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I'm an American Abroad. Register to Vote!
The 8 million Americans abroad almost never vote, but now they can decide the election with a new easy voter registration tool. Help by sharing and make sure the most global Americans decide this election.

The 8 million Americans abroad could decide the election. We all need to vote! 

Register by Oct 8th. 

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geekyhobbies  asked:

American living aborad, here. Also, for any others living abroad, it is super easy to register to vote. I personally signed up for email absentee voting. You need to do this NOW, 'cause you also need to send in your actual signiature via snail mail to your home COUNTY of origin. EX: I lived in Erie County, NY so I sent to there. Google how to vote abroad, and you will be directed to the website. (Tumblr doesnt like links.) Took me 10 min tops. The site well tell u the address to send ur papers.

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