Compete in the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble

Get ready to compete in the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble Online 

Competition! In this competition, the only Pokémon you can use are those you could discover in the Kanto region in Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, or Pokémon Yellow, along with Pokémon of the Alola region you can find in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. All qualified participants will earn a Pidgeotite and a Steelixite for playing. These Mega Stones allow your Pidgeot and Steelix to Mega Evolve during battle.

You’ll use your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game to battle. All battles will be Single Battles and all your Pokémon will be set to Lv. 50 for the duration of the match. Your Pokémon will be allowed to hold items; however, Mega Stones will not be allowed.

Registration for the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble begins March 9, 2017, at 0:00 UTC. The competition goes from Friday, March 17, at 00:00 UTC, until Sunday, March 19, 2017, at 23:59 UTC. Trainers will be limited to 15 battles per day.

To learn more about the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble Online Competition, including a complete list of eligible Pokémon, check out the regulations.
Good luck, Trainers!

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Worker visit was uneventful. She said they’re going to “get the ball rolling” on TPR soon- which is what they’ve been saying for two months. The ball doth remain still. I stressed that kindergarten registration is really soon, and while they definitely won’t TPR before then, I’d like her to be able to start the new school year with her new name, without the paperwork and issues that come with foster care school stuff.

Finally heard back from relative confirming the birthday visit. My instincts say something is amiss with their situation- we still haven’t talked with bio mom, and everything the relative says is “I” or “me and Rue.” If bio mom is having problems there’s absolutely zero chance the relative would say anything, and a 100% chance she would do everything in her power to cover it up- it’s what she did with Juni and Bean Sprout.

I guess we’ll find out next week either way.

Let’s see…other random stuff…

Paid off some debt with tax refund money- that felt good.

Found a Dyson for 175 on clearance at Target and you know I snapped that shit up. UGH it’s amazing. I thought our old vacuum was nice but I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT.

Bean Sprout’s dentist appointment went great- no issues, though they want us to ditch the pacifier asap. He loves his pacifier. It was encouraged in the NICU and with his issues post-discharge. And damn does he self-soothe well with it. We’ve been slowly trying to restrict it to sleeping times, but honestly I’m not too fussed about doing away with it yet.

Juni can sight read over 20 words and I’m so amazed by this smart girl. She was just about nonverbal when she came to us 20 months ago and now she picks up things so freaking fast it stuns me.

Okay. Bedtime prep calls. You are all amazing.

‘Supergirl’ boss answers burning questions

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Monday’s episode of Supergirl. Read at your own risk!

The Danvers family reunion did not go well during Monday’s episode of Supergirl.

Reunited with Jeremiah (Dean Cain) after a decade, Alex (Chyler Leigh) was quick to let her father in, while Kara (Melissa Benoist) was fast to side with new boyfriend Mon-El (Chris Wood) in being suspicious. Their worst fears came true when Jeremiah betrayed the Department of Extranormal Operations, downloading the alien registration list and fighting off J’onn (David Harewood) with his bionic arm.

But could Jeremiah ultimately have good intentions? Pleading with Alex that he’s actually protecting his daughters, Jeremiah runs when his eldest was unable to shoot him, Point Break-style. When Jeremiah returns to Cadmus, he mentions having a deal with Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) before we see the next piece of Cadmus’ ultimate plan: an alien ship. What’s really going on? Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg answers burning questions on what’s next:

What’s the deal with that alien ship?
We’ll get more info on Lillian’s plans for the ship as early as next week, but it’s tied to her desire to rid the world of aliens — and potentially to whatever deal Jeremiah has with Lillian. “It’s an interesting debate in the next episode between Jeremiah and Alex, if his plan is any more humane,” Kreisberg says. “Some of the talking points in the episode are reflective of the current debate in our world about dealing with immigrants, which we were very conscious of, and wanted to speak to that.”

How long is Jeremiah sticking around?
Now that Jeremiah is back in the picture, Cain will be sticking around for at least one more episode, if not more. “We’re still figuring out how we’re going to wrap it all up in a nice little bow at the end of the year,” Kreisberg says, teasing that we may get more info on how powerful Jeremiah is thanks to Alex. “My favorite scene all season long… Alex interrogates a Cadmus guard,” Kreisberg says, adding that everyone in Cadmus is immune to J’onn’s telepathy. “Martian Manhunter, he’s so powerful; it’s almost too powerful for a weekly series with all the things he can do. If we really deployed him at his full comic book power arsenal, no one would be able to pull anything off of anybody; he’s super strong, he can fly, he can phase through matter and he can read minds. Good luck trying to pull one over on him.”

How will Alex handle her father’s betrayal?
Not well. (Read: Alex’s interrogation methods led to producers going several rounds with Standards and Practices.) Suffice it to say, Alex will be going to a very dark place. “The question of where do Alex’s loyalties lie plays a major part of the next episode,” Kreisberg says. “Battle lines are drawn a little bit, which is interesting because what I love about this episode and the next episode is no one’s really wrong, in a way. Whether it’s Mon-El or Kara or Alex or J’onzz — especially the stuff between J’onzz and Alex in 15 — everyone is doing it because they love each other; even Jeremiah. Everyone is doing what they’re doing out of a sense of love and to keep the people that they love safe.” In this case, it sounds like Alex will find support in Maggie, as next week’s episode includes some Sanvers bonding. “Alex and Maggie go rogue next week,” Kreisberg says.

What’s next for Sanvers?
That bond doesn’t mean total smooth sailing ahead for Alex and Maggie. “There’s an obstacle episode coming up that we just did,” Kreisberg says. (Perhaps he’s referring to this?) “Then there’s what’s probably my new favorite episode, that doesn’t even know about yet, that is a Kara/Alex/Maggie story, that’s sort of a ticking-clock story. Alex is in serious trouble, and it’s up to Kara and Maggie to save her. It becomes a story about the sister and the girlfriend both love her and are debating the best way to save her. It’s a really great story. We’re really excited about it.”

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When will we find out Mon-El’s secret?
There’s also some trouble brewing ahead for Mon-El and Kara as the truth about what he’s hiding will soon come out. “The Mon-El secret comes to light in Episode 16, so you don’t have much further to go,” Kreisberg says. “It’s going to cause some problems. He doesn’t quite get that it’s the cover-up, not the crime, which is really the issue.”

Will Supergirl stage a Lois & Clark reunion?
The big question is whether Cain will reunite with his Lois & Clark costar Teri Hatcher, who will be introduced in next week’s episode as the new villain of the season. “We’ve love to, they would love to — I mean, there’s a plan; if we can execute the plan,” Kreisberg says, lauding Hatcher’s addition to the show. “She is in this for the fans and knows what her being a part of this means to so many people.” When she makes her debut, Hatcher will share the screen with Hercules alum Kevin Sorbo. “Teri could very easily blow someone off the screen with her megastar TV wattage, so it was important to make sure that didn’t happen,” Kreisberg says. “Getting Kevin — somebody who has his own history and fanbase and celebrity — has made those scenes between them feel like equals.” While further details on their roles are still being kept under wraps, Kreisberg teases, “She is so not playing Lois, and she is so not playing any character I’ve ever seen her play before. She’s so not Susan from Desperate Housewives. She’s really playing something completely different … and she’s doing it amazingly. It’s really exciting for us.”

Will we get to meet adult Lex Luthor?
After Supergirl recently depicted a younger version of Lex Luthor, is there any chance the bald menace will debut on screen? It’s been mentioned before that he’s currently in jail, but it sounds unlikely that we’ll actually see him — probably because he’s currently being played by Jesse Eisenberg on the big screen. “That decision is above my pay grade,” Kreisberg says. “But I thought that kid was great, and what was so sad is we were watching the casting things, and we were like, ‘Yeah that kid looks like he could grow up to be the most evil person in the world.‘” However, viewers will find out in the finale what was in that box Lillian discovered among Lex’s weapons in that Cadmus bunker.

Any chance for a Superman return?
Tyler Hoechlin brought the Man of Steel to the small screen during the first two episodes of the season, but he hasn’t returned since. “I don’t think anyone would love it more than us and Tyler,” Kreisberg says. “Again, that’s one above my pay grade.” One can always hold out hope.

Will Cat Grant return this season?
When the show moved production to Vancouver, Calista Flockhart was set to be a recurring guest star. However, the actress has not yet returned since leaving in the second episode. “We’re working on it,” Kreisberg says of a potential return. “We love Calista, Calista loves us, she loves the show. She has other commitments and family and whatnot, but we’re trying to work it out.”

Will we see more CatCo?
And while CatCo has taken a backseat to the D.E.O. this season in Cat Grant’s absence, it will feature more in upcoming episodes — the next hour includes a big CatCo-Snapper-James story, in fact. “This show has a lot of moving parts,” Kreisberg says. “One of the things that we discovered is most of the stories get driven through the D.E.O. Without Calista there, that dynamic that was so strong between Kara and Cat has been replaced with more Kara and Alex and more Kara and Mon-El. It doesn’t always live in that location, but we’re not getting rid of it by any means. In fact, episode 18 is called ‘Ace Reporter,’ and it’s about Kara and journalism. That’s actually been very important to us, especially in the times we now find ourselves living in; we’re one of the few shows on television that actually has a journalist as a lead character. In 15, in addition to being a big Alex-Jeremiah story, also has a healthy dose of Kara as a reporter, and especially episode 18, we really get a chance to talk about the importance of journalism, and the importance of journalism ethics, and how important the objective truth be out there now.”

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

SHARED TO WHJS AS WELL. I THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE IT HERE AS WELL. SINCE SOME PEOPLE FOLLOW YOU AND NOT THEM AND VICE VERSA. ( I’m the same anon that dug up the NTIO BUSINESS REGISTRATION INFO last year and was considering making my own blog. I still haven’t done it as I have been very ….busy the past couple of months but I plan to soon.)

The flowers Andy got her were the cheapest option for that arrangement. At $44.99. That florist sells three versions listed “ Good”, “Better” and “ Best”. It’s funny she captioned it BEST husband in the world.

Because Andy didn’t buy her the “best” version. The birthday card came free with the flowers. There is a $3.50 version for up grading the Birthday card but he went with the free basic one and that baggy she received was $15.00 chocolates that are a “Check out option” offered before you pay. 

They also offer a $15.00 bigger Teddy Bear and $6 Mylar balloon. OPTIONS Andy didn’t get her….

He literally got her the cheapest easiest gift possible. It literally takes five minutes from selection to purchase. But yes tell us again how in love they are???? 

This was one of those last husband gifts you get 20 years into marriage but “supposedly” less than one.

I think being hit by Juliet several times on in the plane last October, then having her try to frame him for abuse and then EVERYONE FINDING OUT. ACTUALLY HAS CHANGED HIS BEHAVIOUR.

Whether he realizes it or not. This is a half hearted gift from a half hearted man that got hurt.

If you goggle their names that plane incident is still amongst the top returns on Google. It has done long term damage to both of their images.

Wouldn’t blame him for still feeling some resentment over it.

Now that this has been pointed out though expect postings from Juliet and or Andy

Either showing off things he bought her or expressing undying love.

Submission: L O L. Thank you for this your sleuthing skills are A+

KANYE WEST - A History of a Modern Legend

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Same-day voter registration

If you did not register to vote, it might not be too late, depending on where you live. Some states have same-day voter registration, so you can register when you go to vote:

  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Of those states, several also have early voting. (That would be CO, DC, ID, IA, IL, ME, MN, MT, WI, WY.) If you need to register and you live in an early voting state, it’s especially important to go early, because you don’t want to encounter a problem that you can’t fix in time, or to hold up the line for other people.

1061. Penelope Clearwater did not survive the war. She was a muggleborn and was among the first group brought into the Muggleborn Registration Committee. She thought she would be okay. When she realized they wanted to send her to Azkaban she fought back and was rapidly subdued. She looked into the eyes of her former boyfriend- and still good friend- Percy Weasley and blew him a kiss before the dementors attacked her. It was then that he began spying on the ministry.