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3 cute little wood owls are arranged on this beautiful wooden scroll work frame. They are sitting on small half-sized tree logs embellished with little bows and Spanish moss. The background is decorated with burlap/lace ribbon. The combination of wood, off-white lace/burlap accessories and the black scroll work enhance the natural look and gives this wall art a shabby chic / farmhouse touch. This beautiful wall hanging makes a great gift for any owl lover or a great decoration for a rustic interior or an owl themed nursery. The measurements for this framed owl décor are: 17 1/8 w inches x 10 1/4 h inches x 1 6/8 d inches Please visit my Home Décor section for more designs here: or click the following link to see, what else BsCozyCottageCrafts has to offer: Thank you very much for stopping by! Rustic owl decoration - owl wall decor - owl nursery decor - owl wall art - owl nursery wall art - owl wall hanging - framed owl décor - gift for owl lover - baby shower gift - birthday gift - framed wall decor

La Marina Douce by ./\/\/\/

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I love cottage country. As much as the cottagers are kind of annoying when they’re running into each old friends at my work and stand there, obliviously in the way of where I’m trying to do my job, just catching up forever… It’s kind of nice to have that. I think peoples’ cottage neighbours are different from home neighbours. Depending on where you live, I think these days it’s less common to ask to borrow sugar from the neighbour or sit out together for a drink. But in cottage country, that’s just what you do. Whether you’re a local or you’re on vacation at your summerhome. You’re relaxed. Your mind is at ease (again cottagers, please at least keep your brain in your head) and it’s a happy-go-lucky place where you can just hang out, beer, BBQ, bonfire, that kinda stuff. I feel like I’m on island time living here. Everyone’s smiling and easygoing.

As a local, it would be nice to do all that stuff without the extra traffic and noise and what not, but without the cottagers we wouldn’t be a thriving summertime community. We wouldn’t have as many jobs or meet as many people. One of the nicest things for me this year has been running into the people I worked with last summer. Catching up with them - last year I was simply a cottager. Now I’m a local and it just feels so much more relaxed. No pressure to squeeze a whole bunch of this and that in before the summer’s up. No pressure to establish friendships quickly, without knowing anyone at all. Friends are already here. They live here or they cottage here. It’s wonderful to have both. I have four lakes within walking distance, each unique in its beauty and amenities. The bars are open now. The stores are starting to open. The weather is getting warmer and soon we’ll be out doing more boating, sea dooing, canoeing, paddleboarding and swimming. We’ve already had a couple of bonfires, a BBQ and horseshoes. I never forget how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful place. It has had its ups and downs, since I moved here, but life does that in all locations. I made a good choice.