Gatebox Home Live x Hatsune Miku Collaboration at Magical Mirai 2016! 

Hatsune Miku is pairing up with Gatebox Home Live to bring the fans “Gatebox Home Live feat. Hatsune Miku” that will be at this year’s Magical Mirai! It uses the Gatebox technology to “utilize video projection technologies and various sensors to bring out an in-dept virtual character in a cylindrical case.”

About Gatebox Home Live:

Gatebox is the World First Holographic Communication Robot that allows you to live with your Loved One. The holographic projection technology brings the digital characters to communicate with you. Gatebox concept model was developed in dreaming of a world where she comes to see you from the other side of the screen. 

Magical Mirai tickets: 

For visitors to Magical Mirai this year, registration for the performance is now available on the special site launched today. The date and time can be chosen up to three choices on September 9th~11th and 10:00~17:50 JST, with the venue being Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall.

The winning results will be announced on August 31st at 24:00 JST.

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NU’EST To Have a Comeback Showcase for CANVAS

NU’EST will be having a comeback showcase for CANVAS on 29 Aug, at AX-KOREA. 200 fans are invited to join the showcase on site, with applications to start on the Fancafe tomorrow (26 Aug). Registrations are done on first-come-first-served basis, and will start at 8PM.

It is to note that NU’EST last’s showcase for Q is. is only held for media parties. While there have been no updates from 1theK official yet about the showcase, it is expected to be hosted by them yet again, as they have been hosting NU’EST’s comeback showcase for a few years now. 

NU’EST Newsletter will keep you posted for any possible streaming links (possibly via V-app or Facebook) when updates are given.

Meanwhile, NU’EST’s 5th mini album CANVAS will be released at midnight on the 29th.

Source: NU’EST Fancafe

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for our September 8 event! Click the image to reserve your seat. Deets:

Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy, by award-winning historian Heather Ann Thompson of University of Michigan, sheds new light on one of the most important civil rights stories of the last century–the 1971 Attica Correctional Facility uprising in upstate New York.  The book explores every aspect of the uprising and its legacy from the perspectives of all of those involved in this 45-year fight for justice–the prisoners, the state officials, the lawyers, the state troopers and corrections officers, and the families of the slain men. Thompson has written on the history of mass incarceration–as well as its current impact–for a number of publications.  Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Professor of History, Race and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School and Suzanne Young Murray Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, will join her in conversation. A book signing will follow.
Hope for Trump: GOP winning registration race in key states
In Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa and North Carolina, more new voters identify as Republicans. By BEN SCHRECKINGER

For weeks, Donald Trump has watched his poll standing in battleground states plummet, from Pennsylvania, where his strength among Rust Belt families was supposed to turn a blue state competitive, to North Carolina, where Democrats had been making inroads in recent elections, to the ultimate battleground of them all: Florida.

Trump’s poll numbers remain dire, but he can point to at least one ray of hope for a turnaround: Republicans have continued gaining ground in recent months in voter registration in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Iowa, while the late surge in Democratic registrations relative to Republican registrations that occurred in battleground states during the final months of the 2012 election had not been replicated in numbers released in early August.

“The atmospherics of voter registration trends in those states do not point to a strong Democratic year, so that’s one negative the Trump campaign does not have to deal with at this point,” said Louisiana pollster John Couvillon, who added that spikes in registration can add a point or two to a candidate’s vote share in a close race. “The voter registration data I’m seeing does not support the idea of a surge in Democratic voter enthusiasm.”

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Time’s running out, fillies and gentlecolts! Our online pre-reg system will be shutting down for the year as BronyCAN is just one week away! This is your last chance to take advantage of the pre-reg weekend pass for $59 CAD.

The reg system will close Friday, August 12 at 11:59 PM PDT. Weekend passes will be then available at the con for $65 CAD.

If you you have already registered for the con but are unable to pay right away, you will be able to pay your balance at the reg desk. Remember to bring government-issued photo ID!

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