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57 Ford Fairlane 500 by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Willmar Car Club Annual Picnic, Lake Koronis Regional Park

it’s @digifakeweek day 5! prompts I used were mega and nightmare soldiers.

Fablemon has been one of my top favorites for years, and getting to redesign her a bit was fun! I’ve been looking forward to day 5 purely for this. We’re not done with her yet, though ;) day 7 involves a Mode Change prompt, and anyone who remembers Fablemon from dA will know she had a veeery specific mode change. Honestly, I’d get back into digimon fic stuff again just to try to finally use her lol.

Name - Fablemon
Name Origin - Fable stories
Level - Mega
Type - Puppet
Attribute - Virus
Lineage - Pinmon, Stitchmon, Dollymon, Ragdollmon, Marionettemon, Fablemon / Wolf Mode
Field - Unknown, Nightmare Soldiers

Wolf-Hunter Axe - uses her trusty axe to cleave through her enemies and cut them down.

Wicked Gamble - pulls out from ‘hammerspace’ a loaded picnic hamper packed with all manner of random weaponry ranging from types of guns like pistols, rifles and Gatling guns to swords or even a chainsaw. What she pulls out is always random and might not always be suitable for the opponent she’s fighting, it is, after all, a 'gamble’. The weapons are chrome digizoit based.

Species wise, there’s not too many in existence. They live solitary lives in darker, forested regions. Their picnic hampers often trail alluring scents and leave trails of candy behind them as they move along the forest path, this along with their short height and child-like appearance lulls victims that follow after them into a false sense of security. Once the victim has been led off-path, they’re never seen again. An example of a ‘small’/weak looking mega that uses this appearance to their advantage. She really isn’t any taller than the average Rookie/Child.


68 Ford Torino GT by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Willmar Car Club Annual Picnic, Lake Koronis Regional Park