Virginia voter registration extension

If you are or know a Virginia voter who missed Monday’s cutoff, it’s not too late! Due to difficulties with the state’s online voter registration system, the deadline has been pushed back to Friday, 10/21. You can still register online or by mail. If you mail it in, it has to be postmarked by Friday. Then make sure you have a photo ID to bring to the polls.

The good news: the website seems to have crashed due to heavy traffic.

everything we did in arizona, to get out the vote, was destroyed because almost all independents who reregistered as democrats were booted off by a “computer glitch” and didn’t allow them to vote. not to mention the 3 to 6 hour (in the arizona heat) wait time just to fucking vote.

i want to cry, i want to scream, i want out of this fucking state, and this fucking country

we could’ve won arizona, but voter suppression fucked us over, and no one will do a damn thing about it cause those in charge are bought off in the first place

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  • Late Registration

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inspirational quotes from the sections during marching band
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  • Bass Clarinets:Wait what do you mean none of you ACTUALLY play the bass clarinet?!
  • Tenor Sax:*trying to calm down the altos*
  • Bari Sax:FOR CUBA!!
  • Melophone:do not put sticks so far up your ass. It will fizzle into your booty
  • Trumpets:do you think if i lay on the 50 and play dead, the directors would notice
  • Trombones:*all chanting chug during water breaks*
  • Baritones:we claim this lamp post for spooderman and baritopia
  • Sousaphones:*farting noises with mouthpieces*
  • Drumline:we have the propeller hats...oF SATAN
  • Guard:plz do not throw the freshman

Last month, Progressive Turnout Project asked their supporters a series of one-question polls on proposals that would increase voter turnout.


support automatic voter registration


support making Election Day a national holiday