• Regis: You know, there are some marvelous flu remedies known in the certain remote parts of the subcontinent. Licorice root, for instance, combined with bamboo sap and a strong shot of mandrake hooch. Ginger root, also, mixed with citrus peel.
  • Geralt: And a strong shot of mandrake hooch?
  • Regis: Yes, of course. In fact, you can throw out the ginger root, the bamboo sap and citrus peel, and still be well in your way.

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Hey, Wally! How did you get along with your coworkers back before all this happened?

I got along pretty well with Henry before he got outta here! But he sure made a mess in his office–always called him Hurricane Henry!

Norman was probably my best pal! He was a bit like a father to me out here! No idea where he is now, but if anyone got outta here in time, I sure hope it was him…

Susie and I… Eh, it was complicated. We never got to sort things out… Sure hope she’s ok.

Joey… Not so much. I felt more like his slave than an employee. Don’t care what’s with him, now.

Sammy was the same, honestly. Things were strained between me and the bosses…

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White People: *constantly generalize Black People while actively participate in projecting hateful, racist, and dangerous stereotypes consciously or subconsciously*

Black People: “White People are racist.“

White People: "Hmmm, maybe it’s not my racist actions that are wrong…. but, instead, it’s you calling me a racist which is actually racist. Words hurt :((((”
It didn't really hit home until I went to bed that night that they all died in that final battle...

Because, at the end of it all we get to see the sun finally rise after 10 years of night. We see Umbra waking up in front of the Citadel at first light

But we don’t see the remaining Chocobros at all, not even the sound of footsteps from any of them.

I was half expecting Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto at least appear on screen at the end welcoming the sunrise in Insomnia with Umbra. Or at least any of the trio showing up at at all.

So let me explain my thoughts because this is going to be a mess of a ride for me. Plus, I’m writing this for closure, this game left me a sobbing mess 

I was so caught up in the moment when Noctis and Ardyn were in the crystal that this moment right here: 

Didn’t hit me like it should until later that night. 

At first you would think it was all simply symbolism, essentially Noctis projecting all the people that meant the most to him appearing in his final moments. In a way: it is; but not in a way that I thought at first.

But then it hit me, what if Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto are in there not because Noctis is thinking of them in spirit, but they are literally there in spirit?

Oh shit this is the part where I’m going to end up dead inside

Let’s all remember that Noctis, being the King of Kings is the only one allowed within the Crystal, and no one else. So Noctis has to absorb the 13 Kings of Lucis in order to take them with him within the Crystal. Because the Kings can’t go inside the Crystal by themselves, they needed Noctis as a vessel to get in.

And they did that through this soul crushing scene right here

Noct took the Kings with him via the Armiger, hence their presence in the Crystal.

so apparently you’ve been collecting weapons that will ultimately kill you in the end thanks dad

Luna’s presence makes sense too because her Trident is a part of his Armiger after receiving it from Gentiana/Shiva.

But remember: the Thirteen Kings of Lucis and Luna are all dead and that is their souls appearing within the Crystal

So what does that mean for the rest of our quartet?

They died in battle after Noctis ascended the throne, and the reason why the three appeared within the Crystal is because of this scene here

I don’t know about you guys but there was no way I was going to let Noctis leave the mortal plane without something to remind him of the more innocent part of his life so I picked Prompto’s first group pic:

I have a feeling most of us are sentimental fucks and probably picked one with all four of them in it too

So the game relied on its faith in us, the players, to pick a photo with the four of them present to some capacity. So when Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto died in battle, their souls followed Noctis along in the Crystal through his memento.

Long story short: 

Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto were with Noctis even in spirit till the very end.

ie:  All my boyfriends are dead and so am I

Because this scene right here

Was the battle that ultimately kills the three of them.

This is not an exaggeration:
  • White Feminists: Listen, you don't get to pick and choose who you defend! As feminists we have to defend ALL women. That's right. Even the racist ones who call you racial slurs and hope you suffer for your entire lives. Even the ones that chant "feminism is cancer" and hope all feminists die. You have to defend them as a feminist.
  • Me, a person with a brain: Um, I think the fuck not.
  • White Feminist: Then you're not a real feminist!
  • *something terrible happens to women of color*
  • White Feminists: *long silence* you can't expect me to constantly care about everyone 24/7 365.
You’re not sad enough over FFXV’s ending? Well, here you go.

Noctis’s Engine Blade has been featured in NieR: Automata, as diligent Japanese fans and Redditor HilariousMayMay have reported. It has more bits on Noctis and Regis which show us that someone probably hurt Tabata and the writers sometime in their lives, resulting in new info:


Tabby, are you really sure you don’t want to make a sequel? Double sure? Triple sure? You’re breaking our hearts here

(photo c/o tumblr)