Hiiiii, obviously you guys don’t know about this because Chile or a small city in Chile is not so important as idk other countries I guess, but this is exactly what’s happening right now in my region (state) in Chile, there’s an unconscious group of people setting on fire our forests, in every city and place of our region, this has been going on since last Thursday (a week by tomorrow) and they aren’t stopping, the police and the firefighters and ambulances are working all day, all you can hear the last couple of days are the siren of their cars every hour of the day and it’s so sad and frustrating to think that so many people out there are risking their lives (may i add that tons of people are volunteering) to help because of this group’s stupid childish actions. They are not thinking of all the damage they’re causing to the nature, to the animals, to all those houses that have burnt down, to all those families affected by this. I know you guys can’t do anything about it, but I just hope a lot of people become aware of their actions. And also I needed to talk about this because even if I’m safe right now, it’s freaking me out either way and not just for me or the people i care about, but for all the people in risk and already affected by this.

“Los grandes privilegios de Don Jaime”
“Al rico exquisito Bombon Priilegio, tres bombone por cienpeeessso, rellenos con nueces, coco y almedrrra”

Desde ayer comenzó a ser distribuida de manera gratuita en la ciudad de Talca el primer número de la Revista Oye! donde tuve la oportunidad de retratar a  Jaime Rodríguez, el vendedor ambulante más querido por los talquinos, quien sube a las micros a vender chocolates con una característica frase.

Para los que no son de Talca, pueden revisar la revista en su versión online acá!