region: sinnoh

  • someone: do you still play pokemon go??
  • me: go?? the only place i'm going to is SINNOH 💎 diamond 🔮 pearl 📀 platinum 😍😩 grinding daily on bidoofs 🐿 poketch on fleek ⌚️🤜 while exploring the distortion world 🌌🌑💥 with my main hoe cynthia 👩🏼😍❤️😩👅😈 jesus arceus christ 👏🙏⛪️🐏
Sinnoh Confirmed

Many people may not have noticed this, but I found this pretty damn intriguing.

Now I’m sure many were upset by the Direct and I was as well and still am.

I noticed a very awesome Easter Egg that to me directly confirms Sinnoh Remakes are coming.

And it’s all in this picture. Take a look in the background all the Main title generations are there….except one. Which one is it I wonder?

Before people say it’s behind his head there’s also this screenshot as well

Awfully strange that Nintendo would not put Diamond, Pearl, nor Platinum in the background image, especially since every other generation is on there,

I think the reasoning they’re doing it is obvious, cause they want to hype up the Sinnoh remakes and make people hyped.

Not a single indication of Sinnoh in the background which means it’s coming.