Captain America Civil War [[2016]]



With many people fearing the actions of super heroes, the government decides to push for the Hero Registration Act, a law that limits a hero’s actions. This results in a division in The Avengers.

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MIraculers! NEWS!!!

First off for those attending SDCC make sure to check out the Miraculous panel tomorrow Saturday 7/23 @1:45pm PST! Be there and be Miraculous!!

Secondly for Miraculers around the nation (USA) New eps of Miraculous are going to start Saturday AUGUST 6th with the one hour origins special!

thirdly- Miraculers in the NY metro area, go to @Zagtoon on twitter and vote so we can get our own Miraculous event!! (this is probably for NYCC but if they invite people who can’t get into the con, I’m all for it!! Note: they changed ticket registration this year for NYCC and I and many others missed out ;_; ) VOTE VOTE VOTE AND LETS MAKE NYC MIRACULOUS!!

I am seething right now.

I just got a letter from the DMV threatening to suspend my my license for “failure to appear”, which is almost as bullshit as the traffic ticket I got in the first place. I was ticketed for driving with an expired registration, even though I had renewed my registration and even had proof, the trooper didn’t care and said I had to present it in court. Fine, whatever, so I took a day off work to spend an hour in court sorting the stupid thing out. I was told it was taken care of, but like an idiot I didn’t get documentation. So now the court is claiming I didn’t show up at all which is absolute garbage. I am so upset at the ongoing headache this stupid damn ticket is causing.


Sitting on the side of the road, yet again you had been pulled over. Pulling out your licenses, proof of insurance, and registration. Waiting for Sheriff Jarry to come to the window, this was getting old.

“What seems to be the problem Sheriff?” You try to smile, not have an attitude because it would just make it worse. She glared at you through your window, leaning against your car.

“Give up seeing Filip, and these little morning and afternoon meetings will stop.”

Handing her your information you wait for your bogus ticket for whatever she wanted to write. You’d been dating Filip for the last three months, you had been harassed by his ex for the last two.

Because you could handle your own shit, you hadn’t said anything to him. She handed you your information back, but no ticket this time. She leaned in smiling. “It’s just a matter of time before he gives you up. Have a good day.”

You drove off to the studio, where you had been working with Lyla as her assistant producer. Slamming into the studio, after today’s stop, you’d had enough. Filip came up to you, his arms wrapping around you.

“Everything okay love?”

Glaring at him, you walked out of his arms. “I’m just great!” You walk over to the bar, pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

“You seem a little pissed at me love.”

“your damn right I am! Your fucking ex-lover, girlfriend, Sheriff bitch has been making my life a living hell the last two months, pulling me over twice a day. Giving me a ticket! Telling me if I give you up, she’ll leave me alone.”

He pulled her into his arms, kissing her. “I love you, I have since the first time I laid eyes on you. I’ll take care of the Sheriff.”

“I love you too.”  Leaning into him, you laid your head on his chest.


Chibs sent a message to Althea to meet him in the parking garage, she smiled when she got it rushing off to meet him. She got out of her jeep, he was already there waiting for her.

She approached him. “Filip, I’m so glad you sent me a message.” He glared at her at her.

“Stay away from (Y/N), I don’t want to hear you bothering her again. Understand me? It would be a shame if something happened to you.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“No, bad things happen to people that threaten the woman that  I love.” He turned to walk away, leaving her standing at her jeep.

Riding over to (Y/N)’s house, he pulled into the drive, smiling when he saw the lights were still on. He knocked on the door, waiting for her to answer. When she opened the door, he pulled her into his arms.

“It’s over.”  He picked her up, carrying her into the house, kicking the door shut behind him. “I’ll always take care of you. Protect you, and keep you safe.”


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Help catherine get her car back

Being poor is expensive. My old car died a horrible death, and through the generosity of my grandfather, I was able to get a new one. Which was fine at first, but then when it came time to register it again, it was going to cost $500. It was either that or rent, so I went with rent. Working a minimum wage job part-time and going to school part-time left me with no extra income. fast forward seven months and it has caught up to me. My car was towed and put in impound by the police. I went in to find I had to update my registration, Pay a fee at the police station, and pay a fee at the place where the car was impounded. That seemed manageable, until I looked up what I would have to pay for registration and it was over 1,000. There is no way I could pay that.

For right now, I can take the bus to work and walk to the grocery store, but if I don’t get my car soon, the police will auction it off. So I am coming to you asking for help. Anything you could donate would be appreciated, even if it is just a dollar. If you can’t help out, a reblog would help just as much. Help me out and I will try to pay it forward

Foyle Friday: hungry Sam and amused Foyle

A ficlet for @perclexed, who lured a new writer into Foyle’s War.

Autumn, 1942

The school secretary’s office wasn’t warm, but with the heavy November rain drumming on the windows it was cozy.  Ordinarily Foyle would have given Milner the task of checking registration records for names of interest in their current case, but Milner was in court today, and the work needed doing.  Sam had brought her MTC paperwork, and the secretary had kindly found her a chair and made space for her to work on an end table while Foyle used the desk.  

Towards the end of the second hour, Sam’s pen stopped scratching. From the corner of his eye Foyle saw her take her thermos flask from her haversack, pour tea into the lid, then grimace after she swallowed.  He held a finger to the page in front of him to keep his place as he watched her take another sip.  This time it was more of a wince, or a shudder.

“Sore throat, Sam?”

She sat up straight.  “Oh!  No, not a bit, sir.  Tickety-boo.”

“Mm.”  Foyle frowned at her.  “Not going to be, if you drink the milk when it’s off.”

“The milk’s fine.”  Sam’s shoulders drooped.  “It’s the sugar.  Or, really, it’s the lack of sugar.  The substitute.”  

“Using treacle?”

“No.  I was, but I haven’t any left, and it’s very difficult to find.  But I read that the Russians use jam in their tea, and one of the other girls billeted with me was about to wash a jar that had had carrot marmalade in it. And there was really quite a bit still hanging on to the sides, and we oughtn’t to waste anything, so I asked if I could have the dregs if I washed the jar for her, and she let me have it.”

He tilted his head and looked from Sam to her thermos flask and back.  “You put carrot marmalade in your tea.”  His eyebrows went up.

“I wrapped the jar in a tea towel, poured tea out of the pot into the jar, gave it a good swish ‘round, then poured it into the thermos flask and topped it off with tea from the pot.”

“Not good?”  

The corners of her mouth tightened.  “Honestly, sir, it’s revolting.”

“Mm.”  He went back to the record book in front of him and checked the last dozen names from 1938, then closed the volume.  Sam was still looking regretfully into her cup.  “Give that to the aspidistra, Sam.  There must be a British Restaurant in Brighton, even if the tea rooms are closed.”   

“Really, sir?”  She looked as if he’d said Christmas would come early.  “Are you finished, though?”  At his nod she poured the contents of the cup back into the flask.  “I’ll put it on the compost heap back at my billet.  The aspidistra looks as if it may have had a hard enough time of things. Thank you, sir.”

“Not at all.  Can’t have you wasting away. Go start the car, and I’ll be along. Just have to return these to the secretary.”  He held back a smile as she swept her papers into her haversack, but when the door had shut he let his face soften as he added, silently, can’t go anywhere without you.

Seichō hātsu

                   BAD DAY

April glowered at the man who stood at the registration counter, furious, but concerned, though still more furious. calmly she sat her bag down beside her. “Now what seems to be the issue?” She asked with a sharp tone, hinting at how irritated she was. “I have an important exam to pass, and I cant do it with you calling my phone all the time.” She added.

The man rose an eyebrow at her. “Miss O'neil, are you aware that your sons are..” he stopped for a moment, contemplating on his next wording.

April shot up her brows, baffled at what this man was angling at. “Turtles. They are turtles. Problem?” She said, now letting her over protective motherly tone lash out. She glared at him with challenging eyes. “Is that a problem?” She repeated the question. challenging the man to say anything more. Her children had every right to be here just as much as the other kids here. The man frowned, clearly not pleased with how her attitude was. But April could really care less at this moment, struggling with keeping her kids in schools, along with keeping her grades up till graduation did that to you.

“I dont think this school is suited for these creatures.” The man supplied.

“Creatures!? Are you kidding me!” She snapped instantly, feeling a familiar sense of anger. That was it. Back to New York she goes. Goodbye New Hampshire. She hated the thought of moving again, and restarting her semester at a different school, but she will not tolerate such with jerks who cant see her children as people. Even though they’re turtles. “They are children, young impressionable children! Just because they dont look like you and I, doesnt mean they are considered to be creatures! And another thing, this school sucks to much for them anyways. They deserve better than some jerk-offs who just see their appearance and not anything else.” She grabbed her bag and turned to see her four sons had just entered. She quickly composed herself. Closing the distance between them, she knelt down.

Mikey frowned. “Are we moving again?” He asked, sounding dejected, just like the four times they’ve moved.

It broke her heart to see her youngest in despair, she held the urge to give daggers to the guy behind the desk. Instead she lifted Mikey up in her arms as she stood up, then laid a hand on Donnie’s head when he went to hold onto her leg. “Do you guys have everything?”

The four nodded in unison, April curved a smile, in return she got confused looks. “Why are you smiling? We just got kicked out of another school.” Raph ejected bitterly.

“Anyone want ice cream?” She asked. Ignoring her grumpy’s sons comment.

“In October?” Leo rose a brow, though he had a small smile pasted on his face, and sparkles to his big blue eyes.

April nodded. “Thats right. What better way to spend a horrible day with comfort food? My treat.” She said, opening the door for them with her free hand while still holding her youngest.

“Dont you have an exam to get back to Apri?” Donnie asked. His hand holding hers.

Considering her circumstances, she’s pretty sure her teacher will be sort of understanding. She silently mocked herself for the load of bull she just shoved in her head, like the staff at the school her boys just got kicked out of, her teacher wasn’t that understanding. She quickly put that out of her mind though, she had a responsibility to do after all, it wasn’t new, since sixteen shes been in a rough spot, but as long as her adopted sons were happy, she was too. “No, not anymore.” She answered Donnie. She stopped at her rundown silver van, she opened the side door and put Mikey in his car seat before letting the other three on. She made sure they were buckled in tight prior to getting in herself. Once she was clicked in and the doors were locked for safety measures she pulled out, on her way to the nearby small ice cream shop. She listened to the boys talk among themselves, though a part of her were going on about housings, new schools to apply to, more bills, and yet a new job. She frowned at the thought. Her boys had just got settled too. Why are people such jerks? she asked herself, then rolled her eyes, “To live, duh April.” she muttered to herself, pulling into a parking space in front of the shop. She silenced the van, and sat there for a moment. Deep in her thoughts. That is until Leo shook her out of them, she looked up at the boy, the eldest brother of the four.

He gave her a concerned look, “You alright April?”

April took a moment to process her response, forcing a smile on her face she nodded. “Why dont you take your brothers and go on in.” She pocketed some money and handed it to him. “Make sure Mikey doesnt go nuts, the last thing I need is him bouncing around the walls like the last time.”

Her order made the blue eyed turtle chuckle a bit, “Yes ma'am.” He responded.

She watched the four go, Mikey hurrying behind his older brothers, hand in hand with Raph and Donnie while Leo led them to the door. Her smile slowly faded, she took out her wallet and flipped it to her a picture of her parents and her. She stared at it for what seemed to be forever to her, but it was merely minutes. She looked up when she heard a knock on the driver window. She looked out, seeing Raph. She rolled down her window. “Hey, you guys okay?”

“No. Your supposed to be treating us with food and company.” He looked at her in a serious way, being the second oldest, and the most nosiest. “Whats wrong?” He asked.

“What?” The question was sudden, even though she should of known he would ask such a thing. He’d never let a day go by without trying to figure her out. “Nothing sweetie.” She added.

“Yeah and Im a talking turtle.” He wised off. He gave her his usual look, a look of do you really think Im that blind, with a mixture of Im not a kid.

She rose her brow and gripped the steering wheel. “You know that mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble.” She smiled at him, usually his sarcasm does that, makes her laugh, makes her feel better, it was somehow warm and nice. She hoped he’d never stop.

Raph shrugged. “Like your pretty face.” He teased, his face soft and warm, though that faded, turning cold and serious. He put his arms on the door. Leaning into the car a bit. “Seriously April, are you alright? And dont give me that bullshit that you spout to Mikey or Donnie.”

“You better be glad Im not one of those mothers who smack you for cursing.” She said sternly, warning him.

“I thank you for that. Your not answering my question.” He noted. She sighed, puffing up a strand of hair that had fallen in her face. She should be used to this, since she could remember he was always hounding her, asking her grown up questions, never really being a kid. She always wondered if that had been her fault.

“Raphael–” She stared, trying to keep her emotions in check. She kept her face stiff, chewing on the inside of her mouth, her eyes met his. She noticed his face has leveled out with the rest of his body. He looked older these days, to much older for her liking. “Raph—” She tried another go. His touch on her shoulder made her stop short, He smiled, the one he does to let her know it’ll be okay. “Looks like you need the ice cream more then we do old lady.” He smirked.

She pursed her lips and rose up her fist, playfully shaking it towards him, making him laugh. She got out of the car. “Ill show you old lady punk.” She said calling after him as he ran towards the shop.

“Yeah right old lady!” He laughed.

* * *

This cant be happening. This cant be happening. She said to herself as she stared helplessly at an empty parking space where her car had been. She put her hand up to her forehead, still in shock. She took deep breaths, hoping that her kids wont come out anytime soon. She only had went inside for maybe at least an hour. How could someone of took it in such a short amount of time. She then realized she had left the keys in the car, along with her wallet, and had the window down. “Shit.” She muttered as she paced back and forth. How could she have been so stupid. She cursed herself. She luckily kept her cell phone in her pocket and flipped it open, out dated phone with barely any contacts. Her aunt and her dad. She bit her lip a bit then dialed the number to her aunt.

It picked up on the second ring, the phone overcame with a annoyed voice. “Hello?”

“Oh, uh, hey Auntie.” She greeted nervously.

“April? Do you have any idea what time it is?” Her Aunt sneered, her worlds in a slur.

“Auntie its only five in the evening and your drinking.” She frowned.

“I am not, what do you want brat?” She asked, not sounding to friendly, usually shes like that when she gets drunk. Ever since her aunts husband have left her, she really’s been screwed up.

April sucked in silently, trying to keep her sanity. She rubbed her temples as she shifted her weight, she looked over at the shop, seeing her four kids goofing off and laughing. She smiled, loving the fact that those four can be happy with a mother such as her. She frowned. “I—I need a favor.”

“If its about living with me forget it.” Her Auntie said, like reading the young woman’s mind, even when shes drunk. April hated to admit it, but she was impressed. She bit her lip, her eyes still looking at her kids. “Please. Hear me out.” She said in a pleading way.

There was silence on the phone. It lingered for a moment til April ceased her chance. “Let my children stay with you.” She frowned.

“Those freaks!?” The woman laughed, “Like hell I will.”

“They’re your family to!” April snapped but stopped dead when her Aunt made a snapping sound.

“Your my family by blood little girl, but that doesn’t mean i have to take those creatures in. They are far from family.” She snarled.

Tears threaten the blue eyed girl, anger boiled inside her. “You made this bed April. Lie in it.” Then with a click she was gone. April stayed on the phone, listening to the automotive voice telling her that the call had ended. She eventually hung up. Staring down at her feet, feeling her emotions pounding at her. She held her face with one hand, her hair covering her. Shielding her kids from what she never would want them to see. Ever. She wished her father was here still. And her mother. She slowly crouched down, settling her elbow on her thigh. Rumbled above made their presence with no problem. The winds gave way and the tears of the gods cried. April looked up at the sky, letting the rain touch her skin. Finally a cover for her tears shes been holding in. She closed her eyes. Letting herself go. Go back to the time where her dad was still with her. Her aunt wasnt so abusive. And she was—- Her eyes shot open and looked ahead in disbelief. She did not actually start to think that. She frowned, upset with herself for even going there. She loved those kids, since the day they came into her life. She wouldnt trade them for the world. She slowly stood up. Observing her empty parking space, she cupped her chin, ignoring the rain soaking her. She looked around for any help she could get.

“April?” A voice called out above the rain, making her turn, seeing her boys on under the overhead. It was Leo who called her. She made her way towards them and got under the dry overhead. She knelt down to the four. “I need you boys to stay here for a moment. Mommy’s car got.. moved.” She said the last part to more Donnie and Mikey since those two wouldn’t really understand her situation. Not like Leo and Raph would. And the two older ones did. Thank goodness too.

Mikey frowned. “Im tired Apri.” he rubbed his eye and yawned. April eyed the small turtle then looked around before landing her eyes on the two oldest brothers. Leo gazed at her for a long moment, then smiled and lifted Mikey onto his shoulders. “How about you fall asleep on me. We all can watch the rain.” He suggested and sat down carefully against the wall. Donnie sat next to him, looking still worried, and confused. Raph stood in front of her, “We’re in trouble arent we?”

April was off guard by that question, again with the adult questions. Why couldnt he just be a kid. “What? No.” She cupped his face. “With me as your mother, I will never let you four be in trouble.” She said to him, standing up she kissed his head. “Watch over your brothers for me. Im counting on my strong man.” She gave him a soft smile. In return a smile from him. He held onto her hand for a moment.

“Come back okay.” He said to her, as if he were scared she wouldnt. Though he would never admit it, nor will he ever reveal that side of him like he once did. She laid a hand on his head, and rubbed his head.

“You got it.” She said with a comforting smile, before heading out into the cold dark rain.


Leo frowned as he walked along side of his brothers. “Raph you know how Donnie gets if he’s out in the rain with no coat.”

“Then stay at the shop. I never asked you to come.” Raph rolled his eyes, adjusting his baby brother who was covered by a coat they’d found in a near by dumpster. He was sound asleep, surprisingly.

“Yeah like im gonna let my idiot brother go out in the rain by himself. April told us to stay put.” Leo stopped in his tracks when they neared another ally that had a dumpster in it. “Look at least stop so I can find a jacket for Donnie.”

Raph turned and noticed his younger brother shivering a bit, he frowned then eyed Leo. “Fine.” He needed to rest anyways. He set Mikey down next to the dumpster. He started to climb the dumpster when Donnie started talking. “What if shes hurt. Or lost.” He said to Leo, he put his hands over his face. “Or…or worse! Like dead!” He widened his eyes. “She been gone for the correct amount of time that something can happen to her!”

“Dont Donnie. Every time she leaves us, you freak out like this. Lets just focus on getting you warm.” Leo coaxed his brother over to where his baby brother sat. He knelt down in front of Donnie as he sank down, he laid a hand on the brown eyed turtles knee cap. He noticed Donnie’s breathing was shallow and he was holding onto his purple bandanna he always had with him. “Breathe Donnie. Come on now.”

“But Leo, what if she got hurt, or, or someone took her, what are we gonna do without her.” He stammered, he started to let out small cries as his breathing increased. Leo held Donnie’s face and did what he watched April do with him many times before. “Focus on what Im telling you Don.” He said gently. Leo breathed in and out, he repeated the action and continued when his brother joined him. “There you go. Your doing good.” Leo encouraged.

Donnie smiled then looked up at his second oldest brother as the green eyed turtle hopped down onto the ground. He threw the coat over to Leo who caught it effortlessly. Leo got Donnie in the jacket and took off his blue cap to put on Donnie before putting his jacket hood on the young turtles head. “Better?”

The olive green skinned turtle nodded and smiled, revealing his small gap. Leo rubbed Donnie’s head before helping him to his feet. “Alright, now lets go look for our mom.”

“But where?”

Raph scrubbed his chin studious. Leo frowned, watching his younger brother. Donnie eyed his feet. He scratched his head a bit, trying to chime in some where abouts.

“Police station.” A voice spoke up, small and tired, the three brothers looked at their now awake baby brother. He was rubbing his eyes. He looked exhausted even though he just had a nap. “Mama always told us if we got lost, go there.”

Leo stared at Mikey for a moment contemplating on the idea from moving further, his eyes shifted to Raph then to Donnie. Still keeping a hold of Donnie, his attention diverted on his second eldest brother. “Well, lets go then.” He said in an orderly fashion. He let Donnie go after seeing he was able to stand; then lifted Mikey up in his arms and held him.

Suddenly a loud bang sounded the sky following a bright flash of lightening. Raph eyed the sky. “That was a big one.”

“Too big.” Leo gave Mikey to Raph. “Stay here, Ill go find her.”

Raph quickly sat Mikey back down beside Donnie who still stood. Donnie knelt next to Mikey and put an arm around his younger half. He frowned at Raph as he watched go after his elde brother. “Just because your older doesn’t mean your my boss.”

“In situations like these I am Raphael. Now sit and watch our brothers.”

Raph stopped in his tracks, his brothers words lingering through his mind, his scowl grew more at the words, how dare he talk to him like that. He is not some puppet. Anger grasped him, taking him over, before he could realize what he was about to do it happened.

Leo fell onto all fours when he felt a powerful shove. He briskly scrambled back to his feet and turned towards his brother. “What the heck Raph!” He shouted over the loud thunder.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do! Im not your puppet!” Raph snapped.

Leo lowered, he felt his eye slightly twitched, as usual when he got upset. “Im not telling you to do this cause of whatever your thinking. Im telling you this due to we have two little brothers, one with serious health issues and the other is to exhausted to—”

Raph’s face changed as his eyes shifted, looking past Leo, Leo turned in surprise he saw a dark figure ahead of him, standing in the rain. Mikey stood up and walked over to Raph, he clung to his big brother hoping it’d help him calm down. It seemed to work since Raph wasn’t resisting. Raph picked up his little brother before getting in front of Donnie. Leo kept his front. Stationing in his position. As eldest he needed to be the lead man, he narrowed his eyes. “Who…Who’s there?!” He demanded. When the figure started for them, Leo backed up getting closer to his brothers. He stopped right in front of Raph. The figure was nearing them. He took our a small nife he had hidden in his wrapping he wore and pointed it to the dark anon.

“Oh yeah that small knife is our savior.” Raph said with sarcasm.

“Well I don’t see you coming up with ideas.” Leo spat acidly.

Suddenly when the eldest was about to charge to attack, street lights started to come on, making the street ally glow. He still couldn’t make out the figure though. Fear gripped him a bit, his eyes widened when the figure stopped a few feet from them. The figure took off the hood.

“Leonardo!” A stern familiar voice filled the air, making Leo’s fear all go away. He dropped the knife when he saw the relevance of their mysterious figure. Red soaked hair. Big blue eyes stared down at him, with concern. “Leo, its alright.” She said to him calmly.

“Mother!” He practically leaped into her arms as she knelt down to pick up the small knife,  She wrapped her arms around him tight, trying to keep her balance. She kissed his head, holding out her arm for the others after putting the knife away; the three brothers ran into the hug, joining their big brother.

“Oh god you four had me worried!” She pulled back to look at them, making sure they weren’t hurt. She felt relieved when she saw no bruises or marks that werent supposed to be on them. She narrowed his eyes. “I told you four to stay put!” She eyed Leo and Raph, knowing the two were the ones behind their sudden disappearance. Both looked guilty though, as they usually did when they didnt listen to her. She sighed, calming herself down. She laid a hand on both their heads. “But we will talk about that later.” She took Mikey from Raph and stood up. “I found a ride home.” She announced, gesturing to the car near the curb across the street. Raph squinted. “You mean that white van?”

April shook her head. “Its silver.” she corrected. When the four started walking Donnie had stayed put. He sniffed, feeling a wave of dizziness over come him. In the midst of all the commotion he had gotten to his feet, thought favored the wall for support. Leo turned, assuming Donnie was following but he stopped when he saw Donnie. “I think there’s something wrong with Donnie April.”

April turned. She immediately gave Mikey to Raph. “Stay put.” She told them sternly. She quickly made her way to her third youngest and fell to her knees to him. “You okay baby?” She asked concerned.

“I—I feel dizzy.” He said in a soft voice, hardly where she could hear it, but luckily she could read lips. Thank you dad for that. She said in the back of her mind. She took off her jacket and wrapped it around him, she then scooped him up in her arms and hurried back to her three. She stopped at the curb and looked both ways, she let her three go ahead of her. She quickly got them in the van. She sat Donnie next to her. “Raph hold onto Mikey tightly.” She said.

Raph nodded, buckling both him and his baby brother in. Leo followed his brothers method. April rubbed Donnie’s shell. “Shen do you have a blanket in here?” She asked closing the door.

A young woman turned to the back, she gave the boys a soft smile. “I do.” She revealed. She grabbed a blanket that she had on her legs and handed it over. April took it, thanking her in the process, and set Donnie in front of her. Thank god he was still small enough to stand in a van. She stripped off the coats and Leos cap. She handed it to Leo; then wrapped Donnie in the warm blanket. The boys face showed relief instantly. “So warm.” He said, his voice sounding sleepy. She chuckled a bit. “Sit down in the back back with Miwa baby.”

Donnie looked up at April. “Miwa?”

“Who’s van are we in? Wheres ours?” Leo asked.

April looked at her kids then looked down. The feeling of failing swept over her slowly. She shifted her eyes a bit. She really couldn’t admit her faults, her actions led her leaving her children out in the rain. In a thunderstorm nonetheless. Raph noticed April’s expression, he then nudged to Leo, signaling him a silent message through a look. Leo rose his brow in confusion. Raph rolled his eyes, “Don go sit in the back like mom said.” He said sternly. Donnie complied after a moment of hesitation.

“Everyone strapped in?” A deep, husky man voice sounded the vehicle.

“Yes Yoshi.” April answered in a soft manner.

“Mama who are these people.” Mikey asked. Leaning against his older brother.

April looked over at them, then reached over to Mikey. “Sleep. All four of you. Its gonna be a long ride home.” She said softly.

The boys looked at one another, but didnt ask anymore questions, eventually one by one had fallen asleep. Leaving April to her thoughts. She watched the rain dribbled down the car window. She laid her head against it, closing her eyes.

She couldnt cry. Not yet at least. She still had a job to do.

Being a mother is her first and only priority.

There is no crying in that job description. She opened her eyes, determined now, boring a whole through the glass window.

Tomorrow is a new day. And a fresh start.


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A few quick details:

  • Registration closes October 15th.
  • NOCAZ FEST provides free tables to all Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama residents.
  • Table Fees for accepted out of town zinesters are on a $10 - $30 sliding scale, please pay what you can.
  • We hope to be providing some scholarships to a few traveling artists again this year. If Table fees/ travel costs are prohibitive for you, please check the box on the registration form and we will get back to you.

*NOCAZ 2016 poster by M. Chandelier!

Scraggy and Scrafty

The Shedding Pokémon
Type: Dark/Fighting
Official Registration #: 559
Entry: These native Unovans will immediately headbutt anyone who makes direct eye contact with them. Now that the author has summarized his last encounters with the people of Castelia City, this lizard-like pokémon is proud of its sturdy skull and the cushion provided by its elastic skin, which it uses in combination for its primary fighting technique, the headbutt.

The Hoodlum Pokémon
Type: Dark/Fighting
Official Registration #: 560
Entry: The evolved form of scraggy, by battle experience. These pokémon protect themselves with their stretchy skin when kicking, largely because this technique shields their faces from debris, a necessity due to the fact that their kicks can smash concrete blocks. It is said groups of these native Unovans will beat up anything that enters their territories … which, incidentally, also describes one of the last evenings the author had spent in Castelia City.



Hey all! 

Something unfortunate happened today, my sister’s bird escaped after my dad opened the door. He’s fully flighted, only two years old and goes by the name ‘Hiro’ and more commonly… ‘birb’. 

He’s a beloved friend to my sister and it really breaks my heart that he’s gone–but I haven’t lost hope just yet! If anybody in the surrounding Toledo area and even parts of Michigan, Ohio, and even Indiana could keep a lookout for postings or sightings of a loose green cheek, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

We suggested not to approach him cause he might try to fly away again, but at least contact animal control and me or my dad’s number if you see something that fits this little guy’s description. 

If you see anything, please private message me as I’m not entirely comfortable posting my number for everyone just yet. Help us bring this little stinker home! #findhero