You have until MIDNIGHT TOMORROW to register and have the chance for your voice to be heard!!!!! This is soooo important!! Only 43% of people aged 18-25 voted in the 2015 general election😱 what?!!!?? We are the future of this country and we have the right to decide how we want it to be run🗣 Please register to vote and, on the 8th of June, please exercise your right to vote❤️❤️❤️❤️

The problem is not regular minimum wage jobs going up. The problem here would be that paramedic making a pathetic amount of money compared to what they do. I made 12.50 as a hostess.
Raising the minimum wage would get this paramedic in the scenario much closer to what they deserve as a salary. Do people not realize that?

Also, why, in every one of these fucking posts, are fast-food workers used as an example? You know minimum wage affects FAR more people and types of jobs than that, right? You can have a degree and be paid less than $15 hourly. But, apparently, unless you’re in the medical profession, you don’t deserve more. And evidently everyone that isn’t in the medical profession works at McDonalds.

Let’s not deny an entire mass of people a working wage because you got an incorrect order. That is moronic. How about you campaign and work toward fixing the actual problem in this scenario rather than turning on the working class. Look upwards, not downwards.

P.s. Any minimum wager could easily call out high paid jackasses for not doing their jobs, that they are highly paid to do, correctly but do you see that as often as this? Nope. Because they are focused on getting their fair wage, not just wildly pointing fingers. [Ending was edited out because it was a simple joke and people took it seriously then blew it way out of proportion]

Register to vote!

The deadline to register to vote is almost here!

Even if you’re not sure who you’ll vote for register anyway because if you don’t you might regret it when the party you want to win doesn’t

It doesn’t take long to register and it doesn’t take long to vote and every vote there is a larger number of people who didn’t vote than did so “my vote won’t count” doesn’t exist!


Binghamton Ny ~ Historical House ~ Italianate House Style by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
Italianate architecture knew no class boundaries. The high square towers made the style a natural choice for upscale homes of the newly rich. However the brackets and other architecture details, made affordable by new methods for machine production, were easily applied to simple cottages.

Don't hand me more money..

If I’ve already entered it in don’t hand me more money. Sure, I can do basic math. But it’s a lot different when I’m under pressure like that. I have problems with anxiety. My mind goes blank when trying to do math if everyone is staring at me. You and your kids are staring at me. The people in line are staring at me. Maybe my co-worker right behind me at the other register is listening in. Also, I’m kind of a mindless zombie at work. It’s the only way to get by. Don’t make me think.
It might not be a major thing to you, but to me, it’s awful. Stop it.

Happy Holidays #029: Will you drink from the red cup or the blue cup?

It’s been brought to my attention that a lot of people are angry about the red Starbucks cups because they don’t have Jesus on them or anything about Christmas.

It’s also been brought to my attention that a few select assholes that think they are Christian are pulling a “prank” on Starbucks by telling the barista that their name is Merry Christmas causing the baristas to have to call out “Merry Christmas, your large cappuccino (with 852 special requests I’m sure) is ready!”

Now, despite the obvious fact that Starbucks doesn’t have to acknowledge a specific holiday whatsoever, I’d like to point out that the baristas do not have to acknowledge one either.

That being said, if I were a barista I would yell out “Happy Holidays” just to be a dick.

Better yet, I would constantly mispronounce “Merry Christmas”.

Grande coffee for…Murry Trystmase?
Mary Chrismay?
Meeree Krissmouse?
Mayor X-Mas?
Merry X-Men?
Professor Xmas?
(I think that’s my favorite)

You know, I never see Jewish people complaining that there aren’t stars of David everywhere.

Maybe it’s because their religion has more respect for others.

I myself am not of a specific religion, but I do respect and am sensitive to others’ religions. If I were Christian, I would be angered by these idiots giving my religion a bad name. Say “merry christmas” to anyone in customer service and if they celebrate it as well they will say it back. If they do not celebrate it, I guarantee they will say “thank you” or “to you as well”. They may even say “thank you” followed by their own religion’s holiday greeting BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ASSHOLES. Why can’t you do the same? Ugh, every year the same damn argument over something so stupid. We live in a world where people actually get offended by another person attempting to wish them happiness because of the way in which they chose to say it.

This is not what the holidays are about. That is not what being a Christian means.

That is, however, what being a douche is.

Happy Holidays!
(I look forward to all of the crazy people that will find a reason to be offended by this post, alright Christian warriors, entertain me!)

Please fire me. Two guys came up to my register. Guy #1 looks at me and demands I print a gift receipt. I do so after the transaction is complete, hand him his change, and he says, “Is this the gift receipt?” I say yes and he responds with, "Good girl.“

Happy Holidays #028: The miracle at register 3.

The most amazing thing happened today.

A grumpy ass woman, about 50 yrs old, came in to see a movie that she thought started at 1:00.

When I informed her that it, in fact, only played at 3:30, she started screaming at me.
(I felt genuinely bad for her because I’d bum hard too if I planned a me-day and the movie that I was really looking forward to seeing was listed at the incorrect time.)

Her: What!? I called! It said 1:00! The phone said it played at 1!

Me: I’m sorry… Was it Us that you called or was it a different number that gives movie times?

Her: I got the number from the paper! Ugh. It was for THIS theater! You fucking guys…god, you know, people TRUST that the times are correct!

Me: I understand. I’d be very annoyed as well. A lot of separate companies, like Fandango, often get our times wrong. It causes a lot of problems.

Her: Well you’ve just RUINED my day!

Me: I’m sorry. I do have a paper copy of all the times and movie descriptions if you’d like to see if maybe something else interests you…

Her: no No NO! I WANTED to see THIS movie!

Me: For in the future, we have a number you can call for times if you don’t have a computer. We check it and update it every day so there’s rarely….

Her (interrupting me): nonononononono I don’t care my day’s ruined! ugh! This is exactly why I never….You know what…. You’re being extremely helpful and nice and I’m just being a giant cranky bitch! I’m sorry!  Have a nice day!

Me: Awe, no you’re just frustrated and rightfully so…. You too Miss.

Then she left.


In a decade of customer service, I’ve never once seen a customer acknowledge their shittiness, apologize, compliment the person they screamed at, and promptly vacate the premises.

It’s a Christmahanakwanzika miracle!