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What about hatefuck!harry letting y/n cry on his chest and then afterwards she's all like "if you tell anyone about this i swear to gkd i won't suck you pff for two weeks" etc but harry's feeling things and is genuinely endeared and he kind of hates it and she's kind of kicking herself for being weak around him but he really does give a great cuddle and encouraging words. Maybe he does care about her.... ;)

YEET I ADDED A FEW MORE DETAILS BUT THIS IS GONNA BE LIT I PROMISE!! if u like it, please give me feedback here!!! it rly motivates me :-)

Jeff’s house is fucking huge.

Harry swears that one day, he’s going to wander off alone and never be able to find his way out. The place is composed of four stories, each packed with different rooms and winding halls, and Harry often fears that he’ll get lost in his simple search to have a wee. 

But right now, everyone who’s anyone in the music industry is milling about in the large hall at the heart of Jeff’s mansion (though the producer refuses to refer to the building as such). Harry’s not quite sure how he got roped into a conversation with Jeff’s parents, but he remains a perfect gentleman, shaking hands and kissing cheeks and chatting with little to no effort. He charms the pants off of Jeff’s mother, who’s already looking at him like he’s the one who hung the stars in the sky, and he’s not far from laying the same impression on her husband. The encounter has been a success, if you ask him.

But he can’t deny that every so often, his eyes flick past the couple as he scours the room for you. He’d seen you walk in, wearing a pretty red dress that flared out just underneath your chest and a pair of gold flats on your feet. Your hair had been twisted up into an elegant bun and pinned down with a gold butterfly clip to match your footwear. Harry’s positive that his heart nearly stopped beating once he caught sight of you.

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Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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Kiwi: Part Two

A little mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

The next day, Calliope woke up at one in the afternoon.

Going off of a full nine hours of sleep, she hopped out of her twin sized bed and brushed her teeth, running a careless hand through her cropped locks and setting off for a jog along the beach.

When Cal first arrived in Jamaica, she was looking for places to stay on the tourist side of the island. But not only was it easily five times as expensive as living where she was now, it was crowded and loud. The first morning she went for a run she had to stop about seven times to take group pictures and be asked for directions by families of five or more. It wasn’t until she started befriending the locals that she even knew there was a quiet place on the island.

Now, she could go for runs every day and she was rarely ever interrupted. Her life in Jamaica consisted mainly of three things: running, surfing, and working at the bar. The bar was owned by a tall Jamaican man whose nickname was Pipo, and whom she’d met close to when she arrived. She began to frequent it during the lunch shift, and when she did she spoke to Pipo every day about her life back home. One day when he found out that she was unemployed he offered her a job on the spot.

And that was Cal’s life. That’s what it had been like for the past month and a half—working to save a little money, but mostly to pass the time. When she wasn’t working she was taking walks on the island and exploring new places, or surfing. It wasn’t a luxurious life by any means, but it was what she needed right now. She needed to get away.

It was all completely predictable, until she stumbled upon Harry last night.

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Originally posted by pledisseventeen

  • meet jeon wonwoo
  • he’s actually a really great artist like his parents got him a lil blank note book with yknow crayons and stuff and he used to go ham on it like all the time
  • as he grew up, it became his outlet to getting thru life bc even as a kid he was pretty intimidating and it wasn’t like he was very outgoing anyway so it affected the way other kids treated him
  • they always shunned him, telling him to go away and often equated him to that kid from the ring when it came out so he just stayed away from people and lived in his own bubble
  • art was a companion that could never shun him
  • however art also became a detrimental coping mechanism so excessively to the point where he was often doodling instead of completing his schoolwork so the only way his teachers could think to get him out of this mindset was reprimanding him for it
  • of course, it had an opposite effect
  • he continued to do as he pleased, becoming a lot more stubborn in the time that he was ostracized by his peers for not finding enjoyment in the same things as them and the older he got, the more this mindset became ingrained in him 
  • no matter what art was an important part of his life and no one was going to take that away from him
  • inevitably, wonwoo found interest in different forms of art from paint to colored pencils
  • but his ultimate favorite art form was graffiti
  • there was a united front about the way other graffiti artists in the ways each of them made their art their own, formulating their own stories without establishing an actual face
  • the artist was who they made themselves out to be. not rumors or stories about a boy who had no friends aside from the paintbrushes held between clenched fingertips 
  • and for him, he became someone more than just that weird looking grudge boy kid
  • he was someone…. he belonged somewhere
  • throughout high school, he developed a persona called jeon. given that’s his last name, he formulated this just for the sake of vaguieness and cuz he couldn’t really think of anything else LOL
  • so jeon is someone who battles his demons with a stare, kinda like medusa but he doesn’t turn them to stone. he turns them into paintings
  • he memorializes them for what they really are- mean people, demons, scary stuff only little kids dream of and for the most part, they become a hit to his graffiti buds and for anyone who is everyone (though those who aren’t in the graffiti community have no actual clue that this cool dude is wonwoo even if they share a surname)
  • this goes on for some time, even into wonwoo’s final year of high school where he’s graduating cuz mingyu, his new bff and only friend, encourages him after he told the older boy how he wanted to go to the city for school and it motivated wonwoo to spread his wings from his small town and wander ya know?
  • around the time when he’s integrating into college life with mingyu and their other friends scoups and vernon, he actually continues jeon throughout seoul city in subtle ways though not many people recognize it
  • anyway, with being in college, his maternal aunt sends her son aka his cousin, jeon jeongguk over just to experience some of the college life. she wanted wonwoo to show the younger jeon how college is beneficial even for misfits like himself (passive aggressive way of going abt it but wonwoo is just like “ok whateves”)
  • although it makes mingyu whiny that they have to lug around a kid who’s only two years younger and just as lanky and tall lol, wonwoo doesn’t mind showing his cousin around the city and letting him touch his stuff and eventually jeongguk discovers wonwoo’s sketchbook snippets of jeon and he gets all “??? what’s this??” finally an interest piqued in their time spent together and wonwoo lets him in on the secret after seeing how into the art his cuzzo is
  • as wonwoo explains the piece, jeongguk is so immersed and interested, he actually gets into the whole bit, wanting to do his own kind of art form bc he’s always enjoyed doodling and well, wonwoo can’t resist so he agrees to teach his cousin the craft
  • they go out to the tunnels near this abandoned train, just spraying around but enjoying themselves as twilight breaks and it’s nearly pitch black (though they have flashlights to help them out), jeongguk makes up a persona called kookie
  • he says he’s kind of like jeon but the art he memorializes highlights the good possibilities, that there’s light in darkness and he turns around those shitty monsters so they can be happy 
  • it’s cute really and wonwoo loves it cuz his cuzzo is happy too
  • unfortunately, there’s a patrol cop on the prowl trying to get his mitts on people like wonwoo and he sees small lights emitting from the tunnels and the two get caught tho wonwoo is quick to shut his light off, shutting guk’s off and telling the younger boy to run until he’s a safe enough distance that wonwoo feels relieved 
  • they decide not to go out for a while, hoping to avoid the same situation they suffered thru
  • but guk’s not done. he has more to add, and well, bc he went alone, he nearly gets caught before he sprints off and calls his cousin in fear and panic bc he doesn’t know what to do and fuck he rlly doesn’t want to go to jail or something 
  • and well, wonwoo can barely register his actions before he goes to the very tunnel and makes it blatantly obvious that he’s the one “defacing” the wall and he gets the blame for “kookie” 
  • he gets put on community service duty, forced to clean up the “vandalism” and set a 700 dollar fine that he knows his family can’t pay
  • of course his family doesn’t want to help, only wishing for him to learn from his mistakes and be an adult so he gets a job at the local convenience store and although he isn’t allowed to talk to jeongguk, his younger cousin feels awful, trying to keep in contact with wonwoo despite having to cut all ties with him
  • and that small convenience store is where you and him meet actually
  • it’s your second year at the university like wonwoo and as part of your work-study program, you decide to take up a position at the nearby convenience store since it’s close to your dorm and you really didn’t want to work at the sporting goods store on campus
  • going there, wonwoo is at the register, looking pretty bored and when he sees you, his eyes go a little wide before he asks if you’re y/n bc he’ll be training you and you agree only flushing a little bc wow he’s pretty cute and holy shit he looks intimidating (well at least until he starts trying to “train” you)
  • to say the least, wonwoo is only a little flustered by you bc holy shit you’re so nice to him
  • you don’t care if he’s too quiet or too shy sometimes and if anything you make it blatantly obvious that you like talking to him and he doesn’t get that at all
  • but bc of this mild confusion from him, it’s a steady burn for you two actually get to know one another but like most burns it’s an ache that soothes the coldest of hearts and it’s exactly that for him
  • you two will talk about your majors and what you like and he gets happy when he hears you gush about art especially pieces that obviously mean something 
  • don’t get even him started when you say you like banksy work and even these subliminal pieces you catch on the street aka his cuz he actually didn’t realize how mini jeon pieces would catch anyone’s eyes and yeah he gets unbelievably happy to see you talk about it with wonder
  • it’s really cute bc your training goes on for two weeks and he’s made it an unconscious effort to walk you to the dorms after closing
  • even afterwards, he still continues to walk you 
  • he can’t explain why even when you ask but it’s something he does and he continues when you make no moves to protest against it and he can’t help but smile to himself abt that
  • for some reason, he can’t get you out of his mind 
  • maybe it’s the nice gestures or the fact that you like his art or something but there’s something about you that gives him this swell of emotion he hasn’t felt since he created jeon tbh
  • you’re so new and different to him and for all the kindness you show him he’s truly grateful 
  • he isn’t sure how to express it tho especially when even talking to you is still new for him so he actually asks his friends for help
  • seungcheol told him to just let you know how he feels 
  • (wonwoo: hell no)
  • vernon: ummm…. idk bro 
  • (wonwoo: (-: thanks…. Bro)
  • (wonwoo: you punk what the-)
  • the ironic part: so, one day when you two are working together and it’s nearly time to go, it actually begins to rain and this moment where he shrugs off his leather jacket and drapes it above your heads as you wait for the rain to cease beneath the thin canopy, you look up at him with those fluttery eyes and his breath just catches in his throat and you glance at his lips, biting at yours with conflict in your eyes and suddenly-
  • you kiss him
  • you just do it after you release your lip
  • and he’s all red in the face trying to make sense of it before you start apologizing and he has to stop you, practically dropping his jacket on you which he apologizes profusely over
  • “d-dammit, i’m sorry god i’m a klutz… that kiss just rlly got to me cuz i wanted to kiss you and you just kissed me and holy shit did i just say that am i still talking why am i still tal-”
  • you hop on your tip toes and peck his lips once more and smile “well i’m glad i kissed you, wonwoo… i rlly like you” 
  • and he’s just in awe like wow YOU LIKE HIM TOO and naturally y’all go out on a date but one insecurity about him that he still hasn’t mentioned to you is the fact that he got busted for graffiti and that’s why he’s at the convenience store
  • he always danced around the subject so now that you two have become even closer, he finds it hard to admit to his crime bc before it never mattered when no one else really mattered to him as much as you do…
  • it really upsets him when that cop who busted him sees him and starts messing with him in front of you on your date together and although you’re confused he actually doesn’t tell you anything about it
  • no phone calls, no texts, and when he calls in sick from work that following weekend, you’re determined to figure out what happened
  • so you hunt down mingyu and ask him where wonwoo is, he tells you where the dorm is bc he knows that you mean a lot to wonwoo if he was that upset abt you knowing why he was working so when you get there you use mingyu’s key and searching for wonwoo who’s hiding in his bed 
  • not that he’s noticed you yet
  • his hair’s a mess and he actually looks paler than usual 
  • you can see in his hands are holding a black leather bound sketch book and he’s doodling away, possibly trying to cope and you sigh
  • when he hears your voice, he freezes up, trying to burrow away in his blankets until you stop him and try to get him to open up to you bc dammit you care so damn much abt him and him trying to push you away will only bring you back trying to smash that damn shell of his harder
  • until finally he relents and tells you abt what happened and you just hug him, telling him to move over and you lay beside and ask why he didnt want you to know that
  • and yeah he’s surprised you’re not condemning him to hell like so many other people have but he can’t help but cling to you as he replies “it’s not the most optimal thing you tell your significant other yknow”
  • you shrug, giving him a squeeze
  • “Well you can tell me anything and i’ll accept you, wonwoo. i promise” 
  • from then, he’s a lot more open with you tbh
  • he’ll show you sketches about jeon and you make him tell you every story he has about those ones just because you love to hear his voice
  • you don’t really mean to be so forceful with him but it takes prompting for him bc he gets so scared that you’ll reject his ideas but when you don’t he gets so confident and happy, he’s like a puppy 
  • on your dates he likes to doodle on napkins and you collect every single one
  • one time he just doodles a mash potato monster and you kept it in a scrapbook with the rest of the doodles and he just giggled at the sight
  • on your anniversary he actually drew an companion for jeon named miss jae. although she wasn’t battling monsters, she helped him with her powers of support and light 
  • as a surprise he actually took you out to a different spot and graffiti’d the two together and it was just the sweetest thing ever 
  • it’s his way of saying “i love you” and even when you complain that you have no super talent like this he still grins and says “yes you do. just say that and i’m all yours” 
  • (he’s a closet greaseball y’all)
  • the rest of the boys were rlly happy to see how happy you made wonwoo, even inviting you to one of their shows where you discovered yet another talent of his 
  • and you couldn’t help but gush about him bc of it
  • sometimes to people at the store, to his friends, to his mom (who loves you btw), and basically anyone who listens 
  • even when he’s begging you to stop with pink cheeks, you just grin up at him and say “no way. you’re amazing and everyone should know it. EVERYONE”
  • those are the times he likes to shut you up with a kiss 
9 Times…-Chapter X

Aaaand here’s the final installment!
I hope you guys have liked this series as much as I’ve liked writing it <3
Catch up with all the parts here

Title: 9 Times Peter Parker Nearly Said ‘I Love You’ and the 1 Time He Did - Chapter X
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter finally gets the guts to tell you his feelings
Word Count: 1,015
Warnings: None
Tagged: @icat8 @pixierox101 @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @ginnyweasels @tmrhollandkay

Your name: submit What is this?

               “Look at this one,” Peter laughs, picking up a Polaroid shot of you. “Where was this from?”

           You shrug, taking it from Peter to have a closer look. “Probably when we went on that field trip?”

           He nods, smiling as he sifted through more pictures.

           It was summer break and both of you had survived high school, ready to face the next four years of college. After years of being together, you were finally going to be separated as you went to different schools. Just the thought of it made Peter upset.

           "Peter, look,“ you told him, holding up another picture.

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J is for Jeep

A/N: Hello everyone! I’m back with my entry for @simons-thirst-squad‘s ABC Challenge! This is my first time writing a fic with Simon as the main character, and he’s getting quite frisky with the reader in his Jeep. No plot here folks, only smut. ;)

Words: 1831

Warnings: Smut, semi-public, Jeep sex, oral sex, Simon’s muscles.

Originally posted by natedrkes

You found yourself being jolted awake to the sound of the car door opening. Even with your blurred gaze from the sleep seeds in your eyes, you recognized the figure that hoisted himself into the driver’s seat next to you in the inky darkness of the night. Simon gave you a lopsided grin as he looked down at you, curled up into a ball with your face pressed against the glass of the passenger’s side door.

“Morning sleepyhead,” he chuckled as he reached over and gripped your thigh, playfully shaking your leg to wake you up.

You stifled a laugh and swatted his hand away. You were never good at staying awake during all-nighter runs. Thankfully, being Simon’s girlfriend gave you a few perks, one being that he let you sleep in his mammoth sized Jeep until the crew set out again in the morning.

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Title: Think you can hack it? Yes this is a bad pun
Fandom: BAP
Member: Jongup
Genre/Warning: Smut, Sir!Jongup, skydive!au, SNAKES THIS ONE IS FILLED WITH SNAKES, death (sorry guise blame the snakes), this is very smutty, EXTREMELY EXPLICIT (this will not be everyone's cup of tea) and very rough; includes slapping (not of the face), spit play, foul language and more. 
Summary/Request: Jongup smut with sir would be p coolio. Maybe smth like a gang!au and jongup being the boss and the reader smth like a hacker/tech worker for the team??
A/N: Have a sir!Jongup gif x On his merry way to get him some pum Sorry this took so long me long to finish and I’m sorry that you have to read this x_x
Word Count: 5751 (fml)

You chew lazily on the now stale popcorn, monitoring the activity on your computer screen as you had been doing for the last six hours. Today was the day and if you fucked this up then you may as well be dead.

You had to rely purely on your skills, following the boy’s movements through traffic cameras, security surveillance, street cameras, anything that allowed you to track them.

The car they used, black through and through weaved through back roads, trying to avoid traffic, trying to keep to schedule. You briefly wondered how each of them were feeling. You especially wondered about the feelings of a particular person and felt your lips twitch to the tiniest of smirks knowing that he was just anticipating the downfall, the surprise when it comes to an end. You knew he would get off on the fact that they were so unaware, so unprepared, unsuspecting of a single thing, you knew this, because that’s how you felt too.

It was harder to track them now, the car meeting the dust roads of abandoned Seoul, old cars and other rubbish building up in the dirt. The roads were more open, no clear marks of roads and rarely any cameras. When they reached more open space you were cut completely from their view and instead looked down at your watch.

They were give or take a few minutes behind schedule, but that didn’t matter. You only cared that they reached their destination. From the cut off point they should be there in about 15 minutes, especially if the heavy footed Himchan was driving.  And so, you waited patiently, slowly chewing more stale popcorn as you switched to the cameras you had personally installed in the warehouse.

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the lost robin and the black wren

Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader

Summary: First meeting between the protege of Black Canary - Black Wren - and the second Robin. 

Warnings: None

A/N: First part of a new series I’m starting.

The first time he saw you was when you were standing next to Black Canary and he had to double take; he thought you were her daughter for a second. You were donning a similar outfit to the blonde: black leather jacket, fishnet tights and boots. With an air of confidence and a resting face that could snap a grown man to run for the hills, he just had to befriend you. You seemed so cool with your arms crossed over your chest and steel eyes observing the Justice League members conversing. With lips pressed firmly, he could tell that you would rather be anywhere else than at the meeting.

Jason was snapped out of his reverie when a redhead strolled up to you. The bow and arrows suggested him to be Green Arrow’s protege so it would make sense why he looked so comfortable approaching you. You merely raised an eyebrow at him but did not react any further. However, Jason narrowed his eyes at the newcomer when he caught a glimpse of mirth in the redhead’s eyes. Apparently, both of you were closer than teammates because all he did was whisper in your ear before you burst out giggling and oh dear God did Jason’s heart skipped a beat. Your eyes crinkle at the sides and your nose scrunched up. Your grin was so big it could split your face into two and your laughter was so misplaced in the ominous batcave. Your eyes were much softer and your smile remained as wide while your friend rambled on. He could not help the smile itching at the corner of his lips watching you smile. It was like he had to smile when you smile too and he did not mind it one bit.

However, when your eyes landed on Jason’s blue ones, he could feel his cheeks burning and smile completely gone. Your eyes widened a fraction and your smile faltered slightly which caused his heart to run miles per minute. He swallowed his saliva as a nervous habit while his mind was flooded with a myriad of embarrassing situations, all ending with you refusing to be his friend. Clenching his fist, he tried looking away to salvage whatever pride he had left but the warm smile you sent him had him awestruck. Instincts taking over his mind, he was walking towards you even before he registered his action. All he could see was the bemused smile you wore and a hint of amusement in your eyes. When he was finally standing in front of you, at the same height surprisingly, he stiffly shot out his hands as a sign of a handshake. You took it in your smaller and daintier hands and the crooked grin on his face did not fail to show.

“Jason Todd.”

Your eyebrows shot up and the redhead beside you was spluttering and that sent Jason into a whirlwind of confusion. Did he say something wrong? When he was about to ask, you beat him to the punch.

“Robin? Are you okay?”

Shit. He forgot all about the secret identities.

Mine. {Vampire!Mafia!au Johnny x Reader}

You were his queen, his world, his everything.

Johnny had met you when you were a teenager, 15, to be exact. He never knew he could truly love until he met you, until he smelled your blood. The moment he caught a whiff of your scent he knew you were his mate. When you both officially met, it was 3 days before your birthday. He never expected to meet you under such horrible circumstances…There had been an accident. You were riding your bike while he watched from afar, a man was drunk driving and seemed to fancy going over the speed limit by 20 miles. When you were hit by the car, Johnny could almost hear his heart break over the sound of the car tires screeching. Johnny was by your side in less than a second, he comforted you until the authorities and an ambulance got there. One of the paramedics asked him to go with you so you wouldn’t be alone. When you arrived to the hospital, he waited for your mother to show up so he wouldn’t intrude on your personal life until you were older. Your mother arrived 30 minutes after she had gotten the call but she wouldn’t let Johnny leave seeing as he made sure you stayed awake and calm until help came. 

When you woke up, Johnny fell absolutely head over heels for you. You recognized then instant you saw him standing behind your mom. You couldn’t stop thanking him for keeping you awake while you laid on the street after the impact. When you were released from the hospital, On your birthday, Johnny insisted that you two go out for coffee. The way he asked you to coffee was like a scene out of an old movie, He asked your mother first as well. He was a gentleman, an old timey one. Johnny had to come clean about who and what he was but he wanted you to agree to being his first, so he asked permission to court you.

The first date, Johnny had confessed about what he was. He confessed that he was in a mafia with others much like him, He even told you how old he was. When you didn’t believe the vampire part, he showed you the way his eyes glowed and his ability of speed, strength, and his knowledge about almost everything. Johnny told you what you were to him, you’re his mate, his world, his everything.
                                                -PRESENT TIME-

Johnny had Mark watch you while you went to classes at uni, some wanna be gangsters think that they can hit on you without NCT finding out. They were dead wrong. The moment Johnny even smelled one of them on you, he had asked Mark to sign up for some of your classes (Johnny would sign up for a few as well) so you could be protected if needed.

“Johnny, are you sure you want to go through another semester of History? Didn’t you go through like…40?” you asked

“First of all, Love, I’m doing this to make sure those greasy boys don’t touch you. Second, I’m curious to see how much the history has been altered.” He answered with a light chuckle

“Alright then, don’t crack up in class though..please..?” You requested

“I’ll try my best, sweetheart. Anywho, are you ready to go to the club? The boys are missing you~” Johnny stated

“I’ve been ready for quite a few minutes, babe..” You laughed at the cheesy smile he gave you

You two walked out to his car, you bumped your head getting in due to a spider. You could hear Johnny snickering silently as he gave you a once over to make sure you’re okay. The club wasn’t that far from where you two lived, it was a jazz club that had been going for decades. Johnny pulled into the parking lot, he quickly shut off the car and made his way to your side to open the door for you. His sweet gesture made you giggle, Johnny took your hand as you two made your way into the club.  

“Y/n!! Welcome back, doll!” You heard Winwin yell from behind the bar as he cleaned the glasses

“Hey, y/n! Any requests?” Taeyong asked as he stood next to the jukebox

“hmmm….can you put on a slow song, please?” you asked

“You got it!” Taeyong flipped through a few songs before stopping on one

Johnny knew what it meant when you wanted to hear a slow song, it means you want to dance with him. Johnny adored dancing with you because it meant you two could be insanely close to each other without hearing Jeno snickering about PDA to Jisung. The song Taeyong put on was ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, your favorite song. Johnny knew all too well that you adored this song, he gently took your hand and walked to the middle of the room. He placed his right hand on your hip and with his left, he took your free hand into his. Johnny kissed your forehead and smiled at you, he started swaying to the slow beat. You leaned your head on his shoulder and sighed in content, you loved dancing with Johnny.

Your moment was cut short when 3 members of an unknown mafia came in. The door swung with force and hit the wall, the bang caused you to jump. Johnny had you behind him faster than you could register, NCT had followed his actions and stood around you. They were insanely protective over you, you were their human the moment you agreed to be with Johnny. You adapted to them being overprotective because you were a fragile human and they were indestructible vampires, they want you safe and sound. Taeyong stepped up to the front of the group and smiled gently.

“Gentlemen, it seems you’ve interrupted something very important to these two,” he gestured to you both “Now, may I ask why the hell you did that? We don’t want our doll upset.”

The men snickered and looked in Johnny’s direction
“Doll? Is she your pet, or your snack?” The shortest one spoke up
“She smells delicious, can I have a taste?” The Leader asked

You could hear the growl Johnny let out at the thought of them even being able to smell you. You placed a hand on his back to calm him, you can see him relax when he felt you touch him. Looking over his shoulder, you see the three men. Their eyes looked exactly like Johnny’s the day he proved to you he was a vampire, except they had no emotion. The look in their eyes caused you to shake, they were hungry and they wanted you to be their snack.

“Excuse me, but I believe you’re eyeballing something that belongs to us. Scum like you doesn’t deserve the treat to see her.” Jisung yelled from behind Winwin

Taeyong chuckled and looked at Jisung “Don’t provoke them, Ji. Although, you are right. They don’t deserve to look at our beautiful girl. I suggest you leave, gentlemen. You’re treading on our territory, terrorizing someone very precious to us, and you ruined their moment together. I’m not very nice when annoyed, Explain yourselves before we make you.” Taeyong shifted his weight to his other leg

“Woah now, we just wanted a snack. You have the perfect one behind that pretty boy, she smells exquisite…” The middle one said

Johnny would have gone after him if it weren’t for you clinging to his arm to keep him still, he was getting angrier as the men mentioned you. He gently removed his arm from your gripe and wrapped it around you in a more possessive manner. He was practically displaying that you were his and his alone. The glare he gave was deadly. If looks could kill, the three men would be splattered on the pavement.

“Leave. Now. You’re not only disrespecting us, but you’re disrespecting what’s mine. You’ve scared my mate, my group- family, and you came onto my territory without
notification. It’d be a shame if your leader found out what you’re doing, you what the punishment is for terrorizing other mafias is right?” he asked in a condescending tone

“It’s not punishable…from what we know..” The leader spoke up

Johnny let go of you and ushered Mark to stand next to you, He walked into the three’s view and smirked. “The punishment is death by the leader of the tormented group.” his eyes changed colour

The three backed up as Johnny slowly walked towards them
“I’ll give you one more chance to leave before I rip your heads off your bodies and send them back to your leader, yeah?”

They scrambled out of the door as quickly as they could without bumping into each other. The urgency ensued laughter between NCT, it got a small chuckle out of you. Johnny let out a big breath as he walked back to you, he wrapped you in a big hug and inhaled your scent.

“My mate, My family, My territory. I’m not letting some wanna be thugs change any of that.” he mumbled into your hair

You smiled and held him close, out of habit he started swaying side to side. 'When a man loves a woman’ was playing

“Let’s finish our dance, babe.” you whispered to him

Johnny smiled and held you properly so you two could dance. He leaned his forehead on yours and closed his eyes, you could feel how content he was with you in his arms.

“Love, I have a question..” Johnny said quietly

“What is it?”

“Remember the first day we met?” He asked

You nodded

“It was the best day of my life, when I finally met you..Not the circumstances I met you under but you get what I mean. From then on, they years I’ve been with you have been the happiest ones I’ve ever experienced. You kept me from acting on rash thoughts for these 6 years, you kept me happy and healthy, you’ve set an amazing example for the younger ones of the mafia…you complete not only me, but everyone in this room. Y/N Y/L/N, with permission from your parents,” Johnny let go of you to pull out a indigo velvet box, he got down on one knee and looked up at you “will you do me the extraordinary honour of making me the happiest man on earth by becoming my bride?”

You had tears streaming down your cheeks as you stared at Johnny

“Of course I will..” you whispered out

Johnny stood up to hug you, he spun you around as all the other members cheered. He put you down to slip the beautiful ring onto your finger.

“I love you, so much.” He said with tears in his eyes

“I love you too, Johnny. Forever..”

“Forever.” He stated before he sealed the deal with a kiss

“Get a room!” Jeno and Jisung yelled in unison

{@remembeo, tis I, VampJohnnyAnon! Enjoy!}

I think that on this site there’s a lot of correlating toxic relationships with abusive ones even though they are completely different things all together.

A toxic relationship is a relationship that is not healthy, but there is no intent of malice originally present. This is usually a direct result of miscommunication between partners, and toxic behaviors can be exchanged equally between the people involved and/or be dealt out by one person who is not aware they are acting toxic. Of course, you can hear and use the phrase “Ugh, that relationship is so toxic” because toxic relationships are not good, period, but for the most part they can be fixed once the people involved work things out between them or figure out what went wrong so that they can learn to not do it again in the future. (Keep in mind that ‘work things out’ does NOT always mean stay together, but that it can usually be settled rationally.)

An abusive relationship is one where toxic shit happens on purpose. One or both of the partners deliberatly chooses to inflict harm on their partner, through phsyical or emotional violence, simply because they wish to harm them or because they want to keep them in line. Abusive relationships are NOT OKAY and are not usually settled rationally, as an abuser wants to keep their victem under control and usually doesn’t want them to leave them. There’s little to no actual harm being reflected back at the abuser that they actually register; they see actions against them as insubordinance and react by inflicting more punishment. Usually, they know that what they’re doing is bad or have a faint grasp of understanding that their actions are morally wrong, but feel justified doing them anyways. Abusive relationships tend to have a very clear power imbalence and, though they can be interesting to watch in media, should not be painted as merely toxic or gifted with a redemption arc. Toxic relationships are bad; abusive relationships are very very very bad and are absoloutly not okay.

There’s also the fact that many people seem to view certain behaviors in a relationship as immidiatly toxic/abusive and bad even though they’ve rarely been repeated and the people involved in the relationship are relatively stable otherwise. That is NORMAL. People in real life make mistakes, they screw up, it’s okay. As long as the behavior is not perpetuated and is settled peacefully, then that’s still a healthy relationship. Some of it may be aspects of a person’s personality- maybe they’re a trauma survivor and are clingy because of it but are trying to get better, maybe they’re just live rougher lives and see certain behaviors as normal and okay even though we don’t- it’s not that big of a deal. As long as distress between partners isn’t a thing or it’s abolished relatively quickly, then it’s not a problem.

You will never have a relationship that is 100% perfect. But there’s a very clear difference between relationships that are normal, relationships that are bad but could get better, and relationships that are 100% abusive. The distinction between them is very important.

Greenhouse (Leonard Snart x Reader) - Fluff/AU

AU - this takes place in an alternate universe…

Aside from his sister Lisa and partner Mick, you were the only other person Leonard cared for. He promised he would come back for you, after his trip to the future with Team Legend; but, it’s been years and you were starting to lose hope…



Everything was cold.

Pulling the thick wool-padded coat closer to yourself, you closed your eyes and inhaled the scent of powdered snow and cigarette smoke. It was nostalgic, a mixture of comfort and intoxication that reminded you of your boyfriend, Leonard Snart.

Two years ago, Leonard had decidedly gone off on an adventure with his best friend, Mick Rory, to save the world from a psychotic, time-travelling tyrant and possible armageddon. Quite easily, it was the most dangerous gig that he’s ever been offered.

And it worried you.

Though he knew the risk associated with his mission - including the unnaturally high probability of death - Leonard still agreed. He didn’t really tell you why; nor, did he comment much on the matter, aside from, “I’ll be back…”

And so, without much of a choice, you had to stay faithful and pray that your love would return safe to your arms.

Leaning back on the wooden bench - the special one that Leonard had stolen from Central City Park for you - you looked around the small greenhouse and admired its scenery. 

God, I miss Leonard, you thought, the sense of yearning deeply embedded in your heart. And I bet he misses this place too…

This greenhouse was your secret spot, your sanctuary.

It was a safe place where you and Leonard went on dates, watched movies and cuddled on the ground while he was on the run from the law.

Although small, the greenhouse sheltered a number of flower beds. Most of the garden was composed of Sweet Alyssums; but, there were a select few of Winter Pinks and Honeyworts - all of which flourished in cold temperatures.

Behind you, the door creaked open.

The sound of shoes clopping against the stone pavement resounded in the small planthouse and stopped behind you. Although they didn’t speak a word to you, you had no doubt as to whose identity it was.

You smiled gently.

“Hey, Lisa,” you greeted your boyfriend’s younger sister, refusing to meet her gaze. “I know you hate it when I say this, but you really should knock before coming in…”

“Well, you really should lock the door,” they drawled. “Don’t you know it’s not safe to be out here alone?”

Your heart stopped.

You knew that deep, gruff voice anywhere. Ten years could’ve passed and you still could’ve recognized it amongst others.

Eyes wide, you immediately spun around.

There, standing inches away from you, was Leonard. With his short, cropped hair, steely gaze and  five o’clock shadow, he looked as if he hadn’t aged a day.

Quite shakily, you stood up from your seat. 

“Leonard…” you whispered. 

A bittersweet smile tugged on his lips.

“__________,” he nodded, making his way around the bench in a lackadaisical manner. “Long time no see…”

A cross of happiness and anxiety stirred in your stomach, and you couldn’t help but feel sick.

For many nights, you have thought about this moment - what you would say, what you would do to Leonard - once he had returned home from his mission; yet, with your mouth opening and closing like a muddle-minded fish, you found it difficult to form a coherent sentence or thought.

With shaking fingers, you slowly extended your hands to him and grasped the sleeve of his shirt. Multiple times, you released and tightened your grip - testing to see that he was actually there.

That he wasn’t a simple illusion that could be blown away by the wind or erased in a blink of an eye.

“Leonard…” you repeated once more, completely breathless. “You’re finally back…”

“Of course, I’m back,” he drawled in his naturally sarcastic, it’s-so-obvious tone. “I did make you a promise…”

He took a step forward and snaked a confident, secure arm around your waist, pulling you close. Standing several inches above, he forced you to look up at him

“…And if you remember correctly,” he dipped down and rested his face on the side of your neck, letting the short whiskers of his beard graze against you. “…I keep my promises…”

You breathed. “I know…”

With those final words, Leonard forcibly slipped his tongue inside your mouth, barely giving you a moment to register his actions. He was needy and demanding, exploring every nook and cranny that your mouth had to offer, claiming you as his own.

And though he knew there was little he could do about the time lost in the past two years, Leonard would make sure he would create new memories and celebrate the new future he had secured for you both.


I’m so sorry for the wait on this request and I am also sorry if the story sounds redondant! A lot of people already wrote a story based on what happened to Kim K. in Paris and it is really hard to do something different. I hope you like it though xx

Warning : No hate towards Paris, I mean I’m legit french so why whould I send hate to my country ya know !

“Goodnight, guys! I’ll see you tomorrow.” Y/N waved at the small group of french fans that had showed up in front of her hotel. She climbed up the stairs tiredly, followed by her bodyguard. “I love Paris. They’re really nice, aren’t they?” She stated, letting out a content sigh. “Yeah, they actually are.” Hey bodyguard replied, sending a smile. “I’ll join you upstairs, I’ll go and check the lobby.” He stated, before walking back downstairs, leaving Y/N alone.

Having a bodyguard following every single of your steps wasn’t common but when you had about 10 million followers on social media and had some numbers one singles all around the world, it was pretty much necessary. And Y/N had had the change of knowing her bodyguard, Dave, for a long while as they were long time friends. Y/N was on a trip to Paris for the weekend to promote her latest single and she had always been amazed by the beauty of this city and the kindness of its people.

After giving a little private show for a famous radio, she had spent a few minutes with her fans standing outside of her hotel before climbing to get some rest. The first day of her trip had been amazing so far.

Once she had found her room number, she was about to walk in when she noticed that the door was opened. Nerves suddenly flashed her body as she gently pushed the door , allowing her to step inside and as soon as she did, she felt her heart flinch. And she was now left motionless by fear. A gun was pointed to her head. Too men stood there, black hoods over their heads, hiding their identity. “Give us what you got.” One of the men said, his accent barely understandable and Y/N glanced down to her finger. The sight of the sliver ring blurred by her tears. Without even thinking, she slid the ring on her finger and within a second, on e of the men had it in his hands and in a bag where she could catch a glimpse of a few of her belongings. She knew she should have screamed for her life but fear had caught up on her and she was paralyzed.

“Hey!” She jumped at the sound of Dave calling out after them and the men quickly ran off. Her bodyguard tried to run after them but they were too fast and before anyone could understand what had just happened, they were already far gone.

“Oh my god, Y/N are you okay? Did they hurt you?” Dave rambled, a hint of panic in his voice as he gripped onto her arms carefully. And despite the worried stare of her friend on her, she couldn’t was speechless. Y/N shrugged him off before walking to the couch and sitting down on it slowly, taking a moment to register the actions, feeling the coldness of the gun on her forehead all over again and she was suddenly hit by a wave panic as her breathing became less and less easy for her. Dave sat down next to her, phone pressed against his ear as he was calling the police but Y/N didn’t care about them, she needed to talk to him.

A couple of minutes later, the police was already around the room, checking everything as they had put a blanket over Y/N’s shoulders, as if it was going to change anything. “Call him.” Y/N ordered as her eyes finally moved from the floor to look up to her friend. And it didn’t took long for Dave to understand. He pulled out his phone and dialled the number that he knew all too well.

“Hey. Something happened. Her room got robbed. Yes, she’s right here. No, Joe, just calm do-” Dave spoke, replying to Joe on the other side of the phone and the tears were now unstoppable from Y/N’s cheeks as she was still shaking from horror. She could her the voice of her lover raising in volume as Dave explained what had happened. Y/N reached out of the phone, exchanging a look with Dave before grabbing the phone and bringing to her ear, doing her best to stay calm.

“Love, are you okay? What happened?” Her boyfriend asked, anger evident in his voice as she let out a sigh. “They put a fucking gun to my head. I’m terrified, Joe. I need you.” Y/N rambled as she felt as if she couldn’t stop talking now that she had heard his voice. “Shhh, baby please just take a deep breath and focus on my voice, alright?” Joe ordered, his voice calmer as he was trying to sooth her down and Y/N nodded, forgetting that it was technically impossible for him to see her since he was in England. She took in a deep breath, just as told and listened to her lover’s words. “I just booked the first flight that I could get, I’ll be there in about 3 hours. Love, please just try to stay calm, It won’t take long for me to get here, I promise. I love you, alright.” Joe said, speaking slowly as he was about to get out of their shared house and drive to the airport. “I love you too.” Y/N replied, barely above a whisper as she smiled to herself at the thought of simply wrapping her arms around him.

And Joe was right. A few hours later, he was now in Paris, walking through the dark streets as it was late. And it didn’t took long for him to find the hotel and quickly climb up the stairs to the floor where her room was.

“I’m her boyfriend just let me in!” Joe exclaimed, anger running through his veins as the french policemen wouldn’t let him in, barely understanding what he was saying. Y/N stood up at the sound of the voice and stepped out of the room, where her eyes fell on him and without hesitating, she closed the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding him as if he was about to fly away. “I’m here, Y/N. I’m not going anywhere now.” Joe whispered in her ear as he dropping soft kisses along her neck, running his fingers through her hair, not even paying attention the people watching him. “I want to go home.” Y/N stated, as she buried her head into the crock of his neck, inhaling his reassuring scent. “Tomorrow, don’t worry. We’ll cancel everything. Your safety is what matters the most.” Joe admitted after they had pulled away, brushing his fingers against her cheek his blue eyes staring deeply into hers.

And this time he was able to see the nod that she gave him as Joe pressed a soft kiss on her lips, before Dave got in charge of giving them another room in another hotel, closer to the airport so they would be able to go home as soon as they could.

These Damned Hands

Requested by @trinswhimsys

“Its as beautiful as ever, Robert.” You sigh as you lean your head against the cold glass back window of his pick up truck. The night air caressed your skin as the bright city lights danced below. Reds, yellows, blue dots that swirled like clusters of stars.


He hummed as he whittled at a piece of a branch he had found nearby. You really wanted to know what he had on his mind that had him so lost with that piece of wood, but you said nothing. He was rather straightforward with how he preferred silence over needless, insincere small talk. You waited instead for him to come to you if he really needed to talk, knowing whole-heartedly that he would.

“You’re awfully quiet tonight.”

You smiled gently. He wasn’t wrong. You both normally bantered back and forth with sarcasm and silly tall tales ment for a laugh. Tonight was unusually quiet.

“Well if you are so desperate to chat,” you looked down at what he was whittling curiously, “What are you making?”

He lifted up the little wooden dog. It looked just like Betsy! “Is that Betsy!!? It’s so good, Robert!” His cheeks darkened as a huge grin pulled at the corners of his mouth. “You don’t have to butter me up like that.” You leaned against the warm, smooth leather of his jacket, admiring his work as he continued carving away at it.

He tensed up a little, just enough that it was noticable. “Am I making you uncomfortable? I can move.” You said softly. He turned away for a second. “No, I’m fine.”

Without looking, he reached over and took unsuspecting hand into his own, giving a gentle squeeze for reassurance. You could feel the rough calluses scratch against your skin, the small white knicks in his tan skin that rippled like waves against your fingertips.

“Your hands are perfect…” You said quietly as you placed your other hand over his without a second thought. He turned a little sharply, eyeing his hand wrapped securely in yours.

“Um… Yeah… In my humble and necessary opinion, the scars make it a little difficult for them to be perfect.”

You scowled at him. “Scars are cool! And yours are beautiful! I’ve never seen scars so fascinating!!!” He looked at you oddly before looking down at the city again.

“You are so weird. I can appreciate that kind of weirdness, though.” He leaned over too quickly for you to register his actions and his lips met your own, eagerly. One of your hands curled into his dark hair, running your fingertips down to his neck. Your heart nearly stilled when you heard a small gasp fall from his parted lips, but he had taken that opportunity to back away.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet… I love you too much to lose you to that.”

You pecked him on the cheek. “I love you too, Robert.” He pecked you back, rolling his eyes as he did. “Whatever.”

the raid

◇ “Vampire mates are for life…”

◇ Baekhyun x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ more vampire!Baekhyun - safeguard, vampire!D.O - belonging


In the vampire world, there were many laws - you couldn’t feed off of humans unless they were your mate, you couldn’t kill humans, enslave humans, and there was a quota for feeding off of faeries, as faerie blood was almost like an alcohol to vampires.

However, as usual, when people had money, it meant that they thought they could get away with breaking the law. Vampires used large amounts of blood and money to bribe the vampire government into letting them off without punishment, into turning a blind eye to whatever they were doing.

Baekhyun didn’t care, really; although his brothers rarely dabbled in enslaving and killing humans, they often fed off of humans and faeries. If it wasn’t happening in front of him, Baekhyun could ignore what was happening. The staff in his house were mostly wizards and faeries, with the occasional nephilim coming in for a few days for shelter and food.

The day that Baekhyun absolutely couldn’t turn a blind eye to the illegal underground of human enslavement was when he found you. You, a human, an innocent, sweet human who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He had been exiting a club he frequented at alone - his brothers remained inside, some with their mates, others sipping at alcohol and faerie blood. As he prepared to vaporize out of the empty alleyway and back home, he hears a blood-curdling scream that makes him snap his head towards where the sound is coming from.

A tattoo parlor at the end of the alleyway. Baekhyun knows how these raids go - vampires storm the place and take any humans present, killing any Being that dared resist them. He’s about to leave them to their business, and then he smells it - the heavy, sweet smell that has him doubling over as pleasure courses through him. Inhaling deeply, he lets himself stand again as he approaches where the delicious smell is coming from. He knows what this means. He knows his mate is somewhere near. He feels anger rise in his chest as he finds that it’s coming from the tattoo parlor - the thought of someone touching his mate sends blinding white anger through his system.

Before he can fully register his actions, he’s raced down the alleyway and busted in the glass door of the parlor. The strong scent is heavier here, and he can’t seem to get enough of how it wraps around his lungs, compelling his fangs to elongate and his eyes to swamp with black.

At the sound of the door being opened forcefully, the vampires inside of the parlor freeze - before they come to the conclusion that whoever it was, could wait, or be killed. Just as Baekhyun had expected, they were 2nd class vampires - vampires who had been disowned and shunned from their 1st class families. Most people involved in this business were.

One vampire has a witch in his grasp, preparing to kill her, obviously, with how his hands are tightening dangerously around her. Another two are standing in front of a group of scared humans, grinning disgustingly at the fearful and confused looks painted on their faces. And then there is another vampire, holding somebody by the wrist. The human seems to have tried to stab the vampire with a tattoo needle, though it wouldn’t do much harm. Baekhyun is infuriated at the sight of the man’s hands wrapped around your wrist, tight enough to make you wince uncomfortably. However, at the sound of Baekhyun’s voice, his grip loosens.

“I suggest you remove your hands from them, before I remove them for you,” he says through gritted teeth, watching the other vampires acknowledge him with bared fangs and black eyes. The vampire holding the witch loosens his grip slightly, eyes flickering to another vampire who Baekhyun guesses is the leader.

The vampire sighs, not completely removing his hands from Baekhyun’s mate, but loosening his grasp and turning to Baekhyun with an expression the epitome of boredom. “Look, Baekhyun,” he starts, “You know how this business works. If you were any other vampire we would’ve ripped your head off - you should leave, before we get angry.”

Baekhyun raises an eyebrow at the confidence the vampire radiated. He was awfully cocky for someone who had crossed a vampire’s mate, although he didn’t know that yet. “I’m afraid I can’t do that,” Baekhyun feigns regret, running a hand through his dark locks. The vampire scoffs at Baekhyun’s sheer idiocy, but Baekhyun speaks up before he can say anything.

“You’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a mess,” Baekhyun reveals, stepping forward at a comfortable pace. He enjoys seeing the confused and irritated look on this vampire’s face. “You see, the pretty lady you have in your arms is my mate. And you just hurt her.”

The atmosphere darkens at the revelation; everybody knows how territorial vampires get, especially over their mates. The group of humans in the corner watch on in confusion and fear.

“You… you can have her,” the vampire laughs humorlessly, pushing you forward to stumble into Baekhyun’s arms. Baekhyun tries to ignore the electric feeling of your skin on his. “There are plenty more humans here.”

“See, that’s the problem,” Baekhyun muses, tightening the arm around your waist. “Do you think I’m going to allow you to kill people, who, presumably, are my mate’s friends and colleagues?”

“We’ve given you enough-” The vampire snarls, lurching forward dangerously. He stops himself at the last minute, calming himself slightly but still boiling with anger.

“No,” Baekhyun inhales sharply, clenching his jaw, “I’ve given you enough. You’ve heard of me and my brothers, correct? Then you’re lucky that I haven’t ripped out your spines yet and shoved them down your throats.”

The anger filling the room is indescribable. Blinding white and red hot, the vampires growl warningly at the man who had interrupted them and threatened them. “Now,” Baekhyun announces, “I suggest you leave - unless the idea of dying appeals to you?”

“Stay strong while you can,” the leader growls, smart enough to know when to back down in the presence of someone as strong as Byun Baekhyun. “We’ll be back for her.”

There’s an edge of fear creeping into Baekhyun’s brain, but he scoffs. “Get out of here, before I decide to not be so merciful.”

The vampires’ nostrils flare but they decide to be intelligent. The leader’s eyes do not waver from Baekhyun’s as he commands his underlings to vaporize away from the scene - and then, he too, has disappeared in a swirl of black smoke.

It’s silent for a moment as the reality of what just happened dawns on the people in the parlor. The shaking girl in his arms reminds Baekhyun of why he had come here in the first place, but before he could comfort you, the witch - who had been choked by one vampire earlier, walks to Baekhyun, rubbing her sore neck. “Thank you,” she murmurs gratefully, “If it hadn’t been for you, I would’ve been killed. I… I’m forever in your debt, really.”

“You can start by erasing the events of tonight from their memories,” Baekhyun says quietly, glancing at the humans who were still frozen in shock, unconsciously rubbing the wrist of his mate soothingly. She seemed to be in shock; her heartbeat was erratic and her breathing was uneven. The witch nods in understanding, eyes flickering to the girl in his arms.

“And her?”

“She’ll be fine,” Baekhyun tells her, “It’s my duty to tell her about our world; I’ll make sure she’s okay.” The witch nods in understanding, biting her lip. She looks worried, and it makes sense - her human friend is in shock, and the mate of one of the most powerful vampires in the world. But she turns on her heel anyway, getting to work.

Once she’s gone, Baekhyun inhales deeply, turning to the precious person in his arms. He turns you gently to face him, bending down to look you in the eye, although you seem to be avoiding his gaze. “I know you’re scared, sweetheart,” he starts softly, making sure to rub gentle circles into your delicate skin in an attempt to calm you down. “But I want to help you, okay?” You take a shuddering breath, finally looking up to meet his eyes, and it feels as if you’ve just been winded. At the sight of the chocolate brown swimming in his irises, you feel better - safer.

“I… those - those men,” you stutter, gulping hard as you remember the tight grip on you, the gleaming white fangs, the pitch black eyes. “They… they had fangs. And they tried to bite my friend.

“I know it may sound crazy and confusing at first to know that there’s a whole other world that you never knew about,” he agrees, nodding slightly, “but I’ll help you get through it - I promise.”

“You called me your mate,” you recall, “when that man told you to leave. You threatened to kill them, for me.” He didn’t want to push you into the world of vampire mating just yet, but he guessed he had no choice.

“You’re my mate,” he confirms, “and, well, vampire mates are for life. I’d do anything to keep you safe.” It’s silent for a moment as you take in the unbelievable information. Baekhyun smiles warmly - a rare sight - and brushes the hair out of your eyes fondly. “What d'you say I get you home? I bet you’re tired after what just happened.”

Seeing the look of distress on your face (“We’ll be back for her.”), Baekhyun can’t stop himself from placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’ll stay with you the whole time, if you need me to.”

From that day on, Baekhyun decides to never turn a blind eye to the wrong in front of him.

ok but imagine

Yurio is FaceTiming Georgi and picking out his eyeshadow when he suddenly sees his face in the magnifying mirror and jumps back and screams.
And Georgi’s freaking out bc one second they’re having a pleasurable conversation about Urban Decay Eyeshadow and the next second later yurio is backed up against the bathroom wall hands pressed out beside him and screaming.
Yuri what’s going on? Why are you upset? Yuri?!?

And yurio just screams louder and shakes his head wildly and then Viktor and Yuuri come running in (yuri, whats wrong? Why do the walls keep shaking?); and yuri just keeps on screaming and pointing at his reflection in the mirror and doesn’t stop till Otabek skids in, worried and slightly confused but the blonde boy is just so happy to see him he doesn’t even notice the man’s half dressed for the Exhibition and is almost knocked off his feet by the tiny Russian who collapses onto him and groans into his half bare chest, not even half registering his actions and the steady, warm, very defined chest below his hands.

Beka. he groans. I have a pimple.

I Was Happier (Part 5)

Originally posted by lokitty

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 1,220 (wow these are getting out of control! I honestly tried to keep them all below 1k I swear!)

Warnings: ANGST, sad!Loki, angry!Loki?, basically just a lot of angst…sorrynotsorry

Summary: You had been in love with the God of Lies and Mischief since you could remember, standing by him through everything. When he was brought back by Thor to answer for his attempts to take over Midgard, you couldn’t take anymore. You left both him and Asgard, behind for a life on Midgard to heal your broken heart. Now you’re gone, he realizes he’s missing more than his best friend, and he needs to fix what he broke, starting with finding you.

A/N: Part 5 is here guys (@sanjariti)!! So it’s been about 24 hours since P4 and I kind of wanted to get to this point so the ball could get rolling!! Thank you for the amazing feedback and encouragement in my first Loki fic and for also sticking it out with me and being incredibly patient. You’re all amazing <3

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Previously: He would lean down, pressing a gentle kiss to the crown of your head, letting the feel of your breaths cement him to this moment. Forever by your side, always.

His mind snapped him to the present to see that now you were dancing on the winds with someone else.

Saw you walk inside a bar

He said something to make you laugh

I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours

Yeah you look happier, you do

Loki’s teeth clenched, his body frozen as he watched you walk inside a bar, without so much as a glance in his direction. Once upon a time, you two would gravitate to each other, each moving in response to the other like a dance neither of you were aware of yet neither wanted to part from. You were the moon to his raging oceans, pushing and pulling his tides effortlessly. If you could not be by each other’s side, your eyes would search for the other’s, the ones that would quell the most dangerous storms and ignite the wildest fires within yourselves. His eyes were still looking for yours, but you had not so much as glanced anywhere else but at your companion.

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I am desperate for the Zelink Mafia AU update! Please share their first kiss and/or confession with us!

Rated T.

“That dress looks beautiful on you!” Paya cooed, clasping her hands together while Zelda twisted in front of the mirror in the dressing room.

“You really think so?” Zelda calmly assessed the fine details of the white gown she wore. The gold accents glinted in the harsh light of the department store they were in, but only served to make the dress shimmer as she spun around. “I feel as though it could potentially be too revealing for my father’s tastes…”

“No, not at all! It fits you perfectly.” Paya grinned at her friend. They were in the middle of shopping for a dress for a wedding that was to be held at Zelda’s father’s house. It was for one of his men, and it was supposed to be a huge affair.

Parties always exhausted her.

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↠ Asked: ❝Your ‘songs seventeen would kiss you to’ had me reeling, especially Jeonghan’s. I was wondering if I could request a scenario about his first kiss with his partner? Thank you! (Btw I love your writing, it’s so beautiful)

↠ Members: Jeonghan x reader

↠ Genre: fluff & angst mix

↠ Word count: 1100+

Warnings: reader finds self in a possessive relationship

↠ Additional note: I do not support possessive relationships like the one portrayed in this story. If anyone reading is involved in a possessive relationship and is unhappy, please work as hard as it takes to get out of it and find a way to be genuinely happy again. If I can help at all, just send a message. On another note, this scenario is based on the song that was chosen for Jeonghan, so lyrics from the song are included~

You had spent nearly all day wandering around town, walking from place to place with friends. Of course you all enjoyed it, but by evening the five of you were tired, to say the least. Rather than going out to eat as originally planned, you all walked back to Seungcheol’s house and decided on the way to just order delivery instead.

Jeonghan lived close. You loved being able to visit one of them and have the other come over in minutes. It was always more fun with “Cheol,” you called him. More laughter, and time passed faster. It was fun with Seungcheol alone. But with Jeonghan, you couldn’t help but feel tension of some sort. Possibly because he had confessed his feelings for you multiple times now. Neither of you ever acted on it. 

“I think I’ll just head home, today was fun guys,” Jeonghan announced as the group approached Seungcheol’s house. Everyone groaned and started begging him to stay, one boy dramatically going down on his knees to plead. But Jeonghan did not change his mind. 

“Thanks guys, but I want to be alone.” You all sighed and nodded, respecting his decision. He followed you all to the front door of the eldest boy’s house though, presumably to say another quick goodbye once everyone was inside. But as you reached the door, he grabbed your wrist. You turned to him.

“Alone with you… if that makes sense.”

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Supercorp Week 2k17 Day 6

Prompt: Protective Kara or Protective Lena

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Keeping You Safe on Ao3 or read below.

When Kara tries to apprehend the alien she let go free while she was under the influence of Red Kryptonite and her plan back fires, Lena is there to save her life. The aftermath left in the wake of Lena’s actions leaves each of them reeling about their relationship, both personally and professionally, with one another.

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