshu. He doesn’t like to be disrespected under any circumstances. This Eshu can for see all.


Yemaya has always has immense love for her sister Oshun… as you will read in the following pataki ..Yemaya always knew Oshun was always a bit conceited … always in fine clothes and stared at herself for long periods of time in the mirror the most beautiful of all Queens . When she had no mirror she would gaze into the river and use its reflection to comb her beautiful long hair. The time came when Bloody wars ravaged the lands and Oshun had to flee her kingdom with only the white dress she was wearing… as the time pasted and Oshun washed her dress it turned yellow from the waters that she washed it in . She had to sell her precious Jewels so she could eat , And to add to her misery … from all the worrying she had done her beautiful hair had fallen out .

Oshun feeling alone, Unbeautiful and seeing the worst of times. She cried to herself at the raging river not knowing that at the rivers end she was not alone for there was Yemaya waiting on her sister . Yemaya then tried to find a way to remedy Oshun’s situation for she could not bear to see her sister destroyed materially and spiritually.

“Oshun, my sister cry no more , For your tears are like swords penetrating my heart” Yemaya cried back to her sister ..

“Queen you left and Queen you shall return to be by the Grace of Olofi . From this day fourth , All the gold will be yours and you will adorn yourself in wearing its color , ALL the corals of the sea that is the heart of the Ocean floor will be yours. YOU shall never do work of a slave again but sit upon a golden throne and you will take my peacock that which is my mine, Who will now be yours from this day fourth, For he is the symbol of Royalty and that of a Queen . And so that you are not tormented and cry NO more , You see my hair? Remember it is my pride , As yours was to you … I will cut mine in half and you may take my hair and fashion a wig made of it and wear it till Yours grows back and your dignity returns . With tears in Yemaya’s eyes she cut her beautiful hair giving half to Oshun to wear upon her head as a wig.”

For this Pataki we understand now why Oshun will defend the children of Yemaya and Yemaya the children of Oshun . And why the daughters of Yemaya and Oshun should never cut their hair much . This Pataki comes for the Odu (7-5) Odi tonti Ose




In simple words an Ebbó is an offering or sacrifice made in a ceremony to transform negative energies into positive energies. This ceremony entails a sacrifice that could be stopping eating our favorite food, stop drinking something we like, offer sweets, Addimú and other offerings to ask the favor of the Orishas. To know what the Orisha wants as an Ebbó can be found by divination.

In delicate situations as sickness or death, the Orisha might ask for an animal sacrifice to keep away death. This is disapproved by our modern society as our concept of death is different from the one our forefathers had. Blood means life, in every birth there’s blood. This is why when we’re going to sacrifice an animal we do it with great respect, reverence and gratitude since its life is taken so we can obtain a better life.

In some occasions the Orishas doesn’t ask for the animal’s life, instead they ask us to take care of the animal with respect and love.

The Ebbó transmute the ashe of the ingredients and it is consumed by the Orishas to  restore the natural course of things. The finality of an Ebbó is to refresh, honoring and make pleas to the Orishas according to our needs.

Here’s a list of the name of some Ebbó and what they do:

-Ebbó Alafia: Offering to the Orishas

-Ebbó Misi: Baths with different kinds of ewe.

-Ebbó Idanewa: Charity

-Ebbó Ope: Offerings of gratitude.

-Ebbó Sisun: Sacrifice to fire.

-Ebbó Fifí: Sacrifice to sea waves.

-Ebbó Orí: Sacrifice to your Orí.

-Ebbó Eshe: Sacrifice for being disobedient.

-Ebbó Eso: Offering of fruits.

-Ebbó Isorá: Offering to keep enemies away.

-Ebbó Alebidano: Offering to keep bad luck away.