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More Than They Bargained For  (Part 1)

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|  Part 2  |

Pairings:  None yet. ;) Eventual Sam Winchester/Reader, Dean Winchester/Reader, and Castiel/Reader

Warnings:  Language; Violence; Dead characters; Badass reader; Indecisive writer; discardable OC’s

Word Count:  2,957

Reader Gender:  Female

Summary:  When a girl calls Bobby’s phone out of the blue, not knowing that he’d passed a few months ago, the Winchesters are left to figure out what she’s calling for, not expecting for her to become an important part of the days to come.

Author:  Meg

A/N:  This is part 1. There will be a part 2 eventually! I really want to take my time on this story though and make it good for everyone. (Also, if anyone has suggestions for plot points they’d like to see, I’m open to hearing them! Lord knows I need ideas!) I was thinking of endgame being like an interactive, you choose your relationship fic, where I’d write 3 endings: one for Sam, one for Dean, and one for Castiel since I’ve always thought fics like that were cool.

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“Republicans are yesterday’s Democrats”

1. 1854: Pro-life Americans establish the first major anti-slavery party. The Republican Party is born.

2. 1862: Pro-life politicians are the first to abolish slavery in Washington, D.C. They are Republicans.

3. 1863: Pro-life politicians issue the Emancipation Proclamation, in order to set all slaves free. They are Republicans.

4. 1865: Attorney John Rock (a registered doctor), becomes the first black member of the Supreme Court bar. He is a Republican.

5. 1870: Pastor Rhodes Revels becomes America’s first black Senator. He is a Republican.

6. 1872: Louisiana gives America her first nonwhite Governor. He is a Republican.

7. 1872: By now, the first seven African-Americans are in the U.S. Congress. They are all Republicans.

8. 1884: John Lynch, a Congressman, becomes the first black to preside over a national convention. He is a Republican.

9-11. The 1890s: During his stint as New York City Police Commissioner, Teddy Roosevelt is the first leader to open doors to women – and the first to welcome Jews in the department. But there’s more. Teddy becomes the first to introduce standardized pistols to the force, in order to protect innocents. He is a Republican.

12. 1901: Teddy Roosevelt, a balanced conservationist, becomes – according to Time 2006 – the first President “to make environmentalism an issue.” He is a Republican.

13. 1901: President Roosevelt upsets Democrats when he invites the first African-American to dine in the White House. He is a Republican.

14. 1906: President Roosevelt becomes the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He is a Republican.

15. 1916: Jeanette Rankin becomes America’s first congresswoman. She is a Republican.

16. 1916: Also – according to Gov. Thomas Judge — Rankin becomes the first “woman in the world to be elected to a parliamentary body.” She is a Republican.

17. 1921: Pro-life politicians are the first to establish and back the controversial Dyer Anti-Lynching Laws. They are Republicans.

18. 1925: Florence Khan becomes the first Jewess to serve in Congress. She is a Republican.

19. 1938. Former President Herbert Hoover becomes the first statesmen to rebuke Adolph Hitler in person. He is a Republican.

20. 1943. Hoover is the first major statesmen to back the controversial Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe, which finally convinces President Roosevelt, the Democrat, to create a War Refugee Board, in order to rescue Jews. He is a Republican.

21. 1950: Joseph Mc Carthy, a great patriot, delivers his famous Wheeling speech and is the first Senator to publicly blow the whistle on the largest nest of Red Fascists in the State Department. History will vindicate the Senator. He is a Republican.

22. 1953: Former Catholic Congresswoman Clare Luce Booth becomes the first female ambassador to a major world power. She is a Republican.

23-5. 1954: On his 30th anniversary, as FBI Director, the liberal Associated Press, Washington, acknowledges that J. Edgar Hoover is responsible for three firsts. Before his time there was no “fingerprint file [1], no crime detection laboratory [2], no training program [3], and no prestige.” He is a Republican.

26: 1955: President Eisenhower becomes the first President to appoint an African-American (E. Frederic Morrow) to an executive position on the White House staff. He is a Republican.

27. 1957: Eisenhower becomes the first President to order troops to protect black students at Central High, Arkansas. He is a Republican.

28. 1957: Eisenhower’s Civil Rights Bill makes him the first President to strongly back black voting rights and protections in the post-war period. He is a Republican.

29. 1959: Hiram L. Fong becomes the first Asian-American Senator. He is a Republican.

30-1. 1964: Margaret Chase Smith (not Hillary Clinton) is the first woman to run as a U.S. Presidential candidate for a major party. She is a Republican. (Note: Smith is also the first female to be elected in the U.S. House and Senate too.)

32. 1964: Hiram L. Fong becomes the first Asian presidential candidate. He is a Republican.

33. 1964: Barry Goldwater is the first person of Jewish ancestry to run as a U.S. presidential candidate for a major party. He is a Republican.

34. 1964: The Grand Old Party is the first (and only) party to strongly back the Civil Rights Act (83%). Thank God for the Republicans.

35. 1971: Herbert Choy becomes the first Asian-American to serve on the federal bench. He is a Republican.

36. 1971: Romana Acosta Banuelos becomes the first Hispanic-American Treasurer of the U.S. She is a Republican.

37. 1971: Senator Strom Thurmond, a former member of the racist Democratic Party, renounces his past, and becomes the first southern Senator to hire an African-American, in a senatorial office. He is a Republican.

38. 1973: Henry Kissinger becomes the first Jewish U.S. Secretary of State. He is a Republican.

39. 1985: Significantly, Reagan becomes the first world leader to describe five dictatorships (Cuba, Iran, Libya, Nicaragua, and North Korea), as “outlaw states run by the strangest collection of misfits, loony-tunes and squalid criminals since the end of the Third Reich.” (Loud cheers and laughs.) He is a Republican.

40. 1988: Reagan becomes the first President to sign legislation which acknowledges that – under FDR, the Democrat – Japanese internment camps were based upon “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership.” He also offers a formal apology and compensation to survivors. He is a Republican.

41. 1988: Lauro F. Cavazos, the former Secretary of Education, becomes the first Hispanic-American to serve as a U.S. Cabinet Member. He is a Republican.

42. 1989: Julia Chang Bloch becomes the first Asian U.S. ambassador. She is a Republican.

43-4. 1990: Antonia Coello Novello becomes the first woman and the first Hispanic-American to become a Surgeon General of the U.S. She is a Republican.

45. 2001: Elaine Chao becomes the first Asian-American Cabinet Minister. She is a Republican.

46. 2001: Colin Powell becomes the first African-American Secretary of State. He is a Republican.

47. 2001: The late Lieutenant Colonel Roosevelt becomes the first and only President to receive the Medal of Honor, America’s highest military award. He was a Republican.

48. 2005: Alberto Gonzales becomes the first Hispanic American Attorney General of the U.S. He is a Republican.

49. 2005: Condoleezza Rice becomes the first African-American female Secretary of State. She is a Republican.

50. 2008: John McCain looks like he will become the first President born outside of the continental United States, in the Panama Canal Zone. He is a RepubliCAN.

Democrats need to stop using the “Parties switched sides” excuse, because they certainly did not. Liberals have been wrong since the beginning.
How You Vote May Change in 2016
A new plan could make an impact.
By Laura Donovan

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) wants to modernize our democracy, which is why she just introduced legislation that would mandate that all 50 states allow residents to register to vote online. At present, 25 states do not have online voter registration. Twenty-one do, and another four have passed laws to put online voter registration in place. According to Gillibrand, nearly 100,000 potential voters are unable to register online, and she would like the process to be easier so more people will participate.

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"Me and my buddies vandalized your backyard trampling your mini garden in the process. Now I feel really shitty cause you’re really upset about this. Look I’ll help fix it okay just stop with the sad faces." narry please

 “They’re ruined. They’re all ruined.”

  Niall watched as the boy sank to his knees, his brows knitting together as he cradled a single, pink rose in his hands. He looked the very picture of distress—a protagonist in some Hollywood film mourning the death of his lover—and Niall felt his mouth grow dry as guilt edged its way into his brain and curled into his stomach. The boy didn’t seem to notice him, his eyes scanning the remains of his once neatly kept garden before returning back to the flower in his hands, his lower lip trembling as if he were about to burst into tears at any moment.

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Raphril Fanfiction: Butter Fingers

Universe: 2k12
Ship: Raphril
Rating: PG
Warnings: Language 
Genre: Romance
Summary:  April has been waiting for Raphael to make the first move for the longest time. Now it’s late & they’re alone & watching a horror movie - it’s literally the perfect moment so why hasn’t he kissed her yet? BOYS.

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