“توقيع عقد الزواج” (1920) للرسّام الإنجليزيّ إدموند لايتون (1825- 1922)، عروس توقِّع عقد زواجِها في اِحتفال بسيط وسط عدد قليل مِن المدعوين.. مِن النظرة الأولى تأسِر العروس عين الرائي بفستانها، يبرز الفستان في اللوحة كمصدر للنور فيُغطي حضورها على أي شيء آخر. تنفذ بقع الضوء مِن النافذة على سِجل الزفاف لكن حتى نور النهار لا يُضاهي نور العروس في اللوْحة. هي البداية التي ينطلق مِنها الرائي، هي البداية والنور الذي يعطي لكلّ شيء معنى.

اهتمَ لايتون برسم مواضيع تاريخيّة ورومانسيّة، ينتمي للواقعيّة الكلاسيكيّة حيثُ سيطرت مواضيع القرون الوسطى على لوْحاته، كماأجادَ رسم الظل والضوء بدرجاته المتفاوتة؛ تُعبِر لوحاته عن نمط حياة كَيْس وأنيق.

The Wedding Register (1920) by Edmund Blair Leighton. The bride who is signing her wedding paper captivates the eye of the beholder from the first sight. Leighton highlighted the dress as a source of light that covers the presence of anything else. She is the beginning from which the beholder starts reading the painting, she is the beginning and the light that gives everything a meaning.


Highland by JK Willis
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This grand home in Owensboro, Kentucky, joined the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)

You Can Now Register For A My Nintendo Account

You Can Now Register For A My Nintendo Account

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You can now pre-register for a My Nintendo account. It can take just a few minutes to do so, especially if you use your Nintendo Network account. However, once the account is live there is not much more you can do. You can change your basic information, including your password, and you can link your social media accounts to it. Part of the process will require you to verify your email so be…

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Get off of your phone when you're at the register

I may not want to talk to you, but I might have to. Maybe that coupon you shoved in my face while you weren’t really paying attention doesn’t work. I might need to explain that to you. Or maybe one of your items is damaged and I need to ask if you want a discount or a new one. It’s just so rude for you to keep talking on your phone.

I was ringing up this woman the other day and we were talking about her dog and how she was new to the area and then she was like “I just got an apartment because my husband left me for a younger woman” and I was like ???? cause damn she looked like 28 at the oldest

and so I was like “Wow your husband is a fucking scumbag. But I’m sure you can meet someone new and a lot better. You’ve got plenty of time!”

And she’s like “Eh it’s hard to find men, I mean I just turned 63″ and I was like


because she literally barely looked thirty and I was like omg what kind of scumbag husband would give up such a pretty lady and she was so nice and she was so excited and loving while talking about her dog and anyone who loves their dogs a lot cant be a mean person and long story short shoutout to the very pretty older lady I rang up the other day I hope you find ur dream man 




School Grade: Junior high school

This character is a combination of 竹 bamboo and  溥 a Chinese-only character meaning “extensive.” Here 竹 indicates “bamboo tablets used for keeping records,” and  溥 is working phonetically to express “bind.” Together they referred to a “collection of bamboo tablets bound together,” or a “set of records/register.”




School Grade: 3rd (8 years old)

This character is a combination of 巾 cloth and 長 long. Here 長 is a phonetic element expressing spread, giving “long spread cloth,” which then gives “curtain/drape.” It isn’t clear how 帳 came to mean “register,” but it’s possible that records were kept on rolls of cloth before paper became common.

I know we’re young and busy with our own lives, but please take a moment away from the drama and social media to register to vote. It takes seconds, the deadline for California is May 23rd.

Think about how many people had to fight for everyone to have the right to vote and why that is so important.

Find out about who is trying to represent our nation and who you feel is the best for our future