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TalesFromRetail: But this is BOGO FREE!!

I’m a manager at a shoe store and we currently have a sale for specific shoes that are buy one get one free. Seems like a good deal right? Getting an entire pair of shoes for free. Not for this customer.

Our store is also located at an extremely touristy mall, so the weekends get a little crazy. Sundays especially. This happened to be a Sunday as the only manager, with my 6 associates and 1 call out. There were times where everyone was on the register and about 8 people pulling me and my other associate in every which way.

I happened to already be up at the registers helping a woman manually enter her card, when my supervisor asked if I could help her. Of course, it would just have to wait a couple for seconds for this woman’s transaction to go through. The man she was helping did NOT have it. Before I had even been up there, he was berating her on the BOGO free shoes he was buying. When I got to her, the customer had left to grab what he thought were the prices of the shoes. Because “He didn’t understand why this was taking so long.” My supervisor told him to “look at everyone behind this counter… That’s everyone we have here today.”

I will be ME, supervisor mentioned will be S, and the hothead will be HH.

Me: What’s wrong?

S: He doesn’t like the fact that he has to pay $60 for a pair of shoes, while the other one is free.

Me: sigh Okay.

He comes back up and hands me two price tags. Now normally, if there was anything that was marked wrong on our end, we would have an associate check it on the floor and we would either correct it or tell them that it was the shoe next to it or something similar. Happens all the time.

HH: These shoes are buy one get one free.

(In between this first time he said this, he said it about 6 more times like I didn’t know what they were)

ME: Indeed they are, however, this shoe is $54.99 and the one you’re getting for free is $34.99. The tag you brought up here doesn’t match-


ME: Sir, this isn’t the tag for this shoe.


ME: The SKU on the tag doesn’t match the SKU-


ME: You buy one pair and the cheaper pair is free. That’s how our sales work.


ME: Sir, we will GLADLY check to see if we can order it for you!!


At this point I should have done the rest of the transaction myself to keep my cashier’s sanity, but there was somebody waiting on the phone and I walked away saying how incredibly busy it was.

He did end up ordering his second pair of $34.99 shoes, and had the audacity to tell my cashier to “Have a good day!” with a smile. All of my cashiers were pretty upset about the guy and how he talked to S, and the customers in line after him were very apologetic, understanding, and thankful for our jobs.

Now, after he left, I went to check the tag out of curiosity. It happened to be the only one out for that brand, so we could have given him the $49.99. If he wasn’t so unbelievably rude, I might have gone to check that for him. But hey, he still bought two pairs of shoes, and they actually fit his feet! So win/win!

TL:DR; Customer wanted BOGO free shoes that were already BOGO free, he just wanted them cheaper. Super rude about it.

By: MissPeper


This is not a drill

The Tories are planning to carry out a snap election to determine leadership for the next four years. It has been almost 40 years since we last had one and they are often called by the ruling party in a time that they believe is best for them in order to galvanize their position in government.

This is based on their own interpretation of public opinions and chances of victory. In other words, they are very confident of 4 more years of Tory oppression.

But we CAN prove them wrong!

Please, make sure to spread the word, make sure people are registered to vote and keep up to date with policies and mandates that will be put forward.
Its only day one and already things are firing up, so lets keep that momentum and bring about some goddamn change for the better here.
General election 2017: Quarter of a million under-25s register to vote in one day
Young people heavily outnumbered people of pensionable age among registrees.

A last minute surge in people registering to vote has seen a quarter of a million young people under 25 years old sign up on the last possible day before the general election.

Cabinet Office figures show that a total of 622,000 people registered to vote on 22 May, of which 246,000 were under 25.

Young people were dominant among those registering, with 207,000 aged 25 to 34 – compared to just 10,000 people over the age of 65.

Anyone who registers to vote after 22 May will not be eligible to vote in the general election on 8 June.

The 620,000 figure is up from an average of about 100,000 a day throughout the last week, itself up on about 30,000 a day since the general election was called in April.

The figures should only be treated as indicative because there is no easy way to check whether you are registered to vote, meaning some people who signed up may have already been registered.

Young people are also far more likely to live in private rented accommodation and thus have to move house frequently, which would require them to re-register.

As well as the surge on Monday, more than 200,000 people in total applied on Sunday, with a similar age split.

The statistics could be good news for Labour, which is far more popular among young people than it is among older people.

The spike comes after a huge voter registration drive that saw social networks including Facebook and Snapchat encourage their users to register to vote.

Musicians ranging from Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour to grime artist JME also urged people to register. One scheme offered voters free Grime concert tickets if they signed up.

Kenny Imafidon, of the Bite The Ballot campaign said: “In the past week alone we have seen over half a million under 24 year olds apply to register to vote.”

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Never mind THAT... -기는커녕 (-은/는 고사하고)

The grammar that we’ll be checking out today is -기는커녕. This form is interchangeable with -은/는 고사하고, so I will write all examples using both -기는커녕 and -은/는 고사하고.


This grammar has two meanings. The first is used when you want to show the extent to which something is difficult to achieve or unlikely to happen by comparing two actions or conditions, neither of which are achieved. The preceding clause contains the more difficult to achieve of the two conditions, and the antecedent clause contains something that is easier to achieve but still is not done.

The second meaning is used when you want to express an outcome or situation opposite or different from what the preceding clause leads you to expect.

Both meanings of -기는커녕 can be translated to English as  “never mind…” or “let alone…”. This expression is only used for negative meanings.


-기는커녕’s usage is pretty simple! Just add -기는커녕 to action and descriptive verbs and -은/는커녕 to nouns. Their equivalents using the -은/는 고사하고 form are -기는 고사하고 for action and descriptive verbs and -은/는 고사하고 for nouns.


  • Action verbs: -기는커녕 / -기는 고사하고 /-는 것은 고사하고 
    • 오늘 아침 하도 바빠서 아침을 먹기는커녕(먹기는 고사하고) 물조차 마시지 못했어요. (I was so busy this morning that I couldn’t even drink water, never mind eating breakfast.)
    • 요즘 동화 씨의 불면증이 심해져서 잠을 푹 자기는커녕(자기는 고사하고) 10분도 못 자요. (Lately Donghwa’s insomnia has gotten worse so he can’t even sleep for ten minutes, never mind sleeping sufficiently.)
  • Descriptive verbs: -기는커녕’s first meaning does not seem to work with descriptive verbs! I racked my brains for a while, then asked my Korean friends to help me out. All of the examples they gave me fell pretty squarely in the bounds of meaning 2.
  • Nouns: -은/는커녕 / -은/는 고사하고
    • 그녀는 하도 가난해서 새 옷은커녕 밥도 못 사요. (That lady is so poor that she can’t even buy food, never mind new clothes.)
    • 사교성이 부족한 그 남자는 애인은커녕(애인은 고사하고) 친구도 사귈 수 없어요. (That man with lacking social competence can’t even make friends, never mind finding a date.)


  • Action verb:  채원 씨는 요리를 잘한다고 했는데 요리하기는커녕(요리하기는 고사하고) 물조차 끓이는 방법을 모르는 것 같아요. (Chaewon says that she’s good at cooking but it seems she doesn’t even know how to boil water, never mind cooking.)
  • Descriptive verb:  -기는커녕 / -기는 고사하고 / -은/는 것은 고사하고 — 그는 팬이 엄청 많다고 자랑했는데 팬이 많기는커녕(많기는 고사하고) 팬카페에 가입한 사람은 7명밖에 없었어요. (He bragged that he has a ton of fans, but there were only seven people registered on his fan site, never mind a lot of fans.)
  • Noun: 그녀의 생일이었는데 남편한테 선물은커녕(선물은 고사하고) 이혼서류를 받았어요. (It was her birthday but she got divorce papers from her husband, never mind a gift.)

Happy studying~

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams

Part 2/3: Heliophilia

Part 1 - AO3 

A/N: This part made me hate life and everything in it. I’ve re-written it more times that I can count. Sorry for making you wait this long, this didn’t want to come easy at all! I hope at least it’s semi-decent and enjoyable. :) Also, this is 40 something pages long so you might wanna grab some snacks or drinks and make sure you have plenty of time for that disgrace of fanfiction. Anyway, hope you enjoy! 
A/N (2): Later on the chapter, when the steamy action starts, the song that’s playing is Ready For Love by Bad Company. Listening to it will get you more in the mood. ;)
Warning: Rating changed because Serpent Jughead only comes with a lot of sin.

The River Vixens.

Young, beautiful, sanguine, an ornament of fine femininity throughout the entire sports history of the quaint town of Riverdale.

Cheryl Blossom; the Redhead Amazon, the top of the pyramid, the woman in charge, the H.B.I.C. of this squad of model-like beauty and long legs. The leader-born, even though second-born, the rebellious spirit, the cold sweat laced wet dream of every teenage boy that couldn’t make it to her selective list of conquests.

Veronica Lodge; the Midnight Pussycat, the city girl that shook the easy-flowing waters of the town that lay sleeping, the socialite that climbed the school’s social ladder overnight, the cheerleader that got the quarterback in an fairytale adolescent love story that was bound to lead to a June wedding somewhere in Upper East Manhattan.

And then, Betty Cooper; the Ethereal Goddess, the student most-likely to succeed, the trophy daughter, the next-door sweetheart, the old starlet beauty with doe eyes the shade of lush meadows and pouty lips in the prettiest cherry color of Lolita innocence.

The girl that came from a successful line of Coopers. (Hal Cooper, varsity captain of the championship winning football team of 1984, Alice Cooper (nee Smith), vice-captain of the cheerleading squad, Student Body President, Prom Queen, Chic Cooper, head of the school’s newspaper, star football player and top scorer of Riverdale Bulldogs, his jersey with the number 26 still hanging proudly on the school’s gymnasium, Polly Cooper, multiple award winning Mathlete and the first and only cheerleading captain to achieve first place for the River Vixens at the Nationals.)

The girl that had the background and the talent to be Vixen captain but refused because she knew that was her cousin’s childhood dream.

The girl that passed out on last year’s Homecoming, even though she was going to be crowned Queen, to mop over ice-cream with Veronica because Archie was being a dick.

The girl that held Kevin’s hand the first time he came out to his father.

The girl that self-stitched Archie’s practically ruined punching bag, making it better than new.

The girl that wrote an expose about sexual harassment and rape culture flourishing inside the grounds of their high school, a place that was supposed to shape brilliant young minds not deteriorate them.

The girl that co-founded the first high school club of young feminists.

The girl that was volunteering at the Southside.

The girl that stood her ground against a seemingly dangerous but poorly educated Serpent.

The girl that right now was being just a girl, rolling her glorious hips in some tight spandex Nike training shorts in ash grey in coordination with her fellow cheerleaders but better than the rest, sassier, deliciously tantalizing.

Jughead Jones was putty for all the versions of that girl.

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For Lack of Prey (DVA/Mercy)

A/N: For an anonymous patron. 8,000 words, explicit, alternating POV. Enjoy!

You can also read this story on AO3.

Despite it all, she was freezing cold.

Not a single breeze blew into the tent. Somewhere above her a dozen jets screamed overhead, returning from an evening patrol. The sound brought to mind vivid images, all thinly connected by memories and sensations. Like standing on the tarmac in weather reaching 47°C. The jet engines and the hot rush of air, somehow even hotter than the sun above her. A cold aluminum can, still sweating in her hand only to blister it minutes later. Just from daring to exist in the open. Her palm had been red for days.

She glanced down at her hand. It was still red. When she wiped it off on her lap it smeared. Again a flood of loosely-connected sensations, her brain splitting and existing in the past and the present at the same time.

She had lost a lot of blood, she knew, and she was dehydrated. The picc in her arm and the fact that she was being fussed over by one of her favorite people hardly registered, though.

“You shouldn’t be up already.” Dr. Ziegler tried to angle her back down so she could rest, but Hana shook her head.

“If I lie down any more I think I might get sick.”

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Just a reminder, because I think we legitimately forget sometimes:

Nazis weren’t just the soldiers with guns at the entrances to death camps. They weren’t just the guys who ushered people into the gas chambers. They weren’t just the politicians signing the orders to invade other countries, or the generals ordering their troops to execute civilians.

Nazis were also the people who joined the party because it was the social thing to do. They were the people who looked the other way when their Jewish neighbors were hauled off. They were the actors who put their careers above the lives of others in order to take roles in propaganda films. They were the civilians who asked “But what do we do about the Jewish problem???” and expected a legitimate answer. They were the people who registered, and put their names on a list so they could have a little bit of social fortune while it was still popular to do so.

Those people were Nazis too.

So when I say you’re acting like a Nazi, I’m not saying you’re the one throwing the switch on the gas chambers or pulling the trigger on a gun. I’m saying you are legitimizing and supporting a political ideology which harms other people, and history will prove you wrong.

honestly most fiction portrayals of university fail to show how intense registering for courses can me

i am screaming internally as there’s only one spot left in a class i really want, my registration isn’t for another 20 mins and there’s another wave of students before me in five minutes

So at least on my dash, nobody ever drags the xxTPs, so I'mma do it really fast bc y'all really piss me off from time to time.

Like would it kill you to NOT critique rules from time to time trying to find all the damn loopholes? Like pls can u not. LIKE SURPRISINGLY JUST BC SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT SENSIBLE IN THE LONG RUN?? Like is it so hard to realize that if you take into account EVERY SINGLE tiny ass thing you guys pick out, nothing would ever get done???

Rules, laws, procedures, etc, they’re there to make things easier. And like?? Honestly fuck you, ExTPs? Stop blatantly doing the loophole thing that the rules don’t cover just because you can. Y'all are so damn full of acting like a dick while not coming up with PROPER SOLUTIONS. And you, IxTPs? Just stop. You may not outwardly defy the untold laws, but you still don’t come up with solutions like the shut in you are.

Keep to your own crap and leave laws alone.


In honour of Liberation Day in the Netherlands, let me tell you something about Willem Arondeus, homosexual activist, anti-fascist artist and writer and member of the Dutch Resistance during the occupation of Nazi Germany.

During the early Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Willem realised that the demand by the Nazis that all Jewish people register with local authories was not, as the Nazis claimed, for their own safety, but to deport them to concentration camps. 

Willem was one of the first to join the Dutch Resistance and together with numerous other artists, he created an illegal periodical that called for mass resistance against the German occupation.

As a member of the Resistance Council – which also included other openly gay members – he put his artistic skills to use by forging tons of identity papers and recruiting new members. In March 1943, Willem led a group in bombing the Amsterdam Public Records Office in order to hinder the Nazis.

Willem dressed as a Nazi Army captain and with the group, he disabled the guards by drugging them and positioned the explosives, destroying thousands of files.

Within a week after the bombing, he and the other members were arrested and sentenced to death after a short trial. On July 1st 1942, Willem was executed. Shortly before his execution, however, he told his lawyer the following:

‘’Tell the people that homosexuals are not cowards.’’

In 1945, after the Dutch Liberation by the Allied forces, Willem was awarded a posthumous medal by the Dutch government and was reburied in a honorary cemetry.

I work at a beauty supply store, and one of the items we keep at the register hoping to get people to buy them is a little massager-glove type thing, for giving other people massages.

The other day, a couple comes in- dyed hair, covered in tattoos, with the chubbiest, cutest blonde-haired toddler I’ve ever seen. They buy some color protectant shampoo and check out, and the little girl goes “daddy, daddy, mommy always says her back hurts, lets get her this! I want to get her this!” And picks up the massager. Her dad says that they can’t get it today and they leave, with her pouting.

Three days later the dad and the little girl come back in again, and he tells her they’re “going to get it for mommy now as a surprise.” I think I was smiling as hard as the little girl during this interaction.

different // yoongi

word count // 7.4k

genre // fluff

summary //  in which tattooartist!yoongi meets floral!reader because he needs to practice drawing flowers for his job

a/n // so this was only supposed to be like 3k words??? but i got carried away.  anyways i hope you guys enjoy and the beginning starts out a little slow but i wanted to provide a little background (also theres a prompt for this somewhere on tumblr but i cant find it anymore)

Everything was familiar to you.  After spending your entire life stuck in the same city you born in, everything became routine.  From where you shopped to the people who passed you on the street, nothing in your life changed.  You smiled and greeted the same neighbours you had since you were little when they passed you on your way home from work.  You chatted your way through the same cashiers that were now much older who could remember you from when you couldn’t see above the cash register.  The same people always made your coffee, the same people always delivered the mail, and the same people always walked their dogs next to you while you rushed to get to work.  

You had grown accustomed to the familiarity.  How could you not?  It was comforting and allowed you to find peace in your life.  Nothing necessarily interesting popped out and surprised you at less than desirable moments.  Which is what you found happened when you were forced into family vacations to other cities, and sometimes even other countries.  The entire time you would spend moping around, uncomfortable and uneasy even when you were supposed to be having a fun time.  

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Of the Red Adidas Suit, the STD and the Funny Face (Jason Todd x Reader)

Jason Todd Highschool AU

Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt:  I was making ugly faces at a friend in class and I forgot you’re right in front of me oh god you’re cute too this is so embarrassing please stop laughing.

Sex ed was the absolute worst. Not only was it your first class on Monday morning, it was also taught by one of the most spectacularly cringey man who assumed wearing a full red Adidas tracksuit made him ‘hip’.

You reached school a few minutes earlier today and just your luck, all your books fell out of your locker. You pinched the bridge of your nose, exhaling harshly. This was going to be a great day. You could tell.

You trudged your way to sex ed. You slumped down on a chair, massaging your temples. You probably shouldn’t have stayed up till 3am last night, reading all that fanfiction.

 You vaguely registered people filling into class, and your friend from the cheer team, (Y/F/N), sitting right next to you.

 You propped your head on your hand, your eyes fluttering shut as you were just about to return to dreamland. And then walked in your sex ed teacher, in a parrot green tracksuit, with a box of condoms in his hands.

‘Great,’ you thought to yourself, ‘more condoms that I’ll never use.’

“Pass them on”, he grunted out as he plopped himself on his desk, fiddling with the computer. You stared at the tin foil packet in your hand, utterly unimpressed. You had around fifty of these stashed in a drawer at home, which would probably never see the light of day.

 Where were the high school clichés when you needed them? You were head cheerleader and the closest thing you experience to a sexual encounter was that one party when Lex Luthor’s scrawny freshman brother decided to grab your ass in a drunken stupor. You never even had a boyfriend for Christ’s sake.

 (Y/F/N) said it was because the guys were too intimidated to ask you out. Well, you couldn’t help your resting bitch face even if your life depended on it, so oh well. Cheer leading and student government took too much of your time anyway.

 Red Adidas turned on the projector, put on a movie about someone named Nancy who contracted an STD and promptly dosed off, many of the students doing the same.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep or maybe it was the prankster in you suddenly awakening, but when your friend tapped your shoulder, you contorted your face into the silliest one you could muster and snapped your head towards her with a new found energy.

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 Oh crap.

Instead of finding your friends (Y/F/E) eyes looking at you, you found yourself gazing into icy blue ones. Your face was frozen into your current expression as Jason Todd, the smartest boy in Gotham shuddered with silent laughter.

 His shoulders shook violently as her laid his head on the desk trying to muffle his laughter. Your cheeks and ears were heating up. You were pretty sure you looked like a tomato. Coaxing your face into a normal-ish expression, you grumbled to yourself, ‘way to make an impression on your crush’

PS: Feel free to send in prompts and I’ll do them with any character from Young Justice, the Batfam and the Marvel universe 

“You get used to wearing the suit and cape. It becomes you, or rather, you become the suit. You put it on and then you’re a hero. Even though you’re still a hero even if you’re not wearing it. Doesn’t really matter what you’re doing.

It helps that it’s comfortable, you know? It fits really well and it’s easy to clean too. I used to be bothered by the stares but these days I don’t even register them. Weirdly enough, people stare more when the suit is clean than if it’s dirty. If the suit is dirty it means you’ve done something to warrant you wearing it. Not that it matters a whole lot to me, but it’s why I didn’t bother with umbrellas for a while.

It took me a while to realise why people were less likely to stare when the suit was dirty. Usually it’s something to do with fear or respect. But I don’t think that was the case for me.

Hey Genos…I don’t think I ever told you but… I’m glad you’re here.”

(Thanks @onepunchstuff for letting me ruin your drawing with my shitty colouring)