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#175: You Try To Walk Out During A Fight


For the anon who was sad and hoped that I could cheer her up by posting something tonight, I wrote this very quick! I hope this at least put a smile on your lips, even if it’s just a small one :-) 

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A huge amount of no’s left Luke’s lips as his long legs tried to catch up with yours, his eyebrows furrowing and his mind trying to register the quick actions. You rolled your eyes by his constant way of trying to make you stay but you didn’t want to listen. Ripping the door open to your house you were met by a shower of rain but in the angry state you didn’t care and neither were aware of not wearing shoes. “Stop being so goddamn stubborn!” He exclaimed angrily and stopped you from walking any further out on the porch. Scooping you easily in his arms without caring about your protest he looked down at you with his hair all matted and eyes serious. “You can’t just leave Y/N. I won’t allow that. I’m sorry okay? Stupid as I was, I am.” He pressed his warm lips against your forehead, not caring about the rain or your angry state for the matter.


“Where are you going? He asked with wide eyes as you stormed up from your chair and headed towards the exit of the kitchen. “Does it matter to you?” You yelled without looking over your shoulder. “What?” He exclaimed like you were ridiculous and let go of the spoon in his hands and literally through it on top of the counter. “So you’re just gonna walk out like that?” “Yes in matter of fact I am.” You yelled and your lips parted slightly in anger when he hurried to stand in front of you and blocked your way. “Calum, don’t do this now.” You warned and pointed a finger at him. “I am so not in a mood for this.” “Well I’m not in a mood for you leaving right in the middle of everything.” He breathed before he pressed you against the car slightly and peppered your face with kisses.  


“Y/N, stop!” He exclaimed while hurrying down the stairs, trying to avoid the sweater being thrown towards his face the second you take it off of your body. “Leave me alone, Michael.” You exclaimed over your shoulder as you walked through the kitchen and towards the entrance of the house. “You are honestly so great at ruining my mood it’s crazy!” “It wasn’t my intention okay!” He yelled back as you walked towards the front door but before you could open it he slide himself in between. “Move, Michael.” You said through gritted teeth and stared at him with wide eyes. “No.” He said simply and lowered his tone before he placed his hands on your cheeks and smashed his lips against yours. It was a mix of rage, anger and sadness overwhelming you at once but by the feeling of your lips everything was gone in one second.


”Honestly you are so unbelievable.” The second he sees the tears pricking in your eyes he knows he has gone too far. Turning around on your heel to head towards the door he doesn’t hesitate to grab your hand and prevent you from go anywhere, guilt washing over his face. “Ashton let me go.” You whined almost in a whimper, looking at him with serious eyes but he shook his head disagreeing and wrapped his arms around your shoulders. “You’re not leaving. Not now, okay?” “But I want to.” You whimpered against his chest, but didn’t give a shot on trying to wiggle yourself out of his arms because even if you were so madly angry at him it couldn’t compare to how madly in love you were. “I don’t want you to leave okay? I’m sorry for being a dick and I promise that I’ll do better okay? Just don’t leave, not now.”

Be My Player 2? Chapter 10

Yay chapter update!! Woo hoo!! I’m really glad that I got this done today since I leave for a weekend trip tomorrow and don’t have to worry about coming back and trying to finish this, so I hope that y'all are looking forward to reading it.

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Friday felt like an utter dream to Keith. He hardly registered his own actions throughout the day and didn’t even really remember waking up or getting ready for the day. He almost felt like a zombie and didn’t really register where he was until he received a slap on the back, forcing him to look around and comprehend that he was at work. He didn’t even remember clocking in or going to class! And was honestly surprised that he managed to even dress himself in his work clothes, although he was sure Linda would’ve stopped him if he’d looked too out of sorts.

               “Someone seems to be a little out of it today,” George said, bringing Keith out of his thoughts and to focus back in on the drink that he’d been preparing. “Late night? Too much studying? Or too much gaming?”

               “Uhh…” Keith responded eloquently, grasping for some sort of explanation as to why he was acting the way he was. He couldn’t exactly say he was thinking about the hot guy that he met online while gaming. Not only did he not know how to go about explaining that situation, but he didn’t think he was prepared for the lecture that he would undoubtedly get about interacting with strangers online and the possibility that his life might turn into an afterschool special. George would probably even go so far as to suggest he’d been featured on America’s Most Wanted. You’d think being twenty-one would get you a pass for things like that, but Keith was never so lucky.

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Sanji and the Vinsmokes

Sheeeesh, I personally believe Robin has the worst backstory (mass genocide), but at least she knew her mother loved her. Even Law, even Nami, as awful as their pasts are had families which loved them, and while Luffy never knew Dragon and Ace hates Roger, we can tell that (from a reader’s POV) their fathers valued their existence. 

With have blood-’family’ who, worse than being neglectful, were outright abusive. Franky also had bad parents (presumably because they abandoned him) but at least he spent his formative years with a stable and loving adoptive family. Sanji..Sanji grew up hearing he was worthless, nothing of value, and knowing this now and combining it with what we knew about his all-encompassing, destructive, self-sacrificial nature, it just, it makes soooooo much sense in a heartbreaking kind of way. He probably never registers his actions as a form of sacrifice because unconsciously he believes his family that he’s not worth anything. 

anonymous asked:

the gom react to their gf going up and kissing their gay and attractive male best friend on the lips?

this turned out awkward but I hope you guys still like it!

Kuroko: Before he realise what he is doing, he has already rushed over to your side and separate you and your best friend with a tug on your wrist. You didn’t expect him to be nearby while he is still trying to register the reason for his action. Jealousy isn’t something Kuroko often feels. He is walking away a second later, feeling abashed for what he is feeling. Maybe playing basketball will let him think better, he thought. You caught up to him almost immediately, ready to explain yourself.

“I apologise for my abrupt action earlier, interrupting you guys like that. It is not like myself at all.” He is a step ahead of you, giving you an apology that is not required. You would have cooed at the sight of Kuroko’s kicked puppy expression if not for how you noticed he isn’t even trying to clarify if there is something between you and your best friend.

“It was a dare! There’s nothing more to that.” You make yourself clear and Kuroko’s face lit up. It isn’t obvious but even he himself realises how happy he is to hear that from you and he just remembers you saying that your best friend is gay.

Akashi: He stays still and tells himself not to jump into conclusion. Looking at the scene presented in front of him, he tries to understand the situation. Your best friend has been frank, letting Akashi know that he is gay since the start. He doubt it was anything too serious but the small bit of insecurity he feels in his heart won’t go away. You jump slightly when you realise Akashi is standing behind you, panicking to explain yourself so that he don’t misunderstand your action. “So, what’s happening here?” He asks with a neutral expression that make you unable to figure out what he is thinking.

Opening your mouth to find the right words, you start to explain how it is a forfeit for losing a game. He is relieved that you are able to drive away his insecurity with your frantic hand actions and awkward explanation. He trusts you wholeheartedly, teasing you for losing and telling you he gets it so you don’t have to worry. In spite of that, he couldn’t stop himself from not sending a glare at your best friend who is shock to see the sudden change in Akashi’s eyes.

Midorima: He stands by the classroom door and looks at the scene unfolding in front of him. Why are you kissing your best friend? Didn’t your best friend confess that he is gay? He grips on his lucky item, wondering if this is what it means when his Oha Asa’s reading said that things might not go as smoothly today for Cancer. Thinking of slipping away, too afraid to confront you or anything, he walks away quietly just when you notice his presence. It hits you that Midorima might have misunderstood your actions since he would usually be waiting for you to walk you home and run after him.

It is not easy stopping him as he ignores you despite the number of times you are calling his name, pretending not to hear you at all. He has a straight face when you finally catch up with him, asking you what is it as if there is nothing wrong. You tell him that what he saw earlier is not what he thinks and he stubbornly replies that he isn’t looking to much into it anyway. Trying to brush you off just like that, you tackle him in a hug and explains how it is forfeit for a game you lost. He stops trying to detach himself from you, even wrapping one of his arms around you loosely. He feels as though the huge weight on his chest is lifted all of a sudden. There is no way Midorima won’t feel anything to see you kiss your best friend even if your best friend said he is gay. But everything will still work out at the end of the day.

Kise: There is a quick flash of hurt and confusion in his eyes when he calls out for you to make his presence known, meeting you to go home together. His eyes become watery as he look at you then back at your gay best friend. “I thought you said he doesn’t like girls, ______-cchi? Why were you kissing him?” He isn’t speaking in his usual loud bubbly voice, sounding much weaker. He did not plan to be so blunt with his words but the questions spilled out before he can stop them. He turns and walks out of the school without knowing where to go, getting through the gates while hoping to make a link with what he saw.

It takes you some time to realise what is happening and in the next second, you are running off to check up with your boyfriend who has the tendency to over think. You are lucky to spot him, stopping him just a few metres before the bus stop. You hold onto him and refuse to let go, telling him how it is a forfeit and here is no hidden meanings.

“B–but, ______-cchi is mine.” He whines even after you remind him that your best friend isn’t into girls. Even he feels challenged against someone like your best friend but most of the time, they do get along well. (It is impossible that they don’t seeing how Kise’s personality is like and he wants to be liked by everyone close to you after all.)

Aomine: He is quick to pull the both of you apart, pulling you behind him and harshly questioning your best friend. “What the hell are you doing with my girl?” He barks, not hiding his anger. You have to stop him when be looks like he is going to beat your best friend up, dragging him away with you to prevent him from making a scene. He growls as you pull on his wrist, though he is not resisting your pull. It catches you off guard to see him acting like this, not aware that he will have such a big reaction to see you kiss your best friend. Moving to a place with lesser people, you let go off him and make sure he is listening.

“Umm… you know he is gay and he is my best friend. It is just a forfeit.” You put your hand up to stop him from commenting on anything until you are done with what you want to say. “Daiki, it is just I didn’t know you will mind it so much–”

“Who the hell cares if he is gay or not and what do you mean by not expecting my reaction? Who won’t get mad to see someone kissing their girlfriend?” Aomine cuts in, raising his voice. Happiness swells in you despite the problem you are facing, clearly seeing how much you mean to your usually unmoved boyfriend getting agitated.

“Wow, I mean, you have always acted casual about anything I do. I’m sorry…” He pulls you into a hug without warning, grumbling a ‘shut up’.

Murasakibara: He is about the open a new box of Pocky when he walks into the class just to see you kiss your best friend. Putting his snack aside, he finds himself moving towards you and pushing your best friend far away from you. There is a hard expression on his face instead of his usual bored one, surprising you and your best friend. You best friend attempts to explain the situation but the firm grip he feels on his shoulder is making it impossible. Murasakibara doesn’t even realise how he looks like he can crush your best friend’s shoulder if he just applies a little more force.

Stepping forward to get him to release you best friend, you straight out tell him that everything is for a forfeit because you lost a game. You have to grab the box of Pocky he left nearby to distract him. He falls for it and takes the Pocky over, eager to open it. However, he does not forget to add, “Oh, he is gay, right? But ______-chin is mine so don’t touch her no matter what.” He points at your best friend which looks quite intimidating and pulls you in his arms. He sends the warning to everyone in class despite not meaning to.