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Child Poverty rate in different cities in Canada:

Toronto: 26.8%

Montreal: 25.5%

Winnipeg: 24.1%

Hamilton: 20.6%

Greater Vancouver: 19.3%

Peel region: 19.2%

Ottawa: 16.0%

Edmonton: 15.9%

Waterloo: 14.8%

Durham: 14.5%

York: 14.4%

Calgary: 13.3%

Halton: 10.0%

Quebec City: 9.6%

Okay, so I meant to write this a lot sooner, but oh well. Better late than never.

So a thing happened at the TØP concert I went to (NYC 9/16/2015) and I wanted to put it out there so the person has even the slightest chance of finding it.

So about halfway through the show when everyone was absolutely dying of thirst but no one really cared because the concert was so amazing, this girl (wearing a white top and a necklace of some sort?) comes pushing through trying to get out of the pit to go get water (because like i said we were all dying of thirst and no one had water, or if they did it was already gone). As she pushes past me she says something along the lines of “I’m really sorry, I just need to go get water” then she looks at me and says “Do you want some water? I can give you some when I get back”. Now we were in the middle of the pit so I just nodded and said yeah, not expecting her to be able to get back to where we were because of all the people. So she left and I kinda forgot about it because I was pretty sure there wasn’t a chance in hell she was coming back. Well, I was wrong. About fifteen minutes or so later (not really sure how long it was I wasn’t paying attention), someone tapped me on the shoulder. She was back. with water. I was so thirsty and the three sips of water made all the difference, because I know that she really didn’t have to give me any at all. She could’ve just as easily came back, not tapped my shoulder, and kept all the water. But she didn’t. And that really helped restore some of my faith in the clique. 

If you could reblog this so that maybe, just maybe that kind stranger will know just how thankful I am. If not for that reason. This shows that not everyone in the clique is bad. There are some truly amazing people among us. 

Anyway. Im not sure how much of that made sense. But I just wanted to put some effort into trying to say thank you to that amazing person. The world needs more people like you.

of the gen 2 pokémon that can be caught or hatched in my region, i have only 16 left to catch or hatch!

to catch or evolve:


to catch, or to hatch/catch for candies and evolve:


need special item but have enough candies:


We’re taking questions about mental health

We have this ^^ panel of experts to answer them. Ask about the stigma surrounding mental health that exacerbates the problem and keeps people from seeking treatment. Ask about the disproportionate impact this has on minorities and vulnerable communities. Ask about improvements in data and science that’s transforming our understanding of mental health and treatment. Ask anything you want. Anons welcome.

We’ll be taking questions until Wednesday, October 19 and start posting answers on Saturday, October 22nd.

And you can read more about our panel after the jump,

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Magic: the Gathering - Time Warp

Interesting art on a Regional PTQ Top 16 playmat from Ultra PRO surfaced on the interwebz. 

Closely resembling Jesakai Ascendancy in the ‘old’ timeline before Sarkhan mucked about with it, the new art still shows the Jeskai warrior monks - Humans, Djinni, and Aven, but it seems the the Efreet have disappeared (likely due to their affinity for fire) to be supplanted by the (cold-loving) legendary dragonlord Ojutai.

Laguna Creek Key Club proudly presents their 5th annual Mock New Year’s Bash: A Whole New World

Who’s invited: Region 16! 
When: January 11th, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM (Doors close at 7:30PM)
Where: Laguna Creek High School Multipurpose Room (9050 Vicino Drive)
Price: $7 Admission at the door


Start off the new year right by attending the BIGGEST dance in Region 16! At Mock New Year’s Bash you’ll have the opportunity to dance with your favorite D7S President and LTG. You’ll also be given the opportunity to vote for the next Mock New Year’s Bash King and Queen! Concessions (candy and water) will be sold for $1 each, there will also be a free photo opp in the back!

Be sure not to leave too early for the Mock New Year’s Bash countdown! 

We’re doing it big this year with moving lights, a fog machine, lazers, and a professional DJ, DJ Ultraman! It’s going to be an awesome night, so invite all of your friends! 

Any comments/questions/concerns, feel free to email me: I hope to see you all there!  

Even though this wasn’t our year, we still conquered a whole lot. You showed me how hard I had to work to get to regionals. You taught me how to stay humble and walk out of the ring with my head up even though I could feel tears coming on. You taught me that if you truly love something you have to let it go if that means giving it a better life.

You taught me life lessons I will never forget, and for that I thank you.

UKRAINE, Peski : A Ukrainian serviceman looks out from a tank at a base near the village of Peski, Donetsk region, on February 16, 2015. Ukraine’s army is not planning to pull its heavy weapons back from the frontline late Monday, as it is meant to do under a nascent truce, because of continued attacks by pro-Russian rebels, a military spokesman told AFP. AFP PHOTO / OLEKSANDR RATUSHNIAK