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Can You Identify This Man?

Police investigators in the town of Delphi, Indiana, are pleading for any information or identification on the man pictured in the bottom photograph. He is believed to be a suspect or potential witness in the murders of two local girls, Abby Williams (13), and Liberty (Libby) German (14).

The two girls were reported missing on February 13, 2017, after taking a hike in a popular beauty spot. The last time the girls were seen was on the Monon High Bridge, where Abby took a photograph of Liberty and uploaded it to social media. The next day, their bodies were discovered close to a near-by river, about a quarter-mile away from the bridge. Police have since informed the media that DNA evidence has been recovered from the scene, though they are refusing to comment on the nature of the evidence.

Police have also obtained the above picture of the unknown suspect, and are asking for help in identifying the man. If you were in or around the Delphi region between February 13-14, you might have seen him. Here are some identifying features:

- Blue jeans
- Blue windbreaker jacket, with a possible scarf
- Brown cap
- Stockily built
- May have been hitchhiking on the day the girls disappeared
- Might be a keen outdoorsman/ have intimate knowledge of the area

Please, if you can help in any way, call the Delphi tip line at 844-459-5786. Your tip will be handled anonymously. Please help bring the killer(s) of Abby and Liberty to justice!

What the hell is France?!

France is a country in Europe.

France’s Capital is Paris. HOW COULD I FORGET TO MENTION THIS?!

Composed of 101 departements, some in the country itself and others in the DOM TOMS 

66 millions people live in France.

Our departements are gathered into 13 regions. 

Our currency is the Euro (before that, it was called Francs).

Good! France is a BIG MESS!

Let’s take care of that mess.

First, What is the difference between a Departement and a region?

At first glance, you could think it’s the same thing. You wouldn’t be far off the reality.

Actually the country is divided that way for historical, political and administrative reasons. Departements are smaller, and several departements make a region. it’s like mini states inside the State. Each region and departement has its identity, its specialty. 

You’re lucky, since 2016, the number of regions went from 22 to 13. Some regions were merged together. I personally live in a region now called the Grand Est (North east of France, Whatever is between Paris and Germany). Before that, there were 3 regions. Champagne Ardennes (yes, that’s where Champagne comes from!), Lorraine, and Alsace. I live in what was Lorraine. 

Here I’ll help you ^^ .This map is the map with all the regions. The colors are showing the result of the merging.  

Each region, as said before has its own little culture, identity, and especially, culinary specialty. Hell, each TOWN has its thing. 

For example, the region called Bretagne is rooted to its Celtic Culture (that, and their crêpes are sooooo goooood). 

Normandy (American people, you should know about it, especially in 1944 :D), make the best apple cider! yummy. 

Second question. Who the hell are DOM and TOM?

Not who, but what xD. The Dom Tom are what we call other french territories in the world. They have the same laws as us, and are recognized as fully french territories :)

You can ask me more about this, sorry this first post is a little clumsy, but it’s hard explaining the basics of our system xD

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Department (A Review)

“ACCA” is a giant unified syndicate residing in a kingdom split into 13 autonomous regions. ACCA was formed back when there was threat of a coup d'etat, and it has continued to protect the peace of civilians for almost one hundred years. Jean Otus, the vice-chairman of the inspections department at ACCA headquarters, is one of the most cunning men in the syndicate’s history with the nickname “Jean the Cigarette Peddler.” Whimsically puffing his cigarettes, he wanders through the 13 districts, checking to see if there is any foul play afoot. Meanwhile, Jean is monitored by gazes, threatening rumors, and… snack time. Jean’s quiet everyday life slowly gets swallowed up into the world’s conspiracies!” - Crunchyroll

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The 13 Native Regions of The Modern Celtic Peoples

Here is an updated map of Celtic native regions. It’s often easy to find maps of the official 6 Celtic Nations, with Galicia and Asturias sometimes included. However; Norte, Cantabria, León, Cumbria, and Devon are rarely included.

So here is a map including the 6 official Celtic Nations, and the 7 unofficial Celtic regions. I wanted to be inclusive of all regions as to be respectful to those individual cultures of Celtic heritage.

The 7 unofficial regions aren’t officially recognized due to a lack of speakable native Celtic languages, however their natives are still Celtic peoples nonetheless.

(Map drawn for me by my girlfriend princessbevry)



Video Credits:Lisa Lotito-Byers

Hello! If anyone is from region 13, or simply still a key clubber(from a different division)(or if youre in highschool i believe, find someone whos in key club), you should attend region 13’s winter formal UNDER THE WAVES, next saturday the 26th :) ! Its only $15 for presale (ask your clubs president for more info) and $20 at the door. Attire is strictly formal! And thats about it. If you have questions ask your key president! If you go you can party with me :)

anonymous asked:

What are your fave divisions besides the giraffes and why? :)

Ermahgerd, okay. It’s going to seem incredibly biased since it’s mainly Region 13. 

My second most favorite Division has to be 10South. Why? Because these are the Key Clubbers I spend the most time with. I spent time with Diana Liu (President of MKHS Key Club/KCC) a lot, and Michael Nguyen (Street Team/KCC General). I love being with their Key Clubbers, and I attended a lot of their fundraisers. Honestly, I was very proud that they won the spirit stick. Because 10South and D15 had this rivalry that kind of grew this year after Beach Clean-Up and I loved it. I also really respect their LtG, since Kelly Lau is honestly the sweetest Lieutenant Governor I have ever met. 

Then there's 10North because everyone loves Ninja Turtles. Another KCC, Jane Le, is from there and she’s like the littlest Key Clubber ever and she’s like the baby sister out of all the KCC. And because 10North has the heart, y'know? Everything they do, they do it with passion. All day all night. 

35West because Division 35West was the first Division that truly challenged Division 15 way back when at Beach Clean up. And Tammy Mai is in that Division. She’s another KCC and I’m dating her so. 

35East because I have so many up and coming Key Clubbers from that Division that I speak to frequently! They’re always ready to serve. I also beat Lenny at a spirit battle so I feel kind of bad that I didn’t put her here because Lenny is an amazing LtG ok. 

Of course I can’t forget the Eternal Flying Dragons! Division 36 East/ Division 36 West are the lovely Divisions I met during Officer Training Conference. Izzy, the LtG of 36East Raccoons is one of my main reasons for stepping up the competition in our home Division. And 36West because Art is kawaii-desu. 

28South Pandas because I love Calvin Kleber and Lauren Tsang for being the greatest and most inspiring Key Clubbers I have ever met.

The list can go on and on.. but yeah. As of now, these are the Divisions that truly changed my perspective on a lot of different aspects of my Term and Career. 


meeepp!!! although i know i spend a lot of time talking about one direction and yada yada, i will ALWAYS love key club. im just a giant key clubber. no biggie. today was our RTC! and for those who dont know what that means, RTC basically stand for regional training conference :) its where a buncha key clubbers from our region(regions 13) come and learn more about key club(especially officers or potential officers) and how to better it with skills! :) had so much fun ^^ made friends, screamed my lungs out; heck, i even sang “ill make a man outta you” with 3 other random key clubbers from different divisions :) yes. and pooped…tired..and doing homework): boo….p.s. these pictures are from diana liu and yvonne lin:)