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We’re Not Leaving (2014) Digital Collage by CUTS, commissioned by Rabble newspaper.

This collage is based around the theme of emigration in Ireland. 

“We’re students, precarious workers, the young unemployed and combinations of all three. We’re angry and we’re not leaving. Across Ireland a generational gulf is forming.

Five years on from the bank guarantee and the imposition of austerity we now live in a society that locks young people out from basic social protections and the decision-making processes that impact on our lives and futures. The result is common negative experiences, foisted on us but not caused by us.We won’t accept this ‘new normal’ or be their ‘safety valve’ through forced emigration.

The We’re Not Leaving project is organising regional meetings on these topics around the country before coming together to the Young People’s Assembly on 9 November 2013, in Liberty Hall, Dublin. There we can identify who is stealing our futures and work out how we can stop them from pushing this generation out the door.”

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It is fun and an honour for the whole county and our region to have a Duke. It’s a very nice because there will be paid more attention to our county and our region. We will organise a baptism of Ångermanland for the Prince. More information about the festivities will follow soon.

Västernorrland County Governor Gunnar Holmgren, Ångermanland

The people in Ångermanland are very happy and proud they have a Duke now. The occasion will be celebrated.

[Introduced by Ethan Beard – a Nottingham apprentice]

“Thank you Ethan – and thank you Terrell, it’s great to see you both again. Two awesome examples of how this programme is making a difference.

It’s great to be here to celebrate the national roll out of Coach Core and I can’t quite believe that it was four years ago that, my brother, Catherine and I launched It And now, here we are at Lords, ‘the home of cricket’.

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