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We’re taking questions about mental health

We have this ^^ panel of experts to answer them. Ask about the stigma surrounding mental health that exacerbates the problem and keeps people from seeking treatment. Ask about the disproportionate impact this has on minorities and vulnerable communities. Ask about improvements in data and science that’s transforming our understanding of mental health and treatment. Ask anything you want. Anons welcome.

We’ll be taking questions until Wednesday, October 19 and start posting answers on Saturday, October 22nd.

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Revisiting an icon: Hubble captures the Pillars of Creation twenty years on

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured many breathtaking images of the Universe, but one snapshot stands out from the rest: the Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation. In 1995 Hubble’s iconic image revealed never-before-seen details in the giant columns and now the telescope is kickstarting its 25th year in orbit with an even clearer, and more stunning, image of these beautiful structures.

The three impressive towers of gas and dust captured in this image are part of the Eagle Nebula, otherwise known as Messier 16. Although such features are not uncommon in star-forming regions, the Messier 16 structures are by far the most photogenic and evocative ever captured. The Hubble image of the pillars taken in 1995 is so popular that it has appeared in film and television, on tee-shirts and pillows, and even on postage stamps.

Now Hubble has revisited the famous pillars, capturing the multi-coloured glow of gas clouds, wispy tendrils of dark cosmic dust, and the rust-coloured elephants’ trunks with the newer Wide Field Camera 3, installed in 2009. The visible-light image builds on one of the most iconic astronomy images ever taken and provides astronomers with an even sharper and wider view.

In addition to this new visible-light image, Hubble has also produced a bonus image. This image is taken in infrared light, which penetrates much of the obscuring dust and gas and unveils a more unfamiliar view of the pillars, transforming them into wispy silhouettes set against a background peppered with stars. Here newborn stars, hidden in the visible-light view, can be seen forming within the pillars themselves.

Although the original image was dubbed the “Pillars of Creation”, this new image hints that they are also pillars of destruction. The dust and gas in these pillars is seared by intense radiation from the young stars forming within them, and eroded by strong winds from massive nearby stars. The ghostly bluish haze around the dense edges of the pillars in the visible-light view is material that is being heated by bright young stars and evaporating away.

With these new images come better contrast and clearer views of the region. Astronomers can use these new images to study how the physical structure of the pillars is changing over time. The infrared image shows that the reason the pillars exist is because the very ends of them are dense, and they shadow the gas below them, creating the long, pillar-like structures. The gas in between the pillars has long since been blown away by the winds from a nearby star cluster.

At the top edge of the left-hand pillar, a gaseous fragment has been heated up and is flying away from the structure, highlighting the violent nature of star-forming regions.

These massive stars may be slowly destroying the pillars but they are also the reason Hubble sees the structures at all. They radiate enough ultraviolet light to illuminate the area and make the clouds of oxygen, hydrogen and sulphur glow.

Image credit: NASA, ESA/Hubble and the Hubble Heritage Team

anonymous asked:

I'm eating a salad in a bag. This is my life, it looks disgusting by the way. I'm sorry I use the request thing to talk I'm just very awkward starting conversations with y'all on different platforms. ALSO I'm curious: how old do y'all think I am? ~The stressed Local Texan FickyFuck

no worries friendo, you can talk on whatever makes you comfortable! <3 and salad in a bag sounds messy af???? AND I THINK YOU’RE LIKE…… 17? 17 AND A HALF? AT LEAST IN THE 16-18 REGION ~Admin 404

okay if i’m being honest tho, that’s how i always eat salads aND I THINK YOU’RE 17, but if i hadn’t seen your stories on snapchat, i would have put you at 18/19 tbh ~ Admin 626

Also how are y'all doing? Are y'all sleeping enough? Are y'all eating enough? Do I need to scream at pictures of people who piss you off? ~again the Texan FickityFuck up

I am eating enough and i mean i get sleep sometimes when I blink??? Are you??? Are yOU SLEEPING??? AND EATING??? AND BEING GOOD??? ~Admin 404

sometimes i eat too much or i eat too little, there is no in between bUT AT LEAST I GET ENOUGH SLEEP? AND HOW HAVE YOU BEEN??? i bet ur not sleeping enough ya hoe ~ Admin 626

okay, listen, my theory about pokemon sun/moon: They Are Going To Be a Two-Region Game Connected to Kalos
  • Nintendo has never not released some sort of third version
  • but they HAVE shaken up traditions, like there being two sequels in Black/White 2
  • There are unused areas and plot points in Kalos like:
  • the locked doors in the Power Plant
  • the TRAIN STATION that currently goes to nowhere in Couriway Town

  • There were unexplained ghost girls too but moving on:
  • a Hex Maniac in Anistar mentions that THERE ARE MOONDIALS TOO


  • ZYGARDE gets introuded to be much more complicated than first presented in XY, with a variety of formes and shit? Pretty much being a core being that gathers little symbiotes up to be a bigger creature
  • Even though four new Zygarde variants are introduced in the movies/anime, they’ve yet to make their way into the game
  • The THIRD MEMBER of the Legendary Trio has new formes. that have not been in the game.
  • What do we know about Zygarde Cores?
  • From Bulbapedia: “ [Zygarde cores] are self-aware and can communicate via telepathy, monitoring the ecosystem around them. Zygarde Cores get their energy through photosynthesis. “


  • Now this is is obviously all conjecture, but THEORY/HOPE:
  • Pokemon Sun/Moon may be the Johto to Kalos’ Kanto
  • 3DS carts could wholly hold two regions – They can hold up to 8GB, and ORAS clocked in right around 2; yeah, it may chug but it is DOABLE, entirely
  • The Nintendo Direct (and Magearna) hae shown there ARE new pokemon, so it’s almost certainly not “just” a 3rd iteration of Gen 6
  • BUT there is a lot of conjectural evidence showing we are not done in Kalos, like a literal train station
  • and there are a LOT of sun and moon themes present in Kalos
  • Maybe I’m making things up and seeing patterns in tea leaves because I’d love another two-region, 16 badge adventure
  • but here is my Game Theory thank you for your time
unrated-g replied to your post: What’s your favorite ever Pokemon game? :)

Oh my god! Same

it was a great remake! 

if it hadn’t existed, I would have said ruby with silver a close second, but soul silver was just perfect for me. it had the right amount of nostalgia with enough new additions to keep it fresh.

i always loved that in gold and silver you can go back to the kanto region and collect 16 badges anyway, but everything they added to it just made it perfect. having a pokemon follow you around was the BEST feeling, id always check on how they were doing and i’d never let them faint because it made me feel like they’d hate me. i once managed to train up a level 90 dragonite and i gave it too much attention and it started getting cocky. the kimono girls were awesome and mysterious and THE POKEATHLON DOME MAN!! even after playing and finishing the game multiple times, i still pick it back up to go to the pokeathlon dome. 

i love that game with all my heart

its not only my favourite pokemon game, its one of my favourite games in general.

Yoooo what the fuuuuck

That was a reference to Don’t Watch an Anime Called Boku on YouTube. Check it out if you don’t know what it is. It’s hilarious.

Now, the reason I referenced this video is the number three.

Three is the amount of Jungkook smuts we have on this blog (with one being completely oral). I’ve been told to stop writing Jungkook smut when 3/8 of my Jungkook works have been smuts.

The reason this blog has been attacked recently is because of some ethno-centrism that’s been put in our ask box.

There is no consistency with legality on the Internet. Surprise.

Jungkook is a legal citizen of South Korea, so we should be going by the laws there, if anything. Even with his international age, he is legal in Korea.

If we’re going to be going by other country’s laws, let’s just assume for now that our readers are going based off of the laws in the countries they live in.

Not all of our followers are American, but let’s start with America anyway.

For our American followers, there are a majority of states that say the legal age of consent is 16–including the state that we’re writing in and the District of Columbia– plus eight more states that say their age of consent is 17.

There are only twelve states that say the age of consent is 18. Out of 50.

The age of consent in Canada is 16. Everywhere. And the majority of the Caribbean is also 16.

The majority of Central America is 18, but there are regions where 15 and 16 are the legal ages.

Let’s do South America, now:

A majority of South America has 14 as the age of legal consent, and the oldest age is 16.

And Europe:

A huge majority of Europe has ages 14-16 as their consent age, with two countries as 17, three as 18, and one as 13.

The average age of consent in Asia is 14-15, but there is a range between 13-21 for these ages for individual countries.

However, some of these countries say that premarital sex is completely illegal.

If we’re actually going to try to give something like this on the World Wide Web– emphasis on WORLD WIDE– some legal standing, keep in mind that, in some countries, not a single one of these works for ANY member should be permitted because unfortunately none of the ARMYs are married to BTS.

Here’s some links on consensual age in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe, if you’re interested.

There have been some attacks that we promote pedophilia/CSA/rape, but guys, we turned down a rape request and emphasize consensual sex in our smut works. These attacks are completely baseless and project a large amount of ethno-centrism on your parts; if you do not agree with our Jungkook smuts on any level, you do not have to read them, and you don’t need to bring false legality into your thoughts against us.

We are not promoting statutory rape, and we are certainly not “sexualizing” someone– especially since he is a part of a group that sells a sexualized image.

Just sayin’. He’s 15 in this gif, just for some perspective. 

His name is Jungkook, and his scale is no longer just nationwide.

That’s all I have to say about that.

~Admin Bibi~

Laguna Creek Key Club proudly presents their 5th annual Mock New Year’s Bash: A Whole New World

Who’s invited: Region 16! 
When: January 11th, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM (Doors close at 7:30PM)
Where: Laguna Creek High School Multipurpose Room (9050 Vicino Drive)
Price: $7 Admission at the door


Start off the new year right by attending the BIGGEST dance in Region 16! At Mock New Year’s Bash you’ll have the opportunity to dance with your favorite D7S President and LTG. You’ll also be given the opportunity to vote for the next Mock New Year’s Bash King and Queen! Concessions (candy and water) will be sold for $1 each, there will also be a free photo opp in the back!

Be sure not to leave too early for the Mock New Year’s Bash countdown! 

We’re doing it big this year with moving lights, a fog machine, lazers, and a professional DJ, DJ Ultraman! It’s going to be an awesome night, so invite all of your friends! 

Any comments/questions/concerns, feel free to email me: I hope to see you all there!  

Even though this wasn’t our year, we still conquered a whole lot. You showed me how hard I had to work to get to regionals. You taught me how to stay humble and walk out of the ring with my head up even though I could feel tears coming on. You taught me that if you truly love something you have to let it go if that means giving it a better life.

You taught me life lessons I will never forget, and for that I thank you.

Okay, so I meant to write this a lot sooner, but oh well. Better late than never.

So a thing happened at the TØP concert I went to (NYC 9/16/2015) and I wanted to put it out there so the person has even the slightest chance of finding it.

So about halfway through the show when everyone was absolutely dying of thirst but no one really cared because the concert was so amazing, this girl (wearing a white top and a necklace of some sort?) comes pushing through trying to get out of the pit to go get water (because like i said we were all dying of thirst and no one had water, or if they did it was already gone). As she pushes past me she says something along the lines of “I’m really sorry, I just need to go get water” then she looks at me and says “Do you want some water? I can give you some when I get back”. Now we were in the middle of the pit so I just nodded and said yeah, not expecting her to be able to get back to where we were because of all the people. So she left and I kinda forgot about it because I was pretty sure there wasn’t a chance in hell she was coming back. Well, I was wrong. About fifteen minutes or so later (not really sure how long it was I wasn’t paying attention), someone tapped me on the shoulder. She was back. with water. I was so thirsty and the three sips of water made all the difference, because I know that she really didn’t have to give me any at all. She could’ve just as easily came back, not tapped my shoulder, and kept all the water. But she didn’t. And that really helped restore some of my faith in the clique. 

If you could reblog this so that maybe, just maybe that kind stranger will know just how thankful I am. If not for that reason. This shows that not everyone in the clique is bad. There are some truly amazing people among us. 

Anyway. Im not sure how much of that made sense. But I just wanted to put some effort into trying to say thank you to that amazing person. The world needs more people like you.

Positive Pokemon Themed Questions!

Send me numbers!

1. Favorite gen?
2. Gen that you’d love a remake for?
3. Region with the best cities?
4. Pokemon game with the best music?
5. Favorite Rival?
6. If you had to choose a group from the anime to travel with, who would you choose?
7. Favorite male and female protagonist?
8. Dream team?
9. Your favorite underdog pokemon?
10. A pokemon that you really like that might not be favored among a lot of people?
11. Favorite mega evolution?
12. What eeveelution do you want next?
13. Favorite shiny pokemon?
14. Favorite Pokemon design?
15. Favorite characteristic from each region?
16. Favorite starter from each region?
17. Favorite Legendary pokemon?
18. Favorite villainous team?
19. What pokemon game (after oras) do you want next?
20. Favorite gym leaders?
21. Favorite Elite four members?
23. Favorite Champions?
24. Most memorable battle?
25. If you had to choose your birthplace in the pokemon world, what region would you be from and what city?